Northerners of /pol, if only you knew what was happening throughout the south...

Northerners of /pol, if only you knew what was happening throughout the south. It's 2016 and most southern major cities are already starting to look like Mexico 2.0, I shit you not. You thought niggers were the only destroyers of civilization? lol.

Keep acting like you're in some different country, its only a matter of time.

The everyday Mexico/India/Niggervile of my city will be coming soon to a city near you. Enjoy, and you'll regret being a liberal once it happens.

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I grew up in a major US city (top 10 population) with a very high Mexican/mexican heritage population. It was great desu. Maybe you are scared of a group of latinos but I know they are just like me.

It's happening in Denver right now. West side of the city is turning into Juarez at this point.

Cartel presence is here too, cocaine is everywhere here now.

Build that fucking wall.

t. Mexican Internet Defense Force

>You thought niggers were the only destroyers of civilization
Who ever said that?

Holy fuck this

I remember Denver 15 years ago was seen as a white city

I went there last Fall and I was amazed how many fucking Mexican people I saw

I'd rather have spics than niggers. We just need to get rid of the illegal trash and we'll be fine.

LOL no

I lived in Aurora for a year. If more than zero Mexicans is troubling for you then I have some bad news. We have a huge country absoultely FULL of Mexicans directly below us. There are going to be Mexicans in the US, and Denver really isn't that bad. Just enjoy the real Mexican food and not that California trash that is everywhere in Denver.


>I remember Denver 15 years ago was seen as a white city
Ironically the city itself is becoming whiter. All the rich liberal yuppies fleeing Cali/Illinois.

Minorities are forced out because of high rent and high cost of living. So now their pouring into suburbs around the city and surprise surprise we now have a much greater drug and gang problems. Funny how much of a coincidence that is, It really makes me think...

Mexican = illegal 99% of the time doofus

You're all full of bullshit when it comes to black people. I KNOW they're not bothering you, y'all are just mad that many black men go with white women but you'd also be mad if black guys didn't chase white women because you'd take it as an offense to the attractiveness of a white woman and by extension, all whites. You're just shitty people honestly.

>Maybe you are scared of a group of latinos but I know they are just like me.

Because they are just like you, Pablo.

Aurora is on the east side of the city you dumb fuck. Also, notice where racial population of montebello/east denver/colfax/shitholes? Really makes you think, doesn't it?

You have to go back.

Maine has only survived this long by default tbqh

Went to my local gym today and I saw a manlet skinny mexican with a white girl. I'd understand an alpha black, but a manlet mexican? Throwing her genes into the trash

>I KNOW they're not bothering

Black dudes actually believe this.

I work for an insurance company. Most of the accounts I work with are in the Northeast.

I recently starting helping out with some accounts in another region because they kept falling behind. The states in this region are the West coast.

I am not fucking kidding when I say I haven't seen a single policy in Arizona that isn't a spic. I honestly don't think there's a white person left in the entire state.


there are no destroyers of civilization, there are only founders of civilization

Believe it or not, both Spanish and Native Americans had a civilization. You just don't want to live there.

Thank you for the input, DeShaun. Really pondered me to reconsider.

Hispanics are mongrelized, so their margins are around Whites and Amerindians, but their potential will always surpass blacks.

Yeah we all just like fucking with white strangers for fun. No

I'd be way more bothered by non-English speakers outbreeding the hell out of you in "your own" country.

No one tell ctr.

You're right, Aurora is where you would say all the niggers are. Except I also lived in Lakewood for a year. Right off Wadsworth and Hampden. I would go to "little Mexico" and get cheap Chinese scoops all the time. If that's scaring you then you need to fucking grow a pair. I spent most of my life in San Antonio so I know what it's like to live in a city with a real latino population. And it's not bad there either.

Grow. A. Pair. You. Pussy. Bitch.

Are you for real?
I wanted to move from Austin to Denver because I'm so sick of god damn spics

Ayy Gringo!

Nigger are you dumb? Most blacks fall for the bullshit that the left tells th em and do fuck with whitey. Some are good but most of you are shit and need to die

You mean on Twitter? If you mean irl you're lying. Straight up.

I am far more concerned with them. They are being utilized by the globalists and banking elite to destroy our national sovereignty more than any other particular group.

But race relations are not great.

>Yeah we all just like fucking with white strangers for fun

I have experienced this bullshit far, far too many times to ignore the reality of it. You may be a good dude, idk. One day I'll live in a non-shitty place and I won't have to deal with it.

Uhm the first Europeans to establish colonies in the Americas decimated the native civilizations

Yeah, this is SoCal alright. It all looks dirty and ran down, like Mexico.

Fuck, fuckin northerners. No handle, or understanding of goings on. Too fuckin afraid to ever change direction, too in love with their own decisions, too fuckin proud of their union of all things disparate despite the world's changes. Bland, conforming, pandering lovers of needless compromise

Fat fucking beans. Disgusting.

Can you actually deport millions of them without causing a civil war?

Just get a good job and you won't have to live in spic/nigger neighborhoods [spoiler] or just never leave your upper middle class parents home [/spoiler]

I can see those nigger neurons trying to fire properly

Scared is the wrong word.

Anger would be better. You people don't take care of things, you let them disintegrate. Your running from your problems in Mexico and even worse dragging them here.

Thanks for enriching our great city with meth, gangs, cocaine and violence though. Fucking love the diversity.

>I spent most of my life in San Antonio so I know what it's like to live in a city with a real latino population
That's because those are Tejanos dipshit. Tejanos are based. I'm talking about the Cali-Mexican trash.

Do you not think I've never seen mexicans before? My boss is a Tejano, my roomate is a son of a illegal immigrant (joined the marines for citizenship). But that won't stop me from talking about what's actively happening to my home and what I've watched happen to it in the last two decades. Fuck you I will speak about it.

>Grow. A. Pair. You. Pussy. Bitch.
Real men talk about problems, so they can be fixed. You would rather just sweep it under the rug because fixing things requires effort. You are complete fucking moron.


Take a look for yourself. See how they compare.

I fuckin hate northerns sleeping on their undeserved self appointed throne. Retreat from every conflict where adressing the problem would be more honorable, less damaging to those you should care about. THe south may have seceded but the north does not know how to loyal

It's probably outdated and doesn't include the pothead migration

That's funny because the common knowledge in service industries is that chicanos (children of mexican immigrants) are the lazy trouble makers.

The south may have seceded but the north does not know how to be loyal*


It's been done before. Turkey and Greece exchanged populations. If the US can get Mexico to agree to take back all illegal immigrants, I can't see why it would cause civil war. And why would it? The South-West isn't theirs, no matter how many times they try to invalidate the treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo

If I would guess, "Tejanos" are americans descended from Mexicans whose who have lived in the US for years since the end of the Mexican-American war? And they have as much connection to Mexico as slave-descended blacks have to Africa?

>The South-West isn't theirs
They don't think so

If there was a war, there wouldn't be much of a fight.

They've managed to piss off pretty much everyone, and they are only here because many elements of the Democratic party and the (((GOP))) element of the GOP utilize them for their respective agendas. We would have functioning boarders and a strong policy, like every other world power if it weren't for those political elements.

wow, been to the board walk. knows Mexicans in america. sure annon. go to el passo

Tejano means Texan

>there wouldn't be much of a fight.
Shitskins cannot into warfare anyways

>30 million illegals
Get the fuck out of my country.

Sure it is Pablo

Tejanos are myth. They're disappearing minority within Texan spics

That's river walk to you gringo.

El Passo is shit all around. Whites, Browns, Blacks. The whole city is shit.

And's it's funny because he really is a piece of shit and I'm about to kick his ass out. Can't fucking pay bills or anything.


But at least it actually separated non-Hispanic and Hispanic whites. I don't think a more accurate demographic map exist.

Yeah, pretty much. My old boss is one. He had a ancestor at the Alamo apparently even.

thank god I live in Oregon, everyone is white here

Like I said in my other post, chicanos are children of mexican immigrants. Tejanos are only mexicans in south Texas.

>The everyday Mexico/India/Niggervile of my city will be coming soon to a city near you
>implying it isn't already like that here
ours are just more civilized than yours because we didn't treat them as badly as you did :^)

Hey man, Austinite here, Denver is beautiful country. The Rockies are breathtaking. The spics are only like 20%. Totally tolerable compared to here in central Texas. You'll love it.

god I gotta leave this thread, nothing triggers me like northerners and their apostates. Quite literally scum of this country. Enjoy your obstinance, only way to convince you morons was violence last time. Enjoy having zero substantive response to this thread's legitimate complaints

Went to a High school football game in AZ yesterday and these kids were maybe 30% white in one of the whitest parts of the State. The demographic shift already happened.

It's been too late for about 20 years guys. This country is dead already. Stage 4 terminal cancer. Trump is just gonna postpone the inevitable.

Friend, if you know about Latin America history, you can see that a caste system divides the people. Hispanics hate other Hispanics, and they would help purge the "Sudacas."

>Tejanos are only mexicans in south Texas
Everyone knows that majority of south Texas spics are illegal

Thanks for reassuring me mate. I've never been there, but my wife visited Denver a couple months ago and she was shocked to not hear spanish or see shitskins even in a Walmart

Despite all the racist bullshit I completely agree. Denver and Colorado is a great place. I just back back to Texas the last month and fuck this humidity and fuck this heat. And fuck liquor stores being closed on Sunday.

excellent, everything is going exactly as planned, next stage is to genocide niggers for whiteys can't do it because jacob shekelstein will call'em racist

Notherner here, more and more spics up here too. Lots of fucking ricans, dominicans, and south americans. And it's worse because they aren't properly segregated like they are down south (lived in Texas for a while).

Read your posts, you're definitely a butthurt spic. Fuck off paco the taco.

Hey is there anyone here from North Carolina? I was thinking about moving there from Texas, but I'm afraid I might be exchanging a spic problem for a nigger problem.

>And fuck liquor stores being closed on Sunday.
We have that shit here too.

I'm not opposed to Texans to balance the Cali-cancer out. Try to come visit this fall if you can. Fall is beautiful in Colorado.

Get ready for dude weed degenerates and lolbertarians though.

Lmao I am white as the driven snow. I just didn't grow up in a safe little bubble like you did. I grew up in one of the largest public school systems in Texas with a huge latino population. It's called "the real world".

I once fucked this fat old lady in Santa Ana by mistake while her 18 year old gangbanger son was in the next room. My dick went soft due to how disgusting the experience was and when she started to blow me to get me hard again I surprise jizzed in her mouth. I had to sneak out of the ghetto ass building getting dirty looks from every spic I passed. I learned that day that I couldn't fuck old fatties anymore, my dick won't get hard.

tl;dr old mexican women are filthy sluts and the one I fucked was probably related to you. Go back to Mexico.

I would honestly respect you more if you were mexican.

>Lmao I am white as the driven snow

holy fucking shit its like something out of a dystopian sci-fi film.

is this genuinely america?

sounds like you got cheated out of an education because of waning resources spent teaching jungle children English, but I guess that's just "the real world"

What? Since when? In Denver? I know I have been to liquor stores on Sunday with no problem. I remember seeing all those signs in just before I left about some new law allowing full strength beer to be sold in grocery stores. Did that thing go through?

I hear you southernbrah, Long Island, NY is overrun. Leftist morons infest Cred Forums as much as Cred Forums they just come here to say nigger and kike tho they are still zombies built for "white flight" but not change. Heres recent info on my area, most probably underreported:

What do you know about white mexicans esse?

Nah I was in GT/TAG/AP since elementary.

Money and safety is the only reason people would want to move to the USA. I have both so I only visit to go to see mickey mouse for my daughter.

Fuck off, you ruined the best part of the country. My heart and my homeland bleeds because of you conformist, zealotrous, half wits. Get out of the southern threads

>Larry Valdez
top fucking kek

Nope, were still at 3.2% piss at the soopers.

I was in LA in June and had a great time.
What is it about California Cred Forums doesn't like

Yeah so many sombreros in my german/irish ancestry. I literally have one of the whitest names in the world.

thanks obama

Why does everyone think the US is just separated North and South?

The West and East are far more different from each other to be honest

Sup salva friend, this

You quit with the gibs, they all leave

LA guy here, probably the degeneracy and the "shitskins" everywhere

Pretty tired of seeing the filth and the 70% indio mestizo folks myself, but hey... it's still a fun place to hang around in

That's one of the only good things about being back in Texas. Family, friends, and full strength beer at H-E-B (way better than king soopers/safeway) and Walmart.

But the beer selection is absolute shit compared to Denver. I want some Avery.

California can be fun and exotic experience if you're foreigner visiting for a week or two. Living there is a totally different story

yep, that's what urban/suburban areas look like wherever minorities take over.

Kansas City has no Mexicans. The niggers are docile. Whites are more conservative than liberal.

I've always said this country will be like Brazil in 30 years.

You'll have rich whites, Jews, and Asians living in wealthy, walled off communities while the rest of the people live in slums. Then maybe, just maybe, the magic dirt theory will be put to rest.

At least we'll still have the Constitution, burgers and professional sports though.

It literally says SWAP MEET on the side of that building. Do you know what a swap meet looks like?

already that way here in Houston, most diverse city in the US

Are they the Latino community's only decent cultural export

Why are Mexicans so fucking ugly there women look like refrigerators. They are all fat and have no curves plus that Inca blood makes them uglier then any other ethnic group in Latin america

I don't see anything wrong with this picture. How is it supposed to look?

Zombies is about right. The land here will never be the same, its a change that is really one sad forced acquiescence after another. It's seeing a friend give up a religion because the schools cant provide for him. I religion I don't care about, but that crushes a fellow strong american who's been a builder for generations. It's watching another family break up, or not grow because the situation isn't one you can live in with imported northern culture and shame. Fucking northerners, keep your ideas and your fucking snowbird tanned, ice loving cucks back in the north. The hate is real

was hardly populated during the war. and barely contributed to its causes

Whites, Blacks, Mexicans and Vietnamese.

Fun fact, Vietnamese is the third most spoken language in Texas behind English and Spanish.

>I don't see anything wrong with this picture
>El Savador
I'm sure you don't

>Latinas no curves

>calling the southwest "the south"

The civil war was over a century ago user...

Southerners and Northerners have more in common than they realize.

And as a westerner I will say the east side of the US may as well be a foreign country to men.

There are, you probably sell shit tier insurance

95% of American latinas are short fat goblins. No shit there are goddess in Latin America, but they have little to no reason to hop the border

If you yelled out Rodriguez in that crowd, how many of these midget fuckers would turn around?

Our leader is letting fucking Wildlings past the wall. At least you have a plan to stop them

Mexicans havent polluted all of facebook, instagram, twitter, and other various online forums with stormfront tier white hate like black people do and they dont have have groups attacking random whites like blm. Latinos literally did nothing wrong

there are parts of LA that LITERALLY are indistinguishable from Mexico proper. There are parts of LA that are 'no go zones' for police. About 1/3 of the city doesn't speak english.

It's already here. Fuck this gay earth.

Yeah, english and we drive on the same side of the road. You may think that northern cucks have something in common. Try to cuddle up as much as you want. Won't make a true dixie want your bullshit anymore. Pack your shit, and go the fuck home

>Falls for obvious bait

Lmao, just wait until whites become a tiny minority where you live. You'll be singing a different tune.

Maybe you'll even sing to the loud mariachi music blaring at night from your 20 Mexican neighbors next door.

>Mexicans havent polluted all of facebook, instagram, twitter, and other various online forums
It's because they know how to leach and conquer quietly. After all, we CAN send them back. Niggers just feel invincible

Deal with it, it's only going to get worse for you, whitey. Kek.
>b-build wall reee
Even if Trump wins and he follows trough with all his promises, low white birthrates and race mixing will still make your country majorly hispanic by the end of the century. It's over for you, really it's been over for 30 or so years and you never even noticed.

I was just in LA. city still seems pretty white thanks to tourists but i met very few white residents

Traitors hang first

Looks like my yearbook.
It's like going to Mexico for your education.

>Won't make a true dixie want your bullshit anymore
Wat. You think I'm trying to pander?

I actually fucking hate southerners, they are the reason we have nigger problem. Lock up all blacks in the south and let them deal with it. And my ancestor fought for the north btw.

what a ebic troll
how will i ever recover

>Mexico 2.0
>Looks at map and sees New Mexico
Someone give this man 1000000 internets


I'm getting pretty tired of looking around and only seeing 3-4 people that look like me at any given time. Everybody else is brown as fuck and while I know they're not bad people it still annoys me. Deep down I'm bothered because until a few months ago I didn't consider myself a racist but goddamn it, wherever browns are it smells weirder and there's more trash. No offense to any Mexicans.

Only if the welfare state that supports the majority of Hispanic/Nigger families in the USA holds out. Which it wont after the world economy crashes. Deep down we all know it's White/Asian productivity that has allowed the less intelligent races from the warmer climates to thrive as they have. If the gibs run out it's going to be like Venezuela all across Latin American, and Africa.

At this point I don't even fucking care, as long as I'm dead before the eventual downfall.

have fun with the left overs, i dont see how you brownies wont drive it into the ground.

Northerners who fly around the country for better areas arent the enemy, they are just lemmings. The problem has always been globalist business interests- they've been at this for decades but only now it's reaching tidal proportions. Americans under the upper classes have been falling apart now for about ten years, its not a southern problem. The northerners who work bust their asses to pay skyrocketing rent and costs so you won't find so many here, just students and the affluent who shitpost and decide what city has less mexicans to go to next. We are all Americans and we need to get out of the shadow of this vampire economy funded by the corporate elite, God help us all

New Mexico is also a shithole. Worst corner.

Really makes you think.

You can't even being to imagine. Cracked up roads with pot holes, trash in the gutters, matted down gum on the side walks that are often cracked. Worn to hell and back looking buildings.

It is a stark contrast compared to other parts of Southern California that has a lot of whites and Asians.

>german/irish ancestry
You forgot to add your Italian ancestry in there, Pablo.


>No offense to any Mexicans
Stop being a cuck. Don't apologize for your opinions

I am sorry dude, most of the inmigrants are trash.

That's what Minnesota said. Now it's Somalia, with Isis members. Thanks fur bring a coward.

It's funny how Americans bash Europeans for their shit, but in the north you won't find cities or places like that picture.

In the Netherlands it's unthinkable.

I guess you dont want liberals in your country?, we neither want those idiots.

Austin is shit.

bbbut it's so cute when yanks do this

Only gonna get worse pal.

When there's nowhere left to run, I imagine American whites by then will have developed a racial identity.

Either that or they just go extinct.

>he fell for the "curves" meme
m8 I live in a majority Mexican area and for the last 3 years I have yet to see a hispanic chick who wasn't portly and brown.

Women go for materialism.
Also, when you're the white minority your going to get fucked. It's inevitable, you date who you know. Look at El Paso, 90% Mexican, I guarantee every white has dated a mestizo there. Whites probably don't run into one another very other, like seeing a unicorn.

t. Juan Pedro Hernandez de la Raya

90% of legal Mexican american bros want the american dream, a good job, a family, a stay at home wife, and enough spare cash for a sweet classic lowrider.

99% of niggers want gibdats, special privileges, and to be held on a WE WUZ KANGZ pedestal.

Make the niggers swim back to africa with 2 illegal spics in their arms.

We call people that look like this "poor" and they live in the bad neighborhoods. Well, they have to live somewhere, huh?

Half the country is Mexico to start with amigo.

We're just taking it back from the gringo invaders.

69 is yin/yang
If you get tired of the same old racehate threads trying to divide and conquer humanity

We are here in this other thread

This. Being from the pnw, the rest of you cunts can get fucked. Until your Mexican problem crosses west of the Cascades, no one here will care. All the Mexicans in the PNW literally work in farming areas so it's not a problem. We comfy here. Only major issue is drug addicts. We are completely different than people in the south, Midwest, or east. Plus we think we're better than all of you.

Oh and stop moving here because you like Nirvana and "hiking".

Jesus. That's fucking sobering.

Trump really is your last chance.

I've never felt a pander or an ounce of love from a northerner u cock wit. What it is is that I hate you for bringing your unwanted ideas of what is right and wrong, and pushing your unthought out agenda on my land. The land where my loved ones, and friends have to deal with your disregard for our way of life. Where you shame us for things you almost never have any grasp of. For your continued and unbased assumption that you are right. You flood the south with immigrants as you have no vested interest in the native/old southerns. Of course I hate the distant and impersonal hand that hates and destroys my fellow southerners. You won a fight by inches that you had every resource to win and dance on the grave with pride and no consideration. Hence my distaste. You fill the airwaves with your fuckin short sighted divisive fictions.
Also, what the shit? They were well under control till you let them out. We did our best to hold the line after the war, the north pushed that reformist crap long after it had beaten the south. No understanding of our way of life. Could never let us be.

meanwhile in texas the cops shoulder on. El paso remains relatively safe(sorta like a dmz), while juarez burns.

My dad is English and my mother is from Wales, you paki cunt.
I just got back from a 4 year stint in Londonistan.

fucking wildlings

San Antonio, home of the Alamo is overrun by beaners filth hoardes, let that sink in.

I'm sure everyone in the world wants the American dream. But if we let them all in, we would make the American dream impossible for everyone.

Honestly, part of me thinks that all brown and black countries should be run by white men, similar to how Rhodesia was run, so you could have successful countries and not run to the first world.

hey Cred Forums what is your opinion of Puerto Ricans?

Only island spics like dominicans. Mexifats are just fat not really curvy


>90% of legal Mexican american bros want the american dream, a good job, a family, a stay at home wife, and enough spare cash for a sweet classic lowrider.
Then why are the majority on welfare?

I'm from Arizona and I can confirm. When I was growing up it was really white. It's a shame to slowly see where I grew up become more down trodden because of Mexicans

Coming to a city near you!


>We're just taking it back
Why? So you can make it just as shitty as Mexico?

I don't know why you keep talking to me as if I'm a northerner. Or as if I made these decisions user. I think we should have just let the south secede to be honest.

Your still the reason we have niggers here in the damn first place, and John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln before we could have started sending them back to their homelands, where they belong.

I live in Utah and I always see Mormon chicks with Mexican guys.


>tfw Western cowboy master faction
Get the fuck out of dodge.

They're the mysterious fake myth that no longer exists. All we have now are filthy lazy thieving spics.

liberals never regret anything.

Even when being killed they still manage to blame others for their mistakes.

Makes you wonder who is putting those ideas in their heads...

What Highschool? Places like Scottsdale, Gilbert and South Chandler are still really white, so I doubt you were in one of the whitest cities in Arizona.

>I literally have one of the whitest names in the world.
Phillip Smith?

fuck of bernie northerner, I want no part of your new world order. I want only sovereignty to decide the culture and heritage of my land that we might strive for something greater than ourselves. The south doesn't need your systems, or your hatred of the wealthy, it needs your northern mits to stay the fuck home. Things were ticking over fine before you fucks kept deciding to force change on people you don't know well enough. We are not part of your mass communities, nor your heritage; we are separate of your cultures through circumstance running to history. And you fucking northerners coming down here like you understand our historical minority problem, our religious or cultural concerns is offensive.
can take the initiative for bloody war but not for migration. really impressive. what happened to touting that northern soldier in your ancestry?

>No blacks
>All that hispanic/asian
Seems like a nice place to live.

'Member when there weren't so many Mexicans?

>baka desu senpai

you seriously need look at the demographic shift going on in California. The mexicans are aggressively moving up and settling as far north as Redding in large numbers. They have large bases in the south of the state (where they are a majority) and the bay area (where they are very nearly a majority.) Portland has seen a huge influx of mexicans in the past decade, and in another decade you will see the Willamette valley turn spic. Don't say I didn't warn you. The brown horde descends upon you.


You all act like there wasn't white trash around too. It's not a problem of race, but rather of culture.

That means white education in Texas.
These fucking spics destroyed our state forever. I hope LBJ is being tortured in he'll right now. Piece of shit

>having 1 curve

can you see the difference


Usually people don;t like to import more problems when there own house is still messy

god dammit I was never a racist before this election, but damned I sort of am now. I walk the halls of my school in the richest, whitest part of my city and its still filled with brown people. I want my people to have an identity too.

Because the USA offers it. Cut all welfare. Give people financial freedom.

Heh, its like the blue parts were once part of a larger spanish kingdom

That image is sraight fire user, thanks

I hate northerners. High handed bastards destroying one half of the country for your material gain. Simply blighting your oldest and dearest Americans because you have to have your way, your cake and fucking eat it. I have nothing but pure disdain for you weak immoral sacks of shit.

It's too late amigos...

>48 years old
>Lives in Cupertino, CA (Heart of Silicon Valley and home of Apple Computers)
>Remembers when there were orchards down the street.
>Mariani's Orchards were the big thing when I was a kid. They had all sorts of crops (Apricots, prunes, apples, cherries, etc)
>St. Joseph of Cupertino Catholic Church was the tallest building in the city. You could hear the church bells all over. It was a great way to tell the time. NOBODY CARED ABOUT BELLS BACK THEN AS THEY RANG 24 HOURS A DAY.
>When I couldn't sleep I used to sit up and look out the window and when I would hear the bells tell the time it made me feel good and I could go back to sleep.
>There were lots of Japanese and White people living here in Cupertino.
>There was a Yamaguchi's Nursery close by that had the best plants ever and a very knowledgeable Japanese staff that helped with gardens.
>I went to Faria public school. It was almost 100% white. We would have "opening" every morning where we would pledge allegiance to the flag and sing patriotic songs. We would have stories about our heritage (Davy Crocket, Daniel Boone, etc)
>De Anza College (local Junior College) had a rifle and pistol range that was open to the public. They also had public archery targets (big bundles of hay with a backdrop).
>Cupertino was really awesome.
>It all changed when I was in 4th grade. They started to bus in black and mexican kids.
>Most of my friends were now bussed to schools far far away.
>They brought in new teachers and administrators.
>We no longer had "opening". We no longer did the pledge of allegiance. We no longer sang patriotic songs or heard stories about our ancestors.
>I got beaten up every day at school. Had my lunch pail stolen from me, my star wars watch and jacket.
>Complained and was told "stop lying. You never had those things".
>Parents took me out of public school and into Catholic School.
>Years later I drove past Faria school. I didn't see one white kid. The past is gone.

Look at a map before the 70s. All these spics came in the last two generations

Why do you not understand physical removal?

We have to remove them all. Why did your fathers and your generation never fix this shit?

I don't like beaners or anything else. We just get invaded by Jew York Shitty

This. But we are still divided and much of what you see isn't really the norm.

>what happened to touting that northern soldier in your ancestry?
I don't have one. My earliest American ancestors were German and they came 1865 I just wanted to rile up your autism desu senpai

trigger triggered, you northern sympathizing waste of oxygen. I don't care where your loyalties lie, the north can burn. they don't have my forgveness

>I'd rather have spics than niggers
But you don't. You get the spics on top of the niggers you already have.

i will admitmy parents came in the 70s and became legal, i grew up their was none, but know i went to the hospital the other day and i thought i was in mexico, yay im a mexican american for trump. assimilate or fuck off , armenians that goes for you too

k keep me posted

also i remember in the 80s the migra did their job wtf happened

Come to my thread on /gif/.

Californian Flip reporting in.

Fucking hell, spics and niggers are two of the same kind. Asians can be, but they get socially shamed into actually working to make ends' meet for their families.

Spics act as if all whites/Asians don't speak their language, so they curse them out in their Native language. As someone growing up here, you catch onto the "Eyyy puta madre wey" language.

The moment you call them out on it however, it's "Eyy you raycisst dawg."

Niggers are the same way, except their chimpouts aren't as organized.


Doesn't explain why white and asian immigrants use substantially less welfare, though.

Mexicans use equal to or more welfare than blacks, they're leeches. USA doesn't need them.

Pinoys are usually
>self hating and pretend to be east asians
>self hating and pretend to be urbanite gangsters

Only older Filipinos are likeable, desu.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

They're probably all related desu.

Boomers have destroyed the west for a cozy retirement user.
Simple greed.

They sold out their kids, their genetic lineage both past and future for 30 pieces of silver.

probably not

that is mainly shitskins marrying other shit skins.

In Cali, New Mexico, Arizona, or Texas... yes that is what it pretty much looks like.

>visit Santa Fe with family
>see dozens of spics sitting on the side of the street
>selling home-made jewelry
>dad spends $200 on a bracelet for my mom that looks like a kindergartner made it
>ask him why they don't just get real jobs
>"They're doing fine, son. They aren't hurting anybody."

>you'd also be mad if black guys didn't chase white women because you'd take it as an offense to the attractiveness of a white woman

I know that post is bait but that part really got to me because I would be so fine with that.

If all mexicans looked like that I would have already moved to mexico, but sadly that is not the case and most look like these weird fucking things that are neither native nor spaniard but some fucking mutation

Demographics in the US are so's a damn shame, your history and country give you a lot to be proud of but it's all being pissed away. I thought out Muslim population was huge, but it's still under 10%. Your Hispanic population is 17% and counting, and you're 60% white and some states even lower.

Only hope now is population exchanges like Greece and Turkey.

Future Mexican USA will come quicker than Muslim Sweden, but at least it'll be better than what this country will be eventually. Mexicans >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Muslims.