St. Cloud Mall Stabbing

What the fuck is going on in Minnesota?

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I heard a report it was a somalian man dressed as a security guard, not surprising. Minnesotans hate fucking Somalians.

You mean love, right?


It kind of makes me lol thinking about these fucking wild nigger African savages running around in Minnesota. I just think of the movie Fargo

Countdown to rage when it turns out to be a Somali.

Some guy in the last thread said Superman chucked a trash bin at the stabber and that let someone shoot the stabber.

On going live coverage.

Wait what?

St. Cloud superman, he's been laying down the smack for 20 years+

The state is cuckolded by somalians

Nordic folk love niggers. Particularly Somalis. Minnesota has a bunch of Swedish descendents. Sweden has a bunch of Somalis.

Really makes you think.

He saved someone from jumping off a bridge about 10 years ago and his new hobby is kebab removal.

>Vote democrat
>Import kebab
>get stabbed

Sweden of the US. I feel not an ounce of sympathy.

Christian white NRA activist that posted Pepe memes that is totally not a false flag most likely.

The governor of Minnesota said that anybody who didn't want to be overrun with Somalis or Mudslimes should find a new state.

Minnesota also happens to have the largest concentration of Swedish immigrants in the United States of America.


What is with Nordic folks obsession with getting BLACKED. Somalians are the highest immigrant population in Minnesota which has the highest concentration of Nordic people in America.

dayton importing more somalis get ready neo-svens

Meme magic?

Suspect in Minnesota mall attack "made references to Allah", asked someone if they were Muslim - police

If superman actually did stop more people from being hurt I hope he shreds Dayton when hes interviewed like he was doing in front of Atwood during the Somali event.

Okay so apparently the stabber was wearing a Mall Security uniform.

Highest concentration but still a minority compared to people of German descent.

Individual dressed as private security guard confirmed at news conference.

Skin pigmentation not reported at this time.

I wish this was true, but somebody on my FB posted a pic of Supes standing outside the mall while the incident was unfolding, and the police weren't allowing anybody to enter or exit the mall for a while afterwards

Coulter's Law?

Clearly. Tick tock.

Captain Minnesota to the rescue

>made references to Allah
>unclear if this is linked to terrorism

Does Crossroads have cement garbage cans? The other thread gave kinda specific details.

Somali that was mad he couldn't afford a tracksuit

>BREAKING: St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect referenced Allah during attack, asked at least 1 victim if they were Muslim before assault

>St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect was wearing a private security firm uniform. Had prior contact with police thru traffic stops only.

>It was off-duty police officer who fired shots that killed St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect inside mall & ended attack.

>St. Cloud police chief will NOT call mall stabbing attack an act of terrorism at this time, says department will do "due diligence" on case.

I don't go to the mall enough to know for sure, but most that I've seen are plastic or metal type bins with faux stone decorations around them

He should wear a sandwich board with CV's specials, since he's standing around there anyway.

Make a couple extra bucks.

>be St. Cloud, Florida
you fuggin had me there for a minute


Let me guess, no one was carrying.

Don't worry my dude :^) you already had your attack in Orlando, you're safe for a couple years.

Dairy Queen is more fitting for him. There was an old one there before the CVS and now there's a new one right next to it.

No one died just minor injuries

An off duty cop from another jurisdiction was carrying apparently. He dropped the Somali like a box of month old lutefisk :^)


>work at a gas station less than 5 miles from where this happened

I can gurantee there will be backlash from the conservatives in Saint Cloud towards the somali community. I've been dealing with their children's fucking bullshit behavior at the gas station for over a year. Steal shit, treat me like shit. I'm so done with it. As soon as I'm done with school we're getting the hell outta here.

How long have you been going to SCSU? Do you remember like 5 years ago when some Somali dudes tried to rob a guy and slashed him across the face with a knife before he decked one and they ran away?

I came to SCSU the year after that happened. It was right by the arena, right?

Sorry I'm on a mobile phone and i can't figure out how to directly reply

Okay, so these attacks are all carried out by muslims in support of hillary, right?

>Stabber asked people if they believed in Allah before stabbing


Yep that was it, Everyone started carrying knives for a while after that. Is SCSU still pretty conservative as far as the student body goes? I left after my first year there to go to Hamline.

What the fuck is going on in Minnesota?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has cancelled some public appearances scheduled for Sunday in the wake of tonight’s unrest, but has confirmed he will meet with Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, to participate in a forum about building inclusive cities.

You realize that outside of the cities, Minnesota is pretty right wing, right?

I've had a bad feeling about St. Cloud since I started going to school there. Thank god I'm a commuting student so I can do my classes and leave.

No you fuk boi, it's the iron range unions that are cucking us hard. St. Paul is aight, Minneapolis is the real pit of shit.

I dont think they are intelligent enough to understand politics. Keith Ellison shows up and via an interpreter tells them who to vote for so yeah Hillary.

Minnesota also doesnt have voter ID.

This area of minnesota is surprisingly conservative BESIDES the scsu student body- majority of the student body are liberal zombies. There is a republican group on campus that ia fairly good though!
The areas to the north of us are very conservative and gun loving. Whenever I see a stereotype of Minnesota as a liberal shithole, I'm like "yeah only in the fucking twin cities". While that is our most populous area, it only accounts for so much of Minnesota.

Yeah as soon as I get my cc I'm carrying my gun on campus idgaf about the "you have to keep it locked in your car" policy. Think school shooters follow that policy? Bull. Shit.

kill dayton

Minnesota has a notoriously high Muslim population

fucking lol, murrifats are always arguing that they're so much better at assimilating immigrants than we are

what they didn't realize is you can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger

Do you really have 20k of them? Wasn't St. Cloud only 50k or so to begin with? Fuck.

Jihadi screams Allah Ackbar and stabs 8
Rampage only stopped by concealed carry hun holder who shot him dead before he killed more in the name of Allah

>what's happening

The Twin Cities are full of swedes and is by FAR the most cucked part of the US. I'm serious, not even Californians can hold a candle to the cuckness of people who live in the Twin Cities. To give you an idea of how fucked they are, these people ASKED the feds to send them muslim refugees who do in Minnesota what they do back home: theft rape and murder. This is the lattermost.

Thankfully, incidents like this are increasing so hopefully it will get a majority voting Trump. I can't say it will though, but for what it's worth us here in Wisconsin are going red as will Michegan.

Blame the Lutherans

You can assimilate all people, but niggers aren't people. Minnesota is special in that they wanted more niggers moving in.

Do you shoot much my dude? You should come to the range with some of the Cred Forums boys some time. Not as assburger's as you'd expect meeting up would be.

That is glorious, Ventura shout out. And dubs

Have a big islamd photo

Did someone stab Jim?

>fucking lol, murrifats are always arguing that they're so much better at assimilating immigrants than we are
>what they didn't realize is you can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger

I've never seen an American say this.

I have seen Canadians and Brits say this tho.

Guess I'll cross that off of my list of cities to move to after graduation then. Damn. Fargo has enough of those subhumans. They're repulsive to even look at. I can only imagine what you all must be going through.

>Very Red State
>blue state


I live in rural MN and we are very conservative. The Twin Cities should be nuked.

it's mostly the Somalians that are shit. I fucking hate Somalians
I was talking with a Kenyan who is an immigrant here but kind he is kind of based. He hates BLM, hates gays, hates abortions, hates feminism crap, hates Somalians. he told me that most blacks in america are dumb and told me not to associate him with them.

I've argued with minnesotans before who bragged that their somalians are americanized, this was on Cred Forums though were perhaps they weren't as red pilled as Cred Forumsacks

Unions up north and the major population centers of the twin cities.

I do not. I have never actually shot a weapon before. That seems like a fun time actually. I know my boyfriend is going to the range soon. Maybe when I get some more skills.

Yeah I'm a girl. So if that cancels the invitation, I completely understand.

no our Somalians are shit. they are incapable of integrating into our society, You never see a Somalian with someone who isn't Somalian.
only difference is that when they come to america, they get into more degenerate shit like prostitution.

Metokur? No he's fine. Don't think he lives in St Cloud either

So why don't they remove dark kebab?

I know an Ethiopian like that. The man is based Orthodox Christian too.

Rogers checking in. WTF cloud? Youre turning into the new Brooklyn Park.

So northerner, do you recognize this building? Wondering if it's just a southern minnesota thing or if everyone knows it.

>this was on Cred Forums

You could of started off by stating that first...

>Yeah I'm a girl. So if that cancels the invitation, I completely understand.

bin dem knives fatties


The definition of blight... except I believe those were built intentionally.

Doesn't matter to us, you'd just have to deal with some Cred Forums tier memes. There isn't much to learn, just don't point it at anyone is about it.

It should be razed to the ground with all its inhabitants still inside.


Every time I see this pic I get a chub because I wunna fugg the blonde chick

As someone who lived in Minnesota for over 2 decades, the state has this coming to them.
I was born in Minnesota, and they are THE most disgustingly cucked people I have ever had the displeasure of being associated with.
Especially in St Cloud. I still shopped at the WalMart on 2nd St S and the majority of the employees were Muslims who refused to scan your pork products.
The customers were often fat ugly racemixing whores and numerous Somalians blabbering about in their gibberish.
Savers, a nearby thrift store, even has a dedicated hijab section for newly arriving shitskins to stock up (300-1000 more new terrorists coming soon, I hear!)
Glad I got out of that mess. If they don't shape up, the state will be 3rd world in 10-15 years.

There's a big backlash against all these savages. I know a lot of people that hate the Somalis with a passion.

that's the "riverside plaza" I stay away from it. there are nice areas of Minneapolis, but some parts, especially the northern part of the city is a no go zone
I think you're exaggerating. the Somalians stay in their own little groups because they refuse to integrate into our society. once you leave the city you will see less and less of them. I live by Wayzata and Plymouth and there are no Somalians in my neighborhood

it's not them deciding where the creepiest dark evil go to

so how are all the somalians and muslims getting into minnesota? why aren't people stopping it?

No one wants Somalians here but the DFL keeps bringing them in from africa because they want cheap labor

Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, shit like that.

The governor wants more and more. He wants Minnesota to become a radical Islamic warzone so he can pat himself on the back for being the most tolerant governor of all.
See this article where he cheers the death of White Minnesotans in exchange for more immigrants:

Oh, and there are meat packing plants in MN that love the cheap labor.

wait... nobody killed? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me.

BBC has reported suspect "made references to Allah"

Minnesota stabbing: Eight injured, suspect shot dead

If he had a gun instead, it would be 8 dead instead of wounded, if not more.

This is why you need to ban guns. Knives are inneffective at killing massively.

Thanks for the input France :^) Didn't you have some situations pretty recently?

The mudslime was stopped by a person with a gun, you dumb frog.

Yeah i can live with Cred Forums tier memes. And i think I'm worrying too much about the danger of it as someone who hasn't done it. I'll be fine.

Sounds like fun, though!

here have a firecracker
with love from Quebec
you traitorous bastards

No, people don't commit mass murders with fucking knives. They'll kill who they want to kill and then get stopped.

With the assault rifle 15 easily available at any walmart, people can become killing machines for less than $500.

It's funny how stupid americans always twist the argument by saying irrelevant things.

>we aren't sure it's terrorism yet

It's terrorism.

Gimme an email or something senpai and we can go to the range this winter.

Literally stopped by a legal permit carrier.

>tfw you got high as fuck on CLP fumes and A FUCKING ROOSTER starts clucking to you

>assault rifle 15
You went to far frog, you blew your cover :^) now we know you're trolling.

So who should I vote for this November, Knoblach or Dorholt?

Gosh you betcha doncha know.

[email protected].

Look forward to hearing from you.

Somalian? So there are land pirates now? Crap, I knew buying a land yacht was a bad idea.

Aighto, I'll email you later tonight probably. My names Ben, so just look for an email from me.

Got it thx


Alright sent, mines

Am I witnessing a rape take place?

Did Eggman finally snap?

Mound here. Just found out about this.
Laughing my ass off.

Everybody keep in mind that Minnesota is home to more people charged with supporting terror, and sending young men to go fight for ISIS than any other place in America.
This state is a hotbed for Islamist scum. Back in the early 2000s we were having pro Hamas rallies in the middle of Minneapolis.

Sadly no, I have a fiance.

>what's happening in Somalia-filled Sweden 2.0?

Just tap the post number you want to reply to.


wont a lot of the Unions vote red this year?

>"Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don't have enough," Dayton said.

That has yet to be seen. From what I've noticed I've seen a heck of a lot more Trump support coming out of the suburbs so hopefully that bodes well for us.

The crack stacks

all of these happenings today

it must be Nigger Day™

>be american
>shart in the mart like I usually do
>some allawakbar fucko comes to me with a knife
>shoot the animal down wirth my .44
>celebrate freedom with another shart

Mogadishu in the sky

I have a concealed carry permit and I have fantasies every day of killing a mudslime or nigger who is going on a murder spree.

I went to St. Cloud State for a semester and dropped out. I live in the cities now. Holy shit, it's really different when it's actually a city you've lived in.

:^) I feel like it's kinda concerning you have fantasies about killing people, but at least it's terrorists so it's a little less concerning.

The biggest thing I noticed at work this evening (just got off, 5 miles from shooting)- A lot of people came in with fucking shit-eating grins on their faces.
"did you hear about the shooting at the mall?" They don't even try to hide their glee. People fucking love drama. Especially in central MN. Plus, it was all black people and white people that were asking me about it. Black people might hate Somalis more than white people do. Just might.

All the Somali customers were really quiet tonight though.

Some of our men saved you frogs on the subway. Have you already forgotten you dirty smelly little Frenchman. Show some respect.

You must not be from around here, friend.

At least half of Cred Forums has that fantasy

>Show some respect.
I just sharted in honor of these american heroes. God bless america.

in france 10 people would have died in the attack

also 44s are hard to conceal

me too bro, me too

>I just sharted in honor of these american heroes

I hope that's true but that's between you and your conscience.

Washington here. Doesn't matter.

why can't all lines move this fucking fast?

After Obama you can have black Muslims screaming "allah ackbar" and stabbing people but it's got nothing to do with Islamic extremists according to state agencies.

Fucking kek.



>I-It's the Lutherans fault
Daily reminder true Lutherans that haven't been corrupted by SJW's drink beer, are German or have German heritage, and don't take shit from cucks and nu males.

14/88 smalli war now. We will avenge.. Idk the fucking mall i guess.. NO REASON NEEDED

How long before WCCO has a "community leader" on the news talking about how Islam is the religion of peace?

nice clubfoot nigger