What are the bets Cred Forums?

What are the bets Cred Forums?

Al Queda 1/2
ISIS 1/15
Radical 1/25
Anarchist 1/50
Alt right 1/250
New UnaBomber 1/5000

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likely an ISIS sympathizer

$100 on white male

Gimme 50 on alt right.

I have Al queda as the ones.

Actually give me 500 on new UnaBomber.


That would be interesting

You know it will be.


The red banner will flow once again


Give me $0.69 its a SJW.

I'll bet these dubs on coordinated ISIS attack.

Lonely autist with no particular political or religious affiliation looking for attention by copying the boston bombers.

Alt Right. Chelsea is a gay leftist (even more so than most NYC) region.

Muslim would also work.

Tough call.

It doesn't matter. If it's mudslime, media will sympathize and not blame them. If it's a white male the media will go ape shit. Media may even try to frame the person as a trump supporter or an alt-right activist

Thats a good one.

BLM / ISIS hybrid. They're evolving into kind of Chimpout super cell.

Dude there was a note what does it say? Think about it a well made pipe bomb goes off in jersey. Then a well made unknown no,b goes off in New York then a well made pressure cooker bomb a design used by the Boston bombers dose'nt go off with a note. What does that note say?

I bet it's a BLM nigger

Coutlers rule applies


Old school crazy i like it.

Why would it be Al-Qaeda?

What's the last time they did something in the US?

this, lone wolf autistic muslim

I'll take the bet for "Alt right" supporter

Maybe they'll even rub it in our faces with crisis actors

Watch the note says there will be more.

>Doesn't list BLM.

ISIS is in a very weakened state Al Queda needs a new recruitment tool. Decide to bomb the US in a very grandiose way. Well made bomb a similar design we saw in Boston. No suicide attack or gunmen. Al queda may be trying to show potential recruits they are the premier group out there right now. Light casualties.

Also last attack in US was 9/11 in New York.

Yah imagine if the note says that and New York is gripped in panic for weeks.

BLM 1/600.

Just not their style.


Even though you;re comfy on the Trump Train now be honest.

who thought of this right here when you first knew he would win the nomination

You saying Trump supporter? 1/700
Or Democrat plant posing as trump supporter? 1/4000

ISIS's attacks are more pronounced they are all about the Suicide attack. Its not their style.

K I'm just saying mad bomber come on that would be nuts it would be a new serial killer.

Black Lives Matter

Al Qaeda and al Nusra both announced no attacks on the west for the duration of the Syrian conflict as long as the west is providing support.

Want another one?

Nice dubs But ISIS is on its last legs the Turks are about to throw them out of Mosul and Raqqa is gonna fall. They are beat. Low causalities means a lot of burst ear drums but knowing it would get media attention.

My money is on radical

Best comic to explain Syrian conflict to those ignorant of current events.