What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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bix nood

this image is pretty convincing.


We were members of royalty among other high positions in society

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That he is proud of his heritage and the accomplishments of his race in building one of the greatest civilizations in the history of mankind

Praying they cast him in a House Party reboot.

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Detroit isn't that good, and it was originally built by whites.


If they really were kangz, then are they going to pay reparations for being the original slave masters?

After Arnold never came back from the trip to find his parents, Gerald went to a life of hard drugs and crime (naturally since he's a nigger) This picture was taken of him in his jail cell, still waiting for his football-headed friend to one day return and bail him out.

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>bight of benin



where have I seen that silhouette before?

Forgot the image

>immaginary wall in the middle of africa meme


Well that's just sad. Where is Arnold?


It is well known that slave traders travelled to catch the egytian royalty, because they could use magic and commanded higher prices

He died trying to find his parents and was never heard from again, just like his parents before him. Grandpa eventually shot himself 3 years after Arnold didn't return, and his beloved Pookie soon followed after finding his body in the boarding house.

Helga went clinically insane, never letting go of the possibility that Arnold would come back. She is currently in a psychiatric hospital with no plans of leaving soon.


Would every nation on earth start admitting and paying for their bad deeds in order for us to even get back to that point to admit egypt rightfully belongs to the blacks and THEN asking them for rep? Probably not. All slavery isn't the same either, inb4 that point get's hyperbole and/or strawman.

Whoops, meant for

It's called the Sahara Desert you stupid fucking moron

Why the fuck does he have a makeup brush for hair?

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Niggers think everything they do is super "deep" and "woke"

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> what is a coast

>why was it called the fertile cresent

>thousands of years is a really short time to travel


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>>why was it called the fertile cresent

It didn't include the Sahara

Also I don't know if you've ever been to Africa but the coast isn't some sort of fertile paradise superhighway

> what is a coast
I know I'm being baited but there's a reason all the kingdoms of west Africa were deep inland and whites only maintained small slave forts there until prophylactics against malaria were developed.

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I'm always unsure to ask: what does 'bix nood' mean?

This is gonna sound gay but this is actually a pretty smart photo.

It has to do with African Americans fitting in the norm, which is a square, white, america.

or its a nigger who think shadows look cool

>Egyptians were black



Why so angry sadiq

>implying the sahara was always a huge desert
>implying you can't travel the a beach because it's not perfect
>implying you can't follow the rivers into the congo then back out to the other side
>implying you can't traverse africa clockwise
>implying OP doesn't resemble an egyptian style bust




What do you mean "mean"? He's just trying to look like some pharaoh wife.

Do you even meme?

Why dey always make Nevertitty look like she a whyte bitch?

I think this nog may be confused. Those large head dresses that ancient Egyptian wore were not haor, or a wig, but a wax hat.
Living in a sweltering dessert mixed with a humid delta will make you sweat like a pig. So those clever coptics made wax hats filled with perfume. The hat would slowly melt over time releasing the perfume to keep them from smelling like sweaty asshole all day.

He believes Egyptians were christian?

I'm sure you'll be a king in your mind :)

>90% black
>built by whites
Ya keep dreamin white boi

Everyone is a descendant of kings&queens, the question is which ones