Cred Forums has no dad

I would guarantee about 70% of regular posters here don't have a dad. You guys are too easy. Hero worship, woman hating (you all had shit single moms), unsupervised childhood, probably diddled, kept busy with games and computers because no one wanted you around...the list goes on. Haha losers.

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Projecting much, OP?

I like to shitpost

this would be r9k

Got a Dad. But no mom.

true in my case


I has dad

take your faggity robot ass back to incestville


NSA pls go

I have a dad who I love and have a great relationship with and I've been on Cred Forums since 2004

My dad was a psychopath does that count?

not an argument

What do you mean by don't have a dad?
My parents split up when I was 6 but I still see him regularly and always have.

>haha you guys are basically (majority as expressed by statistics)
nice work dude

>tfw my parents are still in their 30s so they'll be around for a loooong time while your faggot boomer mummies are in their 70s

In b4 underaged, I'm 20.

My father died 2 years ago. Parents together until his death.

My dad died 6 years ago, and my mom is redpilled/basically taught me all the racist stuff i know.


My dad was never around when i was a kid so he can't be mad at me when i'm never around now the he's fucking old.


bad OP

no naughty

IM your daddy

Still more than whites in America
>Haha losers

nah I went to the football game with my dad today

then again I think you all are a bunch of faggots I wouldn't have a problem with joining a death squad to exterminate if the opportunity came up

My grandparents were married for over 60 years.
My parents have been married for 35

Nobody in my rather large family dates a nigger, spic, or asian. Though one cousin did come close by marrying an Italian girl.

I am what the NWO hates, and I love it.

Checked, and it's true. pol wants their strongman. Playing right into the hands of the protocols...


My Dad is a good man whom I respect greatly.

Nice projection faggot

Nah, but my dad is a submissive cuckold.

Fucking kill yourself. You are subhuman OP. If you need to shitpost to comfort yourself then just fucking die you pathetic fag.

Try again. Dad was in Nam and dumped agent orange on filthy commie gooks.

No, we are mostly white. Try looking at black Twitter instead

It's true. Lost contact with my dad when I was about 15. I love my mom, though. I only hate women because my first girlfriend betrayed me and the next two were bitches.

OP is a confirmed projecting faggot

>captcha included "fuck niggers" spray painted on wall

nah i just have mum issues. the bitch was a bipolar sociopath.

Biggest cucks I know are from broken families.

Complete opposite for me. Two great parents. Dont know why my soul hates and thinks half the Worlds population should be Vaporized. Oh wait nevermind the gluttons (((greed))) and social engineering destroying one Country at a time. Oh wait nevermind (((they))) are doing it all at once with multiculturalism and open borders. Gas the Judeans.

>knowing cucks

We have Trump and Hitler.

>implying women aren't actually spoiled useless brats

>he thinks it's a good thing he had teenage parents.

Hahaha when did your slut of a mother first open her legs?

>mfw dad was never a big part of my life
>mfw I haven't seen dad in several years
>mfw I had little human contact during infancy & childhood
>mfw sociopath

Dad left us. Mom was always "sick" and "needed a nap", so basically absentee as well. Neither of them had good relationships with their families, so I'm pretty much out on my own since forever. Oh, and surprise surprise, I have gender dysphoria too. Fuck you, OP, fuck you.

Yep. That's why I hate leftism so much because it leads to my life which was total shit.

>tfw op is right

My dad died when I was 9, them feels are coming on

>Acts like anyone would be shocked to hear his mother squirted him out when she was 14

I had a step dad once I was like 13, but up until then I was raised by my mom, yes.

My dad is a fucking badass and a great father. He was in Top Gun and flew F14s.
>tfw ill never be as cool as my dad

>Not 90%
>Implying that stable marriages were even existent in the 80's-90's

You are no different than us OP, do not lie to yourself. Family fragmentation has been going on for decades.

Lol your mom is a pill addict.

>have a redpilled garbage truck dad
>showed him pol/
>[goofy ass chuckle comes from living room]
>"Hey hey user did you see the latest happening on '"paul'" (how he pronouces it)
>"Apparently a bunch of niggers just shot up the cops again!"
>y-yeah dad... I saw that one..
Kill me

I honestly feel really bad for any anons who grew up without a Father. I hope this motivates you to be involved in your child's life, if you ever have a kid.

My dad is a former USAF AWACS pilot now retired commercial airline pilot.
My casual racism is a direct result of being raised by him, he's red-pilled as fuck.

lel sound like an alpha boss

Tfw loving parents but born into this mess of a time

Nobody sings of peaceful times dawri

My dad is a red-pilled ex-military pilot as well and now he flies for American Airlines. Who does your dad fly for?

>Cred Forums has two dads

I've got a dad, two grandfathers, and two great grandfathers.


man that would ruin Cred Forums for me

My dad is basically perfect.

The closest thing I had to a "good, father-like figure" was my gay, angry, alcoholic choir conducter.

you gay for him fag?

He's retired now, but he flew for Delta.

Cred Forums confirmed not black

Noice m8. You gunna follow in his footsteps?
>currently training to be a pilot myself

the only daddy I need is donald trump!!!!

just realized my ID is HyPE

anyways I'm curious, tell us more user

I had my dad. He raised me and my brother right and we're all voting Trump in November.

u shouldnt project this much it isnt healthy

my mum's husband was very good to me for your information

Sounds very specific.

My dad died before I can remember, and my parents were divorced before that

Im Cred Forumsack as hell, but I hate the r9k-tier shit that sometimes goes on here. Im also a completely normal, well-adjusted semi oldfag who does not hate women at all. I actually do quite well with them. If anything, growing up with only a mother/older sisters makes you more knowledgeable/attentive about (or to) womens issues/needs

Plus, everyone here should already know that all the (((Freudian))) shit, and psychology in general, is a jewish meme

TL/DR - Fuck off, goldberg

Kiss x Piss, good show.

It's true.

Was he Milo?

Nope I have a hard working 6 foot tall dad who plays a major role in my life, stop projecting faggot

He was traditionalist, and self loathing because of his carnal desires. That seemed pretty obvious to me. He was a good role model because he taught me extreme discipline and patience. Guy was an ass though.

It was a very prestigious choir, and the powers that should have been his were passed to committee. So he loved to chew out kids. He chewed me out the hardest. He bullied me. He tried to crack me.

And I gained emotional armor for all that.

I got fucked m8, color blind from my mom's side of the family.
It was/is a dream of mine.

Does Russia want white people from North America to move there or would you feel like we do about poo-in-loos?

>no dad
>raised by grandparents till 5
>born in collapsed commie nation (ukraine)
>mom marries American cuck and we go to America
>Go to a school infested with niggers
>get enriched
>become redpilled
>find Cred Forums when it was natsoc
>stopped degenerate habits
>doing well
>everything turned out for the best

my dad got shot and died
op speaks the truth

Damn I'm sorry to hear that. You can still get your ratings and fly corporate jets if you are color blind I believe.

I have a dad but he's unemployed since I was 12

t. Freud

Have a nuclear family. Was not abused. Advocate that lifestyle because i turned out pretty good.

I have a dad and get along with him. We didn't until I was about 17 and we started going to the gym and lifting together.

My dad is also a yuuuge trump supporter.

>have dad
>dad would always argue and roll his eyes in my bluepilled days
>discovered Cred Forums
>now bond with my father over the bell curve and how much we hate niggers
>Cred Forums brought us together
Feels good, man.

or they had a redneck dad

My parents are still married and I'm 35. Daddy is a degenerate Hillary supporter.

Lefties think any white person who disagrees with their opinions is a "redneck".

I love bonding with my dad over how much we hate leftists.

Feels good indeed.

Another data mining thread?


They're pathetically one-dimensional.

Nope, I've got great parents. Still go hang out with them once a month or so. They are a good Catholic couple.

No dad

Mom was high as a kite doin quaaludes and other things, got dicked by a guy who went to jail for burglary. I can't even recall his last name tbqh

I match your description really well (except hating girls) but that is why single parenthood is a very serious issue, especially for white folk

>hero worship
What? Cred Forums has no heroes.

About the rest, you're wrong.

>Haha losers.
Bit strange to blame lads for having shitty childhoods.

Isn't that the very thing you lot do for all the dindus?

Funny that...

That or single dads who they worship but in reality are pieces of shit who left the mom/made the mom leave and manipulate user into believing it was the mom's fault. People with single parents/step parents shouldn't be allowed to vote.

>be me
>have dad
>have mom
>parents been happily married for 20 years
Saged. Get gassed faggot.

OP is full of shit. Most people ik on here have fucking dads and aren't cucks like he is

I found that girls Jewtube channel

She's so pretty. Wish I had her snap.

Single dad master race here, mum was an alcoholic cunt and I got a better step mum later.

I bet your already a grandfather.


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