Gentlemen, we have created a weapon to combat leafposters. Working with the top shitposting minds of the Australia...

Gentlemen, we have created a weapon to combat leafposters. Working with the top shitposting minds of the Australia, we have reverse engineered their cultural enrichment and combined it with our infamous redpill. This has resulted in a diverse, yet miraculously uncucked state for the most part while giving the illusion of being blue thanks to the minorites and essex county. Australian wildlife that can't be shot in the form of an increasing bear population has been thrown in to simulate the harsh environment. We have even created one of the most dangerous cities ever known to man using Philidalphia as a blueprint. Despite it's small size, it ranges from beautiful pine forests to urban wastelands. We have recently begun to see the fruits of our labor and will proceed to defeat the leaf menace.

I present to you Cred Forums, New Jersey.

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Let's say you're in New Jersey and it's night time. How would one go about acquiring some gasoline in such a situation?

thanks for the laugh user

From what I've heard, their gas stations are open 24/7.

The bastards managed employ themselves for something that is self use. More research must be done on this business practice to see if it could save the country's job market.

Wait till morning.

>their gas stations are open 24/7
Can any NJ fags confirm/deny? I heard they're so keked they can't even fill up their car at night.

Some stations are, some aren't.

I live in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Some stations are open 24/7, some aren't. They all pump gas for me though. So I never pump my own gas.

We have mexicans and collage dropouts who are more than willing to work the night/graveyard shifts.

If you're on the highway(which you most likely will be) you're fine. Having some pleb fill your gas for you is comfy.

It's a workfare program, essentially. Better than welfare, I guess.

The best part is the welfare niggers stay in their containment towns without nigging up the rest of the state. We have literally perfected diversity without turning into europe or canada.

Morris County reporting in. Trump country.

Some are. Ones in small towns are usually closed, but ones on major highways are open 24/7.

Well done. I'll never understand jug handles, though.

>going outside

Go to a gas station, you fucking retard.

Some are, some arent, just like in the rest of the country.


The state is irredeamible
T former NJ resident

Nah im a Jersey fag and were bluepilled and degenerate as fuck......but thanks for the feels though, i drifted away to another land for a little.....

new jersey gets a bad rap cuz of Newark and Paterson but it really is a beautiful state and thats why its the garden state