>Not being child-free.
Its clearly the logical choice in todays world. Imagine all that extra money you would have. Not to mention you will be alot happier.

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I want kids but my GF is a cunt. She is a selfish bitch who watches DEVIOUS HOUSE MAIDS and abuses our pets, drinks, smokes about a gram a day, and just got a credit increase so she can shop.

It's not like any other women is worth having children with anyway. Their mothers teach them to be want what ever the "alphamale" they see on popular tv shows (AKA a bumble fuck pussy cash machine cuck).

It's just not fair for a man to have kids these days. The entire act is completely out of our favor.

Dump the cunt.

This is my worst fear when it comes to women

Marry an asian. They love kids and are good mothers. And don't feed me that white-nationalist miscegnation bullshit - it's primitive non-scientific rubbish. As long as you breed with someone of neanderthal blood you're a-ok.

only a liberal idiot would think you can only have nice things and go on vacation without children. thank god the exact people falling for this lie are the ones we don't want reproducing.

Yes. That's it. Don't reproduce, goyim.

don't listen to this guy
t. someone actually living in asia

That may be true, but Hapas develop problems all their own. Lurking around hapa imageboards and forums for a few weeks made me decide against having children with asian women. At least while I'm uneducated about how to combat some of the problems that could come up raising hapa children, I wouldn't want my child to suffer like some of these kids.

Just something to keep in mind

this. Or at least properly look at what it entails and then make your mind up

Being childfree is literally evolutionary suicide. I have nothing but contempt for the cucks that do it. You are throwing millions of years of evolution down the drain.

Why do you surround yourself with degenerates? You should kill yourself if you don't leave her.

I am 35 and married. We both work.

We have 100k in savings, two paid off 40k cars, and a paid off house.

We have zero stress. Buy whatever the fuck we want. Generally just live happily.



It's fun to be a contrarian and I'm sure so many people tell you this, but make sure you've completely made your mind up.

There are no second chances


I will never have a gf anyways so why would I think about children

And you can also adopt some niglet in a couple years. It's a win-win thing.

Good goy!

All set. If I get crazy I'll adopt a kid.

Money is just sooooo nice.


Oh yeah, let's not have kids guys!
Don't pay attention to the chinese and africans, they don't need to cut down on birth rates


I'm 26 with twins

I have no free time

I don't really have a life and I never did but before kids I could up and do things

I never spent too much on myself before but now shopping for myself is very rare

Can't buy the babies as much things as I'd like because twins

Never had full night's rest in months

Typical annoying baby things x2

But I loved them to death the moment they arrived. They're just part of life now. Don't worry guys, you will love that kid once it's there.

She seems fairly smart or at least aware of others's perspectives. It is nice to see a woman acknowledging that asking for support from men in regards to children is a lot to ask.

Not an argument.


I plan to retire by 30. I don't want to be a wageslave my entire life. Having kids will delay my freedom.

Sorry but you are not a success story, you took the easy way. Millions of people have exactly what you do and have children. No matter what you accomplish I hope you go to bed every night and realize you could have done better and that you lost the game of life.


So you are saying that some random African living in huts with 10 children have won the game of life while people like Newton and Tesla were failures?

Thats right goyim, let the brown people reproduce instead and let your legacy go extinct



Fug, what are you doing to me Cred Forums, I don't want to be shamed into having kids.

Why should I have to sacrifice? I didn't ask to be born.

What is the tl;dr; of hapas (i had never heard that word before)?

Is it better if the half asian part is not dirty asian (philipino, pacific islander, etc)?

Please do this atheists. Just be all happy, and revel in your hedonism.

This is just creepy.


I don't get what's so bad about being a stay-at-home mother.
>get to do basically nothing all day
>don't have to worry about a job
>get to be with your family all day

Is literally everything da joos. I thought the jews would want humans so the jews would have more power.

Shalom my friend

I was really sad and unfulfilled before my son came along. I can see it not being for everyone but I only ever see the childless doing these self affirmation routines.

No argument towards obligation is an actual argument when dealing with the world in a godless view.

Thanks, jew. What great (((advice)))

"I don't want until I am 25 to drop out of the workforce. I just want to squeeze out a kid and sit at home all day for the rest of my life."

I want kids, but I fear for the future to be honest. I don't know what kind of world my kids will be living in. The economy seems unstable as hell right now, so there's a lack of security. All the ingredients to raise children just don't seem to be there.

>everyone who doesn't have children is like Newton and tesla
>everyone who does have children is like mud hut Africans

Don't be stupid.

>Claiming to be a nationalist
>not having bare minimum 6 kids

Dump the bitch. If you can't find any girls in Canada then marry a girl from Eastern Europe

I'm split.

One one hand, My fiancee and I want to have nice shit, a clean house and not have to worry about anyone but ourselves and let's and having nice stuff.

On the other hand - welfare retards, religious fanatics and immigrants are pumping out kids left and right, and we almost want to have a kid just to put someone smart into the future to help beat them down.

He's doing a lot better than the average family with kids at his age.

Newton and Tesla didn't spend their days relaxing. They dedicated their lives to an art, and abandoned hedonism.

And in 20 years he'll feel a lot more empty than when he's younger and can do whatever he likes.

You wont be so smug when you're on your deathbed and all the material things dont matter anymore, you realize you've ended your DNAs existence to continue on in the world and nothing f you will ever be in existence again

b-but you won't be a strong independent womyn.

Pussy just beat her bloody

In 20 years he'll probably be comfortably retired and able to spend his free time doing whatever he wants instead of paying for his children's college tuition.

why would you want that? there's no security in it
if you're a "strong independent woman" when you're 30 or 40, all you'll end up as is a crazy cat lady

>you realize you've ended your DNAs existence to continue on in the world
Won't all of our DNA eventually die? What happens when The Universe dies? You speak of happiness as finite and materialistic when DNA is nothing but that.

>yes goyim stop white children all the other goys are doing it and you'll get so much more YOU time

why should the fact that people that slightly match to parts of your dna are walking around matter? its just A, C, T and Gs

t. geneticist

>b-but you'll be a strong independent womyn.

Asian woman just see white guys as a status symbol. She will play that demure submissive wife stereotype for courting purposes, but after that, she will sink her claws into you.

I'd gladly be a stay at home dad. Pump out 3 kids. No job for like 8 years. When they are all going to school get a part time job during the day.

It would never work though, because a woman would leave a man who isn't "providing"

b-but your great great great grandfather is happy right now because you are here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've seen all the studies about kids costing a quarter of a million dollars or whatever on average, but I just don't see where those costs are coming from.

Personally we mostly have dirt cheap or free second hand clothes, don't buy him many toys and our food costs have actually gone down since we buy less prepackaged stuff now. The only thing that has gotten significantly more expensive is travel.

We don't do daycare though, which is probably the single biggest expense.


>all I care about is myself!
>western society can't live with religious fanatics
>they breed too much!!!

See, therein lies your problem. I now understand what Stephan Molyneux, an athiest, means when he says religion is a good thing.

There's a reason religious people breed so much. It's because they care about something other than themselves.

They don't sit on their fat lazy rear end and post on Cred Forums all day like a worm infested athiest faggot. *cough* (You) *cough*

Go away. Your family heritage deserves to die off.

if you think having nice shit is your life's purpose, you're part of the problem.

nothing at all compares to the moment when your child squirms out, nothing compares to creating a loving family. it's up to you, and I guess if you're surrounded by your nice shit you probably won't realize what you're missing. but there's a whole different, deeper, and richer life you'll have never been able to experience if you don't have a family.

t. 35 year old with 4 kids

settling out of court over molestation charges

> just marry a girl from Eastern Europe
how does one go about this if you dont live in eastern europe?????????

>wanting half asian kids
Dude just fucking kill yourself

You realize your DNA gets removed from existence no matter how many kids you have?

>I want to shit out a baby because I like suffering.
Holy fucking fedoras.

Love doesn't care if the house needs dusted. Kids will be the best thing you ever do. It will also be the hardest thing you ever do.

IF..and I say IF..there is a god or energy, or IF there is a purpose to life, let me tell you that having children is that purpose. You can't imagine until you do, I mean you just can't.

And it makes sense; our prime biological function is reproducing. It is possible that 2 MILLION years of evolution as hominids gave us the chemistry to bond with our children in the most incredibly and mind-expanding way. Money, clean house, nice shit..it will all mean nothing to you, once you see what your child REALLY means to you.

I have a high earning wife who's fine being the main bread winner. She comes from a household where her mom was the sole provider though.

>doesn't want children
>still gets into a relationship

you know how much happier you'd be without the woman?

ah, no, wait, you are totally dependent on another for happiness. i forgot.

how can you judge when you don't even know what being happy is?

Maybe in America. I'm around doctors, attorneys, real estate developers and other high earning individuals (I own an accounting firm) all day long. They are all super successful and have multiple children. Most are under 35, around half are self made.
I'm turning 25 this year, I have a wife at home with my boys until they are school age. We bought our house out right, own three vehicles outright and vacation 2 twice a year, sometimes more if you count spa weekends in Banff. My wife doesn't have a nanny and we both come from middle to lower middle class families.
My point is, being financially successful shouldn't be based on reproducing and if that is a serious factor in a persons life chances are they were never going to be successful in the first place.

If a man has to give up being a father to be successful, in my opinion, he ends up being neither. It's an automatic failure.

A life with no children is a life not worth living. If your a libtard continue not breeding we dont dont need or want your children in future generations.


I have 2 kids and my life is fucking awful

Plus, think how much it will decimate your's Volk's future and how narcissistic it will help you be!

People don't care about that though. We live in a hedonistic age of rampant materialism. People define "having it all" as having the money to afford an affluent middle class lifestyle where they get to experience all gentrification has to offer.

This is the trend for the forseeable future. The middle class will kill itself off because they will do what the boomers did and choose their own happiness and live for the now over building and cultivating a future generation, only amplified.

For the tons of people who will be thrown into poverty, they'll be too poor and unwanted to have kids.

This is the decline of the west and it's not likely to be reversible.


I really wish basically every woman in my age bracket would get this through their fucking skulls. It's maddening to see them by the dozen just write off the idea of doing the only thing in life their supposed to do (e.g. have kids) as not important, or that they don't care.

It's amazing to see that everyone has become so short sighted and selfish that they are actively participating in the suicide of their own race.

Alright i'm calling bullshit.
There's no way you own a company, have multiple children and a wife, and have bought a home at 24

Dubs of truth.

>smokes a gram a day
>every other bad habit

Why are you still with her, that gets fucking expensive. I bet she reaks of cheap perfume.

Back to the point, are you happy user?
Personally, i am concerned for you.

Fucking this

By having a decent job and citizenship in Western Europe, the US or Canada. And by decent I don't mean you have to be a corporate lawyer, 60k a year should be more then enough. If you have that just visit Ukraine, Romania or Poland and they will be on you like flies. It might be a good idea to consult with a lawyer fist and get a really good prenup

Most of the people I know without children are retired at 35. They don't have to worry about childcare expenses, mortgages for big houses, saving up for college, or any of the other bullshit they have to deal with with children. Would they still be successful with having a burden? Sure. They made lots of money at their old jobs. But they wouldn't be able to have freedom.

A must read about hapas:


>implying I ever had a chance to have children in the first place

Of course, the child-free life is targeted towards white couples.

I really dont want to go extinct. Its the ultimate failure in life.

i have a qt asian gf who didnt really want kids. i convinced her that we should.


Don't project your sluggish, go nowhere life into me. It's completely possible. I know more young successful people like me than I do debt overloaded millienials living with mom and dad until their 30 that the media goes on and on about. Most unproductive people in their 20s are their own worst enemy.


Yes goy, breed more slaves for us

Kids r lame

And she will cheat on you and most likely drop you. I've seen many suffer your fate.

People were saying stuff like that in the 1960s, but then it was nuclear annihilation rather than creeping Shariah or financial meltdown.

You guys can save the white race. I'm gonna pay off my debts.

Most of them are just being contrarian. Pol must be 99% introverted types, being surrounded by women and children for most of their waking life would be absolute hell for them.

When he's in his 70s and 80s and his friends are dying, money won't last. Visit an upscale nursing home. You will find the most depressing place on the planet. They live day to day, bored out of their minds, with their few moments of comfort being when their family visits them.

I get that being jaded about parenthood is some new meme, but money doesn't buy lifelong happiness.

You're completely right. I totally forgot about the rule that banks only let you montage a house when you've had children.

Are they white? If so at least at you have offspring to carry on your name.

I pay 10k a year in childcare and it fucking sucks, but my kid loves it.

The most underrated post i've ever seen.

Stop watching cuck porn you fag

Yeah, but that was really just one issue. People had it pretty damn good raising families in the 50s/60s/70s, especially here in the US.

Now I feel like Western society is seriously going down a dark path.

>Implying wanting a simple life and enjoying what you've earned is selfish
Also - I'm at work right now. Overnight shift paramedic working my way through nursing school. Chilling at base on my phone. Because I'm such an unproductive loser.

That all sounds nice. As for now I'm young and jaded. And still think the global issue of overpopulation is a real impending thing. Just remember that magical fulfillment life purpose thing is just dopamine release from having fulfilled a primal biological directive.

Not sure how you got that one?

I don't know man... I have a huge family as it is, and some of my older siblings are already having kids. I'm not jealous of the sacrifice it involves. I could be content restoring classic cars and building the gun collection and taking sick vacations...

Then go live in the mountains or kill yourself. If you aren't some great thinker or innovator and you're not at least choosing to adopt some poor orphan, you were a genetic failure. Your net contribution to humanity was 0.

Dude kids live at home until they are 30 now. You need to pay for their college. They might end up being coal burners or druggies. You will possibility get a divorce.

The most terrifying thought that has ever entered into my mind is the crushing reality that a likely outcome for my life is that in 50 years, I'll be dying, like we all will. I will be in a bed somewhere struggling, if not outright failing, to do things I took for granted when I was younger, like going to the bathroom by myself, feeding myself, properly being able to change the TV, everything... And that I will be totally alone when this happens.

My parents will be dead. My siblings will be just as old. I'll have no wife. There will be no kids. Just a nurse, who is paid to be there, that ultimately doesn't really care about me. And I will die. Utterly alone.

>I love having no money or free time and being exhausted all the time
>so will you!
>no I'm not bitter

why should i care if whites become a minority, i'll probably be dead by then anyway

I'm a divorce lawyer.

And you think your children are going to bother wasting their time caring for some old fart?

Think what medical tech will be like in 50 years. You will likely still look about 35.

jesus christ how fucking beta are you? you are an omega male.

It's not my problem you have a fractured relationship with your parents. Not everybody does. If you got out and spent time around more well adjusted people you'd see this.

Yep. Word bro, word. Who cares about the future of the white race? You will be a pile of ashes or in a grave when it happens.

Absolutely tragic

So the arguments for having kids seem to be:
"muh genetics"
"muh a life without kids isn't a life worth living"
"muh in 50 years medical technology might not have advanced and you should have some children who may or may not choose to look after you"

Anything else?


>not going on nightly nig hunts now
Disappointed in you guys desu senpai

So are your parents living with their grandparents right now?

The only consolation I have is that my children..and my grandchildren...will care about me at that point in time and that they will continue. It makes the long dark ahead, totally and completely bearable.

Was just going to post this. user clearly doesn't understand that children raised correctly actually love their parents and will want to help them in old age and death.

I'm gonna be selfish. I live once. All my money will go to me and I want lots of free chill time.

Anyone will care for you as long as you give them the right amount of money.


Sums it up

So which one of your family members is currently living with and taking care of Grandpa full time right now?

You are going to be dead by 2017?

nothing wrong with that, mate. just don't be a deadbeat if you fuck up and do get a girl pregnant.

Ok so i've got all those checkboxes filled, just go to these countries and for like a month and i'll just find my wife?

>just don't live your life the way you want
>give up everything you've worked for
>being a parent is special and totally not something that the most retarded people can do
Wew lads, gonna raise my little slaves to take care of me full time when I'm 40 :^)

No you nigger. Why don't you wait 80 years when everyone your age is dying or dead and 4^2chan or whatever the fuck is completely out of your league and you're all alone, dying in some state-run nursing home because you felt jaded about being close to your family.

Just answer my question. You must have someone in your family right now in old age and in need of care. Who is taking care of them full time now?

>mfw most people get bitter about taking care of their parents 24/7
But sure, you guys will have great relationships with your kids I'm sure :^)

Nigga that can still happen with kids. The number of old patients I see who their kids utterly avoid is absurd.

I never said I loved those things. They suck, but I accepted everything that comes with parenthood with no resistance because I love the little buggers. But yeah I guess not everyone is capable of loving their own flesh and blood in which case please don't fuck someone's life up.

My Grandparents are dead, but the two oldest children moved closer for the last years of their lives to make sure they were alright. My Grandfather remained healthy, and fiercely independent until the day he passed, but someone was always near by just in case.

Both of my grandmas are living with my parents. Once their husbands died it was the least my parents could do. I'll do the same for my wives parents if they need it and for my mine.

I don't plan on having kids or getting married

>the global issue of overpopulation is a real impending thing
wow...just fuckin kill yourself faggot, and make room for ten more gooks. release all your dopamine right onto the floor with a fuckin bullet.

enjoy your ipad

>elementary school level biology

The daily visiting in-home nurse and her son, who visits her almost every day.

In 80 years we will have life extension therapy. Unfortunately you will be denied access if you have children due to population restrictions.

you're* they're*
you'd think such a successful person would be capable of simple grammar

I'm getting that vibe too

Wisest person in the thread

This Time Magagzine is Eugenicist.

user, I was a paramedic and switched to nursing. Best career decision ever. I would never go back.

It's 1am, I work with numbers all day not letters.

Parents seem to be as bad as religiousfags imo
>What do you mean you want a different life than ours?!?!
>How on earth could you not enjoy giving all your time, money, and attention to a parasite?

(((Time Magazine)))

That sounds awful. I would hate to drop everything in my life at the drop of a hat and move across the country and spend my time taking care of an old fart, and I would hate to place that same burden on others.

Yeah, that list isn't exhaustive. Hungary and Russia would also work. South of that in the Balkans too probably but I don't know enough to say for sure. Just stick to the capital cities and most people will speak English.

some people will never get it. yeah, I don't love changing diapers, but seeing your kid shoot that mustard newborn poop six feet across the room onto a wall is actually pretty amazing, and my daughter started saying, "see my poopy?" when she was about 20 months. I have never liked "kids" and still don't, but my own kids are so fucking enjoyable (ie I take joy in them) that I wouldn't give it up for anything.

and to put a redpilled spin on it, (((they))) want to keep you childless so you have nothing to fight for. you can shitpost all you want but you're not going to die for your macbook. you'll just keep staring at it while the world burns around you.

My mom is at her parents house like 12 hrs a day ever since my grandma became to ill to take care of herself and my grandpa. It's nice growing up in a tight-knit family. Learn what family values are.

It's okay, I've probably already fapped out my smartest kid.

By that point you'll be officially absorbed into the only China that still matters, buddy.

>Children are a parasite
This is unhealthy. Please read this and reflect on it.

Honestly why don't you jaded fucks just neck yourselves now. If bringing new life into the world is such a struggle, what made yours so worth it?

>family is more important than freedom

>he literally enjoys shitposting
This is a whole new fucking level of hamstering

I forgot to mention there are also online dating sites for matching Western men with women in poor countries. I don't have much experience however and I'd advice doing recherche into any site you try to use before putting money into it because I'm sure some of them are scams.

If only your parents took your advice and never had you.

>bruh we're all gonna die just an hero now
After you user

I enjoy my life. I like playing video games and watching anime. I have no reason to kill myself, but I also see no reason in taking on an unnecessary burden that will cut down on my time available to do the things I enjoy.

The rampant jaded, bitter, nihilism and broken family structures in this thread lead me to believe that (((they))) really have succeeded in totally breaking the family structure, and by extension the backbone of all Western Civilization.

My mother and I get along fantastically (shit head father that I pushed out of my life years ago), and I know her health is going to go sooner rather than later. I've turned down good paying jobs out of state because I don't want to move too far from her, and have her suddenly have a health collapse. And I'm totally ok with this. Maybe you jaded fucks are ok with letting the whole thing burn, but that's more on you than it is on any of us, and if you really believe that children are the worst thing you could possibly do maybe you should an hero out of life because obviously your parents made a huge mistake when they had you, and every day you live just adds to that, right?

And this is why you are a failure no matter what you accomplish in life. What kind of man can't see the value in family? I kind of feel bad for you, not that you'd care. You seem perfectly happy only considering your own well being. I hope for your sake that last until the end.

They wouldn't be struggling with money (due to 3 kids) and probably have more than just 3 houses desu

>you're a failure because of my arbitrary values
Wew lad

I'll look into that, thanks.
At this point in my life i'm not desperate enough to start looking for a mail order bride but maybe in a few years.

One last thing. If you prefer chinks over whites south east Asia is also an option but I don't know much about it personally. Philippians for example.

How cool would it be to watch anime and play video games with your child? My little boy and I play basketball, baseball, watch movies, play on his iPad, plays with my tools, plays PlayStation with me. It's actually kinda fun.

>struggling with money
>have 3 houses

It's statistically very likely that for at least one of the dads in this thread, your child isn't yours.

>children are parasites

I don't know how old you are but one day you'll learn in school that no animal on this planet can create its own parasite through the natural process of reproduction.

Stay in school kids.

That's from a terrible example of a weak willed father and psychotic mother. It's the typical example of a mentally parent not a archetype of Eurasian males God it is repulsive and sad. I'm happily dating an adopted Catholic Asian, which is much different than said story. Granted I frankly don't care the race of my spouse as long as she agrees with me on politics, religion, and general societal/family norms. It just so happens that the girl I met who matched that criteria was Asian. That said you shouldn't deny the ethnicity of your child's race that does create serious problems. I have a good quarter Asian friend of mine who understood this fact and he is happily dating a white women and getting on fine in life (he is Christian which in my mind is a killer component for finding an acceptable spouse). The real point is you shouldn't consider race a plus or minus a negative or positive for society because even if half Asian children of mine have a systemic problems the manner in which they are raised should make it null and void. Raising men is the solution not growing pussies.

He would probably have shit taste.

Mate, half asian girls are hot. I'm working one atm, and goddamn.
They're like one of paintings where if you look at it from a different angle it looks different.

No no i'm looking for a white woman. I traveled to Thailand recently and the country itself was amazing but I had no interest in their "women"

>live off the host for years
>not a parasite
You fail biology bro? Even natives considered children as parasites

Yupp, money is tight when you got 3 kids and assets to deal with

Only THREE houses?

How do they even manage user?

I can do that with my friends though, why would I hang out with children?

Fuck off kike

Yea, lets not breed so our governments can import more third worlders

Shut up you miserable bitch you're not at a yacht party snorting coke off a hookers' asses 24/7 or even shitposting on Cred Forums 24/7, there's time for everything if you're a fucking responsible adult about it. I get it man adulthood isn't what it used to be but we can't avoid everything about it.

Rent income from said properties

Holy shit bitter parents itt

Yeah I absolutely hate Asian women, they look disgusting but some guys like them.

If being an adult means I'm not free then I will happily remain a child forever.

5 white children with #6 on the way. Are you cucks even trying?

You can if you get good

Parasites generally don't have any biological relation to what they're sapping from.

Offspring and parasites are two entirely different things, stop acting like you're breaking new ground here.

>humans are le virus xdd

Why do they want more third worlders, what is the benefit of this?

No, very few anons in here have children it's obvious.

Sorry, it's impossible to create your own parasite. The definition you're using only applies to two different species.

Maybe once you've finished high school you'll understand the difference.

Vietnamese are the only SE Asian women worth anything. The rest, like Thai, Laos, Cambodian, and, worst of all, Filipino, are to be avoided if you're seeking a marriage.

The only reason scientifically we exist to do is that exact purpose. Unless you subscribe to some other hedonist philosophy the only scientific purpose for a human being is reproduction.

I can tell by their reproductive rates that niggers and shitskins are the most successful people on the planet according to pol

I never said to commit suicide because of some inevitability of death.

If you truly think that bringing life into the world or even raising an adopted child is some insane struggle that compromises you as a person, then why do you continue to inhabit this planet? I highly doubt you're some groundbreaking scientist or inventor who will propel humanity forward. You're the genetic equivalent of a joker card. Completely pointless.

I mean this with the least offense possible, but when you get older, you'll change. You don't have to pop out a kid in your mid 20s, but I have yet to see a childless person past age 50 who isn't bored out of their minds 24/7. In fact, this is a pretty new phenomenon. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone over 50 who hasn't raised a kid.

There is no "scientific" reason humans exist. That's like asking why a rock exists. The only thing to do is to enjoy your live as much as possible.

>just like, don't live your life if you're not super duper important or a parent XD XD
you're an idiot man.

I'm an atheist. I'm pro choice (within reasonable parameters).

And I don't think it's that big of a deal, although a little disconcerting, when a large number of media outlets try discouraging people from having children by saying how happy life is when you don't have kids to worry about...

But it's seriously scary and alarming how the media is starting to convince people fetuses are literal parasites, even if it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek... This whole idea being peddled of "Babies are so annoying! They scream and puke and crap everywhere! I hate babies! Hahaha! I'm joking but it's grounded in truth!" is actually terrifying. The media is overriding peoples most innate and core instincts to want to reproduce and take care of offspring and people laugh about it. Obviously no one should reproduce if they don't want to, but large institutions brainwashing people into perceiving infants as something abhorrent is mortifying on every level.

If you don't believe they way you live your life is worth telling and spreading then you should probably change the way you live your life.

>joker card
dumb nigger doesn't know how to card games

Maybe I believe in minding your own business?

It's fine, at least you all admitted you simply desire perpetual childhood. And that's how the "millenials don't have kids because they're kids themselves" phrase came about. And I somewhat understand. It's much harder being an adult now than in the 50s-00s but all those other excuses are pretty bunk.

Cheap labour, more consumers, more taxpayers so the government can repay never ending eternally existing (((debt))).

>governments perpetually in debt
>must expand muh economy
>not satisfied with birth rates
>import millions of migrants (Africans/Muslims are good because high birthrates due to no contraception)
>more citizens = more money

It's what happened in Germany.

Big businesses love it because they can pay less, and third worlders expect/accept lower living standards/being worked harder.

It's all shekels, shekels, shekels. Not surprising they say money is the root of all evil- even if that's a bit melodramatic.

What's wrong with perpetual childhood?

I know. It'll be nice practicing at a slightly higher level and getting paid 3x more for it.

I mean, more paperwork and hospital bureaucracy shit, but it seems like it'll be worth it. Part of me also wants to get into critical transport specialty care/HEMS shit, but I need to be older and more tenured to qualify for that.

And you're a genetic zero. When you die, all that will be left is a gravestone. Have fun living your last 20+ years in solitude. At least the type of people who decide to not raise children usually overlap with those who don't get married, so you're dragging anyone else down.

>(1) and run
>worthless bait topic
>3 hours later, thread is still going

What makes a human exist?

Reproduction what is the only purpose genetically programmed into living organisms, reproduction. You don't see ants building temples and works of art you seem them doing everything in their power to reproduce. Only purpose besides the method scientifically testable for an organism to exist is to create more of itself.

Gee, sorry I forgot about the minimal amount of card games that actually use the damn things, better just forget the rest of the post huh mate?

this makes sense, thanks user

Then why do you give a fuck about the way religious people live their lives?

Wew lad, I'm gonna be so upset that stuff happens after I die. Just so distraught about it. How could I enjoy anything in my life without being concerned for what comes way after my time

Yeah it's really disturbing actually. I mean most people only say it because it's edgy and taboo but still.

I don't. Where'd you get that idea

Wow, you're mad.

But to seriously address the issue - global climate, food sourcing, preserving wildlife and retaining the highest possible quality of life for everyone involves acknowledging the fact that our planet can ethically house a finite number of persons simultaneously. Or you can breed like rabbits until disease/war wipes out 2/3 of the population too. Because that's cool too.

Typing on my Droid Turbo 2 ;p

Ni e

Other than failing to contribute human capital to our country...nothing. I consider the former point important though. Particularly if you raise them with the right paths to success, your contribution can be far greater than what it is as an individual. You're probably a NEET though.

i hate outing myself as a girl here because that's not why i'm here, but i do find that a lot of the couples my fiance and know are uninterested in having children for no other reason than changing their lifestyle choices. it's incredibly enraging to me because that's not why you don't have kids. because you want to go out to fancy restaurants all the time or play video games?? i want to have at least two kids, but three is preferable and it's so confusing to me. why are women so selfish? why are they such massive cunts?
i know its not even fair to complain, but it's almost impossible to find any female friends who are even semitraditional. i'm engaged, soon to be married, but we don't live together. i am deeply traditional, borderline almost fascist, and convincing my fiance to be the same.
im so sick of 2016. i wish every day i could be back in the days when things seemed right.
i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to every man who has to deal with the cunts that are modern day women. i am so sorry. as a majority, they are just not worth it and i completely commiserate in your feelings. i have no friends other than my mom, sister and fiance.

I'm not. I am employed with a six figure job.

>Parents as bad as religious fags

You have a hierarchy some are worse than others if you didn't give a fuck (honestly) you literally wouldn't care about other people trying to spread the way they live.

did you even read the post? you're going to be alone for your whole life with nobody who cares about you.
If you don't think that's sad than you're just being an edgy neckbeard

Me too!

You see, you're stuck in the present. You think that because you're alright now, in a few decades you'll be just fine. You think that what you have going on right now will last forever, and that any change from that will be after your death.

I'm here, telling you from a great deal of observation, that you won't be. Things won't always be the same. I hope you aren't too affected.

Prove it then.

post feet

Some people have vastly different personality types. Alot of people like to be alone and don't feel as emotional as you do.

Get the fuck out, (((Chicken))).

>Good goy. Don't have white kids.

You said it first you prove it

You prove it first. You are the one that questioned my employment status.

Yeah how dare anybody have interest or hobbies that they enjoy without kids. Fuck them for living a life for themselves right? Lmao

No I'm saying they preach just as much

Wew lads. That's some nice projection. Don't think my wife will be dying anytime soon.

You're welcome. Also, importantly there's an ideological motivation to destroy ethnically homogeneous nations. Lots of different evidence for this. Though this isn't mentioned much publicly it's the economic arguments they use. Every unit of currency a government borrows from a central bank has interest so debt is unavoidable thus the economic reasons can always be used. All governments and their policies are essentially slaves to the banking system.

How fat are you?

So what if they preach just as much?

My wife posts here, you're not alone and although finding like minded people on the internet isn't nearly as fulfilling as having them in real life I hope it gives you some comfort knowing that.

I don't believe you have a fiance

Enjoy your cats

>not being bachelorhood master race
>spend 20-40 fucking girls in their 20's
>You still still fuckcasually date 30-40 year old women easily at 50+
>can still fuck ~20 year old escorts or girls with daddy issues
After that your sex drive goes out the window anyway.

I genuinely hope you remember this dialogue and everything said to you, hardheartedly do I ask you to keep this in the back of your mind and on the liminal state of your senses as you age. I promise you will hate yourself for your actions.

I am child-free and I hate it. I want to be playing with my kids right now and teaching them life skills, but instead I am trying to find a decent paying job that maybe, if I'm lucky, will help me attract a mate. And that's assuming I can actually find a woman who is actually wife material by the time I have any wealth. If I can't get married by the time I'm 35, I'm a genetic dead end. The best I'll be able to hope for is being that weird uncle who never got married and doesn't have any kids of his own.

I'll laugh at the parents in the airport while I make my way to the beach to have drinks and read

I enjoy my personal time, more than most people. But would I trade all the personal time for being lonely for life? no

Not quite. Nietzsche was right when he said the only universal principle or force, both in humans and nature, is the Will to Power. And yes, while reproducing is one of the most potent expressions of this, there are others and many people are just as satisfied to leave behind not only a genetic legacy, but also spiritual ones, usually through art, philosophy, or political work.

With that said, anti-children culture should never be praised or promoted like it is now. It's not only a partial duty as a human but also as a citizen. Your people will die out in addition to your own bloodline without a healthy pro-family culture that existed throughout history until very recently.

But you'll never be able to convince hedonists and other childfree supporters, it's too deep of an ideological position.

You're a walking meme and a useful idiot, reality is going to hit you so hard that I genuinely pity you. This will be my last post to you user, goodbye.

Parents aren't allowed at the beach? Where do you vacation?

Go to nurse practitioner school instead. That's what I did, and I work three days per week and make six figures now. Flight is fun, but NP is a better career.

So you wanna make half asian children because

>half asian girls are hot

don't fuck your kids, m8

My private beach house. Duh?

love this image

Learn how Cred Forums works.

But 6 whole figures and you whine about spending any of that on a child? I'd think you'd have much more going on than Cred Forums games and anime. But this is going nowhere, I really meant to stop at contributing human capital and such a successful career would almost guarantee a similar fate for your offspring. But I'm not saying you should have kids or anything. You really shouldn't.

I've got 6 kids by 5 different women. Feels good to be doing my part.


Is that where you're currently shitposting from? Does your dad know you sneak sips of his booze when he takes you there?

It's not projection to fear loneliness. That's basic human nature. One day you'll change. You're not any more special than the ~100 billion people who came before you. I'm telling you these things as hypotheticals because almost everyone does change their mind at some point. Maybe it won't be until you're in your 40s, but it invariably happens. Unless you have a suicide pact going on, one of you will die before the other, and then the other will experience exactly what I'm describing. Crushing loneliness.

There's a difference between "I like to sit alone or be by myself on the bus/in a restaurant/at home" and being completely alone, in a hospice, where the only people you see are the orderlies who couldn't give less of a fuck as long as you breathe and your money's good.

It's my booze since I'm the one with the money.
You seem bitter

im child free because ive never held a girls hand

Maybe someday. I'll stop climbing the ladder if I find somewhere where I'm too happy to leave.

I'm a sperg. In a different time, I would be childless due not to financial instability, but because the government snipped my balls.

Why should there be a correlation between the amount of money I make and what I am willing to spend it on?

Bitter about what? That I get to experience everything you do (probably more) and father loving children at the same time?

That's not what "childfree" implies. The implication is that you are in a relationship where, in contradiction to the societal norm, you both decide not to have children.

>Thousands of generations lived and died, leading up to a millennial autist who decides working on his degree in unemployment is more important than continuing his race


No thanks. I am quite comfortably enjoying my life without children.

so basically you get married, and then just decide to be friends forever? theres literally no reason to get married then

the reason a lot of couples stay together is kids, not vacations.

That you gotta go to soccer practice and watch your daughter grow up to take nigger dick lmao

Can't schedule my vasectomy quickly enough.

I only have sons.

*hand-rubbing intensifies*

A child-free life for white people is probably the most Jewish thing you can do.

>be 24 y/o woman
>zero chances in college to find a decent man
>have no desire for a "career"
>not a perfect virgin waifu and not christian
>seems like only men interested in family only want that

Should I just kms now or wait until menopause?

I guess it's just a different philosophy on life. They simply do not believe bearing children is essential to their relationship. I don't empathize with it but I don't see anything wrong with it.

this may be the most beta post i've ever seen

so you want kids or no?

>No desire for a career
I'm strongly leaning towards the former, especially judging by your corresponding lack of desire to have kids instead.

Im sure there's heaps of desperate neckbeards on Cred Forums who would scramble to squirt a load inside you.

The only way I would be comfortable reproducing is by cucking another man.

All the benefits of passing on your genetic material, without absolute hell of having to be surrounded by women and children for the rest of your life. Also the kid gets to grow up in a healthy family unit.

>all the cucks in this thread trying to shame channers into reproducing
I thought you faggots liked eugenics

Because you go on about "freedom" as if you can't do any of those things if a kid was around. I assumed you were doing way more things. It's not "freedom" if you can do your favorite things regardless if you have a child or not, just redundant. Ffs I'm on Cred Forums right now.

one of my aunts and one of my uncles decided they wouldnt have kids

my uncle died of cancer a year ago and his last regret was not doing it. my aunt is turning 50 and now it's too late. she was married but divorced, she has the same regret.

when you break it down the only legacy you will leave (unless you're important which you aren't) is your genes and maybe a hole in the ground. there's only one way to leave it

Certainly not against it. But unlike what is suggesting I still want to yknow.. actually love the person I'm with?

I feel like a loveless marriage just to have children and raise them is probably more harmful then kids in a gay household or something.

I'm gonna be a child forever and nobody can stop me


Of course I would still be able to do the activities that I enjoy even with a child around. But I wouldn't be able to spend as much time on them. The feeling of living only for yourself is really liberating. People tied up to things ideals like family will never understand it.

not unless i need something to be angry about

In this case, you'll find someone as long as you actively try.

You must have filtered your own post, then.

Yet again, it's a different philosophy on life. For some childfree people, they make a bold decision when they are young and foolish, without regards to how their feelings may change when they reach the final half of their life. However, that is not to say for most childfree people though, who legitimately live happily without children and will do so for the rest of their life.

>when you break it down the only legacy you will leave (unless you're important which you aren't) is your genes and maybe a hole in the ground. there's only one way to leave it
not everyone is hung up on their legacy. I don't want to be childfree but I also don't want children because I want to continue a "legacy" if you will. I'll be one with the soil and nothing will matter after that.

"actively try" is a meme user. I live in a west-coast college town. Guys here my age are idiots at best, bluepilled child-free Jews at worst. Older men might fit better relationship-wise but I've yet to meet one I can form any kind of actual connection with.

So I ask you.. actively try with whom?

This post has convinced me to start a family.

>>not a perfect virgin waifu

The first step towards the future you want is to stop demonizing young men for simply operating in their own interests.
The hardworking young men in their 20s who chose to not spend their youth partying and sleeping around and instead invested in their futures are smart and they're perceptive. They're not going to chance a risky investment with someone who they perceive doesn't share their values when it comes to relationships. It'd be like you got a 5,000 loan from a bank, spent it all gambling and only paid off half and then don't understand why another bank doesn't want to give you a loan for a car based on your credit, even though you're totally committed to paying it diligently.
>wow srry im not a perfect debtorfu who always pays everything off on time jeez

you're a consumer drone, you aren't happy at all you retard, you are brainwashed.

>hurr I need a 40k car to be happy

My sister has kids and I'm jelly af. Love those little shits.

False Dichotomy: The Post

It will happen, it just may take time. Just don't give up.

>Imagine all that extra money you would have
I don't even have job

Demonizing is a pretty strong word user. You compare me to a $5000 loan spent on gambling and defaulted on.

Meanwhile I've slept with a grand total of 2 men, both of which I dated for 2+ years. Pretty shitty analogy. Also:

>comparing sexuality to loans
Jewish as fuck.

That doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. If you hate her that much why not dump her?

>Posting pictures for ants

if you're attractive, you should have no problem getting what you want.
If not, well unfortunately you'll have to work a little harder.
and yes that was a very Jewy analogy

Why would you want to be incomplete and unhappy ? Just look at all those sad childless people. There is nothing more pitiful than a childless woman.

Why do you think depression rate increases ?

I recently married with gf of 13years. we plan to have children - even 2x4 if biology would allow. If all will work well and the model will be propagated down the line we will save you... as slavs always do

>I want men to relax their standards so that I don't have to relax mine
The type of man you seek wanted you to save it for marriage. Time to start thinking about career paths.

>Why do you think depression rate increases?

>we plan to have children - even 2x4 if biology would allow.
If your wife gives birth to a 2x4 I would take a hard look at your local carpenter

Heartwarming post. I hope you'll have a strong and vigourous lineage with your wife.

I didn't even know it was possible to give birth to planks of wood