Arab Privilege

There's a new trend among Arab leftists, and that is to shit on our culture, history and everything we've ever accomplished. Apparently we are racist imperialists (even though every race is racist and imperialist). Oh and we're slave masters because Qatar has a couple hundred niggers working on the World Cup. What is your opinion on this Cred Forums?

(I'm visiting family, hence why I have a Canadian carrier but a Qatari flag)

"arab supremacy"
lo how dare arabs reign supreme in their own land

How can you be Arab and lefty?

I agree with the SJWs. Fuck arabs

C-can we finally Jew the Arabs into multiculturalism burger bro?

That's what they want. They're mad that Gulf countries only let rich White people immigrate there. And that "PoC" are used as slaves.

>plastered makeup
>nigger hair
Why am I not surprised? There seems to be a trend among leftist arab women thats similar to white guilt.
Why dont arab men in the gulf control them? They all seem to come from dubai and UAE

Every race has apologists desu. I'm Dominican and we have our own pro-Hatian leftists saying that the 2 million or so illegals should be legalized.

your women simply crave the bbc

>our culture, history and everything we've ever accomplished
other than constant war, goat rape, and getting filthy rich of oil; what exactly has your area accomplished?


Now you know why the Pakis are doing all those honor killings.

>everything we've ever accomplished
You'll have to tell us what that is first, because I have no idea.

Your flag looks like one of these, and now I'm hungry. Thanks, Qatar.

>They're mad that Gulf countries only let rich White people immigrate there.
>only let rich White people immigrate there.

hol up hol up hol up, so u be sayin we wuz arabs an shiiiiet?

Seriously though, I have about 100m in my bank, can I actually move to Qatar and live there without getting my head chopped off and having my girlfriend stoned.

Also, how are the girls there? Would I be able to find one to garble my balls?

They invented flying donkey.

Been a couple of times to Qatar. Together with Bahrain it's the best arab country.

How are you finding Germany now, Ahmed al Mohammed bin Muhammad?

I thought this was Australias only ice cream

Don't knock them m8, Gaytimes are GOAT.

>is an ar*b
>from Canada
top kek, better stay in the desert mohammed ahmed bin muhammed al-jizzahmed

>muslims turning degenerate in their own homelands
There is no hope left in the world

Arabs are shit though.


you guys need a fucking wall even bigger than the one we're gonna stick on the mexican border

Im not German but Germans deserve it. The are vindictive little cunts.

When the oppurtunity pops up I will relocate. All sponsored by the company I work in. I get to travel the world a lot and Germany is by far one of the worst places.

>germans are vindictive little cunts

How so?

>multi-kulti spreading to the gulf and east

I think Jews memed to hard with the progressive stack, it's coming back to bite them in the ass.

I'm very happy that you sandniggers are finally being destroyed from within by leftists

>gaytimes are great
have you no shame

The good thing is these are the ones that dont reproduce since no man wants to marry them and the governments doesnt handout money to single mothers

Ever hear of the Golem, it will turn on it's own creator eventually.

The eternal Shekelsnoz never learns

Kill them before they have a chance to turn into bolsheviks.


Arab pussy looks nasty. Like most of those hairry shitskins. They're lucky we didnt wipe them out in the 5th century

>(I'm visiting family, hence why I have a Canadian carrier but a Qatari flag)

Fucking hell that triggered me.

I'm not threatening you or anything. But say there was some other universe with people that looked like you and a family that looked like yours, I wish an hypothetical person from that universe would go to that fictitious family and burn them alive.

>the disease is spreading to other races

aha aha ahahahah


>I'm German, but Germans deserve it.

>and that is to shit on our culture, history and everything we've ever accomplished.

Isn't that kinda pointless? That is like me going to a gigantic pile of shit, unload there mine and think 'There, that will show them'

I agree with them and hope that it will spread.