Where would we go if this site goes down?

where would we go if this site goes down?

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back to RL
wwho the fuck cares

If you have to ask you'll never know :^)

Infinitychan /fourpol

runescape world 111

You'll know when you find it

This is actually a good question






>where would we go
no where that would the end of it

This. We would network in real life and be able to actually get shit done instead of engage in escapism all day, every day and hope the world gets better without our personal sacrifice.

if you have ask, you shouldn't know.
You'd fuck it up, your post is proof.

We go to that faggy ass minecraft server.


Fuck you Taylor, I'll carry wherever I want.

>tfw autistic Taytay gf


Club Penguin.


gtfo winterfag u not welcome in our reality

>We would network in real life
>network in real life
>real life


cripple chan

we'd go culturally enrich cripplechan like we do every other time this site goes down

make sure you can draw the right card from the deck irl if there's no more forums

Monster truck rallies where our ideas and values would be properly appreciated


we go back to lebbbit, everyone knows this

all old members know that this is the super secret hiding spot

Fuck outta here concern shill.

nice digits but your misuse of meme arrows and "tfw" reeks of cancer

Well I am a Cred Forums and Cred Forums shitposter


>not Supercross races

Come on man

>That sudden realization that you've spent over 10 years posting on Cred Forums, probably tens of thousands of hours browsing and shitposting here, one day it will all be gone and none of it will have mattered.

Honestly I don't know where I would go or do to waste my time if Cred Forums just up and disappeared. As much as I hate you fuckers, and as sad as it is, this place is like my family at this point.

How does she memorize all those song lyrics?

Damn it, Im 59k in the waiting list!? Free speech has a queue....


could work

what if the whole thing goes down?

Your mom's bedroom lol

if they destroyed us it will be like 3rd birthday when Aya became the twisted. shitty game but thats what would happen to 4channel

I might spend more time with my family, my girlfriend, working out and watching movies

>nobody besides moot is capable of stealing *chan layout and making a clone

I have the code. I'd relaunch the site exactly the way it is with a new domain.

there are other Cred Forumss on different sites how do you not know thatyou dumb faggot

do you have 4mac minis to run it on goy :^)



>tfw Tay tay flaps her arms

Isn't that the falador party room world?

Back where we all started, the Megatokyo forums.


A new chan.

I dont belive you