I still would, How about you pol?


I'd fuck her butt

I would heat my house with that any day

Shore , why not.

No. I would rather racemix. Shit I'd rather fuck a tranny.

Could make a lot of soap from that. Heck, think of how many lampshade you could fashion.


She would probably murder your benis. Gobble it up like cake!

It's the fetish gear that drives me crazy


To each their own.

fuck no

what the fuck is wrong with you? imagine the smell, if you can handle the visual.

Y'all are fuckin disgusting. Fatties deserve nothing but derision. It is the poorest human condition.

That? No

This? All night long

Mirin 4 pack. Strength Training routine?

that's correct. and it's a physical manifestation of a mental illness. i can't think of a single fat slob i've met who isn't also a selfish, paranoid, and spiteful person.

Sause op

sorry, user. There are just two things that I can't stand in women.
If they are dirty.
If they are morbidly obese.

anything else I would.


>Heavily overweight
Get out nigger

Op plz respond i need more


Shit genes

Fucking disgusting to look at.

Mobility problems (limited activities).

Weight (limited activities).

Probably feels like shit everywhere too.

Smells. Fat people can't clean themselves properly.

I would literally rather be single for the rest of my life than share a bed with that disgusting creature

I'm so polite tho. :(

She would be locked to a treadmill until she lost weight.


her face is the worst part desu

Have you ever looked at a ham in the grocery store and thought "damn, I want to stick my dick in that!" Well worry no more, your wildest fantasies can come true for the low low price of your soul.

It looks like those elastic nets they put over a pork butt to hold it together.


Yes, I´m not fucking gay.