Is this really what the romans looked like?

is this really what the romans looked like?

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romans looked like this


Even in the show the Romans look down on Vorenus for looking like a Gaul.

Only a Roman by citizenship. Vorenus is not ethnically Roman and they weren't trying to portray him as such.

Some of them, sure.

Remember that Rome spanned a vast territory, and people from all her territories tended to wind up in the city itself.

It is actually acknowledged in the show that Verenus does look a little more norhtern than most.


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The Roman Empire, at it's largest, spanned from fucking England to North Africa. Romans were probably pretty fucking diverse.

I thought Vorenus was a gaul that earned roman citizenship through service? i need to watch that again that was a good series.

They probably had the typical Mediterranean look


In case you're autistic Italians can and do have blonde hair and blue eyes it's just some what rare

Yeah, but all of those people that inhabited the lands were slaves.

Romans depicted themselves like this:

romans and in general, south europeans, looked almost very identical to iranians today

iranians look pretty much the same as they did 2000+ years ago

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Depends on what part of the empire.

so this is what they looked like?

Hell yeah it is.

Some, probably look like in pic related.
So after years of Muslim rape and shit Modern Italians are whiter than their Roman ancestors?

Like a Spanish person.

looks like a cab driver to me.



Do you need to look at a map of how big Rome was and how much DIVERSITY there was? Looks more Roman than Vorenus.

lol Sargon went transracial

No they fucking don't and didn't

What were the Spanish?

the eternal anglo sargon or the actual sargon?

That 'look' you are showing is actually sort of common in Italy. But you have to remember that the French pushed their shit in a few did the Normans. They raped alot of them. A 'typical' Italian is actually really short and dark. That height and light eyes come from Franks and Deutsh dickjuice.

That's what Augustus's statue looked like when it was painted.

I always thought it was implied that he originated from Cisalpine Gaul (northern italy), since light haired people were common there

i wanna know what they looked like in the captial where caesar and all the kangs lived

So tell me, how did Iranians look like 2000 years ago

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Romans were dark and short.
They had tons of Germanic women as fuck slaves. Some of them end up looking White.

No it doesn't you retard your pseudo-science of mass rape is so tired and old

Nero had blonde hair and blue-green eyes according to Suetonius. Romans =/= modern Italians, but they weren't Aryan supermen either.


Name one male character on the show who doesn't get cucked.

In the show when he is appointed Senator and trying to give a speech they don't want to listen to him because he "has a Gallic look about him" so he gets his Roman wop wife to stand next to him with olive skin and curly brown hair.

Watched this recently, and Vorenus in one scene mid-late season one describes himself as "Teutonic" meaning that Celtic-named German (probably) tribe that along with the Kembree attacked the Romans about 50+ years before the series start.

tldr; he's germanic, so no.

*black hair

Romans were manlets.

And Germans couldn't master farming, what's your point

Macedonians were actually pretty white.

There was some kind of new forensic technique that recently revealed that a statue of Alexander the Great was painted with blue eyes and blonde hair.

So where did the Spanish people come from? Celts?

This is an ancient Greek depiction of naked Greeks battling Persians

Germans were the niggers of Europe at the time.

Yeah... ehh... no

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Why do we always discuss the fucking race of Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Carthagenians, etc.?

Instead of debating things like their amazing culture, language, military victories, etc. But no, we talk about their fucking eye color

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I'm going back to his

Octavian was blonde and blue eyed irl. Cato the younger had red hair and I think green eyes. Caesar was dark haired/eyed.

I think this show was pretty amazingly accurate, for trying to pass itself as fiction. Way better everything than GoT or any tv show really. They even had a lot of Octavian's habits down, like him never blinking in negotiations, etc.... It was just incredible.

As for pic related, not much is known about the real man. But he and Pullo were my favorite characters probably. I didn't like the way they portrayed Cato at all. But that was the only downside.

>No they fucking don't and didn't
Holy fuck no proofs, just plain denial.

The show shouldn't be taken as historical record. Augustus after all was blonde and had light eyes according to Suetonius

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>not knowing that this is how people from different countries banter with each other.

You have to go back.

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>Japan disappears
>500 years later
>People discover old anime
>"Wow Japanese people had blonde, pink, blue, brown etc hair and eye colors"

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Tribes that were already there, then Celts, then Romans, then Germanic tribes (Visigoths etc.), then Moors and Arabs.

However the Romans left only a relatively small genetic footprint.

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Yeah, uh sure thing. Also the bottom two look like the ones I posted just with slightly darker features. Kek

Nice try, but most if not all were recorded by people who were alive decades after their deaths

It's not fucking banter you Germannic snow niggers always try and push your Romanz was Nordic theories

Contemporary sources are pretty clear in their descriptions of Ancient Greeks and Romans as being white skinned, many blonde haired etc.

Greece has had thousands of years of it's populace breeding with Turks and others while the Southern half of Italy (especially Sicilly/Naples) was colonised by Arab Muslims.

The mass rape changing genetics is mostly a meme.

It is true that the ruling class looked pretty white, but there were a lot of everyday Romans who looked like modern Italians, Spaniards & Frenchmen, and less like a modern German.

You completely missed the point of that guys post

In this case James Purefoy is an English actor in what was an English production where they had English accents.

>The show shouldn't be taken as historical record. Augustus after all was blonde and had light eyes according to Suetonius



In that time period that Gauls occupied Asia Minor.

GAULS. golz (Galatai): Galatia in Asia Minor is literally the Gallia of the East; its inhabitants are called Galli by Roman writers, just as the inhabitants of ancient France are called Galatai by Greek writers. In some manuscripts in 2 Timothy 4:10, eis Gallian is read for eis Galatian.

>Rome gets cancelled after 2 seasons
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So did pretty much every other people you listed. Modern Spaniards and Portuguese are overwhelmingly descended from native Iberians.

Legio XIII G.P.F. was raised by Caesar in Cisalpine Gaul. Vorenus was probably Gallic by blood. So yeah

But when? Rome spanned a thousand years.

According to Historia Augusta, "he was of such size, so Cordus reports, that men said he was eight foot, six inches (c. 2.5 metres) in height". His thumb was said to be so large that he wore his wife's bracelet as a ring for it.

>Greece has had thousands of years of it's populace breeding with Turks

You realize Turks are the same Anatolians from 2000 years ago, right? You can't be this fucking stupid

No one with half a brain cell argues that they looked German

I still don't see any proof from you cunt

>not a single source cited

He was blonde and light eyed in the show.

>The free market was a mistake

>Maximinus Thrax
That fucking name holy shit

So you're suggesting all white people look like this and have big lips and muzzle?

Probably wasn't dissimilar in spirit to the ethnic class structure you see in Mexico.

Where do you think that the Europeans learned it from?

Yeah you're so right. I mean just look at the short/dark/semitic features of the nigger in pic related.


You are right, but modern Iberians still have ~10% North African DNA. That is still pretty high and higher than the others that came later.

"Snow niggers" don't need to depict Romans with Germanic features; they did that themselves.



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Romans, as in those who originated from central/norther Italy during the time period.

That North African DNA is in significant portion from prehistoric migrations ranging from 12,000-6,000 years ago, so nothing to do with Moors.

So where did all the grey-eyed people go?

His dad was a Gaul that earned citizenship through service. Vorenus was born a citizen. He mentions this in the show.

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all of them were not white, by Cred Forums standards of course.

they looked like they do today, genetically the closest you will get from people who used to live somewhere in the old continents is the people who live there today. Mass migration is really the only major event that seems to have large scale impact. rape/conquest has very little impact if there is no permanent migration/settlement.

Did Vorenus survive his wounds?

This is literally the first google match when you search "people from tuscany"
Look pretty white to me.

Yeah sure thing

- hooked ('Roman') nose
- short (~5'4" -- less meat around / less refined diets / Scandinavian DNA)
- short life spans (no curatives / dietary related)
- craggy and battle-scarred

>reality is boring, thus itis depicted fantastically

Grey eyes are still pretty common, its the wine-colored eyes that i find interesting

>In 2015, Hernández et al. concluded that "the estimated entrance of the North African U6 lineages into Iberia at 10 ky correlates well with other L African clades, indicating that some U6 and L lineages moved together from Africa to Iberia in the Early Holocene while a majority were introduced during historic times."

wew lad, the only caveat with this is the North African genes are much more common in Southern Iberia than the North.


spotted the persian diaspora

Why the fuck would i lie to you faggots, i'm sure there are White italians in the north of Italy but i never been there.


Probably just another one of you Spics pretending to be European because of your inferiority.


i've seen brown haired people with those facial features

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Ralph is a good looking man and that uniform just makes him even more.

Titus pullo and Lucius vorenus are actually mentioned by Julius Caesar in his journals about his conquest of Gaul.

No buddy i met them in N.Y they were workers in a Restaurant and they were U.S natives but always bragged about muh Roman ancestry.

So, kind of like he looks in the series then?

Why do scandiniggers always want to claim "WE WUZ ROMANS" when they resisted their arts, technology and culture for hundreds of years?
Why not glorify the fact that you resisted the olive man instead?

As certified 100% pure olive nigger I'm more annoyed at Americans implying Romans and southern Europeans are sandniggers/mexicans than Nordicks claiming WE WUZ

the north was germanic, my last name is fernandez, which comes from ferdinand (VI century)

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I have yet to see a kraut claim WE WUZ.

and no source was ever cited


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The weirdest ones are still when you upload an image and something that isn't even on your computer gets posted.

That's how I got this image, I figured kek wanted me to have it.

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Romans (Roma natives) problably looked like people from Sardinia today. Short and stocky, dark hair and eye.

everyone in this thread needs to consider that Romans came from Anatolia so they probably resemble the original native anatolians IE high frequencies of light hair and eyes similar to Germanics but with Latin-esque skull structure

under-rated post.

>meta will still be meta, whether you like it or not.

Depends what you mean by Roman. Native Latins(now extinct) or Roman by culture?

Not every Roman would look like pic. Only those of northern Italian descent would have the fair skin,eyes and hair and that was common in the Patrician families. You see the same thing to this day. In fact modern ethnic Italians share 97% the same DNA as Romans.

If you mean by culture then yes they likely would. The Roman Empire by the 2nd century AD had a population of 80-120mn people of which 86% were of European origin. The Roman army in the later centuries was comprised of these Romanised Europeans particularly Western and Northern European ones
One of the key factors in its ultimate fall(different topic). The largest non European population of the Empire was the Maghrebs of what we call North Africa who numbered around 6.7mn from the records found. They were the mixed race descendants of the Phoenicians,Carthaginians and Greeks.

>Tall of stature with a fair complexion, shapely limbs, a somewhat full face, high cheekbones and keen black eyes.

>I thought Vorenus was a gaul that earned roman citizenship through service? i need to watch that again that was a good series.

I rewatched this show last month, his family has been Roman for a long time, though obviously at some point one of his ancestors was gallic

The entire show is about cucking. Which explains why Cred Forums likes it so much.

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>What is Lorica hamata?

No, stop making shit up retarded leaf.
The normans contribution is totally insignificant on the scale of history, the franks never ever settled in Italy, that's the Ostrogoths and the DNA studies show there were few admixture.

From 100 BC to 400 AD the Romans conquered and absorbed Europe into their empire. Of course Europeans absorbed Roman blood and vice versa, not in a jewish interracial f*ckfest way, but in the natural way that happened all across history and prehistory.

The comic is funny but it breaks down as a serious assessment because no intelligent European thinks the Romans were modern day Europeans. 2 millennia has passed.

>Moortalians think they are romans n shiet
every time

Nice meme. Keep being a good goy with divide and conquer tactics.

>I have yet to see a kraut claim WE WUZ.
A part of germans were actually under Roman rule during 400 years.
Trier was called the "Roma Secunda" for example.
Rome gave citizenship to almost everyone in 48 and then 212 too.

So yeah in short the krauts saying "WE WUZ" has a little historical legitimity.

I've got grey eyes

The real question is, did their tits look similar to Polly Walker's?

Lucius is from Modena you dumb faggot, not Rome.


>The most widely accepted theory suggests that Latins and other proto-Italic tribes first entered in Italy with the late bronze age Proto-Villanovan culture, then part of the central European Urnfield culture system.

That's just the stormweenies. I accept the fact that my ancestors were injun-tier savages.


These guys had red hair. I am blond and my beard is blond with red in it :^)))))))

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What's funny is people like this guy use mosaics from the moderately wealthy class to prove what Romans looked like yet whenever a emperor who looks white as FUCK has his own bust it's dismissed because it's not good evidence.

>looks white as FUCK has his own bust it's dismissed because it's not good evidence
What are you on about?

>The Proto-Villanovan culture was a late bronze age culture that appeared in Italy in the first half of the 12th century BC and lasted until the 10th century BC.

>It was part of the central European Urnfield culture system, similarity had been noted in particular with the regional groups of Bavaria-Upper Austria

You know the other Austrian I could post?

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No. Armor wasn't made like that.


they look like italians

I am very sure that *pic related* is how all indigenous italians looked for all time. I think all other indigenous ethnicities also looked like ratfaced vultures until dirty gentile trash appeared from the mud with their roundfaced, PIEfaced, ProtoIndoEuropean, pigfaced gentrifications and ruined everywhere with their inferior presence.

Germania Ain’t free. The shrines to Teiwaz gotta be litterd with the blood of Romans. Caesar Augustus aka “invader" is not my chieftain he is a false idol worshipper and probbaly a boyfucker as well :DD. Teiwaz and Frijjo not Mars and Vulcan ok. praise Tyr.

>posting this as text not an image


thats literally an arab living in rome

who /thirteenth/ here

Because I don't have the template to make it a legit one. :/
Quite true. Pic related is a Syrian refugee in Scotland whose wife just gave birth to a son.

Found template. Quick attempt. Better?

Not at that time.gif


>Thats what swedish people really believe

It's been in use since 3rd century BC. Rome(the series) takes place at the end of the Republic and beginning of the Empire during Caesars short reign.

Lorica segmentata slowly replaced it and/or went over it in 1st century AD even as late the 3rd century AD Lorica Hamata was still in use.

No, this is what the Romans actually looked like.