Europeans literally asking to be killed

>Europeans literally asking to be killed
Why is Europe so shit?

This is a European "city."
Europe confirmed for shit.

>be European

This is an average European "settlement".

This is a European "pizza".
This must be a whole week worth income for the average Eurocuck.

>European citizens

>European creativity

Europeans literally eat rotten food. They are that poor

Meanwhile in Europe..

>European monument

Europeans barely make any money. Especially the Swiss. There is nothing good here for anyone.
Do not come here!

Fucking mountain jews, I have a US/UK passport but I would love a Swiss passport, but since I'm a white, non-muslim you would make me wait 11 years.

>terminally ill
You're fucking retarded, they shouldn't even have the option to live. You realize muh hitler would have killed them.

Lol americans are so funny thinking they know shit about europe. Maybe get off 4 chan once in a while you autistic pieces of shit

Thanks, akmhed.

You have very little understanding of how attaining citizenship in Switzerland works if you think white people don't have a huge advantage.

To get Swiss citizenship, you need to understand and live our traditions, speak our language perfectly, and have a stable life here. Easy for a white person, not so much for a dirty muzzie.
To give you an idea of how hard of a time they have, it's a constant leftist complaint in our country that the bureaus responsible for evaluating people who want citizenship is racist.

Also you can't just get the passport because you think it's cool or something, faggot. You need to actually become very much like a normal native person.

Show me on the doll where Europe touched you Juan.

>making fun of dead children

You cunt. I live near there yes it's a shitty third world city killed by dirty pakis bit drive for 20mins and you see pic related. Your other pics are irrelevant as they are not accurate. This is probably England's worst city. But it is not European it's fallen to the caliphate.

I'm fluent in French, shit at German.
But you don't have "your own language".

Your cities are just as bad with the shitskin problem as every other city in Western Europe.

>and you see pic related
a flat boring wasteland with absolutely nothing beautiful to see, neither manmade nor natural? Nice dude

Pic related is what I see when I drive 10 mins

>But you don't have "your own language".
lel ok buddy enjoy getting citizenship with that attitude

>Your cities are just as bad with the shitskin problem as every other city in Western Europe.
Our shitskins aren't citizens. It's a big big difference.

Absolutely gorgeous.

>Neither manmade or natural
Step away from the drugs Marco Muller

i wish i could see a real mountain like this in my lifetime and set up a house or something in a valley, im tired of looking at this endless flat land for potato growing.

Damn I wish I lived in Europe, I'm too white for America

>Beheading children
Achmed pls