IOS 10. Can't save images from Cred Forums. Can anyone else confirm?

iOS 10. Can't save images from Cred Forums. Can anyone else confirm?

How it looks trying to save an image from somewhere else. Oy vey?

It is just you

Try opening image in new tab then try saving or just stop being a normie and browsing on mobile

should have bought a Nexus 6P instead

This is the only way to do it. PITA

from safari not from chrome you dolt

This worked. Thanks


And? Still iOS 10. Op should have been more specific

> Those digits. Using a Jew phone.

What next? Kikbook blocked my post again?

Then how did you take that photo???

Had this in iOS 10 beta for months.

It isn't fixed

>be leaf
>be retarded

>having an iJew

Open in new tab. Hit the share button at bottom and save image. Retard


Just like you having to restore, update, and restore your backup. Btw, I can't save Cred Forums pics either. Also, What the hell is the point of taking away the "swipe to unlock" thing and making the "control center" or whatever having two pages (when you swipe up). These are just changes that nobody can reasonably say improves anything.

Just screen shot and crop.


Nice 800 x 1135 image you'll get out of both larger and smaller images.


But at least you get blue tooth headphones-- I mean, sick new wireless earbuds that didnt exist before.

>not just using clover
>I shiggydiggydo


>using safari