Where does the alt-right meet to discuss their idealogy which unifies them?

Where does the alt-right meet to discuss their idealogy which unifies them?

What gave rise to a group or racist bigots who hate women that could influence world events in any way which is hard to believe since the alt-right is so out of touch with reality.

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>where does the alt-right meet

>where does the alt right meet

>Year 2016
>Meeting up

>Year 2016

any suggestions for where to go on reddit? been checking out /r/thedonald which is full of racists who refuse to support a woman as the first woman president because they hate women.

thats a pretty rare first edition base set pepe you can tell by its faded color


specifically /r/politics, /r/shitredditsays

The alt-right isn't a thing, it's a made up title to try and demonize and group together people that aren't linked by anything other then not towing the line.

Check outside your window.

Pssst kid, you want to buy some traditions? Alt-right is too main stream now. All the cool kids are going traditional.

>Where does the alt-right meet to discuss their idealogy which unifies them?

At their leader's pool parties.

Alt right is a corporate meme, the reddit communities of fags headed by richard 'dick' spencer are not what hillary are referring to, at best they are opportunistic clowns that are jumping on the mainstream using their label, at worst they are controlled opposition meant to provide quotes for the progressive media propaganda machine

just lookinf for some of the other hotspots that is where the real leaders meet or the agendas are planned like google hangouts or meetups etc...

>discuss their idealogy which unifies them

Well you misspelled it and you're probably gaining information for some nefarious purpose.

We learn to like things mostly from what the mainstream liberals hate.

Strangely liberals created us simply by hating Hitler and not seeing the sense in racism when each race clearly has physical differences, behavioral differences and potentials that are not dependent on culture. Like for example the certain variety of MAOA genes that are associated with aggressive behavior that are much more common in Africans than anyone else.


I'm pretty sure the alt-right cucks are just that: cucks. They want to be rightwing because it's counterculture atm and they see how fucking crazy leftists are, but they also want to believe in equality and open marriages and gender quotas and say that every race is the exact same because they don't want to be "hateful"

They're just cucks who want to be counterculture but still want to appear progressive and accepting. For an example, each time a muslim does something, they go
>fuck that muslim. He ruins the name of all other muslims! I hate radical Islam. Islam is fine though lol

They also praise a racemixing faggot who goes on tirades about sucking big black cocks and how important it is to please black men sexually on twitter.

>We learn to like things mostly from what the mainstream liberals hate.
Ah so its the hatred of the Democrat party because of how progressive they are. I feel you there, I also dont like the politics of everything and feel its best maybe to find a new way of thinking. Looking for more of the dogmatic teachings of the alt right to better learn their agenda which seems as you said targeted at hating blacks because of all the white supremacists and nazis who make up the alt right because they dont support blacklivesmatter.

Post your contact info and I'll tell you, I can't reveal this on Cred Forums though.

Go away maddow.

Reality is kinda neat. It doesn't need anyone's opinion or a think tank to validate. It just is.

"alt-right" is just a kike buzzword to villafy the west's rejection of kike neoconservatism, mass migration, and globalism

How do you pronounce Pepe you fucking whore? How do you pronounce Pepe?

You have to be a dues paying member of the altright to come to the meetings. It's $15.99 a month, or $150 a year to become a Jr. member

The alt right doesn't exist, it's a made up term to slander and that's it

Record a video pronouncing Pepe correctly and maybe, MAYBE, someone will talk to you.

Great useful idiots

We are formless. You can't touch us. We have no leader, we have no complete and unified ideology. Be like water my friend.


Chelsea for gitmo
Let's head bag this bitch


Im not an outsider Im into politics which is why I enjoy the discussions on this forum. Like everyone else I say Pepe the way anyone would say Pepe. This element is a key symbol used as a rallying cry for the alt right to gather white supremacists to their cause from the religion praising an ancient god known as KeK which corresponds to messages in discussions containing repeating integers.

Its less that I need a history lesson about the alt-right, but more that I am looking to find a place to sit in on their policy discussions about hot topics in the media which affect Americans giving rise to this white supremacist movement which as I have noticed is directly linked to the hatred of President Obama simply because he is black and now Hillary because she is a woman.


Shhh don't tell them about PHALLUS

Thats a pretty 10/10 troll right there

Richard Spencer and Milo are the true leaders of the Alt-right.

We don't have meetings, faggot. Get the fuck out of here. You're not convincing anyone that you're one of us.

US intelligence agencies can't even shake us. What makes you think your little antifa group has a chance?

Milo isn't an American. You're all dumb ass faggots

Buzzfeed, is that you again?

A fake movement will always meet in a fake building.

At the sleepover at Joe's house every Tuesday and Thursday.

See you in January. :D

Plenty of lonely trees you can hang a rope from.

don't let them forget my name

Never, Pepe. Never. You're a good frog.

Alt right are dorks and homos. Spencer? You fucking kidding your last name is Spencer and the dangerous kike faggot. Alt right is lame. Pol is right wing user board, whom hates national degenerates and Jewnalism. Most of all we or I hate social engineering creating pussified faggot men and women whores destabilizing western societies that our forefathers made for us. Nations are only strong when people believe in the same things. Thats why America needs a Civil War to give power back to the States. Fuck the Feds and the Jews who rule them.

On tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays-- tumblr
On mondays, wednesdays & fridays-- Cred Forums

We off on Sundays drawing memes

Ahhh these symbols identify any poster as someone who leans towards the following of white supremacy and nazi ideology defined by their hatred of all minorities and the Jewish people.

As someone who is catching up on this internet meme created by Cred Forums what or perhaps who decides which racial groupings are to be targeted at what times since as many of us know there is only one race, the Human Race.

the alt right in my town meets in room 307 of the high school every thursday night

The 'alt-right' doesn't exist.

Haha this guy doesn't know about the meetings?

If you weren't invited, you're not an alt-rightfrog like us.

See everyone at the fundraiser tomorrow

yeah haha you said it boss

We actually all live on the dark side of the moon.

Because I can't post sound shit here.

Hey fellow user, the alt right meet at exhentai.org/ however you need a special invite to get in. Sorry that's all i can say before these damn frog posters shut me up.

Why do people think Cred Forums is some kind of alt-right hive? Reddit is literally the leader and head of everything concerning this "movement"

Cred Forums is for some dank memes and some funposting

here, have a redpill

Gas yourself you bitch. The way you type is infuriating. Liberal retards like you are losing globally and your illusion is shattering.

>What gave rise to a group or racist bigots who hate women that could influence world events in any way which is hard to believe since the alt-right is so out of touch with reality(?)

It was anime actually. A lot of pro-fascist messages across the board in Japanese cartoons.

You think we'd tell a newfag about our secret darknet hubs in the deepspace?

>the alt right meet at exhentai.org/
All I see is a sad panda?

>A lot of pro-fascist messages across the board in Japanese cartoons.
Really I am not surprised by this and from knowing the Cred Forums there were images in the past showing anime characters and Trump together which would make sense. The Japanese are a very racist culture who are intolerant of outsiders as seen by their refusal to take in large numbers of Muslim refugees which is leading to the collapse of their country.

Not surprising to see a racist culture like anime which is associated with Japan showing how racist they are since their population is practically all Japanese which is why culturally their viewed as one of the backwaters of the world on par with a third world country. Im not sure why that would be attractive to members of this discussion forum but it does make sense.

this is some good b8 here mane.

too bad that 3rd world country is home to some of the most popular automobile brands worldwide



Well the alt right is is spread out across numerous publications. Everything from radix journal to American Renaissance to the right stuff to the daily stormer to counter currents, etc. But honestly the best place to find them congregating is /r/altright. /r/The_Donald isn't alt right in the slightest.

They usually gather in gay bars so just find the closest one and go take a look in the evening.


Ok I'll tell ya but you have to keep it a secret.

Ebaumsworld is where the leaders make their plans.

Newgrounds disseminates those plans.

9gag acts out those plans,

We're just humble tibetan tea ceremony enthusiast.

My time is up I have a deadline but seeing this kind of racism in action has truly been eye opening as to how the lives of millions are destroyed by people online who post intolerant images of the frog known as Pepe created by Cred Forums because they hate women.