Its out

Its out.

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Shadman is a fucking terrible artist.


He is terrible but we need a big name behind Hilloli

Good shit.

inb4 cnn


Funny Mr. Clinton is the paedo rapist. Jews rape boys and girls in Jewllywood and now pepe Trump is the Paedo. Apocalypse incoming.


wait, is this actually made by someone employed by clinton, ctr shills or somebody else.

that they would go this fucking far.. it's just silly.

>This is making me leak like my emails
>I'll fuck you harder than Syria!

why spongebob? why?

When do they fuck her?

This looks pretty degenerate desu

The artist is a real piece of shit I hear.

Pol is a political board.

Keep the porn off please. The last thing we need is a loli debacle on top of the rest

Incredible writing.


>he doesn't recognize the shadman

>Chocking on my dick



here's the link

Shadman did nothing wrong (besides drawing porn of his mother)

I laughed my ass off when I saw these comics.

But I find it seemingly difficult that he Democrats are fucking retards and that they've steeped this low in trying to mock us somehow.

It really is kind of pathetic, tbqh.

I'm curious if/when the media will pick up on this.