What's he up to these days

What's he up to these days

making guac with his goblin wife

Speaking Spanish and playing with turtles.

Probably a lot happier out of the limelight

Probably glad that he has some peace and quiet with his turtles and goblin wife, and not being attacked 24/7.

Wouldn't be surprised if he's among us. Probably stumbled across this board in his free time (which he now has plenty of) and took the black pill, and he just sits back and watches happenings while you shitpost aling side him.

I miss Jeb! He was a goldmine

He came to my uni a week ago to give a talk

still recovering.

getting ready for his comeback

Really cool things. Are you retarded, OP?

hes lounging about by the pool wearing only a sock sipping a long island ice tea while he lusts after the pool boy

that nigga probably ghey. nobody would fuck that mexican goblin he calls a wife. all his "kids" are her relatives his brother gave green cards to

Probably went on a wicked bender after he initially dropped out but now hes probably back to making guac and being yelled at by his wife. Heck he might have even gotten the balls to drunk dial his brother george by now

Sleeping on a pile of cash given to him by Zionist and Saudi Arabian lobbyists

>What's he up to these days

Apparently, he's shitposting on Cred Forums, and trying to imply that anyone would vote for him.


He's working on his finger painting and he has a rad lego collection.

preparing his end game



pic related


Did anyone show up?

is this a jeb thread

Oh Jeb...

She's not even THAT ugly.

A lot of really cool things.

Probably just masturbating constantly.

I think you're cool Jeb. You're a special guy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


People who interpret this shit as sad are just looking at themselves. Jeb is a free man and going out and about doing all sorts of cool things, he's also got to be among the most beloved politicians of all time (albeit out of empathy). Nobody is writing smear articles on him that's for damn sure.


I just... I just wanna go hang out at his place and play with his G.I. Joe's and turtle toys.

He really would be down for that. You're not connected enough to ever live out that dream but it's far fetched

Not far fetched*

>Jeb is so omega even nu-male beta cuckolds make fun of him


Why wasn't he better vetted before the $150 million got pissed away on his campaign?

Doing loads of really cool things instead of campaigning.