The Daily Talmund Report: Happenings Over edition

Hi /pol I made a thread yesterday about finding and obtaining an untampered collection of all the volumes of the Talmud (to see if it really contained some of the horrific stories it has been said to contain and to grasp a context for this) when one of you anons suggested to me that I should start a go fund me to collect the fund to buy the collection.

Just wondering if this would still be a popular idea, I would read 100 pages of it per day and summarise it in a daily thread (of which a good name would be useful- suggestions please).

>The thread that I archived before I had to sleep:
>The same thread that finished but might 404:
>The Talmud I would buy: talmud

The end goal is $400 and just want to know if anyone/ how many if any are interested in this project.

>Why the Talmud is important:

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Please post something, even if it is a no am not Interested just to see if this is important.

There's a free pdf online.

See old thread, the online ones have been edited and I get mad headaches from reading online for too long.

Regardless, would you like a Daily Talmud report though?

I'd like one, and I'll toss you a few bones for it, yea.

Thanks man, if around 10 people agree that they want this then I'll make the go fund me page. Just out of curiosity how much would you be willing to chip in? (ie 1$ ish? or a lot more, just for an estimate of the average donor contribution).

The Soncino edition is available for free in pdf.

Not all talmuds have the same content by the way. You'll need to look for an edition in hebrew (and aramaic).

Also you can't read it as a "book". Like other philosophy books if you read it in an "academical" way you won't understand it's meaning besides the plain text.

The Talmud isn't also a plain text to read from the upper letter of the page to the last one.

AMA if you need. I'll be around for some minutes.

What would you recommend I do?


If you want a glimpse or to read it in an academic way, you can use the Soncino one, of course.

You need to put the Talmud in context first. It's formed of 2 things: the Mishnah (oral law, that represents the explanation of the Pentautech) and the Gemarah (written in aramaic, is the text that follows the mishnah). Every page includes several commentaries by rabbinical authorities (historical ones) and references to the correspondent Bible passages.

The Gemarah isn't written in a "logical" way. It's presented in a way to make the student think and has a lot of tales that aren't hebrew in origin (zoroastrian, babylonian, etc).

There are also 2 talmuds but only the Babylonian one is the standard (though both are equally accepted).

If you are looking for the "controversial" parts, they may be probably scrapped in the Soncino edition, although I may be wrong.

I watched that youtube film about the talmud today, super interesting

>having a holy book so expensive so that the goyim can never find out what you think about them

Why are Jews doing everything right Cred Forums?

That very interesting thankyou user. So would researching/reading/listening to the Mishnah and Gemarah first before progressing onto the Talmud be advised? In other words what would be the best way to approach this topic?

Dont bother reading the talmud without reading some scholarship on it before hand. It would be like picking up a roman law code without knowing anything about rome/early byzantine. Without context it would just be meaningless chains of words and sentences for you.

What you need is to read scholars who are sensitive to the literary, social an historical context of the talmud. Do not start with studies done by theologians or rabbis.
Check for worka by Jacob Neusner, the guy has hundreds of books many of which are introducton level.

Additionaly if all you care about is the ugly parts of the talmud there are plenty of lists and examples around the web.

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Truly the chosen.

The Talmud is blasphemy. Shame on you kikes.

I don't just care about the ugly parts, genuinely want to know how all of it. Thank you for the recommendation I will check out Jacob Neusner and do historical readings before hand (thinking about getting "A history of the Jewish People" before I even begin on other things).

Also nice Dubs.

hahahaha. Seen it, thanks for the laugh though.

>So would researching/reading/listening to the Mishnah and Gemarah first before progressing onto the Talmud be advised?
If you want to profundize, perhaps. It can help also in the structure.

The mishnah is made up by articles/laws. Those are grouped by topic, and the talmud follows the same order. Each page of the talmud includes one article, and its correspondent gemarah (it means 'talking'/'debating'). The gemarah is a discussion about the particular mishnah article usually starting with "Rabbi X said to Rabbi X" and it follows with philosophical discussions, bizarre tales, etc. Most of those are symbolical or to think and analise. Some "controversial" topics may be part of the discussion and not in the mishnah proper.

Post exile jews in Europe, for some reason, used the Talmud as their main book instead of the Bible. Is like instead of reading the Gospel, you read a book of a book of a book written by several priests along centuries (the talmuds took some centuries to complete). That's why some non-rabinnical sects view mainstream judaism as some sort of evil abomination.

>In other words what would be the best way to approach this topic?
From what you say in the other thread you're doing OK, if you plan to read the english one and compare with the hebrew one. I'd suggest you to see if public or national libraries have any copy that you can check.

Much appreciated again! Well I have lots of work to do then!

Aren't most of the globalist scum Talmudic Jews though?

so it's sort of right.

Oh shit OP is not a faggot for once. You actually delivered!

If you make the gofundme before I sober up in the morning I might actually donate more than a buck

xD I shall once I can confirm it won't be a waste of your money and time. (If only 90$ reached for example It won't happen for some time although obviously still helps tremendously) :)

Also if anyone want to check out more see:

>Additionaly if all you care about is the ugly parts of the talmud there are plenty of lists and examples around the web.
Most of those are fake though.

Official translated versions of the Mishneh Torah have more "evil" commentaries IMO.

Glad to help

I don't know as elite jews tend to be secular. A lot of the 'orthodox' communities are also 'heretical' as they don't really believe in God, just follow their laws in a secular way.

Probably some things from the Talmud and other writings influenced some globalist ideas.

Most writings in the talmud would be seen as 'superstition' or 'schizofrenia' by the typical atheist pro-science jew of academia/media/elite.

Yeah, I think that is an interesting idea and would like you to make those threads.

2/10 people sweet! Also note that if we don't quite reach 10 potential donors then I can fund it myself but threads will only begin in 2017 (January), kind of broke atm and will take that long to get money comfortably.

Gimme 400$ so i can buy a book, which is already available for free online. What a Jew.

>user scams retards on Cred Forums for 400 dollars

This is legit.
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How many talmud threads have you done?

there was a guy that did threads on jews for a while but he disappeared/I stopped going on Cred Forums as much.

Just today's and yesterday's, Rare Merchant Book Man helps me out a lot.
The go fund me is dead unfortunately so won't be able to start until 2017 but from then hopefully you will see me daily.

I have to go now have a good one.

so soon

I believe that a jew has the right to kill you if you are a gentile and you have the talmud.