Why do mexican-Americans hate America so much?

Why do mexican-Americans hate America so much?

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Because they aren't Americans.
They are foreign invaders taking advantage of global liberalism.

The ones who actually assimilate and learn English work hard and act like productive citizens.

The wetbacks and la raza cholos are just here for the gibsmedats. Trump will deport these ones.

we wuz azteks

Because they're a bunch of savages

I don't know why those fucks even live here if they hate it. I fucking LOVE it here since my Ma brought me here at 2 months old. We have a word for these fucks and it is "chicanos". They say shit like "la raza" and don't know about Mexican history nor can they speak Spanish.

We actually love it. It's rightfully ours. We're just taking it as our own again

Come mierda puta.
Go back to Mexico and get beheaded while I sit here in the States and have a viable chance of protecting myself.

Because they've never been here, so they don't know how easy they have it.

based Che also hated niggers


And Che is a leftist terrorist.

Too bad he was a Commie. He's rather logical.

What do you mean by assimilate..I'm curious.

Does this just mean they learn English and have a job, or is there more to it?

Porque no? Amas a México que no? Que hijo te puta estas asiendo aquí? Fuck off whitey, I can see past your shitposting.

because you fucking gringos have been terrible to us!

you say you rightfully conquered half our country, now we are doing it by our women's wombs, get rekt!


Because this is rightfully our clay

inferiority complex


I would hate myself too if I was an overweight 5'2" smelly beaner. Fucking rape babies

This pretty much. But Mexico is still to blame because it instilled nationalism so hard on the chicanos parents that they become Mexican Nationalist without setting foot in Mexico

>i suffer so everybody shall suffer too
crab mentality

regards comfy

Anyone who refers to themselves as a "______"-American ought not be considered an American.

Especially those "Irish" faggots.

>We have a word for these fucks and it is "chicanos". They say shit like "la raza" and don't know about Mexican history nor can they speak Spanish.

That's me. Fuck, I wish I was white.

The reason people do that is because American identity has become meaningless.

As a nation, we have no identity whatsoever. We aren't a white nation. We aren't a Christian nation. Our Constitution is up for interpretation by 5 robed justices in DC.

What do we have left? Guns, burgers, and negroball? Yeah, that's great and all but that's not a strong enough culture.

please don't breed, we don't need anymore of you shitting up our country

They are Mexican. You cannot change your DNA. Just because an African is born in China, that does not make him a Chinese man. Does a European born in Saudi Arabia make him a Saudi? No. Same if a Mexican is born in America. He is not American but Mexican.

Assimilation of Mexicans means they learn English, work, AND act whitewashed. It's happening slowly but surely here in California.

Many of them will be voting Republican in the coming decades.

>fucking gringos, Mexico was better back in the day when we were eating each other and sacrificing children to our vengeful serpent sky god

The only bad thing the US did was not conquer way more of Mexico.


We don't, you gook. Fuck Aztlan fags make us look bad



Then call them out on their bullshit, Pablo.

>Chilean intellectuals

> 1492
> sacrificing children to our vengeful serpent sky god
Mexico didn't fight the USA until 1846

I don't know if this is wishful thinking or delusion.


Hi Texas!

>tfw Yucatan seceded specifically from Mexico so they wouldn't get fucked up by the US

It's possible from what I've seen. The 4th generation ones in my area barely act like Spics at all and some of them even own farms. Most of the farmers in the Central Vally vote Republican because the Dem clowns in Sacramento keep fucking with our water supply.

Coincidentally, the whitest looking ones also happen to be the most whitewashed group.

Not all Mexican Americans hate america

t. Mexican american



you mean back when you were run by a retarded dictator that took over the government in a coup and then let the Comanche massacre most of Northern Mexico?

Yeah most of Nothern Mexico was already empty regardless

It was barely an invasion. More like a sight seeing tour of all the piles of dead bodies the Comanche left in their wake.

holy fuck they are all indios,

how can spics even compete

Can someone clear this up, I have read various articles, which conflict with each other, regarding the % of Spanish DNA anong the Mexicans.

mexicans all seem to think they are all genetically from the Americas. Meanwhile I saw at least one study showing as much as 80% of Mexican population DNA is Spanish.

What is Cred Forums's answer to this question? It is something that confuses nearly every European I talk to (based or cuck), as we find it strane how Mexicans think they have an absolute genetic tie and claim to California and southern USA. While we Eueopeans seem to be sure that they consist of kostly colonialist ancestors much like American whites.

Did the Spanish rape and racemix a lot with the natives?

Plz burgers, clarify this for us Euro's.

what is it with hispanics and coups?
is it the spanish ancestry?
spain had a ton of those too right?

That's because he thought he would be on top of the ladder, Che was a narcissist and rapist on top of "rational" thinking.

it's always the same story. Same shit have been sayed in sweden. "Yeah they will defently integrate given time".
>30 years later the same areas that belong to imegrants as 30 years prior to that still have 90% unemployment and high crime rate.

and it's not like they get to live in bad areas. When the swedes lived there before it was good working class areas with nice housing.

pic from one of swedens worst ghettoes.

by not being subhumans

Yes. Millions of Indians got BLEACHED by Spain and Portugal from the 1500's to 1800's because most of the Conquistadors were men.

Liberals target train them to hate white people as part of their voter outreach program

I work at a university primarily marketed to minorities and women, so I see a lot of mexican college kids. Most of them are pretty straight-arrow. The black kids are rude and most likely to leave a mess, and the white kids break stuff and are the most likely to steal something.

Why didn't your politicians learn from our mistakes? Oh wait nvm ZOG nvm nvm

it's their version of wewuz
most of the natives were murdered with smallpox (that american genocide infographic? ya they include mexicans in that 100 million total)
most mexicans are spanish in origin but they are so ashamed of how shitty spain was at colonialism they would rather be descended from cannibals than the spanish

t spic

regards comfy dude

There are more spics on welfare than niggers.

>t. spic janitor


The Spanish/Portugese system of government is basically just a military and always has been ever since the reconquista where martial culture dominated the peninsula as the native Euros kicked out the muslim invaders.

As a result they don't really care about things like rights, due process, elections, etc because that's for pussies.

If you don't like another leader instead of wasting time with an election you just overthrow them with your buddies

America is (or was) getting flooded with Catholic Mexicans. The immigration rate of these people has been declining in recent years but we still need to remain vigilant with border security.

Your country let in the literal slime of humanity: uneducated fucking Muslim niggers. These people are almost completely incompatible with your culture yet your politicians let them walk all over you native Swedes.

Sweden is still more cucked than America, Sven.

Si odian tanto a Estados unidos y "la raza" es taaaaan chingona porque no se putas regresan a Mexico y dejan de chingar al projimo?

y luego se "indignan" porque Trum esta ganando el voto latino


that actually makes a lot of sense

Eres un pendejo si piensas que mexico pueda gobernar sus "nuevas tierras". Your a fucking faggot motherfucker

Thats what I thought.

It's amazing how widespread this fallacy is that Mexicans think they are genetically native by majority.

They are worse wewuz than niggers.

I cant think of a single mexican ive spoke to who accepts they are mostly ancestors of colonialists.

Kinda sucks for the British because we always get all the blame for all colonialism while countries which savaged more people like Spain and Portugal genreally never get any white guilt thrust on them while their history has more reason for it.

Which is why we should stop giving welfare bonuses for having children. That just produces more low quality youth who have no future.

tfw my abuela pronounces his name as
"edonal trohmp"

Why do Non-Mexican Americans tolerant Mexican's so much?

Get ready for some White Genocide, putos gringos

They (gringos) love us, just ask their women

Puta pendeja, haber si cuando estas tierras se hagan de mexico les sepan gobernar.

never fails to make me laugh

british colonialism is filled with examples of brits making various agreements with local peoples and living in relative peace,

spanish, dutch, and portugese colonialism is filled with examples of brutal armies massacring women and children and then using their bones as paving stones

but because british colonies were the only ones to progress into developed societies (shocking) you get all the blame, and us by proxy

>we wuz azteks

Can we stop this meme?

We literally were aztecs

Stomach is in America, heart is in mexico/other Latin American countries. They have to go back

Fucking mexcrements

It's also why almost all of Spain/Portugal's scientific and mathematics achievements were in related either to the military or some form of expansion and why they began to decline as their empire's and military lost power


Originally their problem was that, after the Reconquista was over they had no one to perpetually fight.

They actually went out of their way to develop technology so they could travel the world and find more Muslims (and whoever else) to fight along with spoils of war to loot.


half of you was

zerg rush


Mexican's not a race

stop butchering my goddamn language

^ this contradicts with \/ this
WHY THE FUCK IS THIS MEME ABOUT MEXICANS BEING NATIVE SO COMMON? Why do you burgers who know better accept it while criticise niggers for being wewuz about the Egyptians?

WHITE GENOCIDE FAGGOT, get that shiy right. We kill the cumskins, rape the women, sacrify the landwhales and leave the land.

There is no such thing as a Mexican-American, it's like having a Canadian-American. You know why it is silly? Because American, Canadian, and Mexican aren't ethnicities, all three of these countries are states, but not nations. There is no unifying ethnic heritage and culture. An example of a nation would be Greece. A country wit it's distinct ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity. But there is no Mexican ethnicity, no American ethnic group. You're American because you live in America and have citizenship here, you're Mexican because you live in Mexico and have citizenship there.
So "Mexican-Americans" are just Hispanic-Americans. Americans with a Hispanic heritage. The problem with these fuckers is that they still identify with a foreign state within our state.

mexicans are literally mongrelized 50/50 indians
>NOT amerindian

are you fucking blind, bro?

The whitest looking ones and most likely of Spanish decent and not Mexican decent

excellent, excellent, everything is procedding just as planned, once they become majority, the next step is to get rid of niggers for good.

Sorry spain, I'm just an Anglo trying to talk shit in a language I somewhat understand.

They are a distinct people with a shared ancestry, history, and language

oh, come on Manolo, have fun, spaniards will finally get to see the fall of their enemies, the eternal anglo/kraut

And most of the farmers hire illegals too

Its a lifestyle motherfucker.

it honestly doesnt come up much

only time we ever hear about it is when they try to claim their "la raza" bullshit.

also they dont outright claim it like niggers do, they just sort of assume it, and you have to actually corner them to get them to admit they think they are native


>Mexico is in North America

they are mixed race but the race mixing is so out of control you never know who is what.

I think Jorge Lopez's DNA test said he was like 38% Euro

I remember Jessica Alba was pissed becasue she was 88% Euro

>shared ancestry
>shared history

not really

Especially when you consider that the Spaniards who invaded and controlled the country hundreds of years ago are still running things while the mestizos and Indios are still poverty stricken peasants literally after centuries.

Mexico siempre sera un pais de tercer mundo. Si obtienen estas tierras se haran de tercer mundo, puta pendeja marica.


over my dead body

>sacrify the landwhales

actually you can have those

Why do mexicans have the idea that the land won after houston made santa anna his bitch is actually thiers? I hear it called theft and that it needs to be given back, what the fuck are they basing this on soley 200 year old butthurt

they do that because a piece of paper or some words on a monitor won't turn them into a white or something. Even if the ones that say "we're legals fuck off...reeeeeee" , including anchor babies, they're being part of the demographic change, because, again, a piece of paper doesn't change what they are.


>father is mexican but he was born here and so was his parents and their parents
>mother is white
>have a white first, middle, and last name
>couldn't care less about mexico or mexican americans
I can't help but think of mexicans as "them"

What kind of idiot posts Che qoutes? Guy was a fucking retard look how well his socialism has done.

Santa Anna was the instigator of the war anyway when he initiated a coup against the ruling government

half of Mexico rose up against him and his band of intellectuals.

>spaniards will finally get to see the fall of their enemies

That's a fucking gigantic list of enemies, your potential raped ancestors included.

>Over my fat, dead body

>father is mexican but he was born here and so was his parents and their parents
They Americans

then you are a true american, glad to have you on my side of the wall

Most of the orange pickers are braceros and migrant workers that'll eventually return to Mexico.
Their ancestors got BLEACHED the hardest.

it is inevitable

Tu sabes que es cierto pendeja. ¿Explica como Mexico ayudaria estas tierras sobrevivir?


Why are Spaniards so rare on Cred Forums? I honestly think I see Portuguese post more than the Spanish.

Do you just hate interacting with other Spanish speaking countries?

A true faggot, such a waste of living being

you're right, but those two are the ones they seem to hate the most

It's just eternal damage control.

Why don't you spics make your own Chan to shitpost on.

The Germans, Japs, Finns, Italians and even the Russians do it.


I just want to say that whilst I think we should kill all Mexicans who aren't white (90%+) their flag is very pretty.

I have friends off friends who legit think santa anna was a good dude, and that this land was "stolen"

land won through conquest belongs to the victors, but they seem to think we just tricked them or some shit, i know alot of beaners who think this and i think its actually some kind of movement iirc, where did they learn this trash?

if we do go to war, european countries could come in after and harvest the dead bodies for blubber

have you not realized yet, burger-san? just remember what has happened throughout the centuries: war, famine, colonization, hatred towards others and the list goes on, this is about crashing this plane with no survivors

all the smart light skinned ones hate mexico

t. half-mexican

Isnt it hilarious? The "Gringo" shit-posting in spanish while the Mexican is actually trying to have a meme-ful conversation in a foreign language.

Amazed. Just amazed.

we do have want; unfortunately too many autists posting chinese cartoon girls doing cute things. We come here just to trigger (and to see if your kikes overlords are at it again).

Yeah is that why 80% of Mexicans hate Trump?

Mexicans are not smart people

Dude I'm not mexican, I learned Spanish in high school and somewhat can speak and type it. I was telling the mexiturd if his country got a hold of our land they would just shit it up.
Son putas pendejas con el cerebro de una rata. Si las tierras de California, Texas, y Neuvo Mexico regresa a las maricas las haran de tercer mundo. Mexico ni puede gobernar su pais.

I wish r/Donald would stop posting screenshots of Cred Forums.

>Implying having alliances
Nobody likes you murica, everybody is waiting a little slip from you and everyone will team-up to take "your" lands. WHITE GENOCIDE

Your kind is being played by the Kikes too. In fact I'd argue that Mestizos are even more susceptible to Jewish media than whites.

Some of the biggest bluepilled turbo-normies I've ever encountered were Latino.
Those are the ones that haven't been BLEACHED yet.

it is futile, burger-san, it's just a matter of time.

Is that purple blob japan? Damn.

Stop trying to promote race mixing mut.

But we do compensate it with guts, something you faggots wouldnt understand

>mexicans wont turn white so they will stay mexican
Nigger, what?
Mexicans have plenty of whites. At least half of you are mostly Spaniard, you have tons of Germans and former American whites there too.
Also, you dont have to be white to be American, obviously.

You're Mexican because you live in Mexico. When you come here, become a citizen and leave your old allegiance to Mexico behind, you become American, simple as that. The percentage of Aztec and Spaniard blood in you makes no difference.

>Mexico ni puede gobernar su pais.
Top Kek dumbass mexican.

I understand your spic language but seriously, stop that shit.

Alright fucking autistic piece of white trash, here we go again: WHAT PART OF KILLING ALL THE WHITES AND LEAVING THE LAND YOU DIDNT UNDERSTAND?

I go to University at a with a small hispanic demographic. They are really bro-tier. The cholo and raza thing really is an outdated stereotype.

Oh just gas yourself.

I see mixing with spics as a worst case scenario contingency plan for the white race in the US. We can breed the beaner out of them in a generation or 2.

lol wut?

for 1, do you actually think you could win in a one on one war with the US?

thats adorable.

and for 2, I was pointing out that if the 2 fattest countries in the world went to war the corpses could be harvested for oil

>The point
>Your head.

They've never been here because those Mexican Americans weren't born here, so they think their homeland is better than it actually is, and they become entitled.

>mestizos are more susceptible to kike influence
>says the guy who belongs to a race that is practically genociding themselves either by race-mixing/not having babies or white guilt
>whites practically believe and practice whatever the synanogue say: feminism, extreme liberalism (nice way to say retard), homos/lesbians running everywhere

...yeah, if you say so

>those that haven't BLEACHED YET
great, tell'em to keep it up, that way even though they are half, many will still think they are mexs because whites have alwys been the oppressors

Of course, brits cant handle more than 1 language lmao

all you have now is to pray, burger-san, pray really hard he fulfills half of what he's promised, pray really hard he doesn't change his mind because otherwise: adieu!!!

>he's from a language cucked "country"
hahahahah primitive nigger tier ape

they took our lands, but actually did a good job there, and they actually hate us without a good reason

Dime lindura, chico blanco :3

It can't

Just look at the guy in this video if you had to guess at most he'd be like 10% Native or something but he's actually 40% youtube.com/watch?v=1XZVmWWpIBI

If you had guts your country wouldnt be a shithole governed by criminals

If your country had guts youd fix your fucking country instead of bailing to mine

If your country had balls santa anna would have not agreed to the terms sam houston gave him, instead he traded your land and futures to save his own skin

I live in Los Angeles and God only knows how many more Mexican flags I've seen flying around the city than American ones.

I want them all to fuck off back to their country if they think it's such hot shit.


feel free to go live in mexico britbong, you may lose your nation to the mudslimes soon anyway.

Your race is next, Pablo.


Jesus Christ.
Africa is like a singularity compressor for knowledge.

Theres like 4 tiers of Mexicans in USA
>u bang ese viva la raza
they think they live in mexico. that theyre cool for making their hair dragonball z tier and live in places like LA and NYC. These people commit crimes
>no speaky english si senor
they just want to make a living. probably have a wife and kids back home. send all their money back. live in room with 6 other people.
they want US to become Mexico 2.0. Protests. Riots. Play the race card all the time.
>first generation
Mexican parents but born and raised in USA. Fluent in both languages. Good citizens that assimilate. They enjoy their roots of eating tacos and playing soccer, but enjoy american football and pizza.

oh good, i'd heared about that. It's a good thing though, by that time there will be fewer people here (about time if you ask me) and a lot of half mexs up there as well as full mexs. Excellent, excellent

>We're losing our nation because it's 4% islamic
>His nation is doing fine even though it's 40% white
>High crime rate
>Yuge amount of welfare recipients
>Very low IQ
>Don't assimilate

based on my experience this is pretty accurate

honestly the rift between mexico and the US has nothing to do with race
it is entirely based on poor border laws, and deep seated resentments going back to the original divide between England and spain

hey, you've got your own party to handle, nigel-san. Your bombers and africans will have a blast over there.

>High crime rate
>Yuge amount of welfare recipients
>Very low IQ
>Don't assimilate
>literally affecting mexican society
so ? our problem why the hate ahmed?

Mexican women love white dick.

Its in their blood to desire to be BLEACHED.

mexican american here, love the u.s best place, i hate mexico

Indeed, it is frustrating to know your government has been giving these people so many benefits.

Have fun watching your glorious brown nation get flooded with millions of uneducated niggers that the Jewish elite will let in. And whitey won't be around to save your ass.

Of course that won't happen now that Kek has entered our realm. Whitey is here to stay and Trump will rule my country for 8 years.

>that theyre cool for making their hair dragonball z tier

holy mother of god hahahahahahahaha
they certainly know no boundiries to that shit kekekekek.
i'd like to see those folks hahahahahah

All these spics are the same.

There's a tiny minority of very light skinned spics that wish they were white. They are the Uncle Toms of the spic race but manage to pass because they have more white than the average mulatto nigger. Don't pretend they aren't 1% of spics though.

>it is entirely based on poor border laws, and deep seated resentments going back to the original divide between England and spain

>100+ years later

>Still salty over losing.

If anything, the recent presidential circus has proven Americans won't let Mexicans usurp the country if given the tools to fight back.

Why do Mexicans think they can win? Because they breed a lot? Mice breed a lot too, we still invented poisons and mouse traps. Over-breeding is about as effective as this IP ban I just dodged.

If I were president of the US id start banning all the government official from entry into America. Until they stop being corrupt or Mexico has a regime change they would not be allowed in. Working class and business owners could come in but no government officials. Next id invade baja california.


>Next id invade baja california.
honestly I dont understand why we dont already own this

Hilariously enough, Mexico is actually a white supremacist state with an actual racial caste system, the light skinned spaniard castizos would never let their daughters date mestizos or indios, the poor spics that you see cross into the US.

Illegal immigration is a win/win for them because it gets rid of their least productive population, who then leech off of US welfare and send billions of dollars to their families in Mexico. Remittances from the US are a significant percentage of US gdp.

The Mexicans in charge know this, they aren't dumb.

just like i said earlier, all you have now is to pray really really hard he doesn't change his mind, because if he does, prepare because that hordes of niggers will move right to burgerland, oh and keep promoting the race-mixing, more half-mexs..keke
pray had before you go to sleep, colega...kekek

>Baja California
>Invading Scum
Just steal Yucatán Peninsula

You're not wrong, but holy shit are there a lot of Uncle Tom Mexicans and they have to let everyone know. There is also the useful idiot left wing Mexicans that make a shit storm if they even hear the word Trump. They act like they know everything in politics, but if you talk to them it's just regurgitated bits and pieces from MSNBC and shit they made up, these types are just afraid their disability is on the line

same reason we don't own Cuba: we'd have to make all the niggers citizens.

It was a heated discussion 100 years ago. Victoria 2 taught me so much. Who needs a father when you have Paradox and Wikipedia?

>live in places like LA and NYC.
Mexicans in New York? I think you're mistaking them with PRs

>Mexican president is cucked and allows Trump to build the wall
>he's hanged from an overpass
>Mexico undergoes a bloody civil war
>"white" Mexicans try to flee to US
>there's a wall there
>more overpass ornaments
>turns into a third world shit(tier)hole

We do?

>overpass ornaments

I think you've coined a winner.

Least productive? White spaniards are laziest fucks I know. Theyre also very fucking dirty. Not to mention the biggest criminals in the country. Fix your fucking eyes you blue pilled faggot

"Mexican-Americans" are just Mexican nationalists occupying the United States of America. They have no investment in this country and they think it should be given to Mexico, with us gringos being a serf class.

An American of Mexican ancestry is just that-- their ancestors came here through the correct legal channels and they were properly assimilated into American culture. Mexican-Americans think that our land is part of Mexico and they will not stop complaining until America becomes part of Mexico.

Do you mean shitskin invaders who are taking advantage of current western cuckery?
This isn't going to last forever.

>A New Civil War
Fuck them (again)
We hate centrists and Norteños

They feed into the leftist narrative that whitey is the oppressor.
Pic related, Mexican American girl on tinder.

Which is funny, why are you in the USA then?

Trump won't backtrack on immigration. Even if the wall isn't built, he'll still strengthen our border security and send all you putas back to beheaded Taco land.

lol you are a sub 100 iq asshurt mestizo fuck that will never get to fuck a pretty light skinned girl.

you are for sure ugly and a manlet too like most mestizo half-breed indian trash

follow my advice, pray as hard as you can, burger san, as hard as you can

>Even if the wall isn't built,

Even Hillary has mentioned building stronger border protection if elected. That wall is a perfect example of meme magic being real.

Projecting and not an argument

>muh whiteness n shiiiieeet
>shithole nonetheless

ah manolo, manolo, manolo...youtube have new censorship rules, you'd better watch your tongue otherwise you won't collect that money

We awakened Kek from his millenia long slumber in 2015 with our shitposting. He will restore the white race to its full glory as an act of gratitude.

Praise Kek.


look at this butthurt

all your prettiest girls only want white dick, you guys get so mad, you are both brown but also beta unlike niggers

beaner machismo is like watching an angry 14 year old

Why do you keep typing like a Korean?

That's also because the colonials who settled what would become the USA and Canada were mostly blue collar, working class types who just wanted a better life for themselves and their families. They came to the US hoping to start and work on farms or live off the abundant natural bounty of the land.

The conquistadors went to Central and South America with one thing in mind: gold and other precious metals. They raped and pillaged the land and people, and anyone who wasn't useful to work as a slave was killed, either through warfare or plague. They had no initial interest in settling, but ended up having to build cities, ports, and farms to feed the workers because the process of mining gold takes so long. Those are the people from whom modern Mexicans are descended.

>says the race being genocided slowly by pretty much everybody else

here's your (you), venancio

>you are both brown but also beta unlike nigger

>associating niggers with alphaness


>unlike niggers
>the cuck has spoken
fucking kek

this, im a half spic and even i can admit the fact that mexico is a shitty country, if they got ahold of their lands again they would ruin the fuck outta it

I don't. I'm actually patriotic

Because they are hated by true americans and mexicans back on their shithole

Brown people have this weird pathological obsession with the oppressive, dirt poor sand countries they escape from to come here for a better life.

Hermano tienes whatsapp?

indeed, but they are still have a purpose to serve

no, colega, no estoy metido en eso (he visto lo que le ha hecho a algunos amigos y conocidos, totalmente obsesionados con eso).

>mexicano sin whats

Thats not normal bro.

Imagine you are a beaner. Are you jealous of white people yet?

haha beaners are hilarious because they don't even know their own history.

>treaty of Hidaldo Guadalupe

They are non Americans. I have a job that I don't like and I don't have as money as I would like. America is the best country in the world, full stop.
The idea of foreigners coming in and shit talking our nation should be a hanging offence.
I'm learning a new skill at the moment so I can move up.

many know, but the thing is that they don't give a damn about that anymore...

Hidalgo is a joke, Americans would have tarred and feathered him. He wanted to force religion on the citizens.

They don't want to accept that it's not for sale and that they couldn't afford it if it was.

Yeah most Americans feel this way.

Mexicans are the most racist people on Earth. They come from a country with rabid discrimination among classes and skin colors, and they bring it here. They discriminate against those who are darker than them, and hate those who are lighter skinned.

Doesn't matter. The treaty was entered into with Mexico and we purchased the land.

Have you ever had a friend that was way more successful than you?
Yeah it fucking sucks.

a few of them said the same thing; however, they reconsidered that when one of them got run over while texting (fortunately he didn't die)...

you discriminate anyone nonwhite (and that's been for a long long time), it's natural, not like you started it, but everyone has done it at some point (and keep doing it to this day).

A Mexican will lead us to travel to alpha centauri in 2 weeks.

show more respect.


>we need Mexicans to maintain muh birth over death rate

you need us to keep you white.

Mexico has a space program?

Si space
Si la Luna

das rite

Fuck you nigger.

I am an american I am voting republican.

I hate other spics.

it doesn't change what youuu arreeee, no piece of paper or any other document can't change what you are, and whether you like it or not, you're the instrument by which demographic shift is taking place, slowly but happening nonetheless.

>My heritage makes me who I am.

You retarded?

a piece of paper can actually turn you into a human of other race? the guy you replied to earlier was spot-on

I am not even mexican then, I am like a fucking mix of a bunch of shit that raped true natives.

I am barely even brown.

I was born in America. I am American. I am loyal to no other country.

yep, say that to yourself, in the end ingroup preferences wins, they always do

k, let me just enjoy my freedom, guns and cartel free country then.

freedom? hahaahha you cant even draw pepe on the street because they will give you death penalty. You dont have cartels, but you have mafia, black hoods, wall street, and terrorism.

I guarantee at least one cartel has a person within half an hour of you.

Don't get too cocky now, pants. Also, you forgot Russian spies.

>hahaahha you cant even draw pepe on the street because they will give you death penalty

Are you 12?

Don't control the govt like cartels do.

>black hoods

I don't go there so I don't give a rats ass, let Tyrone shoot Jamal in the face because he lives on the wrong street.

>wall street

Shit skin bean upset his country is poor as fuck. Wall Street has negatives and positives.


Pretty sure sheriffs mayors and other people who stand up to cartels get beheaded/shot/disappear way more than terrorist attacks happen in America.

and don't forget the banker cartels that like to send them to the middle of fucking nowhere
any doubt about holocaust or whatever the system say? into the prison cell it goes

hate speech or anything government doesn't like? into the jail it goes because you can not be off the system, they're always watching you

you're just a couple of steps from a fucking police state, colega kekek

>cartel free? your addicts, product of the degeneracy you love so much, ar emaking them rich and more and more they move far north because you cn't help yourselves but "rave on all night", isn't it?

we are the 11th richest country, idiot. In 2050 we will be the 5th economy,

Also they had Italian american mafia like Al capone, and this stupid is bashing us for our cartels.

dude, i don't think those guys are as powerful as they used to, instead they are pretty much controled by banker cartels and big corps. Cartels are a side effect of their insatiable appettie for drugs, kind of funny when they complain about that given how much they consume that crap

And fucking Texas, has a lot of stupid rules.

btw, that is montabello.
A city IN THE US
Yes, thats right, they raised the mexican flag in a US city.

who cares? south crackers like to show their stupid dixie flag too. America is supposed to be the land of the free, anybody can show a flag of any country.

AZTLAN je Mexico.

You are the foreign invaders.

Free California.

Even we the Spanish mexicans invaded the land of indians, but they crossed the bering straight first.

any uncucked country would have executed those beaners on the spot for doing that

said the poofta that was beaten by emus.

i may be a spic but i can tell you i dont care about the people nor, do i care about the third world shithole that is mexico. hell i can bearly speak spanish i hope trump sends all of you back to hell.

pray hard dude, it is all you have left, as hard as you

>shit talking even when you are spic
it won't turn you into anything else, a paper won't change the fact you're a spic, viejo.

Now now now, your parents are from mexico so you cant be American.

You can only be Mexican.
Such retarded fucking logic.

and barely cant speak Enlgish too. Trump is gonna deport you too, because your parents and grandparents are ilegal wetbacks, stupid anchor baby.

to bad i was born here my friends plus my mother is legal and speaks english.

>Let me just deport some legal American citizens without any backlash.

Mexican education everyone.

who cares? Trump will deport you anyways because your fucking grand grand grand parent was a starving ilegal chicano wetback. Trump wants you white, a descendeant of UK or Germany. You have to go back.

>all these jumped up barely literate beans trying to start a racewar
>american chicanos coming out of the woodworks under the american flag

make it stop
I hate all of you.


An anglo hating a Hispanic. Man, UK and Spain had a lot of wars, we hate you too, and you hate us, its nothing new. Our ancestors fought centuries ago for rule this world. You are our natural enemies.

Wtf are you some CTR shill or something?

They are just mad their country has been getting shit on by america for years.

Their only defense is that "Trump will deport you hurrr" or "You are all addicted to our cartel's drugs"

Can't wait till NAFTA is kill.

See how well their economy will be doing then.

my great grandparents never lived here brother saty butthurt while i fuck beautiful white women and, have them admire my european blood because im not a rape baby.

you want to deny your rape baby descendency hahahahahaha, fuck any white woman you want, but you will be an inferior mongrel for ever, thats why president Trump will deport you here hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

racewar? isn't what many Cred Forumsacks have been advocating for a time, and it became even more popular since trump decided to run? kekek
oh boy kekek

>make it stop, I hate all of you.
don't you see? it's been about hate all this time.

Why is my country surrounded by shitposters?

That's terrible spanish, chicano

Our Spanish is pretty good. look up a mexican and a spanish talking each other, we can understand each other very easy.


Multicult fags don't realize they are importing foreign nationalists.
The jews do, but the cucks don't.

You're barely relevant and hearkening back to an empire that hates you is pathetic.
And you want the war to happen? You beans are too jumped up for your own good. You will be decimated.

nah senpai i got my dna test done and im 70% european i get white women dripping because of it and i speak spanish to them softly, while you fuck your ugly ass women drinking a can of coke and eating tacos with greasy ass hands pablo.

I know I know. Americans have pretty decent spanish, we eveb said that the colombian was the best. But that message was pretty stupid. And the "haber" instead of "a ver"...

the racewar on the guys that invaded you? go ahead, show them, that way they'll realize they have been deceived, because a word or paper never changed what they truly were to the locals.

I am 100% European, My family came up from Basque,country. But Trump hates all Hispanics, he dont care if you have 50 or 100% Hispanic roots, He only wants America to be Anglo saxon. TRUMP 2016 and you have to go back.

You're still this buttmad over losing? Why do you even care, bean, don't have enough breathing room down there?

I think you are just upset you don't have that paper.

This is some advanced retardation.

I am pretty upset I share a heritage with retards like these.

nope im satying here to make sure all you dark shitskined faggots leave my country. and other thing you arent european paco so, go to bed now those tacos wont make themselves you know. plus im voting for trump as well

You kidding? I see Spaniards all the time on Cred Forums.

its not your country, indio. you have to go back to Oaxaca, inferior mongrel rat.

You're a retard, the point is these retards love a country they've never stepped foot on. My parents are Mexican, I've been to Mexico over the past couple of decades. Although Mexico has somewhat improved, for a shitload of Mexicans it's still a giant shithole nightmare. There's a good fucking reason that an estimated 40,000,000+ Mexicans would rather live in the US illegally than live in Mexico legally with their own loans, governed by their own people and protected by their fellow Mexican police/military force and that is Mexicans are mentally retarded and can't compete with white people.

There is no "Mexican DNA" you dumb nigger. You can be racially Asian and be a Mexican, racially White and be Mexican or like you, racially a Nigger and still be Mexican. Mexican is a nationality, not a race.

not necessary to go, why would i go to a place to be despised when life is comfortable here?

Unlike the offsrping of wetbacks and a number of chicanos, i don't forget who i am, a document won't change that (even with a number of whites yelling white america and these dudes race war, dude and you call liberals crazy).

in current year theres no such thing as a white country anymore, so yeah it is my country your just mad because you live in bean land.

Everett Alvarez Jr. loves America more than any autist on Cred Forums ever can.

excellent, keep it up, in a few years it'll be kind of different.

in 2016 we have white countries. US is 76% white, so yes, you are invading a white and superior country, indian. Trump hates you btw.

>Unlike the offsrping of wetbacks and a number of chicanos, i don't forget who i am

I don't forget who I am. This is what does not get through your thick ass skull.

I am a fucking American.

My parents are of Mexican nationality but I am an American.

Do you not get the difference between race and nationality?

Am I talking with a child or a mentally handicapped person that happened upon an open computer terminal?

Spaniards would rather shitpost in their selfcontained spaniard forums like forocoches or shit like that.

That and Spain is normieland.

>US is 76% white
Yeah, all of those mestizos sure are white, pablo.
I can't even tell the difference between a Mexican and an Englishman! Thanks for opening my eyes.

Niggers and spics, niggers and spics, we're filling up with niggers and spics

The very first human settlers on your continent were northern eurasians.

i count as white so im fine.

many of them, if not most of them are MSM zombies that fall for their bullshit

indians like you arent white. A white person is blonde, and have blue eyes, and have an anglo saxon last name like Smith or Robertson, fuck off indio iletrado.

You are only worth when you scrub toilets at five guys, but you are stealing a young aryan American of 17 years a job, thats why Trump will deport you soon chicano ahahahhahahahahahhaha

uncle Tom Mexicans?

>escape your country because it is a corrupt and violent shithole and only getting progressively worse

Beaner logic gets me every time.


also describes turkroaches here. Wont assimilate even after 3 generations

>My parents are of Mexican nationality but I am an American.
>Do you not get the difference between race and nationality?

exactly what a number of trump supporters don't want. Also, have you not read these guys and their posts, advocating racewar, white US again?
That being said, i ask again: a document will turn you into caucasian that is what many folks up there, and on this place, want? isn't race-mixing something that will, little by little, erode the social cohesion? either if you have kids with another latin american or with whites their number drop and yours, or rather, ours goes up even if it is half-mex? it is still part of the demographic shift, something they're afraid of (and they're not wrong given how bad those societies turn out), they are afraid of become a minority and if shit hits the fan and ingruop preferneces come into play, it'll be simple:
-we caucasian, we founders.
-non caucasian (mexicans): you aren't one of us, go back
because you're not one of them, these guys say it, a number of pro-trump say it..oh god kekek

>implying I'm a Chicano
Yea no I'm anything but that by the United States terms I count as white Pablo better luck next time.

Trips of truth enchilada niggers!

>That being said, i ask again: a document will turn you into caucasian that is what many folks up there, and on this place, want?

Implying I need a paper to tell me who I am. I am who I am.

Dumb retards like you get into all this race war shit. I am an American.

>Implying there will be a race war having anything to do with American Mexicans.

It is going to be fucking niggers that spark that shit.

Not us.

>It is going to be fucking niggers that spark that shit.
it doesn't matter who starts it, you are still not caucasian, in that chaos, who do you think who will stick to whom? ingroup preferences over things that have been said and done? many pro-trump are extremely mad about those anchor babies, you think, in that situation they would care about that? again: "we are us, and you are one of them", nobody would ask an explanation, everybody is fed up at this point, and the current situation is proof of that.

>Implying I need a paper to tell me who I am. I am who I am.
look you in the mirror, it won't lie to you. it never does

On second thought this reminds me of the Russian immigrants living in Finland who are usually the worst white trash you can ever run into. They love leeching off welfare and have pants on head retarded Russian nationalism and think Finns are only fit to be their loyal vassals. Yet they'd rather take a niggerdick up the ass in Eastern Helsinki ghettoes than ever consider moving to Russia.

>b-but komrad, I'd have to do national service in the armed forces of the country I claim to be completely superior in every respect to Finland where I live in comfortable unemployment

Fucking slavs.

>it doesn't matter who starts it, you are still not caucasian

Still not a shit skin bean or nigger gibs me dat.

Am actually mistaken for white quite often.

>in that chaos, who do you think who will stick to whom?

Cause I will totally be out and about during a fucking race war.

I am going to be at home watching over my family with my fucking guns.

>"we are us, and you are one of them"

Literal barbarian thinking. This is not a 3rd world country.

>look you in the mirror, it won't lie to you. it never does

Yeah I am just gonna stop talking to you now.

I think you are pretty fucking dumb.

>Literal barbarian thinking. This is not a 3rd world country.
that is what these guys and many others advocate for...the reason why many support trump.


Fucking kill yourself.

I fucking hate beaners more even than black people, at least we wanted them here in the first place and at least they can speak English to a degree. Mexicans are fat short smelly assholes with low IQ's, nasty personality's and little to no hygiene, their houses always smell like rotting beans. A dirty mexican spic tried to rape my best friend at knife point and she sprayed him, he fucking ran off like a little faggot and she reported him but they could never find him.

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