Lib Cucks BTFO

Jimmy Fallon gets record breaking ratings of his interview with Trump.

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>tv shows ultimately value viewers over everything else
>more shows will have Trump on them now.
Libcucks about to get anally destroyed


They probably did this cuz nobody knows who the hell jimmy fallon was.

"Donald Trump gave the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” the best ratings it has seen on a Thursday since Barack Obama’s appearance in June — which is even more impressive, given the fact that the entertainment industry is chock-full of liberals."

Nice. We are going to get more Trump folks. Those Hollywood shekel grabbers cant deny ratings.

you can't be serious.


Who is he? I've never heard of him. How does anyone keep up with all these weirdos they show on TV?

Step up your game nigga even I as a roach know who he is

This was seriously worth of a montage with like the music from Inception

(((They))) won't like this...

I love that gif

You must be very young. Your average 30 year old knows who Fallon is from SNL. You're busy reading /pol while normies watch late night television and he's fairly popular.

>you can't be serious.

He is serious, and stop calling him Shirley!

He was in the more cowbell skit.

link please

How am I supposed to keep up with all these people? I don't even own a TV.

>go to an art festival thing by myself >a ton of degenerate stoners are there
>people wear decently "nice" clothes, girls wear nice jeans and a nice T-shirt
>all the guys with girlfriends gf's are all looking good, makeup, hair done etc
>I dress in nice jeans and a cool graphic Tee
>spent like 15 mins or so getting ready
>leave after a while
>go home, text my gf we should go back to the art thing together after she's done working
>say I'm really hungry so we should get some dinner first
>she comes back from work
>takes shoes off
>walks in
>she puts on like a dude size t shirt that's like a size too big
>still wearing work pants,
>hasn't showered in at least 2 days
>no makeup
>im playing a game on my pc
>me: "so uhh, you gonna be ready to go soon"
>her: "yeah"
>I keep playing the game on my pc
>hour passes
>she's still laying there playing on her phone
>haven't said anything else to her since she walked in the door
>2 hours pass
>still laying there
>still haven't talked to her since I asked if she is ready to go
>3 hours pass, by now the festival is over
>all the places to eat are closed except McDonald's
>me "well do you want to go get some food?"
>she makes a smart ass noise, doesn't say anything tho
>she takes a shower and lays down to go to sleep
>now its 5 hours later, I'm still hungry and haven't talked to her
>we've been in the same room pretty much this whole time

Seriously I've told her like 4 times over the past year she should wear makeup, she would be really pretty if she actually took the time to look good but I don't want to go in front of a bunch of people (some of which I know and would like for them to see I'm dating somebody good looking) and have her looking like a fucking gomer. She's like the Jeb Bush of trying to look hot, it shouldn't be that hard.

I'm not a total Chad or anything but at least I try, and I take a shower everyday, why the fuck wouldn't you? She's not mean or anything just stupid I guess? I don't fucking know

What do?

hahaha that will piss off people who wanted Fallon to challenge him even more

you sound beta as fuck

why did i read all this

What should I do. I was gonna be like "are you seriously going to wear that?" But I feel like I shouldn't have to like it should be common sense to look good before you go out

Also it would probably hurt her feels and We wouldn't end up going anyways

You're in the wrong thread, retard.

I know wher I am faggot

I don't know but I was thinking the same thing tbqh m8

like the actual tv clip please.

Cool story bro.
Wait, on second thought, not even /r9k/ deserves to be bored to death with this crap. Just hang yourself idiot.

I want to smell your gf, normie.

Trump makes it very clear not to piss him off because he can refuse to be on the show and he knows they're desperate for those sweet ratings.

Look up "dread game". Basically, she pulls this shit because she's complacent and confident that you won't bail to go fuck Stacy. Deny her that comfortable confidence, and she'll shape up. Been through a nearly identical situation myself, had good results.

Yes, because I told you. In the wrong thread.

Cred Forums - Advice on navigating a stale relationship


>Watching the visual jew
>Participating in the democracy jew
>Posting on the world wide jewnet
kys, all of you. You're a disgrace to your race.

The reactions to the actual interview were great. Anyone have any screenshots on Twitter of the liberal butthurt and reactions to this news?

>2.5 rating
How much is this? 2.5 million viewers?

the ratings tied with a recent NFL game, LOL




Usually I give advice out, but I don't think there's any hope for you, just man the fuck up and take control.

Pic related.

where were you when Trump got people to stop watching the NFL and start watching him?

Consider homicide or suicide.

>Donald Trump has drawn working class high school educated people away from football

Holy fuck.



That's garbage ratings.

i don't even like Fallon and I watched it.

he didnt say surely, mehmet

what does it mean

For the record she's redpilled or at least not bluepilled.

I don't think she's dressing like an idiot just to spite me I legit think she is just unaware of what she's doing. her excuse to not wear makeup is she "rubs her eyes too much". I told her to suck it up before because other girls do it just fine and she wore it for a little bit and stopped.

Also I broke up with her once befor and she started to dress nicer when we were hanging out and not dating I guess but now she stopped. Should I really just stop giving her attention ?

It's too late. The relationship is dead. Go find a Jersey Shore skank that will fuck you over since that seems to be what you're after.

Grab her by the hair, drag her in the bathroom, stick her in the shower and wash her dirty ass. Then fuck her brains out.

That smartass noise she made? That's because you sat there for hours playing video games instead of talking to her, faggot. She doesn't try because you're not worth trying for.

shes like this cos shes pissed that you insinuated that she is not pretty enough as she is. Now you have to kiss her arse and let her on that you do feel shes hot as she is now however she will never ever forget.

ie: shes damaged goods now.

This was genuinely pathetic. Normally I wouldn't even respond, but I can't believe you got me to read that whole fucking thing.

Kill yourself

To be fair, it's a Thursday night game which has are usually the lowest in terms of rating and it was the shitty Jets and bills.

Breaking records for Fallon is getting 27 viewers.

Tell her that you take efforts to look good in public and that she is no different and that you will leave her if she continues to be unhygienic and lazy.

I'm serious, women will learn pretty quickly that they can fuck with you if you don't make things very clear that you're the man in the relationship and that you're too beta to leave her.

I am somehow physically incapable of finishing your post. I don't know what fucking sorcery you're practicing, but stop it.

>Just hang yourself idiot.


kys faggot

Why would she give a shit? She walks in the door from work and this autist sits around playing video games without saying more than five words to her. Is she supposed to get all dressed up so he can ignore her?

Mate what are you doing?

You are everything that is wrong with this world. Not only are you utterly stupid, bereft of any kind of logical thinking, you are belligerent about it. You are driven to browbeat others with your monstrous lack of intelligence. What you need to do is kill your family, your children if you have any (God forbid), and then stick a shotgun in your mouth and blow your own head clean off for the betterment of the human race. Do it. Promise everyone here that you will. So that we can sleep better, you disgusting lying piece of shit.


It's on his youtube channel, september 16th I believe is the upload date. There should be like 5 videos.

Alright thats it your ID is blocked.

>autist sits around playing video games without saying more than five words to her.

I was ready to go I was waiting for her to put a different shirt on, I was in disbelief that she thought she was "ready to go" while looking like that. I figured if I waited long enough she would get the point without me having to tell her

Around 3.5 million watched.

Perhaps share some of your own makeup with her you flaming homo.


I've been here since 2001 you fucking Cred Forumsedditor.

>me: "so uhh, you gonna be ready to go soon"
>her: "yeah"
>I keep playing the game on my pc
>hour passes
>she's still laying there playing on her phone
>haven't said anything else to her since she walked in the door
>2 hours pass
>still laying there
>still haven't talked to her since I asked if she is ready to go
>3 hours pass, by now the festival is over

Sorry, nine words.
You paid zero attention to her past asking her to get ready in the most passive-aggressive manner possible. She was probably talking to other people while you were absorbed in your games, to fill the void in her life.

Do you hear that? It sounds almost like landslide.

I've been here since 1994 faggot.



oh yeah? bet you can't even triforce

Something about your post man, I just want to give you a swift kick to the balls, I don't even know why.



Fucker has 42,000,000 twatter followers, more than Obummer, Trump and Hilldog combined.

I can see why she doesn't give a shit about you. And no matter how much you derail, Trump will win and fuck that dirty whore of a girlfriend you have, while you will serve refreshments to them.

u tried

I hope someone kills your family.

You're replying to the wrong guy dumbfuck. And it's fine Trump will fuck her idc, we both like Trump

That's a problem with you then you fucking mongoloid.

My girlfriend is absolutely beautiful without make up or doing fucked up shit to her hair. Either you're dating an ugly behemoth in which case you must be one if you've settled for it, or she's an okay girl and you're just beta af thinking you need every girl to look like a pop star for you to even be seen in public with them.

Guess what; your girlfriend and family opinions of you matter a lot more than some fucking loser hippies at an art festival.

>What do?

You came to the right board, I know just what you need to do. She sounds like she's got a fever and the only prescription is the red pill.

This isn't everything, but a it's a start
Follow these steps with her, and hopefully things will go better for you two.

>Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism

Also, these vids in order lay things out pretty well.

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:

>Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs -

Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:

>Jews admit organizing White Genocide

also see

The facts about slavery in North America:

>The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery: What Jewish Historians Say, By Dr. David Duke (embed)

Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:

>Anti-White Propaganda

Cultural Marxism in action, polictical correctness. The tip of the blade:

>PJTV - Bill Whittle - The Narrative - Political Correctness

Does this sound familar at all?

>Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told! - Part #04 @TGSNTtv

The Holocaust

>Holocaust Truth

>David Irving - The Biggest Lie

You're also replying to the wrong guy, dude.

>tfw Libs always hated Trumps hair
>This happens
>they collectively lose their shit over it

Why would she want to get all dressed up in public and nice in public when she has to be seen with you cuck? A graphic tee wearing fucking nerd that plays fucking PC games and has no balls to call her fucking out.

She hates you because you are a pushover, a fucking piece of shit fedora lord. She regrets meeting you and doesn't want to be caught being seen in public with your dorky fucking ass. It's embarrassing to her. She wants to leave your fucking ass but just feels to sorry for you and she will probably go out and cheat on your ass (if she hasn't already) just to shittest you and see if you can finally muster up enough balls or energy to call her out or leave her because it will make her feel better about herself.

Other than that, kill yourself faggot.

You are a fucking waste.

She's not bad looking she needs her friends to give her a makeover or something pretty badly

She's redpelled she knows niggers are stupid and she likes Trump, I already showed her the gumballs. Maybe she's too red pulled and that's why she doesn't wear the makeup, idk shit is fucked up

My bad

Those who do trump good gets good man.

>she's not bad looking

>she needs a make over pretty badly

Pick one.

Even my politically neutral workaholic mother knows who he is nigger.

She would have been fine being seen in public with me if I wanted to go but I didn't want to go without her changing her outfit first.

You're right I should have called her out on wearing makeup I guess and told her to put on some makeup first instead of assuming she knew

Gues I'll do that next time

Is this copy pasta or real life....?

Either way, I'm going to use it as pasta

Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!

EDIT 2: I can't believe this post blew up this much. Never thought a comment about spaghetti w ity would be my must upboated comment!

Did you tell her that you wouldn't go out with her until she changed?
No. You said "uh, are you gonna be ready soon?" and then went back to playing video games for three hours. How the fuck is she supposed to know what you want? She was clearly steaming mad at you the whole time, because she made a smartass noise at you when you said "Uh, wanna get some food?"

Did you maybe think about asking how her day went? I'm not saying you gotta bend over backwards for her, but some simple fucking communication might help.

It's not even worth it. You're complete shit, you'll never get it, and you'll be alone with your vidya soon enough.

What the fuck did I just read? Are you really that much of a faggot? Please rid yourself from this world, and do us all a huge favor.

Why can't I find any clips on jootube of Hillary's appearance on this very same show? The one with the surgical mask and hand sanitizer. Even the few short clips that come up in search results have fucked up sound.

Youtube is Google, and Google buries negative Hillary results. Is that TV appearance considered such a bad look by Hillary that it is being buried?

She would have probably been upset if I told her to change and it would hurt her feelings.

This is going beyond the level of beta.

It's like by some miracle a Cred Forumstard has managed to get a girl and doesn't know how to act around it.

Oh dear god is this for real, is this really happening?

Yeah, because you're not giving her a single reason to get changed.
She just got home from work and was probably a bit sick of your shit.

Obviously this succeeded. You have Trump supporters cheering their boy and Hilltards watching breathlessly waiting for him to fuck up

If you want to fuck a clown just buy her a rainbow wig man. How fucking insecure are you and conceited if you're gonna get so worked up over nothing then want her to doll up because you wan't people to notice her.

Seriously buy the shotty and hook your big toe up with it.

Can we get more on white genocide? My wife is like 80% redpilled but called me a conspiracy theorist when I brought this up

Her appearance airs Monday.

i really want to punch you for some reason.

If this was thread derailing bait, by the way, you did a really amazing job and are a master at it.

I really dislike your character.

>Dress Nice
>Jeans and a graphic tee

Lol! Literally the wardrobe of a teenager.

>Wants girlfriend to prioritize
>Plays on his computer for 3 hours.

Literally the behavior of a teenager.

>Talks about being enlightened
>As if it is some kind of social norm to fit in

Literally the needs of a teenager

If you are one, fair enough, I condone this.

If you are not I strongly urge you to sell your stupid computer and graphic tees and endulge into more ambitious prospects in your life.

You know, that thing all men used to do before virtual entertainment impotized them. What was it called? Oh yeah! GROWTH!

Maybe then your ogre girlfriend will respect you enough to look good with you when you go out in public.

>Graphic Tee and Jeans

Seriously I just can't...

you are a little fucking bitch

and now she sees you as a fucking pushover, a fucking joke, because you are too afraid to rock the boat and tell her what you want to do.

what you should have done was:
1. get off of your fucking game
2. sit down on the bed with her or stand over the top of her
3. tell her to get ready you're waiting

if she did nothing or said no:
4. tell her again clearly

if nothing again:
5. make physical contact with her, try to drag her off the bed and give her a smack on the bottom and tell her again

if she starts reacting angrily:
6. ask her what's up and why she's acting out
7. try to sort through it
8. if she is just being a cunt get angry at her and call her out and go out all by yourself, if she still loves you she will call you and beg you to come home, she was sorry, etc.

if she starts acting cheekily:
6. have a play fight
7. fuck her brains out
8. go get something to eat together

Something tells me the gamer gives her very undesirable dicking, which is why she doesn't even bother showering any more.

I would gladly fuck his ugly smelly girlfriend with the lights out, just for the satisfaction of helping a fellow human being get what they need.

>being a beta cucknugget
>dating someone you clearly loathe
>being such an awkward fuck you just sit there silently for hours on end
>posting /r9k/ on Cred Forums

Thank you for correcting the record.

>the gamer

I play like an hour a day and she doesn't smell bad it just makes her hair look weird. Ive nailed girls that shower everyday that have smelled way worse.

Also I dick her pretty decently desu


If a Jew was on a sinking boat with 50 gold bars and his family, guess what's going overboard.

I wasn't aware for the longest time that he hosts the show Jay Leno had. Probably the different set threw me off.

"I play for an hour a day."

>moments ago describes an instance where he played for three hours straight instead of making contact with her

"B-but that was my girlfriend's fault! If she wasn't busy texting her male co-worker behind my back I swear I would have stopped playing!"

After the first hour I laid next to her and browsed /k/ and Cred Forums on my phone which I guess is objectively worse than playing vidya

>grognard talking about dating like it's training a dog
>likely drops spaghetti any time a vagina queefs at him
>thinks he's hard
You're either one of those guys with numerous failed relationships who thinks he's a Casanova surrounded by cunts, or a someone who's never been in a relationship. Neither's looking good, chief.

I understand not wanting to miss any happenings but come on man.

Go on /k/ and ask them which shotgun is most comfortable resting against the back of your throat.

Apart from the mandatory shilling required of him I got the feeling (((Jimmy Fallon))) likes Trump. Or at least doesn't despise him like most.

>>grognard talking about dating like it's training a dog
it really is though
>>likely drops spaghetti any time a vagina queefs at him
no dude queefing is hot af i make my gfs pussy queef all the time

What is wrong with you?


Can someone post the gif of Hillary riding down the polls in a stretcher?

And honestly dude you don't know how fucking lucky it is to have a gf that doesn't want to wear make-up and shit

Ones where they have to get dress up and put on make-up for half-an-hour just to literally go down the road to get something to eat are the worst and a drain on your fucking time.

>see all the replies
>read story
>no payoff
rly makes you think

Dude I'm a 19 yrs old Leaf and I still know

did not read fat guy swinging lightsaber. gif

Highly suspicious that the kikes are giving Trump positive media coverage.

I dont trust Trump anymore.

This never gets old

Are you me? My gf is the exact same. She puts on a dress occasionally and looked really good, but most of the time she dresses like a guy. She doesn't wear makeup either. I put effort into looking good when I go out with her, but she doesn't put a lot of effort in. At least she is very hygienic.


He's the SNL faggot that had to look directly into the camera and laugh in every skit.

The time lines belong to us!

Jesus fucking Christ man, between the typos, the dumb fucking story ,the way you are describing yourself and the fact that now the entire thread is derailed by all of this I can´t tell If you are just pretending or you are this fucking stupid
It doesn´t actually matter, because the answer is the same either way: Kill your fucking self you fucking faggot
there, done, now have your fucking (you)

I reported him and the mods didn't do shit

Nah he's just your typical nu-male beta faggot. Probably browses Cred Forums and leddit

Well, it was a pretty great interview. Trump was great and you could hear Fallons adoration in his voice.

Anyone think Jimmy could be a 4channer? We could be anyone you know.

>Cred Forums
I fucking wish I could pick two.

>they actually deleted the original post
Shit, I didn´t thought that reporting would actually work on Cred Forums. Nice one user

Mainstream tv getting ready for the possibility of a trump presidency.

chug bleach
t. the human race

You have to go back

Well, I'll be damned.

Fucking five star post mate.

>played games for five hours
>blames problems in relationship on other party

honestly you didn't provide enough info for any stranger to know whether she has a shitty day at work or if she's genuinely depressed or if you just can't assess a situation...

the fact that you're asking us (random assholes) what the problem/solution is rather than just talking it out with her is part of the problem you fucking cunt

figure out whether you're going to be the man or woman of the relationship (because clearly she's in control right now) and once you know what YOU want you can figure out whether she'll fit into that picture

a relationship is analogous to a dance, someone is leading for the vast majority of it

if it isn't you, then it's gotta be her

>let's go get food, I'm hungry
>doesn't move for five hours
>thinks other party has problems

go kill her while she's sleeping and then kill yourself
maybe force her to shower while you kill her so the point sinks in (figuratively and literally)


this is amazing
Even the most bluepilled normalfag would laugh at this shit

And it's getting better every time I watch it

Probably a newfag, doesn't even remember where this comes from

I'm glad to see at least one of these late show hosts puts being funny before their liberal agenda.

I wonder how hard they're going to backtrack, now that they know they'll all be desperate for Trump's ratings.

Will they go for a grovelling apology, pretend like it never happened, try to force talk show hosts into endless Trump gotchas that will drive him and his ratings away, or will they let trump have an absolute monopoly?

whoa... so this is the power of sliding threads
great job!

Issn't he THE most watched talkshow host?

videos of Hillary where he wears a mouth guard posted yet?

Is this ralselzlereal?

kys immediately

Never ever. Non meme version.

>gotcha moments
That's what comes next. They realise they can't stump him so next is the classic "ha ha we just had you give this reaction we gotcha"

Then comes bargaining. Maybe Trump's policies will work, maybe the ideas aren't as bad as we once said.

After that might come acceptance. Might.