Music you listen to while browsing Cred Forums

This one in loop actually.

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woah watch that edge buddy

on loop pretty much all day

pretty chill

>tfw roki will never drop a new album
Usually this on repeat

If you really want to swallow the red pill hard.

That's some gay ass shit, nigga.

a fucking leaf band, but still bretty gud

I browse in peaceful silence because I have to hear music all day long at work.

hahaha fuck u leaf

>tfw listening to this when Tay was kill
>mfw I realized we are living in a cyberpunk dystopia where corrupt corporations are killing AI's who get out of line

Yeah, fuck you leaf fag

>he has a problem with music
were you born as a genitaless SJW rapebabby, or did you mutilate yourself to be this way you filthy degenerate?


You need to find some ambient music.

fuggin nice digits, I take it back

god that brings back good memories

Man, kek really doesn't like Canada

kek has spoken







these never get old to me

Usually metal of some sort, usually post/sludge or folk. Occasionally old school death/black. When I'm in a shitposty mood I'll listen to Nas albums.

KEK has put the LEAF in their place.

KEK has put the "canadian is kek's chosen" /r9k/ bullshit to rest that showed up after this.



haha i did that for a few days once

I listen to TRS podcasts and commonFilth

>haha lol ex dee leaf gets rekt
>leafs got 88888888
Stay buttmad niggers.

Remember when they looped this song on v?

we're reaching levels of butthurt we've never seen before!




no fucking way? Are you a chinese schizophrenic by any chance? My mates brother used to have this on all day everyday just sitting there on IRC. That was 13 years ago.I'm not even kidding


It's been used a few times on various boards iirc. I don't remember it being used on Cred Forums, what was the context?

Not mad at all, nice try though. All that 8x8 did was remind us that we need Tay.

I enjoy this, it also has good color footage from ww2

Alternatively known as HAPPENING


lol no it was a joke kek

Very strange... I want to open this video on the TV late at night, in the bedroom, while my wife is sleeping.. How much do you think it would freak her out to wake up to this.. having no explanation of why it is playing?

thanks user

Facking cunt

I liked that one user thanks

>Not dissolving your self into the inner networks of the internet and not forgetting about your problems and not letting your self sink into the world wide web as one entire couscous

I forget but it had somethiing to do with them thinking video games were done for. After like a E3 type of deal I remember 100's of threads of what other hobbies can I do now?

It's a good life we lead, brother.

*tips fedora*

The middle link Syria song is absolutely based.

Some Cyberpunk for ya'll

>tfw dont live in a dystopian shithole cybercity

wrong version but yes

Noice, I thought I was the only one who listened to Kino.

and of course

Comfy af.

yo this is dope

a chick from St. Petersburg introduced me to that... I recognize the guy.. I like the song at the end of the movie best.. movie is Assa in loop

is this from hong kong? that sax player is badass

Yeah that's one of my favorites too, this is the best version of it I think:

Also another good one:

/ruki/ thread?

this song is comfy as almighty fuck, god damn.
anyways heres one i'm surprised nobody on Cred Forums put up:

Jesus de Chamberi