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Don't you fucking get it? You say you are woke but you aren't woke, you are actually asleep

There are fucking children been sacrificed all fucking day and you are shitposting about bombs and car chases

You guys aren't red pilled at all

I'm going to abort my first child just for you.


what is this madwoman doing

Why the fuck are americsns the only ones that give a fucking shit about car chases. Just go fucking watch Nascar
you retarded faggots.


nascar is boring as shit, it just cars that turn left

Orange County so I'm gonna guess she's doin' nuffin'.

Is this even live?

Police were pursuing a vehicle in the Orange County area on Saturday evening.
Aerial footage from NewsChopper 4 showed the pursuit driver run red lights, drive on the wrong side of the road and make several U-turns in an effort to avoid police.

Past tense

Shut up faggot. CAR CHASE CAR CHASE.


That's just so they don't have to change it later.

Hehe right here in town. All my OC 949/714 brahs report in.

One of the last chases ended in gunfire

It was a tazer, but yeah. It was pretty cool.
fug u. ::DDDDD

I'm guessing: Drugs.
When she's pulled over she could do something crazy.

Here's hoping.

>doesn't realise i'm shitposting about the badselfeater shit
>he gives a fuck about a car chase
TL/DW (too long didn't watch)
It always ends in disappointment

I'll admit, I didn't notice.

The digits will confirm

The commentators in the live pursuits are as entertaining as the chase itself more often than not.

Yah. Car chases are fun. They're a lot better when they're in your neighborhood though.

This one is kinda shitty tbqh, but who knows when she pops out of the door. Anything could happen.

>could be on the phone with the cops
Reminded me of this

YES i fucking LOVE these threads

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Jesus wtf are they waiting for, she's going 2 mph ffs just stop her

there's no fucking live chase

why would you do this

Keep refreshing it's back now

suspect Identified