If you can't redpill girls for Trump, you're pathetic

>Lock eyes with girl at bar
>23, Jew, cute
>Sit down, talk, get number
>She is disgusted by Trump
>See her a couple times to fuck and text
>3 weeks later a Trump voter

We need more polfags to grow some
balls and manipulate people in reality- not just behind a screen with your hand on your cock. Which is great, but we need to really outreach and grow in our communities.

Trump is a iconic leader because he projects strength, common sense, great banter, and has impenetrable skin. He disregards childish whining, name calling, and slander and stands strong with his beliefs.

Let's push hard with our ground game fuckers! Less than two months and momentum is on our side. Learn from the God Emperor! Remember, they're all sluts and can swallow anything you give them, just pick the pill you want.

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>true and honest things that actually happened to this actual pollack when he actually talked to an actual girl he actually met at an actual bar in real life

>mirror digits

Confirmed for happened

It's the "op shares his first time talking to a girl to shows he's 'alpha' to a bunch of neckbeards on /pol" thread

Why I even expected a different type of reaction is beyond me. All real, just trying to encourage some of you pessimistic cunrs.

Sorry I'm not a Chad like you OP. That slut Jewess of yours will be a slave after the Beta uprising after we put you in the coal mines.

its called a palendrome

Go away /r9k/

Shadilay brother. This is Kek's only demand, that we practice Meme Magic.

>Make liberal ideas of equality prominent and authoritive in campuses across the western world
>Promote tthe arts and humanities as being 'very smart' and important
>Nonenglish speakers will attempt and fail the humanities courses because they don't have the necessary language skills
>Allow the useful idiots to kick up a stink about 'institutional racism' and 'patriarchy' making courses too hard for the browns
>Say 'Oh well guess we have to make the courses easier and more accessible to nonenglish speakers', and then do as much.
>You now own a completely legal and legitimised diploma mill where you can charge 100k+ to babysit manchildren and give them busy work
>Anyone who calls you out is a racist misogynist homophobe


Wow OP is really alpha he definitely isn't a faggot

it is written
praise kek


oh man haha hes just normal

Dear OP, women are vacuous retards. They believe any ideology that they need to.

When the Nazifrogs invaded France, the women hoped on the Kock Karussell.


My gf says nigger and loves trump now. If I left her, she'd believe who ever the next boy is.

Too soon man. Wtf.


They are getting sneakier every day. Please save us ameribro, you are the one financing them!

It's always amusing when people on this board think that sex is some rare mystical thing that never happens. Yes, go outside and talk to actual people and you'll find that there are actual when who will have sex with you if you pursue them.

Post pics if real then. Until then it's fake.

Is this a gore thread now?

i convinced the tranny girl i hook up with a couple times a month to vote for trump, so im doing my part at least

Even if you're the lamest of betas, you can pull down 4/10's left and right if you learn how to smile.

>You added a fucking frog at the end

10/10, praise kek

no ai girlfriends for you here

I like my women like I like my coffee.
Ice cold.

I like my women like I like my sandwiches. Wrapped in plastic and kept in the fridge.

how about you post pics of her big guy

Haha, shut up, nerd

It's cool and neat how you recapped the whole story in the text, telling her how she was a jew liberal scared of Trump.

Very believable 5/7

I like my women like I like my memes: dank, senseless, and spread everywhere.

>iphone screenshot are .jpg
>640x1136 resolution

What the fuck are you even talking about

>interacting with kikes
top hasbara

I'm a Jew. But I am on your side pol. Even if you loathe me.