Why does the media hate the Orthodox Church?

Why does the media hate the Orthodox Church?

>Pope Francis' enormous popularity -- his Twitter accounts in different languages have a total of about 30 million followers, about as many as Bill Gates and more than Adele -- is a consequence of his openness to diversity and a softer approach to dogma. He represents a modernized Catholic Church. By contrast, the world's second biggest Christian denomination is proving so resistant to modernization that its plans to adopt some timid changes for the first time since the year 787 have fallen through.


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Because it's too Russian

It's also Syrian, Greek, Georgian, etc.

>Cucktholic church
>shit on by media for not sucking faggot dick and loving abortion
>Cardinals elect a commie cuck to resurrect morbid church attendance in the 1st world
>media loves cucktholic pope

>Basically Catholics minus the new-age garbage
>still hates fags, abortions, mudshits

Gee, I wonder why they like the cucktholics?

The Orthodox church is barbaric

>A Christian brother and sister from Syria felt blessed to have been among the dozen refugees selected to start a new life in Italy — but now say their savior, Pope Francis, abandoned them on a Greek island, according to a report.

>Their dreams were shattered when they were informed the following day that they would not be traveling to Rome. Instead, three Muslim families were taken.

>Pope Francis has hailed the election of London’s first Muslim mayor in a wide-ranging interview with a French newspaper.

>"When I hear talk of the Christian roots of Europe, I sometimes dread the tone, which can seem triumphalist or even vengeful. It then takes on colonialist overtones," Pope Francis said.

Meanwhile, with the Orthodox Church this year
>Such an important aspect of modern life like mass migration is not left unattended. Unlike the Catholic approach that unduly favors migrants, particularly in Europe, the Orthodox notices the negative nature of the process, as well as the fact that it leads to confrontation of different identities and value systems. In addition, the Orthodox Church propose to look at the roots of this phenomenon. The reason for the migration is the liberal, hedonistic ideology bleeding the peoples of Europe and the interests of the capitalist elite, who need a cheap and disenfranchised workforce:

>Attempts by indigenous people of the rich countries to stop the migration flow are futile, because they come in conflict with the greed of their own elites who are interested in the low-wage workforce.

>muh "Francis is liberal" meme
Stop buying into media bullshit, leaf.


>never underestimate the power of white people voting for their own best interests over threats of racism


Matthew 10:22 is why

>And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

And this is coming from a Baptist

wew lad, guess you missed the two posts above you?

The tragic thing is that it will be better for her and her people long term too. More prosperity, better education and other institutions for children/citizens. A higher standard of living. But because a Disney movie told her a sweet lie, we must import all of our own collective replacements into the workforce. And all the equally tragic preeners, "oh I'm rich and educated" acting like the world isn't majority ditch digger. Foolish.

Implying he's not a heretic

Okay, we are definitely more organize than the left. Would it be wrong to kill them? If we could institutionalize a society that is peaceful, diverse, protected and happy would killing these people be bad?

Her, maybe its a Gabe :^)

!!!!!! im out

>Letting a Jesuit into a position of authority

Random PR stunt that means nothing.

The left still fucking hates Catholicism. Trust me.

so they are targeting the orthodox church now? hope they don't give in like the protescucks

They do hate Catholicism, but they like Francis because he is a literal South American-Style leftist.

>"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel."

Trump should've called him out for being the head of the largest child-raping organization in the world, but he needs those cucktholic votes.

The Pope is a Faggot. Hes no man of God. Just a old fart who probably molested children and washes muslims feet.

The Orthodox Church is guided by the Spirit of Truth (unlike the rest of Christendom). God doesn't give in.

Didn't he invite Sanders to the Vatican?

Why do these arrogant fucks think their ideas are the right ones, progressivist, modern?
Ideas have no inherent value unto themselves but only have meaning when put on a context
Moral values are subject to their cultural environment
why would leftists want to change the values of an institution they have no business in (besides destroying its moral foundations)


Wow I wonder