Redpill me on marriage pol

Redpill me on marriage pol.
I am getting married next week to my girlfriend of 5 years. What should I expect?

Your life to be over.

Enjoy raising someone else kid.


>she'll stop cooking
>her mother will transform her beliefs
>sex only on birthdays ... maybe
>"You love your -thing you enjoy doing- more than you love me!"
>"We need to go to counseling"

There are no DNA tests in Brazil?


Divorce within 10 years, bankruptcy and ruinous child support payments for another 15 or so, as you live in a shitty 1-room apt and she keeps the house you're paying for. Prolly a restraining order too.

Thank you for reminding me...


you will go to some douche that will talk some bullshit about your responsibilities about being married. then you both have to sign some shit document which gives you financial privileges. then you go home and have to wear a ring for the rest of your life. or until you get divorces, in which care you find that these financial privileges have now become a crippling financial burden. but only if you have kids or did not get a prenup.

children are awesome thou so it's worth the risk.

Don't forget all this while some other guy fucks her in your bed. You get to pay for that.


7-1 lost its impact when you fucks couldnt contain yourself and went 10-0

>Of 5 years
Damn mudslime!

Figured the OP needed to discover some things for himself....

>What should I expect?
Depends on her an you. If you are a smart guy and she is a smart girl, then you might start a family and stay together forever.

If you fight regularly, then expect a divorce in the next 3-8 years and child alimony.

Cheaper and safer to find a fuck buddy

No more sex, and she'll gain 75 pounds.


Me in the back.

Are you going to take care of her, and provide for her? Did you pick a woman who didn't go through a slut 'period', and who wants a strong family, and to be a homemaker while you're raising children? If yes, then you'll be fine.

If no, then you need to seriously think about why you're doing this.

You're a fucking idiot. Marriage is the business model of the modern female and the blueprints to your financial and mental destruction in entirety. If the cunt needs a legal contract exclusively designed to destroy a man, the cunt is disposable. Don't be a fool. If you want to throw your life away, buy a weekend of open truthful whores and cocaine and blow your brains out Sunday evening.

Fucking bluepilled idiot. Cunts are evolved to be disposable and easily replaced holes.

No sex for 8 weeks


I always love when someone gets Cred Forums in my Cred Forums

Why get married when you can just fuck married women like I do?

Friendly reminder that being a Christian and marrying a Christian woman is awesome. I love my life. Praise Jesus Christ, the son of God.

truthful trips

Let him suffer.


Have fun getting divorced, and having absolutely no rights in the family law system.

Did you argue once? Well you committed family violence. Have fun buddy! I hope Anita gives you good sex before it ends and she drags you through the mud.

Assrape in jail? Probably not in America.
Young fag detected

I don't know what you should expect but I wish you guys the best.

awwwww Canada, that was sweet

9th of May 1945

It will be awesome. You can rape her legally. There is always divorce if things get bad.
[spoiler]or kill her[/spoiler]

Dead man walking.

Past your bedtime, millennial kiddo. Sleep is the only place where your delusional utopia exists. Leave adult talk to the grown ups that have lived life outside of the glowing screens you call existence. Shitstain snowflake cunt.


If you don't already live together there's that bump to get over, but otherwise it really depends how you both view getting married and how your/her expectations about marriage are different than whatever else you called your relationship before then.

>Redpill me on marriage pol.

I don't think those brand of redpills are in stock anymore m8

fellow Cred Forumsartan

desu my wife is super submissive to me, I feel like Im raping her half the time i initiate sex but once things get going shes always first to cum

>What should I expect?
you'll die faster, look like shit in 4 years, suffer more than you ever have... in other words, a more shitty life. If you have children take all the shit I mentioned put them inside these ( ) and put this ^2 beside them.

does anyone have the other version of this?

You guys, some people end up being good fathers and husbands, it's not all shit. Maybe for you all. :(

absolutely savage

Tay Tay got interrupted by Kanye as she was receiving a moonman music award. In which he promoted a song about unmarried women who would like to get married.

If you aren't practically the same person then expect cheating, hate, and divorce.

stop feeling so hard, these guys are just cynical pussies

t. a good husband and father

Operation Barbarossa

>Marriage in 2016

>Man faces all of the risks
>Everyone knows this, especially the woman you're married to
>There is nothing enforcing the man's wants and needs
>She can, and will, stop being supportive, stop having sex with you
>She can, and likely will, start having sex with other men
>There's nothing you can do about it
>Violence, intimidation, manipulation will not work in your favor
>You can divorce her (meaning your chance at having a child is over - good luck affording a child while paying for the child you were previously married to - so she can enjoy an easy life).

Remember: the state enforces ALL of the woman's wants and needs (at the expense of the man's)
>No fault divorce and alimony
Guaranteed payout for the woman, even if she is unfaithful (she can have sex with other people and you can't stop her - if you divorce her it works out in her favor)
>Women gain FULL custody in 85% of cases, men only get full custody in less than 5% of cases

Not to mention one simple lie that you were abusive or violent (as minor as raising your voice at her) and you can kiss your kids, home, and cars goodbye.

Also, as a father, if you say you "love your kids" in court - you are branded as 'extreme'

Everything regarding marriage works against you, in her favor.

There is NOTHING enforcing your wants and needs. Nothing.

It's in women's nature to be disgusted by men who they can control. This explains why over 75% of divorces are initiated by women. In marriage they hold all of the cards, and you don't hold any. And they know it.

Truthful and the superior trips

Listen to The Fatherland on

>What should I expect?

says the guy whos never been married to a woman who isnt trash. get off the internet fag

>a woman who isnt trash.

Can you read?

>It's in women's nature to be disgusted by men who they can control. This explains why over 75% of divorces are initiated by women.

If she controls you, she's disgusted by you. Fact. Doesn't matter if she's trash or not.

You must be sure to choose her really well, or it's like the other ones have said.
Choose a Christian redpilled girl, who wants to have lot of children and doesn't play the "I have nothing" game.

spot on analysis leafbro

your missing the point that its not a fact cuz not all women are trash. you are not experienced in marraige, I am

Now user you might think it's funny since it couldn't be real in first world country but have you ever heard about France? You have no rights for paternity tests even if your white GF got you mullatto, you need court order to force cunt to take it, but only around 1500 from 15 000 yearly get's approved and this number is getting lower every year, oh you got your paternity tests from Spain and want to use them at French court? Now you don't have just alimony and divorce but also 15 000€ fine (not joking)
Reason? Pretty simple, french have this: 'Paternity is not decided by biology but by society'
Well and then we have funny lands like Canada where you can get alimony just for dating a woman with kid, and so on...


What's she like? Does she have a job?

post more rare qt swift for the love of god

>not all women are trash.

But all women are disgusted by a man who they have control over.

The average marriage ends in divorce (most initiated by women), you're not gonna convince anyone kid.

There is literally nothing from stopping your wife from turning into a bitch. You can't hit her. You can't divorce her without huge ramifications.

This is a recipe for disaster.

Why are you arguing with this guy?

Not gonna get anywhere and you're gonna look worse the more you commit to defending marriage to him.

If you have not been in marriage for 20 years with at least three different women then no, your subjective experience with your special snowflake wife means shit in comparison to available data.

youre implying my wife doesnt adhere to traditional gender roles, youre also implying I dont as well

cuz im not phone posting for once, and it doesnt rustle my jimmys so i think im safe lol


Damn Russia no need to talk about the total decimation.

>youre implying my wife doesnt adhere to traditional gender roles, youre also implying I dont as well

What's stopping her from not adhering to traditional gender roles? Nothing? That's what I thought.

Your wants and needs are not enforced in any way, but all of hers are.

>your marriage will fail because of statistics


t. Beta Cuck

>Your marriage won't fail because she's so different from the other women

Said every man who ever got married.

But user, that spineless faggot doesn't measure up to being a real man either because it's a (((gender role))). His needs are garbage, just like his tumblrina ass.

The most important question is have you lived together already? Because if it's been 5 years cohabitating without wanting to kill each other, then yeah you'll be fine.

nihilism at its finest everyone lol seriously though get out in the real world and meet a real girl. my wife and I are both devout christians, I think Im fine

They definitely look bigger.

What's your favorite way of bringing a woman to orgasm, user?

The phenomenon of people not getting married is the real driving force behind the failing economy.

>more single parents
>less money to spend
>lower household incomes
>more kids growing up in poverty and being retarded/criminals
>more kids growing up with a single mother and having absolutely zero balls, brains, and plethora of emotional problems
>shitty kids grow up to be shitty adults, results in even less marriage, dependent on the state, low income
>no money to spend, raising their kids in poverty
>circular effect that ruins the economy

>my wife and I are both devout christians, I think Im fine

Yeah no Christian has ever gotten a divorce. Great point dude. I'm sure she's so different from all of the other women out there.

Said every man who got married ever.


Nihilism? What the fuck. It's a fact. What's stopping your wife from divorcing you tomorrow? What's stopping your wife from fucking other men? What's stopping your wife from abusing you emotionally?

Are any of your needs enforced? This is basic human interaction shit.

If one side has all of the power and no risks, you can expect them to use it. That's just human nature.

lol well youre wrong again cuz Ive never said that. you just told a lie, on the internet.... naughty. can you honestly tell me more about my life than you can? you are so dead set against marriage it obviously wouldnt work with your mindset. you just keep

>not going to the Balkan mountains to find Qt Greek or Albanian
>Marrying American whore who cant make homemade Baklava


And people aren't getting married because it's bad for men.

>All of the risks
>No rewards
>Nothing keeping your wife from being a bitch
>Nothing keeping your wife from cheating
>Nothing keeping your wife from spending your money

But one wrong move and she can wreck your life. Nobody with a brain is gonna take that deal.

You MGTOW subhumans are no better then other degnerates. There's plenty of room in the ovens for you fucks.

>what is love

Good luck man I hope she really is different from the rest and I hope she doesn't suddenly turn into a trash girl.

All you can do is hope I guess.

Holy shit, is that her bellybutton? Damn, thats hot.

ur a gay

Come on user, spill your sex secrets you lothario.