I'm hungry for flags. If you are in an obscure country/territory/place that is rarely seen here, pleas post!

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Typical leaf post.

Go fuck your sister, Murican.

Useless leaf


I got you canabro

blow away leaf

Nice proxy faggot


I'm an American in Kabul fuccboi, go change your diaper

Thanks man! #121 for me. Highlights so far are Norfolk Island, Cocos and Keeling Islands and Saudi Arabia.

>any of those

LMAOing @ ur life

Can to share what you consider rare, asshole?

*care to

fuck me



go fuck yourself you cocksucker.

Got a Steath.

i'm p rare

Lol I see you almost every day. Mostly on spanish Cred Forums threads.

Nice one!

Thanks bruh

Saint Lucia

seen pitcairn islands, cayman islands, and whatever that stealth norwegian one is.

didn't save any of them, how does that make you feel, leaf?

Yalla Yalla

You got me Syrupbro ?


New one! Thanks and fuck global warming

soldier, native or proxy?

soldier, native or proxy? Hope you are safe.


>Not knowing the US Soldier user currently in afghanistan


rare reporting, check it.

Why are you not in europe yet?


Well am trying to get a scholarship and go there

Principality of Andorra, represent

what Norwegian island are you talking about ? if Aland, then it's a Finnish Autonomous Island (and yes I'v seen it here bunch of times)

Requesting a super rare proxy fag to bring me Marshall Islands

>tfw been here so long it's hard to find a flag to collect
197 flags btw

well now

I dont have Marshall but I have Virgin. Here ya go.

Should I go to the Marshall Islands just to shitpost?

Have a freebie.

I got that flag

wtf Moldova

Not really rare, but any anons just starting a collection might not have me? Only ever seen 2 of us here

your flag is a 404

He's talking about Svalbard

Us minor outlying islands here

I'm bored so just dumping some shit. Got Turkmenistan?

Sup bitch.

What the fuck

Have a Macao.

Check me

Yep I got that one too

Anybody have Vatican City? I saw somebody poste one on Cred Forums years ago but didn't save it because I was hoping to save one from a vatican city poster myself.


i'm not that rare but if you don't have me , here you go

lul Andoran is cuck planet that Empire blows up

you are welcome


Get out.

stealth rare reporting in

You are experienced. Rate my collection. Some aren't rare i know but how is it so far?

>not even the best korea
kill yourself already


Hows life living next to roaches?

add me to the collection m8 :'(

Pleb here reporting in.

Get out of here Rahdo

It alright, we're becoming the Switzerland of the Mediterranean and a (not so) YUUUGE wall keeps the roaches out. Niggers and shitskin immigrants mostly avoid us because no welfare and no easy citizenship. Life's bretty good

Moi Sopsy.

What rules do you guys play by when it comes to flag collecting?

Technically it's super easy to collect all of them, but I feel it's kind of cheating.

So for me they only count if they come from a Cred Forums post that hasn't hit the archive yet.

>tfw I saw a fucking tree before I started collecting

Nice collection, I don't have any of those flags, I know the Nazi is impossible to get though and the outer space/unknown lol

Here is my collection, all legit collected too


You're just Netherlands with a lighter bottom. Only seen you twice, though.


some people say i'm rare.

Sometimes a flag I think looks nice ill add. But mostly looking for rares. Its like a recreation or some shit. I'm lax with collecting

>collecting flags
fuck that

you're just a leaf

Ton of Caribbean flags!!!

>being this autistic

Rare Taured

mind giving me picture proof of your flag by posting passport/money with timestamp?

this applies to anyone that doesnt mind doing this

Got this one?

Thanks. I also have Vaporwave Bhutan if you want it.

My rules are :
Always from /pol
-Get a pic with the whole post of the dude just in case some faggot doesnt believe me when i show the whole map.
Also only posts i've seen,not posts someone directed me to ..neither archive.

What the fuck is this Cred Forums slide shit
>people seriously responded to this
Holy hell Cred Forums what are you doing?

how the fuck did you snipe that one.

My mouse was on the flag. I shat myself when I found that.

It's a fun distraction that broadens our knowledge of the world.

anyone wanna help me expand my collection here?


...Should I be checking every France so as to not miss a hyper-rare shiny?

Can't be an attached file.


If you want to. But make sure to snap the post as well so noone thinks you just named france re.

Yep. I hate lazy faggots that collect them.

lol i got a confirmed brunei user by getting a picture out of him
btw can you do the same

fuck off, sperg

we're all spergs

I got a legit unknown from some /k/ thread that got moved to Cred Forums in a freak incident. All of the non-flag posts from /k/ showed up on Cred Forums as unknowns.

Don't even think about saving.


Find flag you want - click on any Cred Forums flag, and replace two letters before .gif with country letters, not that hard to view FTP unlisted links.


United Arab Emirates

Another newflag tbread baka

French Polynesia

I'm just linking stuff I don't see everyday. Have all of these.

Have a freebie

pretty cool flag desu

Hey... Is this that Deployed bro?

Or you can use the Wikipedia listing for top level internet domains.

Kinda defeats the point though doesn't it.

Bumping with more stealth

Ultra rare

Sri Lanka



Its fake

He's just a namefag right? What does PK mean?

Hey there

Proxy King. He changes his IP to different rares. He's like JapanLady except i think he only stays on Vatican City


it's okay hong kong, you'll always be special to me!

Whoa man, this flag ! gotta say never heard or seen it before !

Boatloads of our students seem to go fish in your pond waiting to jump to mainland, seen any of them ? preetymuch every newspaper advert section are filled with 'student visa to Cyprus' ads !

USN ain't rare, get outta here

r8 my collection


good collection m8

Fug i nearly missed you!

It looks just like the norwegian flag, only a bit darker blue cross. Thst flag must be unofficial.

Γεία σας

Lost my collection when pc broke, these are the rarest i have found after that

Is Guyana rare? I also have the Congo