Post election violence?

What will happen when it dawns on normies that their beliefs aren't the norm anymore, particularly when Donald Trump gets elected president? Are they actually going to accept the results of the election or are we going to see violent riots?

They've spent the last several months declaring him to be literally worse than Hitler, to the point that they had to look for a word that sounded nazier than nazi to describe his supporters (hence all this blather about the "alt right").

They've all grown up watching movies and TV shows about how cool it is to kill nazis and assassinate Hitler, and if they think half the USA is worse than the nazi party, can they be trusted not to become violent when the election doesn't go their way? Will we be safe from these people if they find out we voted for the incorrect timeline?

Now is the time to stock up on ammunition and replace those flimsy locks on your doors. I foresee there being a run on them soon if the left starts compiling lists of suspected Trump supporters and their addresses and posting them on the internet.

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George, that's the oath U.S. Soldiers take, not the president. What a dummy goofball!

Thousands of normies are retweeting and posting it to facebook without even looking that up. This is what the media and celebrities do to people. If a celebrity said it and it sounds clever, it goes without saying that it must be true.

>A nigger
There's your problem.

I expect riots either way. It's just a question of who will be doing the rioting.

it has become evident that an american silent majority has been silencd and disregarded away for a while

the (((media))) has been doing a gret job keeping it out of sight and feeling impotent, now it is all coming out at once

there is a group of many really indoctrinated stupid people who so far had been able to spout their dumb shit and were rewarded forit

the useful idiots

so yeah it'll be intereting to see this loud, stupid and dense people suddenly have to deal with actual disagreement from others and a reality that betrays them

I expect many to go into shock, others in denial, some might embreace it


>having a respectable opinion
This guy acts like a wannabe "science guy". Almost as bad as the actual

Liberals are faggy scrawny cuckholds, do you really have to ask?

They can only respond in passive-aggression form.

They won't do shit. Especially the ones claiming they will move to Canada.


I hope we get a massive chimpout when Trump takes office. That'd give us a reason to move in and cleanse these fuckers once and for all.

Isn't that the "world's biggest dick guy"?

George Takei making another man feel good.


Holy fuck when did this happen? I know he's gay but that kind of behavior on tape is downright self-debasing.



Has he even done anything notable since star trek?

He's like a mixture of Black Science Man and "common sense" Horsey.

I honestly believe some have gotten so hyped up on Trump being Hitler, that when he wins, they'll lose all hope and commit suicide.
I don't endorse such actions, but if it's SJW liberals doing it, I won't shed a tear.

What's going to happen is business as usual for the most part. The left and what's left of the media will continue taking things out of context. Google/Kikebook/Twitter will also continue pushing their agenda and censoring. All of Obama's and Clinton's failures will start to pour out next year. They've delayed and curbed FOIA and other information that would show Clinton in a negative light. Obama's Healthcare failure will come to fruition next year and is unavoidable. They will try to pin this all on Trump. There's likely more.

FYI his husband (not pictured) was devastated when he found out georgie boy did this.

You guys can't be serious.

>celebrity kike mouthpieces and their lunatic SJW followers

Pick one. Normies are for the most part apolitical and don't really care about who's president. They will go on with their lifes whatever happens. Quite a lot of them even like Trump on some level.

Get your carry license if you need one
Get a Trump hat AND wear it
Peacefully discuss issues with SJWS
If assaulted use necessary force

i hope everyone understands theimportance of positive and negative eugenics

Liberals say they'll get violent then realize they have no guns and will be starting shit with people who hate their guts and have guns.

I've been thinking about this recently too. Whatever the outcome of the election we're going to have a significant portion of the population that just won't be able to accept the result. It's really not good for the country.

as usual the gommie liberal """peace""" lovers are the violent racist sexists that will immediately spring to violence when they realize that even through the severely rigged system they laud so much because it is extremely in their favour, innately so, they still lost
this will *trigger* them like nothing else and they will look for any and all scapegoats, beating people who disagree with them for death despite having known them for fifty years, disowning family members, urging for literal armed revolution
there can be no other way, this is left-wingism, it helps that they manipulate the innately violent negroes and spics too

I remember when I saw that image with the filename "Moot on his way to work.gif"

come on george you cant seriously believe this

We'll either have the shortest civil war in human history or mass suicides or both.

member when shitty actors weren't viewed as the end-all-be-all when it comes to politics

well they're certainly not going to use GUNS to do it.

No I do not.

We probably will see violent riots, but they will be easily contained by red state governors. Obama will do nothing but sabotage shit, but he won't be able to do enough without starting a civil war, and he ain't that stupid.

Re tweet it back to his twitter so all those Normie idiots see it.

Didn't this guy perform oral sex on the Howard Stern show before?

Trump wouldn't be elected if normies actually bought the media's bullshit.

>less than 6%

Judging by Trumps good luck so far George will soon be raped to death by mudslimes Kek wills it.

>be faggot
>support the candidate who's paid for by Saudi Arabia
>hate the candidate who will stop the flow of muslims into the country

u wot

japanese people just laugh at this guy for being such a faggot
you'd assume he would have a lot of fans here, but nope

I'm kinda curious Nihon-shiki, so let's be candid: What does Nippon think of The Trump?

They won't do shit except maybe a couple of riots. Hopefully Trump will give a shoot to kill order.

This really pissed me off!
Foreign & Domestic threat?
That's why he has the endorsement of majority servicemen, border patrol, guard and now police?
Why is he opposed by most neocons/warhawks who made the critical mistakes which got us here?

>aren't the norm anymore

They are still the norm in certain circles.

Takei is a cuck. How many American citizens has Trump killed? Compare that to how many Clinton has killed and continues to have killed.

well trump said he supports the police . obama has bitched about states using the national guard to protect the cities and keep the peace

i would imagine this would be a self cleaning system if they get violent. any shit talking they do is out of fear. no abo prez to protect the liberals

This bitch rigged primary voter fraud, had Seth Rich killed, perjured herself to congress & probably FBI over illegal arms transfers into Syria, currently the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, red baiting nuclear war w Russia after overseeing uranium deal for illicit donations, exposed for Haitian charity grift, exposed for Saudi arms /donations used against Yemen, Iran deal/bribery unraveling, Monsanto running FDA, pro-fracking, full Hedge Fund support, & approaching 70% with credibility.
Yet, Trump's the problem.

general image is that he's a buffoon who has no chance of winning
this is a media-created image, he's not hated though, just laughed at because the media presents him as laughable

Normies won't particularly care. You're confusing normies with radfaggot sjws like your OP pic

In circles of Starbuck barristas with a Vagina Studies Phd?


College is bullshit. Get a real job or start a business.

sjws will die out when theyre forced to get jobs

"Normies" will quickly fall into the ranks of the Trumpenproletariat.

Leftists and their pet marxist footsoldier criminal shitskins?

They will have to be physically suppressed.

@DPRK_News is probably my favorite Twitter account.

>hillary loses with 38%
>shitlibs protest saying "we! are! the thirty-eight per-cent!"
it's going to be irritating

Maybe Russia is right about the gays

>inb4 they try to petition for California to secede and be claimed by Mexico

its all so true it hurts im just so excited!!