Gary Johnson

Is voting for this guy actually a viable option this election, or would a person simply be throwing away his/her vote, as has been the case with all other third party candidates in the past?

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He doesn't even have eyebrows. Only an ignoramus would consider voting for him.


No he sucks. He isnt even libertarian.

I'm writing in Bernie AMA


might as well smear crap on your vote

I think he blew his shot and made himself a joke at the town hall.

>Is voting for this guy actually a viable option this election,
No. It's Trump or Hillary. Especially after you see his meltdown over the term illegal immigrants, where at the end he admits that "illegal immigrant" is the accurate and correct term to use.

.Johnson is a slave name

>center right

Of course you'd be throwing away your vote.

Your vote is meaningless anyway unless you live in a swing state.

Why don't you vote for Jill Stein instead?


who left my han solo out in the fucking sun?

Every candidate sucks

My wife's son and I both agree, we're going to grit our teeth and #FeelTheJohnson this November.

He's not even a good libertarian to vote for. They're pushing him hard in my swing state because he's nothing more than a possible way to siphon votes from Trump.

Ordinarily I'd say go for it anyway. I was originally going to, just like I did last time around. But not this election.

He's a Globalist SJW puppet. He support TPP and he says the term illegal immigrant is racist.

I'm voting for him and I don't care what Trump, God, or a shitskinned Cred Forums canadian thinks


It's throwing away your vote for two reasons.
He has no chance to win. Zero chance. If you vote for him you might as well be not voting at all and making it easier for Hillary to win.

It's also throwing away your vote because Gary Johnson is not a libertarian. He is a far left authoritarian statist. He is a literal SJW and a globalist.
I'd rather see Hillary in the office than this guy. This guy would absolutely destroy America. Worse than Bernie.

1) third party isn't a viable option
2) if you're going to vote third party, at least vote for a cool third party candidate. I'm voting trump, but Darrell castle (constitution party) has awesome policies/platform. I actually like him more than trump, but again, trump fan actually win the election. Gary Johnson is a fucking faggot and isn't even libertarian, and he cries when people use the term "illegal immigrant", he is cringey as fuck, he spent $30k on a photoshoot for pic related, he supports TPP, and he considers Hillary "a great public servant." He's certainly not better than Castle or Trump, and I honestly think I would prefer Hillary over Johnson because Hillary is evil and corrupt but she isn't nearly as cringeworthy as that dipshit.

I hope 3rd parties do well this year and we see reform eventually (that'll never happen)


he bent the knee to the God of Political Correctness

completely unviable

What is aleppo?

what is Aleppo?

Gary Johnson destroyed his campaign with the Aleppo comment. Dumbass Bill Maher doesn't want to support him anymore.

He also said that Hillary's health shouldn't be talked about.

He's clearly got something wrong with him. And you've answered your own question. Vote Trump

I've been 100% for Trump ever since I saw how Congress received him.

and everyone should see this and know deep in your hearts he is our candidate.

if you live in a state that's not really in contention, why not? he's the best candidate running this year by far.

>It's also throwing away your vote because Gary Johnson is not a libertarian. He is a far left authoritarian statist.
this is retarded an untrue. just because he has a more electable platform than some of the retarded anarcho-cap libertarians out there does not make him a statist.

>Gary "bake the cake" Johnson

>Gary "I endorsed BLM" Johnson

>Gary "open those borders" Johnson

>Gary "jettison the flintlock" Johnson

>Gary "Donald Trump's a huckster" Johnson

>Gary "Don't you dare call them illegal" Johnson

>Gary "Geography and Current Events" Johnson

>Gary "concentrate power further via climate tax" Johnson

>Gary "$30,000 for an internet web meme picture" Johnson

>Gary "Hillary Clinton is a wonderful public servant" Johnson

What is Aleppo?


Wanting to increase government, wanting more laws passed, infringing on free speech and pushing for globalism is not libertarian.

Fuck off, idiot.
If Trump was saying the things this moron says you would hate him.

Gary "giggles when asked about weed" Johnson

To be honest that was my tipping point about the guy. Sure yeah, great, I'm all for decriminalizing weed and all that, but you can't run a serious presidency when you giggle about smoking pot. That's for when you're in high school, not an adult running for president.

Johnson is a slave name

I just donated $1,000 from my wifes sons college fund. match me?

>mfw latvia knows more about aleppoman than my fellow burger

Which is why you guys are fucked.

These people are coming here and talking about Johnson is the best, but they can't even name a single one of this policies that is Libertarian (outside of open borders, that's pretty libertarian).

anybody who donates money to anybody is a dingus 2bh

That's because they're shills user. They just post endless Gary threads to get attention.

Even his radio ads are like
>Hi I'm Gary Johnson
>Tired of throwing your vote away for the same old thing that never changes?
>Well try throwing your vote away for me instead!

It's all packaged with hip fun music and a firm basis in breaking the left-right paradigm, but no actual substance.

I will be voting for Johnson. When he loses I hope Trump wins.

Johnson is worse than Hillary honestly. Voting for Johnson is the least respectable, with Hillary not far behind. Voting for Stein is respectable at least, but stupid. Trump is god tier.

>He doesn't even have eyebrows.
A sign of delinquency.


Why would you vote for a communist?

I'm voting Johnson. My state's guaranteed to go blue. Since my vote doesn't count anyway I'd like it to go towards a 3rd party in the stats.

This is the first time in decades a 3rd party candidate will get a substantial portion of the vote and I want to be part of that. He has no chance of winning but the threat of being spoiled will make both major parties think more about their constituencies in future elections.