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And the other 60% that arent are creepy fetish freaks so it balances out

asians are superfucked

they dont have a single stable country

Middle-aged male virgins have become so prevalent in Japan that a specific term – “yaramiso” – has slipped into popular usage to refer to them.
As many as one in four unmarried Japanese men aged 30 and over were virgins, according to the latest statistics compiled in 2010 by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
Now a growing number of tailor-made activities have sprung up to cater for the sexually uninitiated.
Virgin Academia, set up by the non-profit organisation White Hands, offers lectures focusing on how to establish healthy relationships, as well as activities such as nude life drawing classes.


why wouldnt a single be a virgin?
are you shilling non-marital sex again, chaim?

all these single virgins are in their 30s and 40s. the population is dying

and their country is still better than yours, flip

Chastity is a good thing, but only when it culminates in a child-bearing marriage.

wtf I am moving to japan now

>1.5 and rising fertility
>in an overpopulated island anyway
>population is dying

Enjoying the boypussi, solomon ?

You cannot have a thread talking about Japanese sexuality and not post any pictures of school girls or general Asians. That's just not right.

What's wrong with being a virgin user?

1.5 is awful, are you retarded? And it is not rising. Anything under 2 is falling.

not experiencing slammin those walls. sending the girl into contractions on your dick.

>White Hands

that is an occult term

1.9 and below is basically collapse level.

2.1 is stable

Good thing not one single western country reaches those numbers without imports

>thanks feminism/no fault divorce

How did this happen? How did Japan come to this?

its by design

watch this


You can't replace your fucking mom and dad in the population without two.

shiet i'm heading to japan asap

>mfw fetish for older ladies
Imagine popping a 35 year old cherry.

>jewish gaijin propaganda says purity is a bad thing

I'm not surprised. Degeneracy leads to infertility. All the hentai and other degenerate shit being produced in Japan are warping people's minds. A lot of males think real women are disgusting and prefer masturbating to 2D images drawn by other males.

I know that Japan is fucked in the fertility rate department but why don't we talk about other countries who are even lower. I thought they were the lowest but other Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong and South Korea are significantly lower.

European countries like Poland are lower than Japan and Places like Spain, Romania, Italy and Germany have slightly higher than Japan.

Are we children of men soon?

Does this mean we can finally nook Africa?

I can only see it swinging one of two ways.

Either she is mega fucking boring, will never be taught and just star fish her way through life, or she will have a sexual awakening, turning into an absolute savage that would rape you daily to make up for lost time. The latter would be awesome. Death by snu-snu.


>you will never take the v-card of a cute christmas cake
Why even bother living anymore

So you're saying that Japan has a high density of wizardry?

Islam will heal japan

Truly Robot Mecca.

All wizards should strive to make a pilgrimage at least once in their lives.

Only heathen do premarital sex.

I can't wait until the give up machines make that skyrocket up to 100%

I didn't say it was good, its just collapse level. And the Jews did this on purpose to put us in this position.

But they won't let white countries have white immigration, only non white immigration.

I've got 6 kids to 4 different women, number 7 is possibly coming because I didn't pull out in time.

The latter. Can confirm. Not Asian but I did fuck a 30 year old woman virgin when I was 22. Shit got crazy in the bedroom real fuckin quick. Like frothy semen all over the bed from too much fuckin after a few months from the deflowering. Fuck that was a great time.

We talk about Japon because it's the last human country that isn't fighting its population "crisis" ( "we are overpopulated, stop breeding !" "your population is not growing, open the borders !" t:solomon bergstainhorowitzberg ).
And this is not acceptable. Humanity MUST be destroyed if the chosen people is to thrive.


Based Japanbro, you are a credit to your people. I hear Japan has no child support?

>this meme again

1. Japan is overpopulated
2. The country has the same landmass as Germany yet 40 million more inhabitants while most of the land is unhabitable due to mountains
3. Arabs and Niggers don't solve shit. Fuck off Shlomo.

fucking retard

>not using a condom

With Islam you can do more of that


>he doesnt know about the Institutum Magia in Japan
Lets laugh at this normie

The island could use a good dieback to free up some jobs, homes, and opportunities for the next generation that's already kinda screwed on those things.

Or they could just import in rapefugees and double-down on overpopulation while fucking over the lower classes more so.

Child support is ¥30,000 a month

What? You don't like kids?

A completely stagnant economy since the 90s.

Can't afford to raise a family, society is hyper competitive and conformist, males who can't compete drop out of society and jerk off to anime all day.

Japan doesn't have the physical or socio-cultural space to expand and thrive.
Japan is a macro-sized version of Calhoun's Rat Heaven.

Keep in mind this is Japan and only counts singles.

Most japanese girls will claim they are virgins because it's cooler to be a virgin and more desirable for marriage.

and most guys really are virgins because the girls all just fuck foreigners and the top 10% of japanese guys.

>tfw heathen japs are purer than Christcucks.

And because they did not embrace Islam

The religion of alpha

>Arabs and Niggers don't solve shit
Then why everyone still invite them?
You can hate them as much as you want, but don't deny what they solve problem

Shit man if that's true then mother fuckin allauh snack bar taqbir

As long as you and your wife's genes are good then thumbs up to you.

I have and it was a 3 day unerotic process. Spending 35 years not fucking also makes women into basket cases, let alone the fact that you need to be a basket case to have not fucked by then. Still together though.

It doesn't help that older Asian women are fucking crazy and are just as likely to cheat on you with a cool younger guy while you work.

Their marriage and society culture is fucked. Marriages are a charade nowadays.

That's right

Islam solves problems

Marraige in Islam will fix this

Fug, how do you afford it.

It is


I am still waiting for government enforced mandatory relationships/families.
It will happen one day, I am sure

Malaysians are the niggers of Asia, even below Flips.

That's right, they solve the problem of the european race, for good.

They don't solve problems.
>increase the crime rate
>most are social leeches and don't work
>no education whatsoever
>their kids will also don't do shit because integrating is BAD

They are only here because the US and Russia fight over territorial hegemonia in Syria.
>want strategic position in the middle east
>arabs are in the way
>bomb arabs
>arabs come to my country
>don't care because i live in a mansion with 50 bodyguards and i don't give a shit about the problems of my own people

At least I won't be alone if I don't have the guts to kill myself by then.

>The religion of alpha
>Alpha Legion
You aint fooling me Omegon

Is that why Islam made Malaysia so much more better than flip?

Damn i gotta go to japan to learn magic

Why do you do this?

Hey...we are fucking so much our birth rates only keep on rising like a rocket

I make ad revenue from dumb mobile games and apps.

The little Fuckers cost me $2000 a month but I love em, the mums are all cool with each other too

You goddamn retard actually think the "refugees" are from syria.
Holy shit, you'd be lucky if even 2 fucking % are actually syrian you bloody dimwit.

I wonder why did you imagine me masturbaiting

no no no this is a good thing user, if they don't have sex before marriage god won't punish them

You could do the same as a Muslim

And have some slaves too

It's not only Syria

Half of those so called refugees are from the balkans.
A region our leaders also bombed some time ago.

The rest are from Iraq, Afghanistan and lots of different sub saharan shithole countries.

This was your best piece btw

Orthodox Slavs are lazy

You homo

Why did you avoid my question?

Is it because you are a closet faggot?

We aren't including donkey fucking, riceroni brainwashed suicide chopstick.

>tfw already a wizard
>nips are high wizards
Oh nips, teach me your ways

>as well as activities such as nude life drawing classes
Why would they want a classroom full of horny virgins and some naked dude and or woman?

This is recipe for disaster.

In Islam you don't need stupid classes like that


I see no problem with this

The old will committ seppuku for the young if necessary and then eventually they will start breeding.

The closed borders mean all the other stuff is irrelevent because the Japanese people will eventually find a way.

They've survived thousands of years. A birthrate problem wont even make the history books.

h-haha yeah what losers

>tfw 26 in a week

>Sand nigger religion

Hmmm....more like yes

No wonder when jap women make those weird crying sounds when you bone them, who would want to fuck that?

It's better than the turbo sexual promiscuity we have in the west

In Islam you just rape the closest goat if you want to have sex

If you don't have a female cousin atleast

Suit yourself and embrace leftist degeneracy

Having children is generally a pursuit for people with low-IQ. Ofcourse Japan has a low rate of marriage and kids.

I choose neither heretic

Islam promote inbreeding.
You are a dead-end where long-term survival of Humanity is concerned, an islamic world would result in a subhuman world and a planet-bound species.

Thankfully, once the west collapse, nothing will get in the way of the east asians and your genocide you filthy beasts.

We don't fuck goats

What's wrong with cousin sex?

If you have a hot cousin, you would want to fuck her too

East asians will be converting to Islam in droves

So you're chinese gay muslim who draw Christ-chan comics? We both know you are lying.

Yet they're still the third largest economy on the planet with a fraction of the population of the US or China.

Oh, a cockholic

>1 in 4 single people over the age of 30

Seems a bit biased

if anything this makes them the MOST stable.

Not an argument.

Well...you imagined me masturbaiting to you

I imagined nothing...though not that I mind though

Japs will soon create the perfect test tube babies that don't require them to have sex. They'll just bring in every citizen into a clinic, get their genetic material and start pumping out designer babies for every sphere of life that needs more people in it.

When did yellow moot give the Texas their own flag.

I have a new life goal.

They would have less sex

Just like millenials

What's so bad about this? Have sex now or a year later, it doesn't matter. Men can produce sperm their entire life and it will be 100% viable at least until your 40s. It's women who have a clock. Demographics don't necessarily have to be constantly shooting through the roof to produce maximum shekels for the upper classes.

Because he's in the military.

We are not Texas

And we are muslim

East asians have an average IQ of 105.
They obviously won't convert on their own, you'd need to conquer them.
And guess what : they can wield technological civilisation while you can't, so it'll never happen.

Your only strength is immigration, and the east asian are too ethnocentric to ever open the worders.
Aside from breeding, you have nothing, and you know who breed even more than you ? The niggers.
That's right, your strategy is exactly the same as the niggers.
Let that sink in, sandnigger/ricenigger.

Funny that a country not founded on Christians values is more virtuous. Satan infests the west.

its not my fetish or anything b-baka.

Go away Moose limb

We can with European tech made with ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE

>never imagined

wew lad

No. I am here to stay and I have pollacks paying me for my comics

>No sex before marriage in 40% of population
>Somehow a problem
>t. Slavposter whos been shilling non-stop in the last 24 hours

Hope you enjoy the $0.05.

in Islam you also don´t need freedom of speech and anything passed stone age technology

Looks like you enjoyed it

We made telescopes and astronomy and science

>mfw 1.3

Open the borders to increase

Not as much as you, you finished and left...

France has good numbers iirc
but they are France so

you also made fucking goats and drinking camel piss an exactable life choice

I guess we can continue if you want

I'm laughing, but it's really depressing that we're going to be wiped out by "people" like you.
Shit, i'm sure not even 5 years of total war would be enough to kill you all.
This is really depressing. Then again, the east asians prove this wasn't inevitable, since they resist the jews attempt at genocide relatively easily so far.
Objective superiority means nothing if not paired with a strong ethnocentrism, europeans probably deserve to die.

An european-led galactic empire would probably be disastrous, imagine if we find a fast-breeding alien species out there. With europeans at the helm, Humanity, not just europeans, would probably be wiped out in four or less generations.

Maybe this is a good thing that we'll pass the torch of technological civilisation to the east asians.

That is not in any hadith or quran


Immigration doesn't increase fertility user

or does it? *wink* *builds cuckshed*

A lot of chinese girls are feminist

This is why I turned a little gay

Just make them german citizens and let Islam do the work

It's because of Muslims.

In France they can't do states based on ethnicity so you can only go by the total, which is bolstered by Muslims and immigrants

>I am hot and cute

Why no pictures then?

Everything that is associated Japan will inevitably attract (mostly male) virgins - just like this board. Why is that, Cred Forums?

Because I will get doxxed if my picture is posted

And you
Would try to find me and rape me

>yfw you reaize sex doesn't exists outside of porn and people actually don't do it
I'm pretty sure it's just another jewish trick.

what the FUCK is this shit

Me and my boyfriend are talking

Please let us be


wew chinky

Wow rude

Either we both know you wanna fuck me

Based Japan.
Jap's birthrate is fine. Western countries would have worse birthrate if they didn't have an army of niggers, arabs etc breeding like cockroaches

Country of wizards!

Gonna need some pictures first, better than whatever this was.

40% male virgins means more or less 40% lonely females, everyone is fucked in nipland

denmark and norway have decent numbers and they're not sweden or london/paris tier

I think he means 1.5 and rising as in
It was 1.4 now its 1.5 and its going up to 1.6 or something like that.

They ARE the problem.
My cousin and my sister both want kids, but they will have to wait a few years for their financial situations to stabilise. Both recently bought a house and are saving up now.
That would be a lot easier if muslims did not leech on the wellfare system and taxes could be lower

Perhaps if the classroom is full of moslems or blacks. Japaneese people are civilized, I think

>he scares away easy it seems

actually they're only 60% fucked in nipland.

Most of these stats are made up for clickbait articles like this

>tfw no qt virgin 30 year old japanese gf

I'm going to tokyo for the 2020 olympics. So...life goals.




I love the picture they chose, not sexist at all

Israel has 3,1

Japan is harnessing some never before seen amounts of unholy powers, something should be done before the world eats itself..

They are just trying to compete with the west

nigger, that amounts to a fertility rate of 1,5

nice image size, fucktard

This is why Japan needs to open up its borders. The birth rate is declining and there are fewer and fewer people to create tax revenue to fund public services.

>what is CTRL+scroll up

I am scared of your rapiness

No need to open borders

Just embrace islam

Fuck off Ahmed

And it's going to get worse as the Japanese government is pushing for women to have permanent full-time careers.

We are seeing the same trend in the West now as well, people are just too poor, selfish, tired and/or apathetic to have children any more.

>Knowing the human body and its visible muscles and bone land marks isn't important
>Appreciating the human body for what it is isn't important
Jesus fuck.

>being this much of an animal

You jelly manwhore?

Only animals have sex.

I call BS on that one. Prostitution is so rampant and common in Japanese cities that I find that hard to believe.

>Virgin Academia, set up by the non-profit organisation White Hands, offers lectures focusing on how to establish healthy relationships, as well as activities such as nude life drawing classes.
kek sounds like something straight out of a manga, never change Japan

men can't be virgins, it just doesn't work out like that

the truth is there is no difference between a man who got his dick wet once, and one who never has- it's just a matter of how often he gets laid, and anything less than once a year is 'virgin' territory.

This will happen in every modern country. Because of technology and constant hurry there is barely any social interaction between anyone..

Even when I get together with my family all everyone does it use their phones.

I mean sex classes like some Kama sutra shit

There is literally nothing wrong with being a virgin.

>b-b-b-buy my Jewish media says it's lame not to have sex with as many people as possible

I agree Islam actually don't mind

But we don't force it down your throats to be one

Not like cucktianity and their monastic bullshit

It's slowly happening in the west too, the difference is Japan doesn't have hordes of mudslimes coming in to """fix""" the """problem"""

The real issue is that people feel they can't afford to have children, or that stable relationships with the opposite sex are harder to come by and/or have been devalued

But we can't address that, as those are the social side effects of feminism, low pay, and the destruction of the family unit. No, no, we just have to ride it out and import a million Achmeds to offset the non-breeders.

Let me show you some ISLAMIC EDUCATION

While it was not common for women to enroll as students in formal religious schools, it was common for women to attend informal lectures and study sessions at mosques, madrasat and other public places. For example, the attendance of women at the Fatimid Caliphate's "sessions of wisdom" (majālis al-ḥikma) was noted by various historians, including Ibn al-Tuwayr, al-Muṣabbiḥī and Imam.[43][43] Historically, some Muslim women played an important role in the foundation of many religious educational institutions, such as Fatima al-Fihri's founding of the University of al-Karaouine in 859 CE.[44] According to the 12th-century Sunni scholar Ibn 'Asakir, there were various opportunities for female education in what is known as the Islamic Golden Age. He writes that women could study, earn ijazahs (religious degrees) and qualify as ulama and Islamic teachers.[45] Similarly, al-Sakhawi devotes one of the twelve volumes of his biographical dictionary Daw al-Lami to female religious scholars between 700 and 1800 CE, giving information on 1,075 of them.[46]

>There is literally nothing wrong with being a virgin.
It shows that there's something deeply wrong with a guy if he can't, within 2 decades, find even a single person willing to take his dick.

No one thinks there's something wrong with a guy who's willingly staying a virgin despite getting propositioned by women.

Both the Qu'ran – Islam's sacred text – and the spoken or acted example of the Prophet Muḥammad (Sunnah) advocate the rights of women and men equally to seek knowledge.[36] The Qu'ran commands all Muslims to exert effort in the pursuit of knowledge, irrespective of their biological sex: it constantly encourages Muslims to read, think, contemplate and learn from the signs of God in nature.[36] Moreover, Muḥammad encouraged education for both males and females: he declared that seeking knowledge was a religious duty binding upon every Muslim man and woman.[37] Like her male counterpart, each woman is under a moral and religious obligation to seek knowledge, develop her intellect, broaden her outlook, cultivate her talents and then utilise her potential to the benefit of her soul and her society.[38]

The interest of the Prophet Muḥammad in female education was manifest in the fact that he himself used to teach women along with men.[38] Muḥammad's teachings were widely sought by both sexes, and accordingly at the time of his death it was reported that there were many female scholars of Islam.[37] Additionally, the wives of the Prophet Muḥammad – particularly Aisha – also taught both women and men; many of Muḥammad's companions and followers learned the Qu'ran, ḥadīth and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) from Aisha.[39] Notably, there was no restriction placed on the type of knowledge acquired: a woman was free to choose any field of knowledge that interested her.[40] Because Islam recognises that women are in principle wives and mothers, the acquisition of knowledge in fields which are complementary to these social roles was specially emphasised.[41]

since when people came with this idea that being virgin is something to be ashamed?

The University of al-Qarawiyyin (Université Al Quaraouiyine) in the Moroccan city of Fes was founded as a madrasa-mosque complex by a Muslim woman – Fatima al-Fihri, the educated daughter of a wealthy merchant – in 859. According to UNESCO, it is the oldest university in the world which is still operational,[35] as well as being the first such institution to award degrees. This university was historically one of the leading spiritual and educational centres in the Islamic world. It was incorporated into Morocco's modern state university system in 1963.

Islam is egalitarian

Gender roles in Islam are simultaneously coloured by two Qur'anic precepts: (i) spiritual equality between women and men; and (ii) the idea that women are meant to exemplify femininity, and men masculinity.[24]

Spiritual equality between women and men is detailed in Sūrat al-Aḥzāb (33:35):

Verily, men who surrender unto God, and women who surrender, and men who believe and women who believe, and men who obey and women who obey, and men who speak the truth and women who speak the truth...and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their modesty and women who guard (their modesty), and men who remember God much and women who remember – God hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward.[25]

The emphasis which Islam places upon the feminine/masculine polarity (and therefore complementarity) results, quite logically, in a separation of social functions.[27] In general, a woman's sphere of operation is the home – in which she is the dominant figure – and a man's corresponding sphere is the outside world.[28] However, this separation is not, in practice, as rigid as it appears.[27] There are many examples – both in the early history of Islam and in the contemporary world – of Muslim women who have played prominent roles in public life, including being sultanas, queens, elected heads of state and wealthy businesswomen. Moreover, it is important to recognise that in Islam, home and family are firmly situated at the centre of life in this world and of society: a man's work cannot take precedence over the private realm.[28]

The Quran dedicates numerous verses to Muslim women, their role, duties and rights, in addition to Sura 4 with 176 verses named "An-Nisa" ("Women").[29]

Islam differentiates the gender role of women who believe in Islam and those who do not. The Muslim male's right to own slave women, seized during military campaigns and jihad against non-believing pagans and infidels from Southern Europe to Africa to India to Central Asia, was considered natural.[30][31] Slave women could be sold without their consent, expected to provide concubinage, required permission from their owner to marry; and children born to them were automatically considered Muslim under Islamic law if the father was a Muslim.[32][33][34]

Some scholars[62][63] refer to verse 28:23 in the Quran and to Khadijah, Muhammad's first wife, a merchant before and after converting to Islam, as indications that Muslim women may undertake employment outside their homes.

And when he came to the water of Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found besides them two women keeping back (their flocks). He said: What is the matter with you? They said: We cannot water until the shepherds take away (their sheep) from the water, and our father is a very old man.

During medieval times, the labor force in Spanish Caliphate included women in diverse occupations and economic activities such as farming, construction workers, textile workers, managing slave girls, collecting taxes from prostitutes, as well as presidents of guilds, creditors, religious scholars.[67]

In the 12th century, Ibn Rushd, claimed that women were equal to men in all respects and possessed equal capacities to shine, citing examples of female warriors among the Arabs, Greeks and Africans to support his case.[68] In the early history of Islam, examples of notable female Muslims who fought during the Muslim conquests and Fitna (civil wars) as soldiers or generals included Nusaybah bint Ka'ab[69] a.k.a. Umm Amarah, Aisha,[70] Kahula and Wafeira.[71]

>No one thinks there's something wrong with a guy who's willingly staying a virgin despite getting propositioned by women.

Thank fuck. Now I just have to get over this social anxiety...

Can someone ban this subhuman

Wow beat that feminist dogs

We have female soldiers long before you whine your ass about it

Why are you so scared of true Islam position on women?

This is relevant to how JAPAN can improve its dire stats

But Muslims literally kill people who aren't virgins lol.

>muh taqiyya
That shit might fly on Facebook, but it doesn't work it.

>No one thinks there's something wrong with a guy who's willingly staying a virgin despite getting propositioned by women.
The problem is of course is that people automatically assume a guy is a virgin because he can't get laid, not because he has no desire to.

iirc also teenage japs are having their first time at 14-15

also there was that statistic of 1 in 200 japanese women doing porn


No more like facts about Islam you never knew because the media ignores it

Medieval bimarestan or hospitals included female staff as female nurses. Muslim hospitals were also the first to employ female physicians, such as Banu Zuhr family who served the Almohad caliph ruler Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur in the 12th century.[72] This was necessary due to the segregation of male and female patients in Islamic hospitals. Later in the 15th century, female surgeons were employed at Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu's Cerrahiyyetu'l-Haniyye (Imperial Surgery).[73]

Well good thing there are no such cases in europe or the us. Everyone's too busy socializing and enjoying their night lives.

>lets have no stabilization of the population
>lets just breed forever like Africa tier countries
>oh and we live on a island btw and import 60% of our food.
shut up, poplution growth is only good for the 0.01% globists. It doesn't help normies at all. Did you know 90% of japan is considered middle class? and they have plenty of kids there.

terrorist get out REEEEEEEEE

How are we terrorists when we support egilitarianism in Islam

>Now I just have to get over this social anxiety...
get drunk

it's how i got the balls to lose my virginity
though i didn't cum the first time

According to verse 4:31 of Islam's sacred text, both men and women have an independent economic position: 'For men is a portion of what they earn, and for women is a portion of what they earn. Ask God for His grace. God has knowledge of all things.'[109] Women therefore are at liberty to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, borrow or lend, and sign contracts and legal documents.[109] Additionally, women can donate money, act as trustees and set up a business or company.[109] These rights cannot be altered, irrespective of marital status.[109] When a woman is married, she legally has total control over the dower – the mahr or bridal gift, usually financial in nature, while the groom pays to the bride upon marriage – and retains this control in the event of divorce.[109][110]

Qu'ranic principles, especially the teaching of zakāh or purification of wealth, encourage women to own, invest, save and distribute their earnings and savings according to their discretion.[109] These also acknowledge and enforce the right of women to participate in various economic activities.[109]

this, only the alphas breed in japan, thier next generation is going to be great. This is a self correcting problem. The alphas will breed more alphas and raise the birthrate, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T IMPORT IMMIGRANTS and displace the native population. People naturally start having more kids when they feel there is space for them.

In contrast to many other cultures, a woman in Islam has always been entitled as per sharī'ah law to keep her family name and not take her husband's name.[111] Therefore, a Muslim woman has traditionally always been known by the name of her family as an indication of her individuality and her own legal identity: there is no historically practiced process of changing the names of women be they married, divorced or widowed.[111] With the spread of modern, western-style state bureaucracies across the Islamic world from the nineteenth century onwards, this latter convention has come under increasing pressure, and it is now commonplace for Muslim women to change their names upon marriage.

Now you know why Islam today oppresses women

have you ever heard the phrase" the exceptions prove the rule"?

Getting drunk doesn't work for me. I just shut off completely. I used to do this but I realised it never worked because rather than becoming more social I become completely asocial. It's as if alcohol stops people from bowing to social pressure and they become uninhibited, whereas for me social pressure is the only thing stopping me from being mute.

"For men is a share from what the parents and near relatives leave, and for women is a share from what the parents and near relative leave from less from it or more, a legal share." (Al-Quran 4:7)

So whats the endgame here? Why are Jews supporting this

These are not exceptions when they are explicit in quran and hadiths

And when they are in fact.....widespread

a lot of those women are "virgins".

Bernard Lewis says that classical Islamic civilization granted free Muslim women relatively more property rights than women in the West, even as it sanctified three basic inequalities between master and slave, man and woman, believer and unbeliever.[112] Even in cases where property rights were granted in the West, they were very limited and covered only upper class women.[113] Over time, while women's rights have improved elsewhere, those in many Muslim-dominated countries have remained comparatively restricted.[114][115]

Amazing we are literally doing what progressives want whilst retaining gender roles

People never reply to sound responses like this one because they know they're full of shit and can't refute the fact that sometimes scaling populations back will be good for certain countries.

Good, more depraved Nips to draw my insemination loli doujins.

Here's a tip to stop this epidemic


Women's property rights in the Quran are from parents and near relatives. woman, according to Islamic tradition, does not have to give her pre-marriage possessions to her husband and receive a mahr (dower) which she then owns.[116] Furthermore, any earnings that a woman receives through employment or business, after marriage, is hers to keep and need not contribute towards family expenses. This is because, once the marriage is consummated, in exchange for ‘‘tamkin’’ (sexual submission), a woman is entitled to nafaqa – namely, the financial responsibility for reasonable housing, food and other household expenses for the family, including the spouse, falls entirely on the husband.[64][65] In traditional Islamic law, a woman is also not responsible for the upkeep of the home and may demand payment for any work she does in the domestic sphere.[117]

Kill yourself retard

This, anytime you have excessive population density then populations will slowly stop go from high growth rates to low growth rates to negative growth rates in response.

Japan is merely reacting to their own society having too many people and too little opportunity. Their current population is the relative peak to what their stable population is.

I show you true Islam and you want me to kill myself?


No. We like our archohol and sushi too much.

Property rights enabled some Muslim women to possess substantial assets and fund charitable endowments. In mid-sixteenth century Istanbul, 36.8% of charitable endowments (awqāf) were founded by women.[118] In eighteenth century Cairo, 126 out of 496 charitable foundations (25.4%) were endowed by women.[119] Between 1770 and 1840, 241 out of 468 or 51% of charitable endowments in Aleppo were founded by women.[120]

Wow Islam oppresses women!

is that like catholic Mexicans that tkae it up the ass so much they carry ass tampons for the bleeding, but still 'virgins'?
I bet the japanese ones give blowjobs and hand jobs and hook-ups and only say 'no-virgin' if they had a long term boyfriend


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And fuck your demon 'god'

Islam is not compatible with civilisation, you are DOGS
Actual dogs are compatible
You are not

Open up your asshole Ahmed.

total or per kid?
You guys realize 30,000 yen is only about 300 dollars right?

Here's how we deal with adultery

According to Surat An-Nur – the twenty-fourth verse of the Qu'ran – adultery can be punished by up to one hundred lashes (24:2), though this is not binding in nature and the final decision will always be in the hands of a judge appointed by the state or community.[128] There is no reference to stoning in the Qu'ran.[129] In practice, punishments for fornication and adultery – notwithstanding the fact that both are regarded as grave sins – have been regarded as something which Islamic law has put beyond the scope of society's punishment.[130]

Wow so inhumane

>t. mixed race shithole with a nigger king & that's on a verge of an actual race war
If anything Japan is one of the stablest countries in the world thanks to their ethnic purity. But I'm sure a mutt wouldn't understand that.

Broads too or what?
I can afford to have 2 or 3, bring em!

They are trying to appeal to wizards.

Prostitution is illegal here, but only vagina sex is considered legally sex. You can pay a woman to blow you. You can send your lil' Rabbi to her gas chamber, and it is just fine. There are "massage" places where you get your meat jerked for ichiman yen.

Wow no wonder we give the West philosophy

No wonder our laws are so peogressive xompared to christian dogs

No wonder we are all for female education before christian dogs

We the dogs?

Nay! Only
You auscunt

Oh I know. My paid 2 hours in a love hotel in toyko was great. おんあのにほんじんがすきです

I'm loving this meme right now famalam

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All islamic countries are backwards shitholes

You flee to christian countries because you cannot sustain a civilisation yourselves

Keep pushing, fucking retard kikes of the modern era

Stupid fucking dogs. Need police surrounding you so you dont get a proper welcome to the country

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this is why no one likes muslims , this thread isnt to talk about islam yet you come here try to forcefully convince us its a good religion

yfw that means 50 to 80% of MALE virgins

>yfw you didn't post a face

Here's why, because the west instead of helping us they help the fundamentalists


See the truth

We should go and help them out...

Keep to your own lands and you're no problem
Start pushing your shit where it shouldnt be, you can get fucked

That's right you got fucked when I demonstrate true Islam

Not ISIS not the crappy version the media let us see

Lmao this is not news
Most adults there are anime obsessed manchildren shutins
like Cred Forums but on a national scale

Sharī'ah law makes a distinction between adultery and rape and applies different rules.[131] According to the Qu'ran (24:4), the proof that adultery has occurred requires four eyewitnesses to the act, which must have been committed by a man and a woman not validly married to one another, and the act must have been wilfully committed by consenting adults.[131] Proof can also be determined by a confession.[131] But this confession must be voluntary, and based on legal counsel; it must be repeated on four separate occasions, and made by a person who is sane.[132] Otherwise, the accuser is then accorded a sentence for defamation (which means flogging or a prison sentence), and his or her testimony is excluded in all future court cases.[133][Quran 24:4]

Zina cannot be alleged by any person without 4 male witnesses against or without confession in court by the woman who committed zina.[123][124][134] Some contend that this sharia requirement of four eyewitnesses severely limits a man's ability to prove zina charges against women, a crime often committed without eyewitnesses.[123][135][136] However, according to Professor Oliver Leaman – Professor of Philosophy and Zantker Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Kentucky, and the author of several seminal works on Islamic and Jewish philosophy – the required testimony of four male witnesses having seen the actual penetration applies to illicit sexual relations (i.e. adultery and fornication), not to rape.[133] The requirements for proof of rape are less stringent:

'Rape charges can be brought and a case proven based on the sole testimony of the victim, providing that circumstantial evidence supports the allegations. It is these strict criteria of proof which lead to the frequent observation that where injustice against women does occur, it is not because of Islamic law. It happens either due to misinterpretation of the intricacies of the Sharia laws governing these matters, or cultural traditions; or due to corruption and blatant disregard of the law, or indeed some combination of these phenomena.'[133]

There is nothing wrong with a negative birth rate.

The Earth is approaching it's carrying capacity; the increase of life on Earth will increase the amount of suffering, as resources will continue to dwindle and competition increases.

Imagine if the global population, instead of increasing, began to decrease instead. There would be less energy consumption, a greater abundance of food, water, and space for those alive to enjoy and appreciate, and an increase in support for other humans as there are adequate resources for everyone, reducing competition and therefore violence.

The idea that "EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE LOTS OF CHILDREN" stems from corporate greed as more people mean more profits, more workers to make these products for those people to buy, and an increase in competition, further fragmenting the human race.

By lowering the global birth rate and reaching a stable, sustainable population, the human race will be incredibly better off.

This idea that a lower birth rate is a "problem" that can be "fixed" by importing others to reproduce with their population so that social programs succeed and the economy improves may be true, but that is assuming an increase in population is actually beneficial, and that our current economic model that depends on an increase in population can't be replaced by something else.

As always, it just comes back to greed, lust, and hatred.

The crime of rape, according to Sunni Ḥanafī and Mālikī jurists, is as an act of zinā. If the consent was granted under coercion or in a defective legal capacity such as by a mentally impaired person, it is considered non-consent or invalid consent.[140] While a sunnah suggests that a woman should not be punished for having been coerced into having sex,[141] it is the burden of the victim to establish coercion with eyewitnesses. If a man does confess to zina, eyewitnesses are not required.[142] Such a confession may, however, be withdrawn and the need for four male Muslim eyewitnesses reinstated. Failure to provide evidence is treated as a crime of false accusation, punishable with flogging.[143] Currently, it is common for a Muslim woman who makes a claim of rape not only to be denied justice but to be charged with fornication or adultery.[144][145][146][147]

Mate true islam is FUCKING RETARDED

What I am saying for your backward ass is to keep you retardation in your own lands
Bring it our into civility? You're going to have a bad time

Because you're a MONKEY walking around in civilisation

Stupid fucking islamic dog

Uhh excuse me, our values are more civilized than yours

You are just a caveman

Simply the result of the abo gene within

Muḥammad favoured women to men in some aspects of testimony: in matters concerning women, the testimony of a man is not accepted by itself, whereas a woman's testimony alone is accepted.[156]

>fucking islamic dog

I thought muslims hated dogs. I think they fuck islamic goats.

We call them

Who are the literal Westbro baptist version of islam

good on ya mate

>our values are more civilised than yours

Fucking KEK you literal inbred fucking MORON
You have no legs to stand on, you fuckers are literal barbarian level retards, you think you have moral superiority over the ethics of christian west? Fucking kek you stupid fucking dog

Hence the insult

There is a long and rich tradition of romantic love in Islamic culture. In traditional Islamic societies, love between men and women was widely celebrated,[187] and both the popular and classical literature of the Muslim world is permeated with works on this theme. The Arab love story of Lāyla and Majnūn was arguably more widely known amongst Muslims than that of Romeo and Juliet in (Northern) Europe,[187] while Jāmī's Yusuf (Joseph) and Zulaykhā – which is based upon the narrative in Surah Yusuf, the twelfth surah of the Qu'ran – is a seminal text in the Persian, Urdu and Bengali literary canons. The theme of romantic love continues to suffuse modern and even postmodern fiction from the Islamic world: the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Orhan Pamuk's signature novel The Black Book (1990) is a nominal detective story with extensive meditations on mysticism and obsessive love, while another feted Turkish writer, Elif Şafak, intertwines romantic love and Sufism in 2010's The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi.[188]

Islam so
Much about hate

>Wizard superpower when?

Wow christian dog denying history

this is a good thing, if you want sex get married

because theyre all creepy fucking weirdos

you all know it.

Japan is alright.
You jungle asian bros should try to fix your own countries before trying to fix japan.

Seriously, they are pretty much the only country in that region that doesn't suck, that has hard working people that also happen to do their shit and not go around trying to meddle into other countries.

They are pretty fucking based.

Continue sacking Constantinople and killing your fellow christians

>Cred Forums hates degeneracy, sluts and the hookup culture
>except when it comes to Japan

In Islamic mysticism or Sufism, romantic love is viewed as a metaphysical metaphor for the love of God. However, the importance of love extends beyond the metaphorical: ibnʿArabī, who is widely recognised as the 'greatest of spiritual masters [of Sufism]', posited that for a man, sex with a woman is the occasion for experiencing God's 'greatest self-disclosure' (the position is similar vice-versa):[189]

'The most intense and perfect contemplation of God is through women, and the most intense union is the conjugal act.'[190]

Orthocucks plagiarize Sufi Islam mysticism

the (((economy))) demands constant population growth for increase in wealth

This emphasis on the sublimity of the conjugal act holds true for both this world and the next: the fact that Islam considers sexual relationships one of the ultimate pleasures of paradise is well-known; moreover, there is no suggestion that this is for the sake of producing children.[191] Accordingly, (and in common with civilisations such as the Chinese, Indian and Japanese), the Islamic world has historically generated significant works of erotic literature and technique, and many centuries before such a genre became culturally acceptable in the West: Richard Burton's substantially ersatz 1886 translation of The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight, a fifteenth-century sex manual authored by Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Nafzawi, was labelled as being 'for private circulation only' owing to the puritanical mores and corresponding censorship laws of Victorian England.[192]

We literally love sex more than christian dogs who go wizard at monasteries praying to a false god

You pretty okay too Brasil.

Might want to take a look at the statistics from this decade at least you fucking monkey

cause Jap girls are cute and have light skin

This is why we should adopt an a new economical method that doesn't rely on an increase in population.


>camel piss drinking sand niggers honestly believe this
I was told recently that arab muslims, or at least non sub saharan ones honestly view westerners the same way victorian era colonialists viewed savages.
Is that true?
If so, you monkeys are fucking delusional, you are literally several centuries outdated culture and should be purged along with niggers

Yes the last decade when the west sponsored Fundie groups

Of course it would TURN TO SHIT

I better go to Japan and pop some cute virgins!

yes cute and light skinned girls need to stay pure and innocent

Is that why we are more progressive than you guys for centuries?

I was not done with you yet in the other thread. Fucking cuck

When you take our historical values

Put them side by side

You guys are the savages

Look at this Aussie nigger

You are descended from criminals the Brits have to put somewhere

>literally we wuz

Someone tell those slanted eyed gooks to get fuckin'

Somebody needs to make my video games and anime.

I don't want to live in a future where Japanese culture is wholesale co-opted by South Americans.

Don't worry burger user, I established his just dirty becasue white men keep dicking Malay girls that don't want to be backwards cunts

>more progressive
You mean just before Muhammed fucked arab's shit up with his band of thieving war mongers?
Or 'liberal progressive' as in pic related?

So you agree islam belongs in its own countries, that it should not be exported to secular or christian societies? Awesome

>mfw I lost my virginity to a Japanese girl

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>wanting 3DPD

With all the beastaility that goes on in Malaysia. You are probs a half breed with a goat


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Wow I wonder why that plagiarizer Aquinas say war can be justified or God in the OLD TESTAMENT

You're almost there fampai, you just need to realize now that the areas of the planet that need to be depopulated the most are Africa, India and China. We actually need the kind of people who care about the planet to keep having children (ironic, I know)

So when will they make ot easier for glorious whites to migrate in?

This really bothers me, my girlfriend has slept with many guys before me I think. Slut.

'historical values'
Like fucking what?
Meanwhile the 'great satan' USA put man on the fucking moon
Get rekt skrubs

Wow let's see some stats




>muh population
Are you retarded? Population can't rise forever. Whats happening in Japan is completely natural and it will be fine. When world markets crash the Japanese will be living comfortable in low crime rate cities while we have to deal with chimping niggers, angry spics and a completely divided nation.
The Japanese may be beta but their women don't push for the destruction of their race so in the end everything will be fine.
Here not only will spics and niggers chimp out but what you should really be scared of is angry white people.

Islam contributed nothing of great value, the only thing you had that was good was the library of Alexandria and you let the fucking mongels burn it down!
Every time I argue with you the thread gets 404ed becasue Cred Forums is cucking. You literally said in the last thread women need to be treated like property becasue you can not handle them fucking white men

>we made dem digits you use
>all dat science is ours
>minarets? yeah they're actually rockets

>mfw lost my virginity to a papua new guinean

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What the fuck is wrong with you betas. First should always be with a decent tier girl

>tfw you actually believe the jewish population growth lie.

I lost mine to a big breasted half pakistani.

Why do muslims always have to cite shit that happened centuries ago to find reasons that Islam isn't complete and utter shit.

Why is Islam anything but a scourge on humanity today? The whole muslims world is nothing but violent horny angry men who spend their time raping and blowing each other up. Imagine how much better the world would be without Muslims.





Good thing ISLAMIC golden age is ignored

>protected christians
Was that before or after killing and enslaving them for not fucking goats?
You realize that you are following the false prophet. Jesus told you not to follow the false prophet yet here you are.

Who gives a flying fuck?
Its over.
The world and the stars above it belongs to the West and Islam is an old cancer in need of cutting

There is. One is triggered and ashamed when called a virgin, the other - don't care.

Why is a melay beta cuck that gets upset about Asians fucking white men and wants Islam to take over hanging out on a white nationalist forum?

>men can't be virgins
>If a man gets laid less than once a year, he's a virgin
burger logic

Wow we let them have high posirion in society and this is what happens

The west destroys it

Why is this AUSCUNT making lies

maybe the ugly ones have to die alone, i think USA goes into that direction too, just japs learn and think quicker thus the pop culture fucks their brains harder and quicker

It's how they plan to make anime real. The thinking goes if a large enough portion of the populations achieves wizardry, they'll have enough collective power to finally achieve their dream.

>93 posts made by this ID

lost mine to my flat chested tomboy best friend in middle school

Sand niggers, wealthy kikes and regular niggers are the only ones that destroy the civilization we've built

You built nothing

Fuck you

I remember your shitty drawings you traitor

>you built nothing
>muh goatfucker golden age that would've been even brighter without a pedophile warmonger fucking shit up tho

All you do and continue to do is attempt to destroy western civ. The very fucking computer you use to look up porn was created from western knowledge. We should have left you in tribes.


>mfw this islamic shitposter

That isn't me or most MUSLIMS

But the Fundies you made

And thanks to you we have an even harder time returning to the golden age

Western morons have to support the wrong group

You won nothing

Hey why not donate to my PATREON

I make comics for morons like you

You did not win the crusade, the Romans cbf coming every 100 years and fucking you up.

Yes Americans

I won nothing for I only need ALLAH who is NOT

East Asians are smart, but they aren't creative at all.

>western 'morons' have to support the wrong group
Its not the 'wrong' group
Its the one's we chose because we don't want any more competitors on the world stage
Who cares about a few terror attacks here and there when it only gives the elite more power to do what they want?

They didn't

We beat them and you kill the very people that asked for your help

At least we take care of our castrated Orthocuck much better

So much so they prefer us than you

Those assholes stole our theology and mysticism


I don't get it, why can't you just say you're not a virgin when someone asks you?
What does anyone have to gain by admitting they're a virgin?

and now it's all biting you in the ass isn't it?

Mind you the Orthoshit service is plagiarized from islam

The only thing literally keeping Islamic civilisations going is the high moral standard the west holds itself to. And you scumbags take advantage of it.

You took our moral standards

Just look at Aquinas for fick's sale

Not really
Thanks to muzzies we're getting Trump, American businesses profit well and any conflict gives our troops experience

We should not forget


i tell my parents im a virgin because they are strict catholics but i get what you are saying

Trump? He ain't gonna do anything and he will make things worse if he isn't careful

I love Trump this is why I potrayed him positively in my comics

But he isn't against Muslims

He is against the shit his predecessors made

The crusades started becasue Muslims starting attacking Roman towns and they only reacted 200 or so years later. Looking throughout history Muslims have always historically been the bad guys. Look at what your kind did to the Persians 800 years ago. We could have accomplished so much more if you fucks did not want to fight every two seconds ...

>he will make things worse if he isn't careful

nigga you Malaysian you didnt win shit

i didnt see no island shitskins fightin along side your arab bros

The crusades started because Byzantines needed help

So they called you guys

Then you couldn't control it and SHIT happened

Loads of shit even killing the people you were supposed to help

At one point Saladin had to literally defend a church from crusaders

Because we are not Wahhabis

That leafy is a sjw

truly they plague this earth

why havent you jihaded them yet?

Let's not forget the Orthodox literally prefer to be under US than Rome

You guys were Asian and likely Buddhists or Hindus at some point. It's a shame how badly Islam cucked your nation

Because we have to purge it from us first

And deal with the chink problem

Why would I want a shitty philosophy that worships a fucking blue God and elephant and need sacrifice to keep the cosmos running?

Why do I need a philosophy that denies the value of the individual to the point that he is an illusion?

It's better than Islam, at least it's peaceful and does not want to kill everyone that is an "infidel".

Islam protects humans and is basically Western civilization before it is right now

We have civil debates with CHRISTIANS

and protected them from you fucking cathodickd

We literally protected the Church of the Holy shit in Jerusalem from you

Did not protect nothing. Islam is a warrior religion and promotes enforcing not the rules by the sword.