"Mommy, daddy, what is an ISIS?"

"Mommy, daddy, what is an ISIS?"

How do you respond?

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Bad guys, but don't worry they are far away


They're bad men who do mean thing because they're mad that other people aren't bad like them, but don't worry, the good guys are beating them up and stopping them.

yeah only 10 miles away

>hand child gun

Who I will train you to have to defend the world from, my son.

some egyptian deity little faggot

People who really, really believe in the holy book of Quoran and hadiths which are stories about their favorite guy and take everything that was writen in it literally.

the proper term is actually "daesh fucking shits"

Our friends and allies. ISIS is good now put on this vest........

A group of religious people who live in the desert who are really mad at the world


Egyptian God of fertility.

Now go to bed so I can fuck your mother

Hillary Clinton and Barack obamas friends that like to kill people

Brown people from a sand pit that would rape you until your guts fell out of your cunt the next time you stood up.

Now go back to bed.

brown people

some fucking whore egipcian goddess who gave birth to some faggot god, by the way christianity plagiarised this story to create their own bullshit version of it, sweety

This made me mad. Your parenting style reads like a boring book. Can you be a little realistic when talking to your child? Don't shelter them.

I really hate the way people who post here write the questions of children. It comes off as creepy as shit. My parents taught me how to speak without sounding like a moron. If you infantilize your kids to talk about things in weird ways you fuck them up for life.

"You see Juquinha, back when I was 30 and you mom wasn't even born yet, some very bad people used a shitty place in the middle of nowhere as their playground to murder each other and think up of better ways to kill each other in the most gruesome of ways. They are all gone now and their entire peninsula has been turned into glass by an unilateral nuclear bombardment after every nation that had nukes realized that they would never amount to anything and we are all better off without them. Now the world is a bit more peaceful than before. Just a little. I'm telling you, those FUCKING ARGENTINIANS--"

And then I wake up.

Sit her down and play their execution videos for her. Tell her "jews" created them, but thats a story for another day.

best dad

They're people that band together to do good under rules that aren't relevant to reality sweety.

An Israeli created militia to wreck havoc on the middle eastern countries the jews don't like.

Good guys are beating them? Do you talk about Russia? Because sure as shit it seems that just yesterday in Deir Ez-Zor muhricans were unsurprisingly the bad guy, breaking their word and helping bad guys to win.

People who have a correct interpretation of Quran, the book of peace

The kid in that picture is six years old at most, she's not going to be able to understand concepts like religions or geopolitics. Trying to explain why ISIS is doing what they do to a small child is autistic as fuck and will only confuse and frighten them.

They're just people who want to do good, but what they think is good isn't good for others, analogy to cheating at a board game or something.

Israel Secret Intelligence Service
What the fuck do they teach you in school?


They're a group of people from a few different countries, and they believe in things that are very different from what we believe. They're beliefs are so different in fact that they can't get along with us, so we're fighting with each other. I'd like us to stop fighting if we could, but they just won't get along no matter what, so we've got to fight them all the time. There are a lot of groups of people like that in the world, they want a lot of the same things we do but they try and get them in different ways that hurt us, so we have to fight them when we are put into the same country.


>who want to do good, but what they think is good isn't good for others

Yeah m8... kids that age really DO NOT do well with that sort of abstract thinking.

Did you just assume my gender, you islamophobic piece of shit?

They are muslims and they want to kill us sweetie because their religion tell them to do.

HAHA everybody look how blue pilled he is.

Order and Chaos mixed precisely as I need it to be for what I want to achieve.

Allies of Australia and US.

The heck are you talking about?!?

Thanks big T

Its a little sibling that lives in your eye


Devout Islam in its true form. Be scared honey. This is what left wingers want next door to us.

just another name for the foot clan, kid.

It's a type of flower, honey.

they are evil men in the Middle-East, sweetie, but don't you worry about them, now go play outside with your friends.

>"Mommy, daddy, what is an ISIS?"

Multiple pieces of ice

People who want to kill you, put this loaded AR and this Bowie Kinfe under your pillow

It has nothing to do with Islam, that's the most important thing to remember.

((( )))

>who live in the desert

m8 they're right on my street



I met ISIS on the first day of May, but I could not hold on to her for very long. So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away. To the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong.

ISIS is the pinnacle of Islam

You see my love, there is a man, let's call him King Nigger, and he was a puppet of a dark shadowy force so he had to do anything he was being told. Well, one day, he fucked with Satan, and an egg spawned, and from thia egg, his dearest child was born, he called it Isis. But this child was very problematic, and no matter how much money King Nigger spent on him, buying him new toys, like air to air missles and tank busters, this devil spawn still couldn't do what he was born to do. So King Nigger had to help him somehow and one day decided to bomb the good men who were trying to contain and rid the world of his child-demon. Do you follow me love?


There's not enough Ritalin in the world to calm you down.
Don't ask me shit.
Go play mine craft or faggy birds

You should meet them on your chopping block.

The brown guys from COD

Its the Islamic State; they are muslims. All Western religion is retarded.

"I dont know"

I would just show her the execution vids and let her judge for herself

>Its our muslim overlords and your future husbands, my dear Astrid.