New shilling & sliding method such as post related to completely derail a thread ((they)) don't want to be discussed.

Don't reply to these Cred Forums tier posts. Who the fuck cares about these people's personal lives and questions like "Am I fat."



Other urls found in this thread: wear decently "nice" clothes, girls wear nice jeans and a nice T-shirt/

How do we stop this from happening to our beloved board?

Fuck shills
>fuck shills

They're trying to make it unfun to shitpost.

Plus the spamming of that degenerate shad comic.

The truth is our weapon and it always trumps adversity wear decently "nice" clothes, girls wear nice jeans and a nice T-shirt/

>go to an art festival thing by myself >a ton of degenerate stoners are there
>people wear decently "nice" clothes, girls wear nice jeans and a nice T-shirt
>all the guys with girlfriends gf's are all looking good, makeup, hair done etc
>I dress in nice jeans and a cool graphic Tee
>spent like 15 mins or so getting ready
>leave after a while
>go home, text my gf we should go back to the art thing together after she's done working
>say I'm really hungry so we should get some dinner first
>she comes back from work
>takes shoes off
>walks in
>she puts on like a dude size t shirt that's like a size too big
>still wearing work pants,
>hasn't showered in at least 2 days
>no makeup
>im playing a game on my pc
>me: "so uhh, you gonna be ready to go soon"
>her: "yeah"
>I keep playing the game on my pc
>hour passes
>she's still laying there playing on her phone
>haven't said anything else to her since she walked in the door
>2 hours pass
>still laying there
>still haven't talked to her since I asked if she is ready to go
>3 hours pass, by now the festival is over
>all the places to eat are closed except McDonald's
>me "well do you want to go get some food?"
>she makes a smart ass noise, doesn't say anything tho
>she takes a shower and lays down to go to sleep
>now its 5 hours later, I'm still hungry and haven't talked to her
>we've been in the same room pretty much this whole time

Seriously I've told her like 4 times over the past year she should wear makeup, she would be really pretty if she actually took the time to look good but I don't want to go in front of a bunch of people (some of which I know and would like for them to see I'm dating somebody good looking) and have her looking like a fucking gomer. She's like the Jeb Bush of trying to look hot, it shouldn't be that hard.

I'm not a total Chad or anything but at least I try, and I take a shower everyday, why the fuck wouldn't you? She's not mean or anything just stupid I guess? I don't fucking know

What do?

Also, shills will post pics of qt mixed race babes and ask users how they rate. The trick is to have other shills comment and give the post more yous to garner attention. Eventually, other naive users might think the image is an actual topic of discussion and not the topic that the initial thread was really about. SPREAD THIS FAGGOTS!!!


That would be qualified of forced prostitution for a political goal in a safespace university.

Who cares about CTR? Trump will win landslide.


Praise Kek. He agrees!

Thanks OP. I'll be sure to sage your useless thread as well.

>shills really trying the pedos to vote and shills for them
Comsidering what is happening in (((Safe Schools))) at this point liberals and pedos are one in the same at this point.

>mixed race
Choose only one.

cause they are annoying, and they slide actual good threads such as cut vs uncut etc.

>paranoid to the point that normal Cred Forums shitposting is now (((shilling)))

Bump seen this one a few times now word for word the same

>cut vs uncut

That's one of the oldest shitposts on Cred Forums and yes I saged this reply.

dont tell me what to do faggot

I did not sage this reply.