What if God reincarnated himself into a person to be able to experience what it's like to be a frail human for the...

What if God reincarnated himself into a person to be able to experience what it's like to be a frail human for the first time ever. Would humanity hate him or embrace him?

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yeah and what if he even let us nail him to a tree but in the end it would actually be for the good of all of us holy shit what if

That would depend on how he acted and what part of "humanity" he bothered to meet and talk to personally.

It's yours Frigga

What if he came to make contact with pol first and foremost? How would Pol believe it was him?

Some would believe in him.
Some would not.
Others would need convincing.
The thing you have to consider is if he was here, there would be an enormous evil opposing force to try to combat him and sway people away from finding out about him.
It is the nature of this human dimension.

They'd crucify him

>tfw the jews killed jesus the first time he embodied himself in human form
>and now the jews really want to kill trump

G-guys.. is T-Trump jesus?

God isn't real.
What created you, all other life, planets, elements, etc are all thanks to the process a dying star goes through.
If it takes intelligence to notice intelligence then you're also saying you're in the same realm of intelligence as God while arrogant, ignorant and stupid enough to think you know a fraction of the knowledge that exists.

what an arrogant, ignorant and stupid post

What would it take to convince you?

That wouldn't happen, since it confirms hell exsists

I'm talking god himself, not Jesus, they're 2 separate entities

I can easily tell that I know more than you

I have already been convinced.

Congratulations genius, who do you think Jesus was?

>Protip: We killed him.

Depends if he were reincarnated as a white male his life would pretty much be the same as it is in heaven
He wouldn't learn anything
If he was born another race he'd see how hard it is and grow disgust for how awful humanity is and just end us all
I assure you kek is very real

You mean the jews?

None of you know anything... and big kikenigger in the sky needs to gimme a winning lotto ticket.

>romans and jews

There has to be something that makes it more convincing then a set of dubs, hypothetically speaking of course. What would be completely mind blowing to convince you of him being here?

What if he was born a white male because of his overrepresntation of the media as being white and had a horrific upbringing to the point he questions humanities existence yet still has hope for it. What can he do to convince you personally?
That would be gluttony and that's sinful

Romans are gone

>God not Jesus, they're two separate entities



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This reminds me of something...

they hate him every time

Explains a lot

A very specific set of teachings and principles that when applied or practiced, actually work.
Teachings and principles that confirm, explain and go beyond what was taught in the past.
Witnessing and experiencing miracles.
Also using todays science to explain how it all works.

What if your religion is just what it looks like? Just another collection of myths and ignorance like every other religion?


I still need some time coherently unifying all of this crap, here's a few of the things it involves.

>Morphic Resonance
>Theory of Relativity
>Chaos Theory
>Law of Attraction
>Sub Optimization
>Law of averages
>Energy Fields
>Observer Effect
>Meme Magic
>Lvls of Intentional Thinking