What do you think of the political connotations of the Vaporwave movement?

What do you think of the political connotations of the Vaporwave movement?

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I guess now I'm so old that I no longer know what you kids these days are talking about anymore. What's vaporware and why do people always talk about listening to it on Cred Forums?

Also, get off my lawn.

Vaporware is just nostalgia, music, and drugs combined. There is nothing political about it.

>nostalgic for 80's and 90's (when Murrica was way more white)

I'm down with it, synthwave is cool too.

What i think looking at this picture is that i need to buy Vice City Anniversary Edition and make a custom vaporwave radio

What is it with you aussies and vaporwave?

I like it, but I've seen you guys mention it countless times in the last few days.

Vaporwave mix of Shadilay when?


vaporwave started off as a meme getting spread mostly on Cred Forums and /fa/ at first then it spread and people started to unironially like it. now normies like it. i used to pretend to like it back in 2012

pretty good desu

Oh shit that's a good idea

You could say it's nostalgia, but most people here don't remember the 80's.

It's probably popular here just because it's groovy as fuck.


Vaporwave is hipster trash. The only reason anyone pretends to enjoy it is because nobody enjoys it.

Not one single person.

The people who make Vaporwave are either retarded hipsters who believe their own bullshit or smart enough to troll people for kiketunes shekels.

Its nothing new. Every generation has some equivalent of vaporwave. When I was a kid it was ska that filled this role.

Its all just fedoracore to me.

>Stop liking what I don't like

I bet you don't even like chiptunes or cracktros

Trump will be the first Vaporwave candidate in history to be elected president if he wins.


It's fascist ravenews.ca/en/read/2016/february/09/

as one marxist said, all aesthetics in politics is fascist.

They're not old enough to vote.

>Literally just slowed down.

This one's better imo


Yeah, I don't know about this stuff so far. It was pretty cool when disco morphed into underground house, but so far this just seems like lame computer tricks.




>now normies like it

Dunno man, it tried playing some Vaervaf and Orangy records to normies and they weren't into it al all.

then again in Russia even hipsters are unsavvy and slow as fuck

I guess I'm old fashioned and admire silly outdated concepts like composition and musicianship. Someday maybe I'll break free from, like, my mental slavery and finally recognize the brilliance of NES soundtracks copied into fruity loops and played at half speed.

I remember the 80's just fine.


it's just some harmless fun big guy

They aren't exactly exclusive. I love classical more because of the actual skill involved, but I still love some good 8 bit beats.

There's a couple good albums but the majority are low effort. The good ones work because their distortions fit the tracks. Copycats use the same effects on other tracks / clips and it doesn't. Rarely is a unifying theme or the soul of the original track maintained. And dont get me started on random jap voice clips.

oh shihhhhh

fukken saved

Mutually exclusive*

Gone too soon. Just like this thread.

Tasteless, but indeed better. We're going to need to bring back professional recording engineers and masterers to get things right at this rate, though.

Did they put that together on earbuds or something?


I actually dont mind some vape from time to time... but SERIOUSLY ITS JUST THE MUSIC EQUIVALENT OF THIS

You're lucky I've been on a music binge lately, so I can direct you to some good vaporwave channels.


Also try out some 80s/90s jpop and jap jazz fusion, really good shit.




I actually thought it had a VW sound to it.

>good vaporwave channels.


cmon senpai get your act together

What the hell are Member Berries even supposed to be?

Like, I get "member" from "remember", but where the hell do the berries come from?

>member when Phill Colllins played the Linn Drum >
>Yeah yeah
>Member when Billy Ocean played the Yamaha DX-7 ??
>Peter Gabriel fairlight CM2
>Oh yeah...

I knew someone was going to bring that up, thought I could go under the radar.

Might not be vaporwave, but it's still good shit.

Remember when Rush brought out two sets of Moog Taurus pedals just to get more pant flap?

I'm not calling for a day of the rope for shitty taste in music. I live in a free country so of course a fag can fag freely, but I truly don't get it. I sympathize with you because you live in a country that hasn't made any good music since the revolution so I can understand why you would have shit taste and wouldn't hold it against you. The Tetris theme (USSR edition, not Nipon edition) was probably one of the better songs available at the time.

>8 bit beats
I'm in my studio and have 5 drum machines within an arm's length and I can't stop laughing at the fact that the bit depth of of a drum sample is something that you actually think about when LISTENING to music. Most people RECORDING music barely care about such things. They are more concerned with it sounding good, or dope, or inspiring, or whatever your preferred term.


peep dis

>you will never blow two saxaphones at the same time

I just took it as representing retards who fall for things like new Ghostbusters and Star Wars movies that are just riding on a popular brand from the past and have no real value otherwise.

i tip my fedora towards you good sir, upvoted

Good shit is what counts. I can it's worth reviewing by the car you posted and having seen many cars in my time.

You know what's a bit odd is how good the music is at liquor stores near me. Its older stuff mostly, but I guess that's how the employees deal with getting through the day. Wouldn't mind standing on line with decently groovy stuff like this to consider.

Vid related.


At the most basic level, "vaporwave" is just a style of remixing that fetishizes audio degradation (such as what you'd find on really primitive or worn-out VHS.)

There's no real set style for vaporwave, but there is a lot of nihilistic undertones to much of the genre. The logic of vaporwave often resembles that of Bladerunner, for example; "we all live under the rule of corporatism, so we may as well get comfortable." It also plays up on a lot of the fears of the late '80s to mid '90s, such as the rise of the Asian economy, while also resurrecting some of the styles of that era, such as "yuppie" lounge music. Much of vaporwave is made by people who grew up during the '80s and '90s and like to revel in the nostalgia of that era, combining it with these surreal-feeling remixes for the sake of nostalgia.

Wikipedia says "Vaporwave has been described as "a degrading of commercial music" in an attempt to reveal the "false promises" of capitalism," and it's not far off. Kind of like how Cred Forums shows an interest in trying to unravel and toy with establishments and stigmas, vaporwave is the musical equivalent. It intends to break down something crafted by primordial marketing, advertisement and corporate think-tanks and turns it into actual art (and you'll know it's art because 99% of vaporwave is completely free.)

>worn-out VHS
Doesn't sound a thing like tape so far.

The original Shadilay? I think it's safe to say that it most definitely does.

Clearly Vaporwave holds some sort of significance with the emergence of KEK.

Also, that word, 'Shadilay'. What does it mean? It must mean something, it wouldn't just be there for no good reason. KEK has revealed to us the existence of the word, it must be for a reason!

Old vaporwave held this mindset. Current vaporwave and especially post-vaporwave is pro-consumerist and pro-capitalist.

Like I said, there's no set style for vaporwave. Most of it will focus on trying to sound like something recorded in the 1980's and thus 36 years old.

Here's an example of that:


Then you have other vaporwave that just uses a lot of things that happened to be popular in the '80s, such as synth machines or remixing trends.

Here's an example of that:


>Also, that word, 'Shadilay'. What does it mean?

Yeah I'd like to know too. Was it actually Italo disco?

Back when I first got into vaporwave I would hear this faggot shit everywhere. Those people have been deposed long ago & it's ours now.

>no Jason Sanders for your yts
>no bandcamp links

>not sure if arguing for or against me

Vaporwave is the worship of a bygone era of pop culture, "stolen" from the people who made it and paraded around by the serfs it originally sought to enslave.

Vaporwave and Donald Trump go together so well because Trump was the textbook definition of a yuppie: rich, white, attractive, hip and stomping on everyone underneath him for his own gain. Now he's being carried on a throne by a force he probably doesn't fully understand but will gladly accommodate.


Vapourware sound is summed up as slowed down 80's hooks of vocals and FM sythnbass with massive amounts of sidechain compression and matrixed reverb.

cool yeha

I love the genre, but is becoming mainstream and people are taking it too seriously. Its a fucking joke/meme music. Any truth it originated off tumbler?


Stuff from the 80s doesn't sound like that, though (or even the 70s before coke got big and everyone went for the highs). I get it's another kind of a sound that got popular. Whatever. Music is for fun anyway. But that's just computers smearing off the high end with an overblown bass fetish.

Tape sounds way different. Same thing with old 78s -- they sound like hell but you can hear where they were coming from with a little attention to how you have your deck set up.

Its part of this but also they were referencing Trump supporters when the berries said
>Hey! Remember when there werent so many mexicans!
>Hey! Remember how it was before 9/11 when we didnt care about muslims!

It is a factually incorrect joke obviously but Trey and Matt are always trying to play things neutral. Its making fun of both sides

wtf is post-vaporwave?


check this out famalams, not exactly vaporwave but a very decent 80's pastiche

Might as well post some of my fave albums since I'm attracting the dweebs


Never really payed attention to Jason Sanders but I just looked at his channel and it looks great. Thanks for the rec.

>no sailorwave
>no lux aestiva
>not even hotline miami

Future Funk, Nu-disco, Glo-fi, Mallsoft

Artists like: Flamingosis, SAINT PEPSI, Rollergirl!, Cat Corp., Fla.mingo

He makes really good mixes actually. Bounce is one of if not the best vapormixes I have listened to.

I like MACROSS 82-99 as much as the next guy, but he hasn't put an album out in over a year and has actually moved on to rap. If you wanna talk similar artists that are good and still active what are your thoughts on BA3?

Is it understood that all of vaporwave takes place in Miami? What is it about Miami that makes it so deeply connected to the 80's? Maybe I'm just putting to much emphasis on Vice City.

Also vaporwave is great as pure auditory sensation. It makes me nostalgic for things that I've never actually experienced but somehow feel missing out on anyway. I'm surprised the MSM hasn't tried to connect 80's nostalgia to the alt-right.

>tfw when you will never be 7 years old playing pokemon Gold edition and have the time of your life, having fun on your little gameboy and having your mom and dad treat you with unconditional love, catching all types of pokemon
>Tfw you will never enjoy pokemon without knowing that you will go through heartbreaking pain of your dad losing calling you fat so you lift weights and get /fit/ to get rid of feels and have the girl of your dreams finally want to be your gf as a senior in highschool, only to waste your opportunity hooking up with some sluts, only to remember why you liked that girl so much in the first place and never be able to get her back
>Tfw you will never be 6 years old playing pokemon with not a care in the world, without knowing how you will end up developing daddy issues and go through depression squandering the College years that are supposed to be the best years of your life.
>tfw when you will never be that happy little kid again, collecting gym badges, raising charmander into charizard, and your biggest problem was running into annoying pigeotos, never thinking about the harsh reality of adult life

JUST FUCKING END IT FAMILY. FIONA I STILL MISS YOU, WHY WONT YOU GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND LEAVE ME AT PEACE. im sorry guys im just hammered and that Haunter just brought heavy feels on me. Its okay, at least my life is finally progressing now after all the hardship.

>Is it understood that all of vaporwave takes place in Miami?
No? I can understand the tropical themes of much of it leading you to believe that, but it doesn't have a set location.

>Maybe I'm just putting to much emphasis on Vice City
Check out this album, I think you'll like it.

>Is it understood that all of vaporwave takes place in Miami?

I think part of the point of vaporwave is it doesn't happen in the real world. It's just a state of nostalgia for a time that didn't end up happening, and we only caught a glimpse of during from about 1987 to 1997.

Yung Bae is fine. BA3 doesn't have any real stand-out tracks in my mind but you can play it out in its entirety while doing stuff, which is what vaporwave is best at.

go on....

i do like future funk.

>What is it about Miami that makes it so deeply connected to the 80's?

Cmon man, know your popculture history. This show was a staple, we even got nit in russia in 1990, was a huge hit.

Most of 80's fashions that are now 80's memes originated on that program first.


So, you need to buy a Gameboy Light off ebay & get a Japanese pokemon green version. Then get drunk & lay on the floor trying to play it while listening to vaporwave with a wireless headset. Oh, and have some shitty anime that would have been on adult swim pre-9/11/2001 playing on your TV.

You'll feel better.

I feel like the tropical stuff is a big carry over from seapunk obviously.

The other location pointed at a lot is grungy cyberpunky early 90's Hong Kong.

Vapor wave was born out of the nostalgia of pre 9/11 American exceptionalism. The smooth jazz synths were the soundtrack of decadence, vapor wave found them endearing because they were a constant sound haunting the 90s lamenting its demise in an apocalyptic sense but vaporwave was a reminder of what we are getting back to in Trumps America. That music could only exist in the 90s in K Mart cieling speakers and appliance commercials because we were in a prosperous age;

>everything is perfect, you can afford this beautiful stove

Donald Trump is literally the vaporwave candidate. Simple music, all sounding like something from a Promo VHS of a new Trump Resort Venture circa 1992. Vaporwave represents confidence in capitalism and its wonderous creations.

IN that way vapor wave is anti-globalism because its worshipping an era when products lived up to their commercials. When you think of the soundtrack to todays "modern wonders" its gay ass fucking ukelleles played by faggots....Vaporwave is spacey, wonderous, curious, in that way it is libertarian, and it is definitely pro cocaine.

When it happened I had been waiting for it. Did anyone else already dig the vaporwave aesthetic of weather channel local 8s music? (autismo shitposter strikes again)

You're not alone. Lisa still fucks with me, even though she's moved on and has a kid of her own.
> drunk as fuck right now

Also anyone who hasn't listened to the K-Mart archive tapes go do so, especially anything pre-1993.

Make America This Again

>Donald Trump is literally the vaporwave candidate. Simple music, all sounding like something from a Promo VHS of a new Trump Resort Venture circa 1992. Vaporwave represents confidence in capitalism and its wonderous creations.

>Vaporwave is spacey, wonderous, curious, in that way it is libertarian, and it is definitely pro cocaine.

I like the cut of you jib, big guy.


The mic they settled on using for Trump still isn't quite right for capturing his comfy voice, but I'll live with it because it's effective for cutting through all the shitty broadcast and streams it has to go through for people to hear it clearly.

>Be me, in highschool, dad very mean to me
>Is always on my ass all the time even though the things i do aren't that bad (missing a homework assignment, being overweight but not morbidly obese, my dad was a chad)
>Sophomore year meet qt Fiona, she's very nice to me, im her first kiss, she's mine, she had a soft voice that always made me feel at ease and forget all the stress of being in of the most competitive top prep highschools in the country
>Whenever my dad yells at me or hits me I always imagine her in the room, makes it okay, I can deal with it
>We drift apart sophomore year, feelsbadman,try to make an effort talk to her but I spaghetti and give up
>See some chad hooking up with qt's, looks muscular
>Start lifting and eating healthy, the only thing i have but still depressed, still pretend fiona's around in my head when everything crazy is going down for my sanity(lol god damn) but dont be a wierdo about it and talk to people about this keep it to myself
>Senior year, get swole, a have secs with a whole bunch of qt's, Fiona hits me up again, tell her we are gonna hang out on a certain night, that night think "She didnt respond to me back in the day and i have a girl who wants to fuck me tonight right now"
>Stand her up that night for sex with some girl i dont give a fuck about but is hotter
>A couple weeks later my parents are both yelling at me, Dad is choking me and i try to imagine fiona in the room, remember what i did, it sinks in, can't visualize her in the room, have my first anxiety attack, hyperventilate, can't react to stress properly, pass out
>Years later, freshman frat boy in college, good grades, dating a senior, suprising no mental issues
>Come back home from summer, be in my childhood house, all the memories come back, fiona
>Gain 50 lbs
>Fail out
>Try to kill myself
etc etc, typical r9k life tbhfam

bumping with oc

so what happened to fiona?

>Did anyone else already dig the vaporwave aesthetic of weather channel local 8s music


Don't think this project started out as any form of vaporwave (though it looks like it's moved in that direction), but if you want electrofunk with more original synth work this album is slept on enough that I want to shill for it:




you guys are the only people i can ever say this shit to. I have two best friends but i could never say some pussy faggot shit like this, i am probably gonna end up taking this shit to the grave. Maybe i can find another qt, I finally lost 30 pounds and am on the the way to finishing the rest of the weight and being /fit/ again. Joining a coding bootcamp in october and the instructor told me im the most prepared person he's ever seen come into the class, a guy who graduated three years ago just bought his first home and is having a baby, some qt from way back when hit me up. She gives me a skanky vibe so i gotta keep that in mind, probably not gonna work out unless interactions with her prove otherwise, but who knows, maybe i'll find another qt worth actually liking soon. Its just all too scary to me, i think im too jaded.

lol the fake tape warble and hiss

This is getting better though, as far as meme music goes

Thanks for the rec, feels good man. Wouldn't call it vaporwave so far though, more like dancier Aphex Twin

Why is that not a real hat?

This is actually bretty gud. Seems close but still distinct from future funk and glofi

The future funk song we all know and love because it gets referenced so much

Moar for (You)

It's hardvapor. It's just repackaged gabber. It's shit is what it is.

Because only Trump can pull off a pink hat.

>some qt from way back when hit me up
stay the fuck away bro

speaking from experience here, girls like that are worthless - they're just looking to get pregnant and collect child support

>tfw narrowly avoided getting baby-trapped because I got in an argument with the bitch and she ended up miscarrying because her system couldn't handle the stress....shitty genes

I stood her up, she never wanted to speak to me again. This happened 4 years ago and I thought i would be over it by now. I obviously can't speak to her now, that would be extremely creepy and im not full /r9k/, it's like a badge of honor for me to just keep it all to myself and never let her know i think this way, to reveal it would be very weird.

She graduated college on a wasted degree in liberal arts and i think is a cash register girl at a grocery store. It hurts to see her live a life in mediocrity. I just want to see her find a bf who will treat her nice and make her happy and not have to work at some shit job, but its not like im gonna try to talk to her. Its a weird feel.

She still hangs out with me in my dreams sometimes and sometimes i can imagine her in my room without bursting up. But its not the same. I know i have some kind of fucked up mental issue. Idk. I'll probably never speak about this shit or act on anything and take it to the grave famalam

It glamorises consumerism and capitalism, therefore right wing libertarian.

Shadilay has some interesting anagrams, run it through online generators

>play any vaporwave song
>click gear icon in youtube interface
>select "SPEED"
>set to higher than 1, usually 1.5 but sometimes higher or lower will work better
>sounds just like NES music

Man even our shitty products were awesome in the 80's.

I know this full well, its just that i dont have any human interaction cause my friends live in california, i moved to new mexico for this program and she is here. She's also my dad's best friend's daughter. I know full well this is what she's doing but i also just need to talk to someone thats not my grandparents. Im suprisingly not autistic in real life but i keep this shit well hidden and i cant say anything like this in real life for obvious reasons. I dont know why im even saying this shit right now. I just saw some nostalgic pokemon feels and you cared to ask. Thanks man, it honestly means alot in a non faggoty way. Ive never like wrote this shit down before. Theres definitely something wrong with me, I feel like i'm one step below schizophrenia but i was clinically depressed but exercised my way out of it after 2 years of being in bed all day.I didnt mention the fiona shit to my psychiatrist or psychologist cause i didnt wanna go to the loony bin

could you be any more wrong


what's going on there, big guy — Mr. Oj is goat record, as all tracks in MDE videos.

I can't take it, though. The fidelity is so shit. I can't stand all the glitched out digital stuff, hypercompression, and overblown bad digital EQ.

Bass is awesome and everything but kids are going to go deaf even faster than usual if this is what it takes to make something sound decent on their headphones. At first I started looking to make sure I hadn't left my cheap compressor on, but it doesn't even sound this bad.

Like I said, I'm old. But it's still fun to check out new things.

It certainly doesn't demonise it. It's on about 6 layers of irony but at no stage does it decry it. Vapour is to consumerism what drag queens are to women. Caricatures and overdone throwbacks to what used to be unironic.


For the lazy.
Really comfy.

Originally vaporwave was born in Chicago by Albert Redwine and some other bitch with green hair i cant remember, but it also was synonymous with a online clothes store called yardsale666. A big part of it was NOVELTY. HOlographic dolphin slammer pogs, alien blow up county fair prize dolls, jelly bracelets....again reverance for an age of decadence, where capitalism became so prosperous it created a huge market of unnecessary items. Its vague "wholesaler aesthetic" , pointing out aesthetic japanese text on a deafly normal cardboard box... in that way is for globalism. In fact "ONE PLANET" is part of the aesthetic. But not because it supports slave labor in china or anything. Its because wrapped up in the nostalgia that created vaporwave was the 90s meme of a global planet, save the rainforest, everyone remembers 4th grade, tie dye t shirts with earth on it. The distinction is vaporwave doesnt support globalism. It is just another vein of nostalgia for the wonders of our childhood. #save the planet 90s memes only existed because America was so perfect that it could focus on everywhere else in the world but itself, therefore I maintain that vaporwave is isolationist due to its capitalist escapism

>It glamorises consumerism and capitalism, therefore right wing libertarian.


>a "fuck you, I have mine" mentality that glorifies private rights and lord-like dominance over what you personally own

>free sharing of materials "salvaged" from a bygone era discarded by its lavish, selfish progenitors

If vaporwave was libertarian, nobody would be able to remix anything because libertarianism can be summarized as "you can do whatever you want so long as it doesn't affect how I make money." Sampling and remixing songs somebody else owns the rights to would be a big no-no.


Not sure why people think this music is anti-capitalist

>You're not alone. Lisa still fucks with me, even though she's moved on and has a kid of her own.
> drunk as fuck right now
The heaviest feels my man. At least we know we aren't alone. One day it will pass. I hope. Also maybe your trips will help

It paradoxically glamorizes it while stripping its gilded veneer. It's simultaneously pro and anti-consumer-capitalism.

I know you Russkies are into the hard electronic shit, but let's call a spade a spade. Hardvapor is shit compared the to rest of the genre. It's not even vapor. It's gabber 2016.

You might like some of the deeper Future Funk tracks. Check out Hit Vibes or Rollergirl! here Maybe even check into YUNG BAE's albums.

Thanks for linking for me, fampai. In return, have Cred Forums's vaporwave projects of which I have not yet listened to in order to see if they're good.


You're one layer shallower than I was talking about. Not the music itself as a it sits in your Audacity project, but what the music represents. It's a love letter, not a hate letter, even if it's melancholic and lamenting.

Also, speaking of weather channel music, anyone have that one vaporwave video that's one of Micheal Jackson's songs played over an old weather channel clip?

its white music for the white man

wtf is a Vaporwave movement?

>Theres definitely something wrong with me, I feel like i'm one step below schizophrenia but i was clinically depressed but exercised my way out of it after 2 years of being in bed all day.I didnt mention the fiona shit to my psychiatrist or psychologist cause i didnt wanna go to the loony bin

Nah this shit is normal for the kind of society and social atmosphere we live in. There are thousands of guys just like you walking around (I'm one). Us fucking white males amirite?

You've gotta get it out somewhere, even if only on a Nieuan tourism imageboard.

Have some upbeat Synthwave:

It's not a movement. There's no goal or call to action. It's just a subgenre like any other.

What are the political connotations? I guess something like, "Back then, we would have considered the future we live in a dystopian nightmare."

Maybe its not inherently either and its what the listener draws from it. Political leanings might influence the interpretation.

That actually sounds like such a great idea. When I save up enough money for my dream set up and apartment thats what im gonna do. I stopped playing all video games a couple years ago but that sounds comfy. I also kind of miss runescape too. That shit was great

I remember when genres were determined by techniques, and not by 'aesthetics'.

>If vaporwave was libertarian, nobody would be able to remix anything because libertarianism can be summarized as "you can do whatever you want so long as it doesn't affect how I make money." Sampling and remixing songs somebody else owns the rights to would be a big no-no.
Libertarians (maybe not all, but ancaps definitely) are against intellectual property rights.

Again, great concept, but the execution is like listening to icepicks. Ah well, guess it's just not my thing. Thanks to all for the various recommendations.

speaking of aesthetics

your shit together

do it for her

Fuuuuuuuck! Vaporware started out as a joke genre and it only lasted for maybe 2 years because of lazy Soundcloud ""artists"" making a quick buck. It started with Daniel Lopatin and James Ferraro releasing a record with slowed down tracks from their youth with a simple drum beat.

Then the lazy cunt Centroid (a tranny) released an album which was the most unoriginal schlock he had ever released but somehow became popular because of the track called '420'. The whole retarded 'aesthetic' came because of fans of such songs/albums started making that stupid bullshit up.

t. Vaporwave listener

>Nah this shit is normal for the kind of society and social atmosphere we live in. There are thousands of guys just like you walking around (I'm one). Us fucking white males amirite?
Tell me more senpai. Also tell me about what youre favorite runescape/pokemon times. Anyone remember trying to deal with snorlax for the first time and having to get like a special flute or something like that to wake him up? I was a dumb 6 or 7 year old so it took me awhile to figure out what to do. If im not mistaken i even killed the snorlax accidentally instead of capturing it. kek


Are you old enough to remember the 90s world wide web aesthetic before it was ironic?

Feels weird man.

Perhaps mallsoft is more your thing rather than vaporwave and futurefunk? Palm Mall by Cat Corp may be what the doctor ordered.

Considering this is apparently a feels thread.

>tfw no Beckii.
>tfw can't replace Beckii.
>tfw she is the best I'll ever have and I fucked it up.
>tfw it's been like 5 years and I don't feel anything when I see cute girls, nothing at all, just Pavlovian conditioning to stay the fuck away.

Damn, honestly never thought id see james ferraro's name mentioned on Cred Forums. Hes one of my favorite, nigga is insane.



I believe synthwave is infinitely superior


Yes im old enough and it obviously lashes on to that nostalgia or nostalgia in general. That's why I enjoy it so much but stupid kids think there is some 'anti capitalist' theme going on which is not.

>with two i's

You're not missing out, I can pretty much guarantee this.

Trumpwave will begin taking over soon.

That's a stupid fucking way to spell Becky. You dodged a bullet.

vaporwave is semi-mainstream amongst the young social scenes in Melb and Bris

I already try to that shit every day. Its just hard. Im finally on my way again though. I'll have a big boi job by january or february because i graduate from this program in december and ill be able to get my own feelspace by june with my own squat rack,dumbells, battlestation (for webdev and not videogames however) and treadmill. . I just want to live a lonely life making beautiful and functional websites for people and lift all by myself in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Its my dream.

false, this is the best version


Agree. I enjoy it as a "fuck I haven't thought of this aesthetic in years" thing. I don't understand the appeal if you weren't there originally though.

With Geocities I can make my OWN web page?!?

I think that and how she got sad when it rained were the only two bad things about her.
She said she spelled it like that when she was 11 or something and due to some circumstances it became her "legal" name and she couldn't change it back.



It already exists

Agree to disagree.

>tfw it's been like 5 years and I don't feel anything when I see cute girls, nothing at all, just Pavlovian conditioning to stay the fuck away.
>Pavlovian conditioning to stay the fuck away

Anyways l8r gaybois, told my grandma i'd go to 11AM church with her and its fucking 3am. Love you faggots.

I never stopped playing video games. I try to balance them appropriately with productive activities since I know they are decadent unproductive activity, but they are too this day one of the few things which make me happy. I have yet to hit the crash in interest Cred Forums warns about. Should I work to abandon vidya?


I miss how completely disorganised the internet was. Everything looks to clean and minimalistic nowadays. I sometimes visit 7chan just to get that feeling of nostalgia how the internet used to be such a fun place to visit.

I played silver, you played gold. Atleast we weren't playing crystal like a couple of fags.

>7chan isnt censored anymore

I wish that site wasn't ruined by the least intelligent mods in the world.

I don't get how that's related

Dont ever abandon vidya if it makes you happy user. I abandoned it because my dad yelled at me for playing it and broke my xbox360 and that time coincided with my love for weightlifting which replaced it. I still think about playing fallout3, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell and runescape to this day.

The internet has been popularized and made user friendly, thus dumbed down. The internet used to be a sanctuary from normies.



I had a geocities page with a marquee, tags, guestbook, animated gifs up and down the page, brightly colored horizontal divider images, a secret page that never got any hits except from myself, hit counters of course.

It was sick. I had a page on
ICQ as well. My Windows 98 theme was a green on black color scheme I made myself and named "Windows 2000" I wish I had better habits to preserve those kinds of things in some form. Feels like I lost parts of myself, losing touch with those things. It's the same with VCR recordings. I used to watch the hell out of VCR recordings of movies, complete with 80s commercials galore, Nissan, Nutra-Sweet, Diet Coke, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial in the style of Pac-Man that I can't find anymore. The tapes might exist but my grandparents are mostly passed, many of the VHS tapes are gone, down the memory hole.

Autism, ladies and gents.

>a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial in the style of Pac-Man that I can't find anymore
Holy shit I remember this. This one?


Almost certain it's a name. Like a lovesong or such.

>metalhead but unironically enjoying the groovy tunes.

>tfw when she had a condition where her hands were always cold and she would always want to hold your hand


If its anything, I solidly stay in the 1983-2007 year frame for games, particularly 90's 3D games and 7th gen. Consoles as platforms which offer unique interesting experiences died/is dying with the Wii U. At least there will always be indies.

Oh yes, you got it. I haven't looked for it since before that video was uploaded. That was my #1 most favorite commercial as a kid, because it was on my Grandfather's VHS recording of Superman 2, which I watched up to something like 50 times as a kid.

>If its anything, I solidly stay in the 1983-2007 year frame for games, particularly 90's 3D games and 7th gen. Consoles as platforms which offer unique interesting experiences died/is dying with the Wii U. At least there will always be indies.
Did you ever play Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow?

It was on my grandparents copy of Empire so I feel you.

Wine just came out of my nose

>which I watched up to something like 50 times as a kid.
Why can't the interbutt the perview of unbridled autism again?

I'm not sure if it happens to everyone, but when you were a kid could you "feel" some of the things going on on screen in movies? In Superman 2 I would feel the plastic texture of the effect they use when Superman throws the S from his chest and it acts like a net on the bad guys. In Superman 3 when the woman turns into a cyborg I would feel the wires and stuff infesting her. It was frightening but addicting. I didn't have a clue that it was unusual. That phenomenon never happens to me now.

Just found it.


lol listen to the original italian version

it's not even close to a love song

>Daniel Lopatin and James Ferraro


you could always sprinkle bits of marxist theory like accelerationism and 'the spectacle' in your vaporwave album to make it sound impressive. doesn't mean it was much outside of plunderphonics

Lopatin's works outside of Eccojams actually contained original material and theory though; best hyperreal artist.

No, should I? I've played all the MGSs except the new one though.

That sort of reminds me of ASMR. Look it up on youtube, but ignore the whores. Plenty of camgirls are trying to jump on the gravy train.

I can still do that in some videogames. Haven't been able to do that with movies for a long time though. FarCry 2 is a big one for me. I can feel the cool desert nights and the sticky humid jungles. I just don't get immersed like I used to.

Well there's a neural pruning method that goes on as a normal process of childhood to upgrade from the the almost synesthetic experience of early development into adulthood. So if that goes slowly enough, then you definitely get to experience something almost psychedelic on your way out into the dull, grey world of adulthood.

You might enjoy, "The Man who Tasted Shapes" by Richard Cytowic, who investigated this kind of stuff professionally. It's a short, interesting book with a lot to say about philosphy and life in general and only really bouncing it off the synesthesia question.

That's just human beings who get really invested in narratives. We all have these abilities, newer hollywood movies don't do it as much for me though since they are all so artificial and fake in their sincerity as creative product.

Vapourwave is shite, this is true Cred Forums music: youtube.com/watch?v=AzV-5zeZlhs

In Oz, some famous locals remixed a newstation theme.

>the american ABC logo

Triggered as fuck.

I think it's just a fetishization of the 80's.

The music is kind of a neon-noir celebration of the optimism of the 80's. It's somewhat ironic but mostly a nostalgic return to that kind of an evnironment.

Synthwave is fine & good, but it isn't relaxing. Sort of like trying to compare coffee to beer. They have different purposes.

see Trumpwave


You want this: youtube.com/watch?v=iCGBzrpxpsU

I enjoy it in the Dead Mall Series. Comfy as fuck. This and cyberpunk are so comfy.


Literally grabbed the first result that came up, I cannot help what faggots use as the image.

>perfect music doesn't exi-


Did I blame you?


That you didn't, carry on mate.

bretty good

Older millenials are nostalgic for 80s aesthetics and the carefree pre-triggering pre-9/11 pre-columbine pre-waco sociopolitical cultural atmosphere and the yearn for its revival to that state.

>, like,


Best vapor aint even slowed down

This is what happens when you get the vibe of the time, guys. Give it a shot.

The world peace theme tbqh.

Trump will revive the 80s, and thus he has the Vaporwave movement on his side.

The beginning has a very retro vibe, very nice.

Just apologise to her. What's the worst that could happen?

He will transform vaporwave into the concrete reality, no longer just phantasmal visions but a real A E S T H E T I C future.

Very Interesting

buddy, I hope you know what you're meming there

You have no idea how much I want that to happen.

you just slowed the music half its speed
this has been slowed from a tempo of 120 beats to 100 bpm lmao

this is why vaporwave is objectively shit and anyone who unironically enjoys vaporwave is a nigger faggot and has a shit taste of music

Try out my OC vaporwave song:


>pic oc actually too