Pornography illustrator found dead this morning

>pornography illustrator found dead this morning

Can't wait for the next part.


to bad the antidepressants didnt work, he shouldnt have had to hammer himself to death like that

get this on a tshirt now


Still has that signature shit dialogue, but his art got better.

It was my understanding that he tripped in his kitchen and fell on every knife six times.

>reading the dialogue

Posting before thread get deleted

> And succ
Only worthwhile Patreon.

Shadman strikes again.


I'm observant, and I just jerked off like ten minutes ago.

Both terrible art and dialogue.

I wouldn't mind seeing this guy dead as soon as possible.

This doesn't even make sense! In the universe this loli takes place she takes experimental medication that will make her young enough to serve as president, but why the fuck does she have braces??? Braces don't grow. REEEEEEEEEEE

>not appreciating shadman's genius work
sup Cred Forumseddit

whats the shad link again? he finally made page 3! niiiiiiiiiiiice that was fast, wonder if there will be a page 4?

>and he will do another page...

Oh boy here we go..

>one contributor
>one person posting
>a couple shills demanding moar
This is a setup. This is why Hillary has been talking about Pepe. Hillary's camp is going to frame us for this, and blame it on Trump. There are no depths to which they won't sink. It won't work, but expect japmoot to shut it down before the election. Cap this, Cred Forums's name has been written in the Death Note.

you need to have some super shit taste to actually like shitman's work
if theres something 9gag, reddit and Cred Forums mutually agree its that shadman is absolutely shit.


But guess who will end up on the news and become famous?

Thats right.

Not you.

shadman only got famous by making controversial shit