Give me one reason higher education shouldn't be free

Give me one reason higher education shouldn't be free.

Pro tip: You can't

Because stupid fucks like you would be in school until retirement

We don't need that many people with college degrees. Most jobs only require high school if that.

MOOC and personalize education will be the future. Higher education will be irrelevant with robots and IA.

Since people who go to college to get good degrees get the money to pay back their loans, by making college free you are essentially making it possible for more people to go to college for shit degrees that never help anyone and treat college like it was high school part 2.

Because you are not entitled to the sweat of my brow, you freeloading cunt.

I want to go to school for archaic rock sorting. Normies should pay for it and I know the job is totatally worth the time effort and money
>Go fuck yourself. If you get a real job like lawyer or doctor you can pay your loans off in a few quick years if not die in a fire

It devalues degrees and leads to a lack of supply of workers for jobs that don't require muh degrees.
Australia and the rest of the commies BTFO

It should, but at least this way not everyone is indoctrinated by Marxism for free.

Devaluation of education
Commercialisation of the education process doesnt lead to better outcomes it merely degrades the quality of the education so there are more graduates

Case in point the oversupply of "graduates" in Taiwan where it is a guarantee that everyone has a degree but only a select few actually have jobs that reflect what their fields of study.

That isn't to say education shouldn't be accessible to all though.

Perpetual welfare state that breeds support to the collective

Who would teach?
How would you get any resources?
If it's free, there would be no pay, and the school would have no money.

Do you consider college "high education"? Do you really? A bachelor degree in the next 5 to 10 years will be the new high school diploma because of the current policies watering down the quality of universities across the globe.

Fuck, I am at my 3rd year in PhD and we are told right away graduating with a PhD is not even enough. Post-Doc is the new PhD now.

I pay 200€/year, which i guess can be Seen as free (there are free colleges in Germany though).
You can drop out if you fail an exam 3-4 times (depends on factors) and if you wont reach a good score your Bafög (gibs me dat money) can be cut off.

It just Werks.

I agree.

Go to the library to study. Take a fucking standardized test on scantron for $1. Boom, no more student debt.


Because a lot of people would just sign up and fuck around wasting precious resources.

Also my country already has too many people with useless degrees

Modern society has advanced rapidly in the past few centuries because there has been an acceleration in the filtration of intellectuals from the general population.

If you start subsiding the institutions that do this, such as colleges you produce a number of consequences:

1. You reduce the value of education through basic economic principles; the more plentiful a resource is, the less value it has.

2. You produce large amounts of public debt from the inability to produce economic value from increasingly worthless degrees who are held by less intelligent people

3. To keep up with the the 'inflation' of degrees, you need to spend longer in education, increasing public debt and further reducing the value of education. It's a positive feedback loop waiting for a collapse.

4. You drive elitism. The now suffering economy (which has been affected by multiple state influences) now makes it increasingly difficult to climb up to the status of middle class. The majority of wealth now increasingly falls into the hands of a private few alongside the the growth of the state. You could also consider the education institutions which cater to an elite few, who stand out among the increasingly decaying subsided colleges.

Education is free in my country. What it creates is 25 something losers who still go to university just to fail 4 times.

And the ones who pass go through heavy brainwashing.

The American public school system

It should be free... For selected useful fields that have a contract system for spending the first few years working for the country in a productive way. In a way that pays for itself in savings when the productive workers pay it off.
>Free engineering degree
>Spend 5 years at a paid government position at $40k a year helping design infrastructure
>Free psych degree
>Spend 5 years getting paid $40k a year doing government community drug and psych counseling

No therapeutic feminist aqua ballet bullshit, STEM, medicine, education and so on.

Fuck, I'd even be happy making it "free" and then pulling 5% of whatever they make until it's either paid off, or until they die.

Because our colleges are already bursting with people who don't belong there and don't really want to be there. Our standards are already screwed up enough without all the extra dead weight free college tuition will load us down with.

Because very few people are worthy of higher education/capable of truly succeeding in it.

How do you get people to be teachers if you pay them nothing?

Because someone else has to pay for your free ride. If you perform well enough academically school can be free and you can qualify for a free ride.

It already is if you have above a B+ average in nearly every state. I don't see a reason to federalize that and move the burden for funding it, from well designed state lottery programs, to the taxpayer.

what is comercial about it? do you realice its all under government mob rule

how to teach
what to teach
who can teach
how its paid

private education ost playimg on a real market scenario

1) cost. the united states has been operating in the red for to long. 19.5 tril in national debt. debt will reduce gdp growth in the same quarter its incurred. this is to prevent a country in decline from trying to "mint" its way out of recession

2) space. there isnt enough room for ball 18 year olds who graduate from high school in colleges in america. free college means free for every one doesnt it? yea 80% of the country has never gone to college and you just dont have space for them

3) flooding the market. how pointless is it to have the same generic college diploma as every one else?

Always name the jew.

My college English teacher had a second job at Taco Bell. Guess which job paid more.

Because dumbfuck degenerates shouldn't go on to higher education.

Yeah I don't really understand this one. Trade School at least. We need skilled workers to work skilled jobs. I don't see why we couldn't make job training free, I don't really get it.

>Meta Art Basket Sniffing Degree

Yeah none of that but, you know
>Plumbing, etc

There is none. The """free market""" education in the US costs both the students and the government more than a proper tax-based system would.

It's a huge welfare programme for the financial industry, that can hand out riskless loans, no one else benefits.

>supporting private education on the false premise that private education focuses on providing quality education for students

Perhaps you have yet to finish your degree but Universities privately run in Australia are not focused on quality education there are two revenue streams for such establishments: 1) Government grants for research purposes and 2) International students charged exorbitant fees,

In other words the University rorts the system with so called "peer reviewed" research via contrived studies, rigging the review process and kickbacks for colleagues. On the other matter the universities over charge international students sometimes costing them 4 - 10 times the price of a domestic student. The institutions are swarmed with foreign students and the quality is geared towards self study and high volume distribution. There is minimal interaction and you could obtain a degree without ever having to speak to another person.

That's the kind of "education for all" bullshit you get when you say "education should be free".

It devalues it? I'm assuming by 'higher' you mean 'tertiary' aka University.

Our country is a prime example. You've got a growing youth unemployment on a massive scale, 5 years previous experience + 2 undergrad bachelors / diplomas for even a chance to enter any field that isn't retail / burger flipping, and even then you're probably competing with students with bachelors / undertaking graduate level studies.

Also 90% of university courses are retarded basket weaving tier nonsense that provides no benefit to society. Why should we subsidize and provide such useless boondoggles for everyone who wants them when they actively contribute to the decline of our country and our youth?

Fuck you.

>Give me one reason higher education shouldn't be free.

Because it costs money you fucknugget. Who pays the professors? Who pays for the electricity and internet? Who pays for the fucking building maintenance? Who pays to restock the college bookstore?

Do you have some kind of difficulty understanding that somebody has to pay for this shit? The government taxes the citizenry to pay for things. Socialized higher education still costs money asshole.

Here's the thing - not everyone is college material. And those who are and can't afford it can just pick a safe military position and POG their way through free college. And those who can't military and can't afford college can find a way if they keep their shit together.

What's the point of giving everyone a bachelor's degree if we still need our shelves stocked, trucks driven and factories filled?

I feel like the current financial barrier is a useful sorting mechanism. Tbh there are olenty of peoole filling college seats that are "supposed" to go to college that have no business being there. And schools, to not look bad, force those tards through, devaluing further the degree I. Hand, for a higher price every year.

Free isn't free.

Some people would be surprised, but Taco Bell employees are actually paid quite well. The average salary is about $80,000/year, but I have heard stories of some of the chefs making upwards of $300,000

Free sounds great... the teachers can work for free to teach the lifelong perpetual students who can take over the dorms indefinitely for free. We can all eat free food from farms where all the workers just show up and work and expect no pay too.

Or did you mean free like the: neoliberal, subsidized, privatized, globalized, (((multinational))), tax doging, ethnocratic, inbred supremacist, kikocracy gets to claim the perfidy excuse of more social programs (of the lowest quality billed at the highest legal contracted rate to the taxpayers) that fail to benefit anyone other than the most aggressive ratfaced thieves?

Because it's not free. That's my tax money that's paying for it - and you better fucking thank me for it.

Thanks Obama.

Because "higher" education and "public" education are oxymoron's. You can't have it both ways.

college was never intended to be democratized. College was intended to be where the best of society hone their skills, where leaders, thinkers and analysts train.

democratizing college fucks everyone, and it makes McDonalds demand a college degree.

It costs money to educate people, and not everyone is cut out for it

Public education is 'free', it's mandatory, it's funded by society and yet it churns out loads of idiots, if you made higher education 'free', it is only going to kill higher education as quality drops, you would have to have online lessons because there's physically no way to have them on campus

And why would we want people who failed high school to get a free degree in gender studies? Which is a useless degree, wastes money and makes them unemployable

I agree that real STEM degrees, the only ones that can really grow the economy with a tangible impact on society should be subsidised, but definitely not useless hobby degrees

A surplus of engineers and technicians are fine, but to ensure a future for them, you need to both encourage and make it easier for businesses to be started which create the jobs for everyone

And lastly, education is mostly 'free' now, you can watch lectures from ivy league unis for free on youtube, never in history has such access to knowledge been available, you don't have to be rich, you don't have to live near the uni in order to learn from it, even a kid in tanzania can learn things that can help build and improve his area


Not everyone is capable of learning at that level. And even if they are there's no guarantee they will ever use the knowledge.
Some people don't even need high school level knowledge for gods sake.

as its not free market, incentives are corrupted even on the private side of it

education should stop being mandatory, granted and directed by politics
only liberalization and free market economy can actually offer real value

to study a specialiced job with top pros in the world on the creative industry is 30-50k a year, if you cut the bullshit spent on mandatory schooling or shitty degrees even low income families would be able to purchase best education in the world nowadays with pricings determined by this closed market competition

Have you ever finished a single MOOC?
MOOC suck


Just maintain a shred of intellectual honesty and say tax payer funded

As to why we shouldn't have tax payers foot the bill for college it's really quite simple
Look at the degrees that are by far the most popular and you'll see it's all useless shit

I wouldn't mind if we paid for engineering and medical and law students but the last thing we need are more psychology and sociology majors complaining that they can't find a job after graduation

It would be far more prudent to fund trade schools as tradesmen are actually in short supply
We need welders and plumbers and electricians

which mooc's are you even taking?

i always find the good ones.

The money could be spent on infrastructure or something useful.

95% of idiots in higher education today don't appreciate it anyway let alone the people who are too retarded to even get accepted.

Education is a right- that's why anyone can be educated for free up until they're 18. Because there is a set standard for it.

Uni Education IS a privilege, given to those who show they work hard and have desires to move on into a field they are passionate in. The goal is that they will get a job in that specific field.

It is NOT a right to have university education. It is for people who have the drive and potential.

College is generally a giant fucking scam. I basically paid $40k a year for people to grade my exams. I never went to lecture, office hours, or had any contact with the course staff in general because I am not retarded and am capable of learning the material on my own without being spoonfed. There needs to be another way for people to get that piece of paper needed to keep your job application from being trashed without spending such insane amounts of money.

Nothing wrong with MOOCs, only with lecturers who suck at organising them or premature educational tools (wait til all the VR lessons, interactive simulations and things get off the ground)

uni is mostly a social thing now + supervision of ability

The actual lectures/tutorials can be handled by MOOCs which cost barely anything to run, can be easily deployed wherever you want without needing a physical campus, students can study the material at their own pace, and then when students feel they are good enough to demonstrate their knowledge, they can undertake an exam to prove their ability

How is this bad?

If humanities and liberal arts departments weren't just Marxist indoctrination camps I might not have a problem with the tax payer taking up some of the burden

Better that than sending billions to third world shitholes every year

This x 10000

Only go if your field absolutely needs accreditation like engineering

And even then, it could be taught in much better and cheaper ways

you can't be 'higher' than somebody if everybody is standing on the same stool :^)

Yes you can it's called not being a fucking manlet.

Go into a field where they care more about your skillset than your piece of paper (too late in your case but for anyone else reading this)

Almost every computer engineering student I know dropped out after their freshman year when they realized that employers would rather see a program they wrote than a degree that they had and they could go straight to work rather than spend another three years and tens of thousands of dollars while not bringing in a single cent

Because honestly there shouldn't be so many people going to university, especially getting masters and PhDs.

Top 10% of graduating high school = goes to college
Top 10% of graduating university = goes to grad school
Top 10% of masters degrees = get a PhD

That's how it should be.

I know (((some))) who are trying to break the traditional educational systems by making education as cheap and accessible as possible without sacrificing quality

its not right to lump (((them))) all together


Tuition already inflated because the government got involved and started handing out free loans. Now you cant get an education with out one. How much of a drain will education be on the school if government just starts sending money directly to them? Whats the next step after that, all colleges become federal institutions?

Nothing ever gets better when the government touches it.

>I never went to lecture

lectures are the best part about college.
However, college doesn't become college until you start on your graduate program

Good post friend.

There aren't any high paying programming jobs that do not require a degree of 10+ years of experience. No one is going to hire you full time for 100k a year after you dropped out.

But it is free for me...
I even get paid stipendium because i study...

>mfw they literally pay me to go to school

This so much this I know people in their 30s who are still students fuck free college

It absolutely should be free. Food should be free too.

But it isn't, and it can't be. You are just asking someone else to pay for it.

I understand that free school is impossible for large countries. You need lower class people to do simple jobs. Rich stay rich, poor stay poor.
Prime example is the US.

You support paying higher taxes so someone can get a useless fucking degree in art or negro studies. Kill yourself faggot.

>implying degrees prevent people from becoming baristas

>Give me one reason higher education shouldn't be free.
Gender studies shouldn't be taxpayer funded.

I think higher taxes is a good reason to reconsider. In denmark college, hospitals and many other things are free but the cost is that income taxes never get below 40% and sales tax is minimum 25%. A car that would cost 20,000 in the US could be almost 50,000. Nothing is free, you're just asking rich people to pay for you

Because then stupid fucks like you would go to higher school and waste everyone time with your stupidity stopping people who actually want to learn something.

Because we don't need more unemployment people with shitty degrees such us psychology, sociology etc.

Because stupid people like you will forever leach on society and never become responsible adults.
Kids of 18 can't be trusted to make good choices. Why should the government be held accountable for their dumb asses.