Creationists confuse me a great deal

Creationists confuse me a great deal.

They believe that God created the entire Universe yet only planned on interacting with the Human beings on Earth. Let's put this into perspective.

The small, general area from the Tigris in the east to the Mediterranean in West, and from Mt Ararat in the North to the Nile in the south. This area encompasses the ENTIRETY of the interactions of god with his "chosen people" in the Bible. So while God involved himself with the traditions and politics of this little area, this tiny speck of land in perspective to the rest of the creation, the rest of the planet continued in it's many diverse ways without his interactions. They developed their own religions and cultures many of which conflicted with the ones that HE graced. Entire continents inhabited by millions of people which span generations upon generations all of which had known NOTHING of his dire message. In fact, they all invented their own versions of gods which echoed their cultural values. Just like God's chosen people echoed his. What this means in perspective is that your idea of what God is is no different than any of the other invented gods. A good quote on this significant coincidence is Zora Neale Hurston: "Gods always behave like the people who make them."

What makes me laugh is that it wouldn't even have been difficult for God to spread his message to the entirety of humanity, to the other cultures inhabiting the rest of the globe. He's omnipresent, he's always among them.. ALWAYS. Why did mere geography prevent god's interaction with his own creation? It's mind boggling to be perfectly honest. Given these contradictions one begins to wonder why God even made human beings beyond the Middle East at all. Which leads me to my next point.

It's all about Earth, but look around. There are other planets here. Revolving around this "star" and this star this MASSIVE object that's 1.3 million times larger than Earth is actually microscopic in comparison to our galaxy

I think their may be more than one "entity"
>And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

I reckon 99% of the population still think they have free will. We're dumb as shit. Don't spend your energy on the dumbest; creationists.

Religion is a not truth. It is only a pillar for civilization, because unsure faggots who don't have the self confidence to believe in the world around them need something bigger to latch onto.

Cont. because I'm on a rant here

The Galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars which systems of planets also numbering in the hundreds of billions of which at least 8.8 Billion are earth size and habitable zones. Now we could cross this galaxy if we traveled at light speed for a hundred thousand years or so. But even this incomprehensibly massive galaxy is microscopic. Because there are hundreds of billions of galaxies. Try to wrap your mind around that, there's roughly 7.5 Quintilian grains of sand on earth. Yet there's Octilions of stars in the universe. But God knows this, because he's omnipresent which means he's simultaneously among each and every one of those octilions of stars and their many present. And of all of those worlds he's going to send his only son to ONE planet. He does everything on that LITTLE area of land and have those primitive bipedal organisms write down conflicting accounts of it on little pieces of parchment. Which will be bickered and fought over with other primitive bipedal organisms on a single world amongst octilions. THIS is the extent of his interaction with this MASSIVE creation. Tell me, WHY would he decide to limit himself this way? And don't give me that whole clockwork universe bullshit. He's GOD, he has unlimited power, so he needs the universe to run automatically to what end? He doesn't need to concentrate he doesn't need to conserve energy because he has unlimited time, unlimited resources. We are able to look beyond Earth. And once where we thought we would find God we found a clockwork Universe that seems to run by laws of NATURE. This leads to the argument of fine tuning. We have found everything that we originally believed to be God's doing to in fact be of nature's design. The question itself however leads to an infinite regression of logic. Why would God need to finely tune the laws of nature? Unless he was being restricted by some other laws beyond his control.

>God created the entire Universe
God IS the entire Universe

How could he be called God if he could only create the universe in one kind of way? Because if this is the case then he didn't actually create anything he merely followed instructions, who's instructions?

The presence of an all power god doesn't explain anything at all. I think it's time to face it, as you currently believe him to be he is RIDICULOUSLY superfluous.

Assume God exists.
How would you know His interactions are only limited to this world? Deism?

Science works with what we can observe, so only using observable evidence and no hypotheticals like so many creationists like to refer to when the debating gets hot. Every planet, every astroid, every start, comet, Gas Giant and Nebula we've observed we've struck down to being constructs of pure coincidence. The methodology of their creation when reconstructed is a chaotic cocktail of destruction and fusion that spans millions upon millions of years. Every planet we've looked at thus far in the observable universe has seen barren landscapes, inhospitable hells that would kill a normal human being within moments if he was subject to their torment. But none of which seem to have been touched by any divine grace, any hand of god. Only the Earth has the conditions needed to create carbon-based life. If you're presuming that we need to look further beyond the observable universe THAT itself is a hypothetical, it's not something you can prove or I can disprove so let's focus only on what we know.

Yes, since God is omnipotent he could've spread his word everywhere, at the same time even.
But I ask you, what would've came out of this? What would the world look like and how would people see God when they're sure he exists?
They would be sure he exists after such a feat.
So, what's the lesson here? Why would such a being choose to do things this way, which is the easiest one?
Why not let humans decide for themselves using what makes them so unique among other animals, their free will?

>Trying to make sense of Creatards.
OP stop wasting your time and energy, there are so many other more valuable things to be doing with your life.

Because allowing people to do what they will without giving them the option to make the right choice is morally bankrupt, and no god who would condemn all but a select few human beings to eternal torment is no god worth worshiping.

The universe can't just be one solar system. I still see your point but for earth to exist, we more or less need the entire thing.

A fish can live in a tank on a desk, but you need an entire primordial ocean if you're starting from scratch.

If God were a God he shouldn't "need" anything. If he well pleased he could have made it just the Earth, the sun, and the moon. He could have just created people in the Middle East and had them worship him. But he didn't, what we can observe in human nature, religion, and the universe is exactly what we'd expect to see in a universe left to it's own devices without needing a creator to "run" anything.

But every human being has the option to make the right choice.

If god is like the programmer of the universe he's still bound by a set of physical constraints.

If you made a universe with only enough matter for one solar system, bound by the same physical rules as our own, you'd end up with a gas cloud that would gradually disperse into nothingness.

Notch can't do shit in Minecraft that the game doesn't allow just because he created it. He would have to program a new version.

It's still silly that god would only appear to a small group of people in one part of the world and not, say, now when he could just make a fucking twitter or something.

>buying the eternal torment meme
there's your problem
so many people treat works like dante's inferno and paradise lost as religious canon

Many cultures had no idea that the Christian god existed until very recent times, and if the only right choice is the Abrahamic God depicted in the Bible then they had no access to that choice because they were not enlightened. Generations upon generations were condemned to hell.

Used to think that but then realized that's a translation of a translation of a translation and anyway it's probably using the royal "We"

This is why Christians are supposed to civilize people.

Creationists are, indeed, stupid and many Christians realize this.

But despite, you're conflating many other Evangelical beliefs into Creationism without need.

How can anyone have free will if you have to eat, sleep, and poop to live? Everything you can ever choose to do will be limited to that which allows you to eat, sleep, and poop.

What about the time before they started civilizing people? Why didn't God just spread his message to everyone OR just not allow humans to spread outside of the Middle East if he didn't have the patience to fuck with humans that far? Your argument makes no sense.

Yes duh father and son

You're too narrow-minded for me to explain anything seriously

There's no strong evidence of alien life, and even if there was then the bible never contradicts the possibility. God left plenty of things in the universe for us to discover on our own without the bible having to tell us about it ahead of time, like electricity.

Not a creationist per say but I do believe that God willed the earth and humanity into being, and created and designed scientific systems through which his universe would exist.

No it's because you haven't addressed any of my points with anything credible. That's what's hilarious. You can't address any compelling argument with a rebuttal of any substance because your faith revolves around a distinct lack of substance. You would rather take comfort in believing that this entire universe was made just for you as a human being and that your precious god looks and thinks exactly like you do. My, what a coincidence.

Read the bible jesus even awnsers this , cant be bothered to look it up right now

I don't know why everyone thinks it has to be magic. Things have to have rules by which they work and stay consistent. If there is a creator then I wonder what technology it has harnessed to allow it to manipulate reality in such a way. Everything it made works on rules, surely its power does as well, maybe on a different level that lets it bend or break rules in some way but I doubt it's just outright magic.

What rule says the universe must exist at all though? Why did matter ever exist, and why did it become an infinitely stretching and complex universe instead of remaining a microscopic speck for all of eternity?

Creationism is another word for "damage control"

Don't sweat about it.

But the Bible never covers that does it? Everything , every interaction God has had with this massive creation has been on Earth with narrow minded egocentric organisms who manipulate his message to achieve their own human ends. Why is this?

Because he was communicating to people who were living in the bronze age, and several thousand years later we still don't have the technology required to discover older life in our universe. The bible is a spiritual instruction book, not a scientific one. Whatever God wanted mankind to know about aliens, we can infer that it should start with loving and respecting your neighbors, which is one of the central themes of the Bible. If we are ever visited or find ourselves visiting another world, we should first treat the aliens with love and respect because they are our neighbors.

Spirituality itself is bullshit.

Keep drinking that Molymeme koolaid my dude, atheists cant answer this:
lets say there are only two objects known to Man, if you can think of a third i will challenge it, tangible entities and intangible entities. How do you prove the existence of an intangible entity like the concept of thought?

that which is seen perishes always, but that which is unseen is eternal. Live by the flesh, die by the flesh. Your soul goes on somewhere else forever: heaven or hell.

If you can prove to me that thoughts, feelings, and laws actually exist without using a tangible entity then you can prove God doesnt exist. Otherwise, God surely exists and is proven to exist because of religion as an entity.

Fuck you and your thread, I just came here to save the pic of the cute shooped cat getting it's hair brushed with a toothbrush.

P.S. Eat horseshit.

i always come late to these parties

Your thoughts, feelings, and our laws are happenstance formulations that are created by the firing of synapses in your brain. While we do not understand fully how brain waves create thought we understand that it's some complex feature in the brain itself. Also why must I prove it to you? You're the one making the claim here not me, don't shift the burden of proof.