Why a minor nuclear winter would probably be beneficial

Imagine this.

>Pakistan and India go to war and nuke each other with their small Hiroshima size nukes

> This causes just enough partial debre to be launched in the atmosphere thereby lowing the earth's temperature by 1.5 degrees.

>Lower temperature means like 15% less agricultural food production.

> It would be estimated that about a Billion or so third world people die off.

Honestly I don't see a problem here.

So what do we meme it?

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Just deactivate the atoms before they go off and they won't work. Trust me a British user told me that.

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They should just nuke Israel and Jerusalem and be done with it. No one that isn't already a Jew or Jewish puppet goes there anyway.

like this?

Isn't nuclear winter a soviet made up boogy man who happened to be debunked after the Gulf war when Iraqis burned down the oil?

sounds glorious. everyone would blame the dirty paki's and indians as well. perfect scenario


haha epic idea friend, I too, believe populations and lives (except my own) should be culled

Its not a shard post...

I just proved how a minor nuclear winter would actually be beneficial to humanity... lol

I *think* that was a very poorly worded reference to something neutron bombs were supposed to be able to do. However neither NATO or Russia have neutron bombs, largely because they never achieved the neutron flux they wete theoretically supposed to and were pretty much still regular nukes, impossible to use "tactically". China claim to have working ones but are probably lying.

Full nuclear winter has been discredited, but modelling of an India / Pakistan exchange predicted that it would affect the climate enough to matter (e.g. reduce crop yields) for decades.

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Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter

Or we could just stop giving 3rd world shit holes money, food and weapons and just let them kill each other

First of all wanting deaths millions of people is well, wrong. So stop being an edgy fucking 12 year old and grow the fuck up.
Second you think the refugee crisis looks bad now with 3-7 million people, try 1 billion.