This kills the wall

>this kills the wall

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hill is kill

get out you dumb fucking beaner and once youre gone we'll make it into a dome

>this kills the law enforcement and sense of national identity and nationalistic pride in our culture

keep crying libbie

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>this kills the mexican

The wall is going to be about 50 feet tall.

You'll break everything if you fall.


>if you don't think my retarded idea is the best thing ever you have to be for shill

my favorite argument
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>One metal stake, about 5 feet long and one inch in diameter. Arrange for a very stout and thick copper wire to be securely fixed (ideally welded) to near the end of that stake - but not at the very top. At the end of that copper wire, fit a large crocodile clip - like what you find on a battery charger.
Take one large metal-headed mallet and a bottle of water.
When you get there, get close to the fence and drive the stake into the ground using the mallet. Pour the water into the ground around the stake. Now connect the crocodile clip to the metal fence - but be prepared for plenty of sparks!
If you are lucky, that will put a sufficient short-circuit on the fence to blow a fuse - so the fence will then be electrically 'dead'.

If you feel like being a dick and fucking up the fence that is. Alternatively, use pic related.

You're forgetting that these kinds of high-voltage things tend to have safeties against this and more importantly, attempting to short it will result in people who man the fence checking it out.

Additionally, good luck installing electrified fences through all those Texans' backyards considering they're already pissed that they have to deal with an ugly fence on their property the first place.

>just don't let your kids in the backyard, or outside!


The types of fences that have compression detection/alarms, yes. But there are still too many relatively easy ways to circumvent such a simple barrier.

how is this relevant

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>walls don't work outside of Israel, goy

well I'm glad you corrected the record

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mudshits BTFO by the Magyar

Just fucking make a double fence, with staggered shape and cameras. If the cameras sense motion send a drone and a car with a few guys. If the little shit manages to cross the fence take his biometric data then ship him back. And the best thing is that you burgers can actually do that as you don't have the EUSSR breathing down your neck.

Wall =/= Fence

>as you don't have the EUSSR breathing down your neck
That didn't stop Hungary from building one.

Barrier to prevent entry

Feel better?

Worked in Berlin didn't it?

The wall just got 100 feet higher.

You're right, and a wall is even better than a fence.

So what?

great idea except instead of taking the biometric data, just use mines. mines and cameras. not proximity mines (ecological damage, kills animals, etc) but remove activated ones. as soon as your motion detectors detect something, it alerts a guy to take a look at the camera. if he sees that it's a dude, and the dude has gotten past the fence, he just presses a button that arms all the mines half a kilometer around said faggot. after enough drug dealers get their limbs blown the fuck off, people will get the message.

As an electrician who regularly operates with many types of ladders many of the Mexicans I work around have proposed this same idea to me.
Trumps wall is going to be somewhere around 50ft high.
That's about 5 stories you need to imagine.
When I work on flood lights I have to use an extending ladder to get to some of them. These are usually between 20-30ft off the ground. When you get up that high the wind starts to become a problem. I've been up on 30ft lights with a ladder having it sway 5ft in both directions. It's very terrifying and very unsafe.
When changing bulbs or ballast on something higher than 30ft we use a scissor lift or something dissimilar because it's the only safe way to do it.

These ladders that you would propose would be 100ft long at least and would be easily spotted being placed by security cameras or patrols.

The idea of a wall instead of a fence is it's easier to patrol and watch. You can put a lot of sensor and surveillance equipment inside of a wall that only authorized personnel can get to in comparison to a fence.

Face it Paco you'll have to go back.
>I'm not sorry


Thats why we have a border patrol with guns and watch towers built along the wall, silly.

If we have to we will go full Israel on their ass. To beat the Jew, you must become the Jew.

shockingly excessive force is the only thing that well and truly works when it comes to savages at your border. israel just shoots these stupid fucks and asks questions later, and they have the right idea. if we put a couple infantrymen every half klick along the border and had them go gun down anybody who crosses a perimeter of motion detectors, I bet that would be 200% better both in cost and efficacy than any wall you can come up with

You're comparing these things but there are a lot of differences to take into account.

The Hungarian fence (not really a solid "wall") is 325 miles long. Our border with Mexico is 1,989 miles long. Their fence is also 13ft, while trump is all over the place with his height (25-55 feet?) adding a shitload more height will make this already pricey wall more expensive and is not worth the extra height (bring a longer ladder?)

More importantly, we already have millions of illegals in the country already. The majority of mexicans who want in have already been here for years and replacing our fence with a wall won't do anything to help that. We aren't really in the middle of a mass migration, it already happened.

The gooks already solved this problem.

>That didn't stop Hungary from building one.
Hungary is getting fucked in the ass come November (referendum on whether or not they want to take rapefugees). We'd get fucked in the ass if our navy stopped picking up every "person" that is taking a bath on Libya's beaches.

While your idea is interesting and it'd very likely work it'd cause a lot of backlash, I was thinking of taking the biometric data - particularly DNA and retina/iris scans so that you can ID those who already tried to cross the border and give them the appropriate treatment.

>More importantly, we already have millions of illegals in the country already. The majority of mexicans who want in have already been here for years and replacing our fence with a wall won't do anything to help that. We aren't really in the middle of a mass migration, it already happened.

>Trump builds wall
>Deports all ILLEGAL immigrants
>Immigrants can't just hop between holes in the fence

You talked about it being pricey but our country has a trade deficit of 58 billion. Meaning we're losing money.
>The U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico was $58 billion in 2015

That's unacceptable that your country is receiving 58 billion dollars in trade from ours. Those mass trade deals should be fair and closer to zero at least. If we could bring that deficit down to zero by renegotiating to make them fair we could put 10 billion of that towards the wall and put the rest to inner city kids who want to learn physics.
>You know congress has funded worse things

Exactly why I said what I said. It's the only way to effectively protect the border. This is why Trump won't mention the ladder argument or the tunnels. They would be shot on sight if they were caught doing shit like that.

>get 50 foot ladder to try and climb over concrete wall
>hairy wife falls off ladder ahead of you, breaks every bone in her body
>you wipe the baby off your face and keep climbing, freedom awaits you
>finally make it to the top
>a sniper shoots you because you have just entered a country where the president isn't a faggot who won't let them do it
>you release your bowels in your final moments, getting black tar heroin all over the wall
>Mexico is forced to pay to clean the wall

A barrier is better than nothing. Are you going around saying "why bother locking your door? people can just pick the lock or break in through a window anyway"

Security can always be circumvented. That doesn't make increased security suddenly no longer prudent.

you guys are being silly, there's no way fucking Texans are gonna let a bunch of mines and trigger happy infantry chill on/near their land, much less get away with this without having a constant army of protesters. They're already pissed enough at the idea of a standard, featureless wall

while a trade deficit isn't necessarily a bad thing, this is a separate issue. We're taking shitty trade deals because of heavy corporate influence not random pacos

also deporting all illegal immigrants is a much bigger challenge than building a wall, which is why trump tried to flip flop on it (he's back to being pro-deportation but only because his supporters had a meltdown) but once he's elected he can just back out of it again, which I believe he would since virtually every powerful entity opposes mass-deportation.It would be easier to find some more practical way to appease his base, if he still cares about that as sitting president.

but it gets to a point where the cost of security outweighs the benefit. We already have a border fence. Most illegals are already in. deporting them all is next to impossible. What you're really doing is keeping the drug cartels out, who have the cash and resources to be more than a little annoying in their attempts to go through/around/under whatever barrier. Why not legalize and tax the drugs, destroying their only reason to smuggle them in and making money in the process instead

What is rope?

Because the Great Wall of America will be
1.) a national monument to American strength and willpower
2.) a massive public works project that will help solve unemployment much like Hitler's Autobahn

It'll be paid for by cutting aid to Mexico, making the Mexicans "pay for the wall" to fulfill Trump's claim.

It's like you don't even want to make America great again, sempai.

k keep me posted

"the wall won't stop everyone, so why build it at all?"

I love you libcucks

1.) if you spin it enough, you can call almost anything you want to build into something vague that sounds nice like "monument to American strength and willpower" or "make america great again"

2.) This is applicable to any infrastructure project, really. It's not like we don't have plenty to replace and build on

also odd how you mentioned Hitler's Autobahn instead of FDR's Civil Conservation Corps or even our National Highway System

I don't find it odd. I fully support Hitler and Trump. :^)

You honestly sound like a massive pussy who lets everyone walk all over them.

I'm not letting my country be run by people like you anymore.

>Israel's wall cost x per mile to build so it'll cost us x per mile too
it's a fence. are we gonna have this badass 60 foot wall he's bragging about or is it gonna be a cheap shitty fence barely better than our current one?

I see the arguments several of you posted are partially if not completely ripped from here, so it appears very few anons are thinking for themselves and not parroting talking points. As your guy would say, SAD.

and for the hundredth time, illegals are already here, your """deportation plan""" matters more than this wall

fallacious for obvious reasons
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