Trump hits all time high (47.7%) in LA Times/USC poll

Where were you when Trump continuously destroyed Clinton?

>Republican supporters passed Dems intention to vote, Dems still falling
>Trump leads all age brackets.
>White support on an upwards trend
>Trump's lead over men is nearly triple Hillary's lead with women (roughly 20-7)

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what kinda campaign u want



>tfw Trump gets rare Pepes but Clinton just gets JUST memes

It may be different in America but the Hillary supporters I've met all conceded that she's a corrupt insider and probably a reptile too and the only reason they support her is because she's "marginally preferable to Trump". If this is representative of Hillary voters in America she sits in a rather precarious position, every controversy could swing 1,000,000 fence voters the opposite way. Trump seems to have some weird controversy immunity shield around, like every time he causes a shitstorm his polls actually go up


Wait until everyone wakes up and hears about the two separate TERRORIST BOMBINGS in NEW YORK CITY and in NEW JERSEY today.

Trump will surge even higher.

probably because she has well over 30 years of publicly known corruption and lies.

Trump was always just a celebrity who was famous for being rich


Donald Trump song thread

Monday: Trump 53.3%


November: Hillary 100% on suicide watch

That's because when Trump does it, it's almost always for the lulz

When she does it, the scandals are usually shady as fuck and disgusting



where can i bet? is it too late

sportsbet in australia
ladbrokes in the uk (I think)

In the US you have prediction markets .. which is basically gambling

Trump has had a steady 20% or so lead with blacks for the past few days. Whites, no college voters, and middle class voters also predict him to be the eventual winner. His peak now it's higher than his boost from the RNC. Clinton needed the DNC to bounce back last time. Her campaign is running on buzzwords and anti-Pepe sentiments. Trump hasn't even had to bring up half of the Clinton scandals and she has nothing. Looks like it's happening, folks

>LA Times

>prediction markets
Thank you straya bro I better not lose my paycheck!

just don't get complacent. eyes on the prize. Its really nice to hear this news though.

Yeah but there's one poll in which he'll never pass her.


Those people are a tiny part of the population and she isn't ahead enough for it to be statistically significant.

t. College Grad and Up

I never said that Hillary would win, just that Trump supporters are low-IQ subhuman waste.

What about the roughly 40 percent of us high-IQ ubermensch who are for Trump?

This. Everything rides on this upcoming debate.

shit-tier degrees

Andd... saved


Filter out Liberal arts majors and run those again.

You act as if it's surprising that indoctrination camp graduates want to vote for the cunt.

t. Trump voter with engineering degree

kek enjoy your indoctrination and liberal arts degree

you know, this is funny

even among those with a degree, 40% favour trump. even those with a postgrad, 34% favour trump. gather 3 people with a postgrad degree, and on average, one of them will prefer trump.

the question is, which ones are the actual independent thinkers?

we know colleges are liberal brainwash grounds where you can hardly afford to be openly conservative. people heckle you for wearing MAGA hats, and there are communist posters put up by communist student groups on every single surface.

so. when you take 3 people and put them in this environment, is it that 2/3 of them will become liberal and the bottom 1/3 will remain conservative? or is it that 2/3 will be brainwashed and the top 1/3 won't be?

Oh no people with useless Vagina Studies degrees don't vote for Trump. Big surprise


High earners tend to vote trump,

So while people might have their fancy big city college degree it doesn't mean they've really benefited from it

But (((someone))) benefited from selling it to them


I want to see the Red climb past 55%

You can tell trumps winning because the mainstream news has been noticeably going full on attack mode the last week. It's really fucked up how biased they are. It's really reaching a climax and people are just sitting around wishing for the grand explosion to finally happen

>Trump supporters are

Generalizing and opinion-as-fact. Methinks a sky high IQ you have not.

Moreover, if Trump is smart enough to adjust to the fact that he has to persuade the majority of the people, and Hillary isn't it shows that she has significantly lower G and isn't aware working class whites will vote to protect their interests ethnically speaking and otherwise.

It's illegal for Americans to vote on their own elections, keep that in mind.

i guess the guys faking the polls got bored.

Kek confrms Hillary will win

>T-that doesn't count!
>T-they don't have REAL degrees!
Trump shills on suicide watch. kek

Not a generalization, it's what all the data, all the polls, all the anecdotal evidence shows.

Why hasn't Real Clear updated yet?

Has anyone actually done that I'm curious


It's a panel poll, they have a set group of around ~3000 people that are interviewed every day so it only ever counts as one poll instead of a new one everyday.

not too late, the markets are essentially in total denial about Trump becoming the frontrunner so the odds are still skewed in ways most profitable to anyone willing to back Trump.

There's this massive disconnect.
Media goes "Trump says rude, hurtful things. Is this immature behavior what we want as a president?"
And then emails leak, and Clinton outright tells the FBI she's an incompetent retard lest she be an outright criminal. Trump doesn't have to say mean things about her, she outright admits them. Now saying rude things seems perfectly fine in comparison to Clinton.

I think the death knell isn't her health or law breaking, it's the negativity. Her campaign is just going over and over - look at what Trump did, what a racist heel he is, please ignore my horrifying list of disgusting deeds and flagrant corruption and focus all your attention on Trump.

Meanwhile Trump is just going "Wow, I really love America and her people, they're great folks whom I love."
This is basic ass politician shit, even if truthful. Eat apple pie at a baseball game, kiss a baby, love country you're trying to lead. It's not a high bar, it's positive and easy to say. Yet Trump is doing this while Clinton is just yapping on about cartoon frogs and white nationalists while BLM is starting widely publicized riots over every dead other criminal.

I may be an outsider looking in, but does Clinton even like America?

That's becasue the media has lost credability with 50% of the populace. When they misreport or make up a contraversy, Trump supporters get mad and start red pilling those around him/her. This causes the polls to raise slightly.

Their votes counts but what you're trying to pull, that educated people vote left, only holds true if you consider barista-tier degress as education.

I don't think she does.

She is so deep into politics she only knows power and money at this point, not even to be cliche.

However it seems like the old lines are still there, republicans have plenty to bitch about clinton, libs have plenty to bitch about trump. However I anticipate that this election will see some of the most unpredictable results compared to polling as we might see a lot more voter participation, and who knows how gary johnsons meddling might effect swing states. He supposedly is polling as high as 10 percent in states but I think that's likely a bit high.

When you have these two big candidates neck and neck some other dude pulling 7 percent somewhere from both sides could make or break states.

Yes it is.

You're saying, "Trump supporters are idiots"

You're not acknowledging the following

>Trump has the majority of wealthy backers

And Wealth is one of the single best predictors of IQ

>That people of low IQ protect their own interests

Which is why by appealing to their interests, Trump has demonstrated superior persuasion abilities and a better ability to adapt to circumstance (The G factor)

You're an idiot and a pretender, backing a dumber candidate because you believed what a mob of IQ 120 people are saying about someone significantly smarter.

Double major Biochem/Economics checkin' in.

Living in Britbongland, but 'Murican.

Would vote Trump.

I have a law degree and I'd vote trump.

I think most the people I met at uni who'd vote Trump were the sort of people who repeated shit rather than really thought about the content of their studies, which is the majority of graduates.


New Reuters polls Showing Trump winning in Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado have been out for nine hours now and Nate Silberg still hasn't updated his website. He must be losing his mind lmao.

>I have a law degree

Your mom must be very proud.

why does it look like a cross section of ona-hole

>goes to college
>complains that liberal arts degree isn't getting jobs
>worthless degree in literally nothing for talking about muh oppression for 4 years

People in hard sciences unanimously support Hillary.

That's ignoring the fact that you wouldn't last 2 days in a liberal arts program.

She likes money

that's all that matters to her

can you taste what you ate last from how far your head is up your ass?

You don't sound too happy.

True, I would not last two days in liberal arts. I saw what leftism does to countries and I try to use logic and facts.


>A fucking leaf

that's funny.

you know what's also interesting about that?

you simply cannot afford to be a conservative nobel laureate because you will be disgraced by the retarded, clearly-below-any-significantly-intelligent-IQ SJW left. there is already one example of this. if you are a highly intelligent conservative, you will be eaten alive by the mediocre hordes who look down on republicans because they graduated with their 115 IQ and 2.6 GPA.

you know what else is pretty funny?

it's smart to say you're not a trump supporter even if you are

>all degrees are created equal

the last days of this woman's life she is going to be haunted by meme frogs as she slips in and out of delusion.

Every evil act she ever committed will be brought forth, paraded in front of her inner eye by the meme frogs, all those people she's murdered, everything she's achieved, crumbling away, a failure...

and staring her in the eyes every night
this dumb smug frog

Can someone actually explain this? Why are people the dumber the better their education and graduation?

I mean you must be literally retarded to vote for Hillary and still not being aware of all the shit she is associated with and responsible for. Or even wanting more and more multiculutralism and destabilizing more and more poor shit countries.

Is it because those people simply have no time to inform themselves? They're addicted to career like fucking drones, probably working and exercising 24/7.

People should have more spare time.

Methodology and sample size?

Link the paper plx


Straight from the FEC database

No methodology.

>time to exchange Hillary
who will step down due to health concerns
before WikiLeaks October drop

More like G-d Bless Blacks.

so what happened in the last 24 hours?
why is trump so much ahead?
wheres TNN?

>every time he causes a shitstorm his polls actually go up
Did you miss the whole Khan fiasco? He dipped hard and is finally back to about where he was before it.

What the hell happened to all of the geologists?

Becasue more education conditions you to accept what you are told. Most people in Uni only have 120 IQ and are susceptible to brainwashing like people with lower IQs. Need to be in the 130+ range to resist the indoctrination and think critically.

Republicans strongly back fracking as a home-grown industry. It's basically vote republican or lose job.

support doesn't mean it's for a good reason

one of the top mathematicians in the world supports her because of a john oliver video

protip people who spend all day in labs/working on chalkboards dont get much exposure to anything political

>I think the death knell isn't her health or law breaking, it's the negativity.

Exactly. I always point out, the candidate who wins is the one that expresses itself as a positive thing and not just "LOL IM NOT THE OTHER GUY OK?"

>I may be an outsider looking in, but does Clinton even like America?

The greatest trick Trump ever pulled off will not have been becoming president but forcing lefties to commit blasphemy against their own beliefs say stuff like "America is ALREADY GREAT!"

The way he makes his enemies abandon their own beliefs just to arbitrarily oppose him (example: Cruz randomly attacking Trump for being anti abortion) is an amazing distortion field.

When enemies enter his distortion field, their morals invert to the point that they become a self parody and then they explode into disgusting black paste from the inside out. Stumping causes the body to begin to break down on a molecular level.

Americans desperately want a strong leader right now. Hillary has never looked weaker. This is also a brexit like backlash to years of liberal whining and political correctness run amok.

MBA Student here with Biz undergrad. MAGA.


Eh, I think my explanation makes more sense. Thanks though.

your utter contempt for the working class doesn't change the fact that they are the heart and soul of any country and they are the ones who decide elections. Not gender studies majors who live on Patreon bucks.

Most of the educated would vote Bernie blue and not Hillary whom you could label red

I hope you're not insinuating that "educated" people are immune to group-think and irrational or subjective political biases based on their heavily regulated social environment, and that they somehow approach politics from a position of objectivity and not personal self-interest or social expectation.

Because the Nazis captured the educated vote too in the late Weimar Republic. The university of Heidelberg was especially known as Nazi Hogwarts.

>famous for being rich
not just that but himself/his look nd personality, else he would be a forgettable

No I wouldn't last 2 days
I'd express an opinion and the whole class would be at war against me, and I'd be forced to leave due to the targeted harassment.

And I'm in a hard science, and I don't unanimously support Killary

Literally not true.

I had to red pill many and trust me when I say it's not as simple as just presenting the facts. They are conditioned and not mentally strong enough to resist the Marxist bullshit being pushed out. Like some people have a stronger body, others have a stronger mind.

>People without political expertise believe x about politics

Why should I care? Once again, if IQ is the thing being talked about more rich people support Trump and that's arguably a better predictor of IQ.

Attendance of university is not an indicator of intelligence.

I don't know what it's like in the USA or Germany, but in the UK it is possible to walk through a joke-degree from the Metropolitan University of Former Public Swimming Baths with an IQ of 80.

Consider that all, or maybe most 'smart' or 'gifted' people will end up in University at some point. That's not to say that everyone who gets into university is a smart person.

Then of course you've got the unedifying left-lean of academics in university, which can speak for itself on its effect on young minds (in the same way military service churns out right-leaning young men).

I was actually a bit goncerned when I saw it had dipped down a bit yesterday. This is very heartening news.



B-Buh the poll is RACIST!

She ties Trump among wealthy people.

>be liberal arts major
>support trump
>major is filled with these people

This correlation really makes me think

Then it's not a valid statistic...

Do you even know what these words mean?

>O-o-oh she TIES

The salient point is that people with high IQ evidently vote Trump.

Trump is also better at mustering the votes of those who are less intelligent also.

It doesn't speak to Trump's lack of ability, it speaks to his ABILITY.

It's happening, gents. Get strapped in for one of the craziest presidencies we'll ever witness in our lives.

Remember this is another setup to try to give Hillary a surge, they just need "another reason" or newly manufactured controversy. Keep up the same support as if the polls were rigged the other way.

wew lad

wtf the polls rised across the board for trump, but nate copper put shillary at a higher percentage. how does that even work?

>passes out and everyone can see it

>instead of making herself look better she declares war on a cartoon frog

those polls aren't very surprising

Doesn't mean a thing.

Clinton is BTFO:ing Trump when it comes to highly educated. And where do highly educated live? On the West Coast, New England, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York.

You can't win without people with college education.

>be liberal arts major

Not surprising. I would expect Trump's rabble-rousing verbal diarrhea shit to resonate well among irrational types.

his polls are (((adjusted)))

>Not surprising. I would expect Trump's rabble-rousing verbal diarrhea shit to resonate well among irrational types.

t. IQ 90 faux intellectual

Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
No breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding
This is my last resort
Cut my life into pieces
I've reached my last resort
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding
Do you even care if I die bleeding?
Would it be wrong?, would it be right?
If I took my life tonight
Chances are that I might
Mutilation outta sight
And I'm contemplating suicide

>“In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also those who are furthest from seeing the world as it is. In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion; the more intelligent, the less sane.”

-George Orwell, 1984

Engineer here

Trump has my vote

>Where were you when Trump continuously destroyed Clinton?

On my NES

Somebody explain what happened in New York? Just got off work, I've been in the dark.

I notice engineers are overwhelmingly conservative while hard sciences tend to be lefties ... Never quite worked out why ...

She only likes feeling powerfull. If those leaked Powell emails are anything to go by, she sees being president as some kind of last trophy she needs to get.

I think she's too disconnected from ordinary people in the country to give a single fuck about them anymore. Her whole campaign is basically "vote for me because the other guy is even worse", she doesn't have a goal or a message. This is why she almost lost the primaries to Bernie, who basically appeared out of nowhere but at least made the impression that he actually wanted to help people

60 million to 40 million, Trump wins...popular vote.

trashcan bomb exploded wounding 30, and i believe there was a 2nd bomb found undetonated nearby.

in some countries it is - i.e. we have a school system that gradually selects people who do worse in school out so they can pursue manual jobs; of course it may affect outliers that just didn't have the motivation, but in the bigger picture there is a selection for intelligence.

With that said, in the USA it's obviously not the case due to high school being piss easy and affirmative action ruining the educational standards through grade inflation. The correlation with IQ in the United States is close to zero; Clinton having more graduate voters just shows how indoctrinated and pro-establishment their universities are.

Clock Kid tweeted "my next invention is coming soon and hopefully it will change the world!"

Any idea on who did it?

The cliche is practical vs head-in-the-clouds personality types. It probably has some truth to it on average.

>tfw this image whilst listening to TrumpWave

That madman

also, hey canadian! What's your IQ? If it's below 120, the average Cred Forumsack is smarter than you - I'd go as far and say that the average US liberal arts major has an IQ in the 100-105 range, which makes them notably less smart than the average "Drumpflet" amirite xD

Most education systems are built on this model. You progressively weed out non conformists throughout the school year leaving you with only those who can conform to the curriculum by the end.

I suppose it's actually vital engineers get things to work!
Scientists are more open to new ideas and if it does not work it is like oh well, we will try something else ...

wtf i hate winning now

Since when is Wyoming a swing state?

wtf i love polls now

lol, yeah I'm sure the humanities degrees are flocking to Trump

really makes ya think

i think its still too early to know, but radical islam is always a safe guess with things like this

You have to consider the DNC bump. It's hard to tell which is which.

Wyoming is gray due to "low sample size"

That negro fizzy hair is the most disgusting trait.

and it should be that way - high schools in the US are too easy, so even low IQ nig nogs can pass it and get enrolled in universities through affirmative action.

Be careful America
The only poll that matters is on November 8, 2016

i was comfy and expecting this 100%

The mayor of NY said it was not terrorism.

Not necessarily It has pros and cons. Example and it is biased would be myself who has achieved more in life that those who remained in higher education. I suppose one could always say "well if you didn't do well in school but did well outside of school then the education system is working as intended"

the educated was commie supporters too

Yeah I know dad.

Why aren't more people talking about this?

>male niggers will not vote for a female
>niggers still remember what she did to obongo in 2008
>niggers saw all the spic pandering, they know they will be a step below spics if the dems have their way
>spics steal nigger low wage jobs and handouts
>niggers respect an alpha male, being essentially apes themselves
>spics are openly racist against niggers

TRUMP's message to blacks is, "I offer a better future".

Which is true since the democrats basically admitted they will throw blacks under the bust to pander to spics.

Swedecuck, pls.

>go to the site
>that graph
We're really going to make it, lads.

And this my kraut friend is why Trump will win. White lower middle class workers have been ignored by both parties for decades while economically having their throats slit by trade and immigration policies. Told they are bad people because they are uncomfortable with homo sex, race mixing and transgendered freaks. Whilst SJW agent provocateurs funded by Soros agitate riots in the streets and the killing of police officers.

This election will see record turn out for Trump.

so BLM?


Basically they're richer - more cash from a cushy job. They get coddled all their lives unlike someone who had to work their way up to the top, making them more naive. Trump seems to be one of the few exceptions and actually gets it.

Plus it's mostly based on memorisation and instruction following, it's bloody easy. therefore they're more likely to follow the status quo, which Clinton represents.

T. Uni student

Then, what do you call the people that mindlessly protest and attack Trump supporters?

Also, two can play at this game.


Your shitty sob story narrative is utterly discredited by all the polls.

They prob still are.

Trump is just winning that hard.

Trump has a rabble rousing populist style that hasn't been seen from a Republican presidential candidate since perhaps Nixons appeal to be the "law and order candidate"

Those are Berniefags, no idea why you associate them with Hillary supporters.

Maple niggers must hang.

I see you have access to Nate Dirt's secret adjustment formula.

wtf I'm #mentallyhill now

No one has ever recovered from a drop this late in the race!

Republicans thinking about replacing him with a man named eggen mcmuffin!

Trump is going to drop out, he hates losing!

Is he a hillary plant?

Trump will have 60%+ after debates.

I don't have a degree myself, wife does though. She's Math/Statistics - voting for Trump.


Fuck I clicked this image will I get sick now?

I'm already feeling a bit ill now *cough*

Trump is gaining on Hillary within the Margin of error, online questionnaires have trump ahead in a landslide and Right-Wing voters are notoriously shy at the polls

Brexit had Remain ahead, The General election in the UK had Labour ahead.

The Polls are not your friend as long as you're within a 3 point margin of error.

It's called the "Shy Tory factor" in the UK.


He's, bizarrely, similar to Andrew Jackson, "King Mob"

40% of graduates are in so called humanities. Trump is largely ahead for non humanities graduates.

But there seems to be a dedicated leafposter that posts the same two images all day every day. At this point I'll just use the new feature to filter leaves.

you mean the bradley effect?

I suppose so.

>trump is spending his time rolling out policies, tricking the media into giving him good coverage, and going on TV shows and looking charming to the american public

>hillary is busy covering up her lies, sitting around in hospital beds, and chasing after cartoon frogs

What a time to be alive.

please fucking hit ~55-60%

please please please

i just know that the electoral college shit is going to play silly buggers with you burgers, and if trump has a high enough margin and they still call a hillary win, there will be HABBENDIGN



engineer here, would vote for trump if us citizen

That's not what we were talking about but thanks for your contribution I guess.

I don't think Hillary can win, the numbers just don't add up. Polls are meaningless, favorability rates are a much better indicator. She only appeals to 25-35 year old people and educated people.

Minorities like her too but apparently not as much as they liked Obama.

I'm going to be honest with you guys.

Trump has always overperformed in this poll.

It's a daily tracking poll and they poll the same pool of a few thousand people. Those people because they know they're going to be polled at the end of the day are going to have incentive to pay closer attention to the election than the average voter. They're more likely to be high information voters by incentive.

That doesn't mean that Trump isn't leading right now. He is. But not by this large of a margin.

On top of that, there's the potential "monster vote" of people who usually don't vote showing up en masse for trump.

It's impossible for polls to tell how large this could be, because they base their demographic turnout estimates on previous elections. But the surge of people voting in the GOP primaries gives us a clue.

Unless Trump somehow spectacularly fucks up or something unexpected and bad happens in the next 2 months, then trump wins. Any of the unknown factors are also in trump's favor
If there's a terrorist attack again, he wins
If hillary has a medical emergency again, he wins
If hillary fucks up at the debates, he wins
If things stay as they are, he wins


Already two bombs exploded this very night in NY and NJ.

Based moderate terrorists will rid us of the witch.

Lets be serious here, its all rigged, it all controlled. they kill people in their way, it will be clinton or some other replacement by a nats ass to placate the masses. Don't think so? Wanna bet on it? I will take your money.

He doesn't have a 20% lead with the blacks. He has 20% of their vote. Hillary still has a 60% lead among blacks, with 80% of their vote.

It's still good news for him, as it's higher than Republicans ever get, but let's stick to the facts here.

Find the one where it's "no Federal income tax paid" and see whose line is higher.

Oh wait--we don't run that poll. It would be "wrong" to do.

That's because social justice classes are mandatory now. They're indoctrinating our youth in colleges.

Just a reminder, this is not over.

This is me. Three college degrees. 140 IQ. Voting for Trump.

The "educated" people voting for Shillary are just women with 2 and 4 year meme degrees in "humanities" who were brainwashed by the cult of SJW. They aren't smart, just easily conned.

Huzzah, the only HRC "supporters" I know have finally become too disgusted with her to vote!

I always thought he said "chances are dinamite"

This with the power of a thousand suns.

Especially if you're American be working hard to keep the Trump Train running at full steam ahead.

>Would vote Trump.
>Living in Britbongland, but 'Murican.

Are you aware you actually can?


This is actually a big problem with america.

Nobody ever fucking votes so they do not know they can vote abroad or do an absentee vote.

i'm receiving my absentee ballot this thursday

feels good


It pisses me off when the media talks about the "college educated vote". All this means is that a bunch of nu-males and feminists who went to college for their english and art degrees are a bunch of faggots.

"college" as a way of saying someone is smart, educated, etc is a complete falsity in today's world. This is no longer the case. Any retard can and will go to college. I'd probably say the ones without degrees are actually smarter for not wasting their time and money.

I have a doctorate and I'm voting Trump. Let's see a polled sample of STEM degree holders and see how they vote.

Thing is though, as the race heats up normal people pay more attention, so the polls will more and more resemble this poll as it gets closer to election day.

Even if you don't like a specific poll's methodology, you can still evaluate it for general trends.

Right now, all the polls, the ones in trump's favor and the ones in hillary's favor, have all been trending so that trump's support is raising and hill's is falling. That shit is not made up.

It's strange how Democrats boast about the amount of college-degree holders voting for them. I would imagine that in a two-party system, it's far better to have a broad swathe of the public's support and not just do well with certain segments of society. Majority whites (whites are the majority), Majority low-educated (again, the majority) a sizeable though lesser portion of Latinos (minority), blacks (minority), majority of blue-collars (majority in the country).

Dems do better with women, true, but it's a female candidate running now. And I believe Trump does slightly better with white women anyway, the biggest female group.

I think Trump's Republican Party reflects the demographic make-up of America far better than the Democratic party at this point. Comparable to our PVV (biggest party in the polls). Their support based on class/gender/demography far better reflects that of, say, our liberal party. That liberal party gets most of its support from higher-educateds, but will be dwarfed by the PVV in the upcoming election because of it.

Then again you have first-past-the-post. A coalition of statistical minorities concentrated in certain high-pop states are enough to win.

>won't last two days in a liberal arts program

Are you seriously saying that he wouldn't be able to show up to a single 1pm lecture?

You also forget that the Blacks all massively respect Trump and love him back in the 80s and 90s because of how rich he was and how Blacks saw that as a sign of respect as a guy who made it.

Thanks Slav guy that filmed the video of her collapsing. Thanks Jimmy Fallon.

>Here is the syllabus
>This is how I will grade the class
>Make sure you have these materials and books.
>See you next class.

Don't call them the N-word. Those based patriots are in the Trump camp now.


So gender studies graduates are voting Clinton? Who could've guessed it?

>they base their demographic turnout estimates on previous elections
Do we know if they're factoring in the fuckmassive Black vote that turned out specifically for Obongo in 08/12?

Hillary isn't going to get that vote. She'll win with black voters of course, but she'll only get a fraction of the numbers that he got.

Make it great to be white again

The democratic party is totally schizophrenic. It fancies itself as the "workers party". The "party of the common man" and all that. The whole image they like to present is that they're the ones who are sticking up for the little man against muh ebil corporations and all that typical lefty nonsense.

Meanwhile, all their policies are ones that explicitly fuck over the common worker. In fact, instead of even trying to pursue blue collar workers, they instead just import any many dindus and spics as possible. So now instead of the workers' party, it's the non-workers' party. And the party that supposedly stood up for the little guy now spends every waking moment totally shitting on the common blue collar worker, calling them dumb uneducated hicks. They're the elitists.

And the reason for this is simple. Marxists original plan way back in the day was to lead the workers in a revolution. But they found out that the working class actually likes things as they are, and do not want their commie bullshit. So now they pursue other methods of bringing about what they want (ie, importing a bunch of mexicans and muslims) and trample the worker.

M.Sc. Physics here, would Make Murrica Great Again if I lived 50 miles south of my current abode

That being said, 99% of the people at my education level are maximum libcucks, even in the STEM programs.


And minorities with IQs from 70-90 overwhelmingly favor hillary.

Hillary's supporters are on average dumber.

>Where were you when Trump continuously destroyed Clinton?
here and on twatter

Yes, they are. It's part of the reason she's been so pro-BLM and all that shit this election. It's also the reason she's been harping on MUH KKK MUH DAVID DUKE MUH CARTOON FROG - she's trying to scare blacks into voting for her in droves.

But if their voter turnout goes back to pre-obongo levels, she's done. and it will, because she's not black and blacks only turn out in droves for one of their own.

I don't think blacks are really going to turn out for trump. I think in reality, they're just mostly going to stay home and not vote hillary. Which is a good thing.

But the funny part is that, despite the fact that I couldn't care less about niggers, Trump's policies would actually help them out the most. Niggers are hit the hardest by the dismantling of our manufacturing industry and the importation of cheap mexican labor.

Somebody better hold my demon.

Wyoming doesn't have any data. Same with Alaska and Hawaii.

It's safe to give Trump 6 more electoral votes for Alaska and Wyoming. Hillary can also get 4 for Hawaii.

>The most brainwashed vote for clinton the most



Nate Cardboard is in full denial of reality, again...


CompSci twat here, would've voted for Trump if I could.


His latest article on 538 is basically him doing pic-related and saying "e-everything is f-fine! No need to p-panic, the polls are going to return to n-normal in a f-few days~"


>catches and passes hillary in national polls, shills: national pollscatches hillary in electoral college polls
what now shills? whats the next excuse?

>i'm super smart but can't work out that the High School or Less category is the largest by orders of magnitude

Praise him.

this, even astrophysicists have been like this for a long time. I mean come on, string theory, with 26 space dimensions warped into little strings? As long as your peers will allow your bullshit to get published you've got a job.

All polls are bullshit. I didn't trust them when Donald was losing and I don't trust them now.

Up until recently the Democrats have been shouting to anyone who would listen (young voters) that Trump was unelectable. During the primaries, Bill Maher told Republicans "There's no shame in punting". They used to insist the Don's campaign was a stand-up comedy tour and that none of the people at the rallies were really voting for him. Then he won the primaries and they insisted for a while that he was nowhere near beating Hillary.

But the scandals piled up. I don't think the Democratic party even knows how much shit Hilldog got into. And her health became a popular issue. And the internet broadcast to everyone the dichotomy between Trump's drawing power and Hillary's. Trump has just got way more heat going into Survivor Series.

So what's the plan now? Now they rely on the old mantra that "Democrats win when we actually show up to vote".

I believe that the current Democrat belief is that Hillary supporters have become docile under the assumption that Trump will win. Trump is up in the bullshit polls in order to scare people into voting.

Rest assured, Hillary will be winning polls after the debates. Trump will start a sudden meteoric rise in the final week of October on order to make sure people show up. And Hillary will be up in the final week of polls before the election. There will be a huge premature celebration of those polling numbers on all major news networks and talk shows, specifically insisting "We did it! We are beating the evil! Go out and vote and be a part of history".

Then the election will happen. Reality will set in. Trump will win in a landslide. Johnson will come in second. Which is funny, because Hillary was supposed to be the first female president and Johnson literally means penis.

American politician don't like America or Americans.

The average American is the target of their hatred, mockery, scorn, and manipulation. Clinton is no different.

I've heard some say that she feel entitled to the presidency, if that's true I think she wants a legacy, like Obama. Our politicians view ourives as expendable, only useful to be farmed for resources are as bullet sponges in war. I firmly think Hillary will start a nasty war with in her term if she's elected


>Election Update: Democrats Should Panic … If The Polls Still Look Like This In A Week
hahaha he's a skilled statistician but he doesn't realise all the cognitive biases he falls for that would make him a very bad gambler or even trader

I really wish I could bet money against him on Trump, he'd probably accept 10/1.

The fantasy election playing out in his head has diverged from reality so much that he has basically become the anti-bellwether data point. It's almost certain that everything he says will turn out the opposite.

Fucking KEK...
>that pepe hugging his waifu pepe pillow

I just wish I knew how to bet on elections. I would've seriously put a few grand up back before the primaries, saying trump is going to win.

I've known he was going to win the primary since last august and I've known he is going to win the election since last november.


Someone didn't know how to use a pressure cooker properly. Nothing happened.

For some reason all I can think of is Terraria when I see this picture. Still comfy as hell right there.

What's the methodology here? Were they polled while still in college or shortly thereafter? How old was the sample size? Was this of college graduates or those with actual jobs in these fields?

How has it been doing in the news? I haven't been able to see for myself, but is it still a popular happening for morning news? Or is it just swept under the rug cause possibly Muslims.

>polls showing Hillary leading
>polls showing Trump leading


Why does anyone still pay attention to Nate Hydrogen? His reputation was built on calling Obama's election ahead of others, but subsequently it came out that he managed that by secretly having access to the campaign's internal polling - literally anyone else with that data would have made the same prediction. He hasn't got anything right since, and routinely demonstrates a lack of understanding of statistics on twitter.

Why would anyone in the media rig polls in Trump's favour?

Its funny because whenever i discuss this topic with my 'educated' friends, they can't really explain why they are voting hill dawg over trump, other than the standard issue 'trumps a racist' crap.
They have no political talking points and the more you press them, the more you see that they are just conformist sheep that don't want their facebook friends to know they are not part of the heard.

They were and still are rigged. They oversample democrats and use a turnout model based on 2012.

They just assumed the polls would remain the same (probably tied) and by shilling that Hillary is 10 points ahead come November people would be demotivated to vote Trump.

Problem is Clinton's campaign imploded. So I'd say the small lead Trump is showing now is massive in reality.

Men voting for Trump
Women and niggers voting for Clinton

> Trump supporters are low-IQ subhuman waste.


Trump actually has no chance whatsoever at winning. Elizabeth Warren said that he'll never be President and that he has substantial support from the KKK.

google it? I use betfair, but that doesn't work in America, but other sites do.


Someone post the income level chart, to show that unemployed university of phoenix online degree holders count as "college educated and up" who support the cunt.

are toothpastes the new leaves? I see more and more of their sad cucked out shitposts.

I highly doubt those bernie fags to vote Trump.

Why did fivethirtyeight have him go down in the polls? I didn't see any polls to suggest that clinton gained some points back




Daily reminder that "college educated people" includes:

>associates degrees
>liberal arts degrees

Why not just do a mental breakdown of how many degrees actually prepare people for a career by ratio, then apply that to how many people support who. It adds up.

> David Duke quit kkk years ago
> Active members of the kkk say Clinton is their candidate

I think aryan brotherhood would be more correct of voting for Trump people mix these up though.

>Thinking that taking out huge kike loans and studying kike propaganda is a determining factor in IQ.

Because Trump is leading in Clinton-biased polls.

>yfw Trump breaches 50% after the first debate

"educated" more likely than not are just sponges who soak up and believe everything they hear. that's pretty much all it takes for most college degrees these days.

Where were you when CTR stopped posting juvenile statements ALL CAPS

The negro doesn't respond to logic. Best thing Trump could do to court their votes is wear a bubble jacket in their neighborhoods, cut a rap video, and talk about sportsball.


3 degrees, IQ 180 can confirm

oooh, don't mind if I do

What the hell did Trump do to warrant the small drop anyways

Thank goodness that Clinton dropped more and that this site doesn't matter compared to state polls.

Just the other day he said (((the media))) would say that Trump won the first debate, and online polls will have Hillary as the leader. The guy actually believes the (((media))) doesn't have an anti-Trump agenda. Must be his (((neurosis)))

We're taking a break from the Cred Forums top 40 to look at the news desk.

This just in, meme magic is at an all time high as Donald Trump reaches 47% in the LA times national poll.

And with that we go over to number 14 on the countdown, Olivia Newton John's, Magic

>2 year degrees
excuse me, whAT?

just averages evening out.

>implying I don't have two engineering degrees and I am not going to vote Trump
I know how shitty Hillary is. I'd rather roll the dice on Trump than take the known.

>Can someone actually explain this?
The Emperor wears no clothes

>substantial support from kkk
You know there less than 6000 members in the clan, right? He's got more support from American show chicken breeders than the clan

I'm a proud Berniefag and I would vote for him over the angriest oompa loompa in a heartbeat.

Hillary is a whore and the TPP needs to be stopped. We need to take better care of our veterans. We need to create American jobs by investing in rebuilding our infrastructure. These are all points both Bernie and Trump stand for.

I hate Democrats almost as much as I hate Republicans. Trump and Bernie are neither. I assure you, Hillary has next to none of the Bernie vote.

>tfw thread you posted is still active after you sleep


They make .9 look like a lot

why do you hate hillary you fucking embacille if donald drumpf win it will be world war 3

that kid looks like a baby john legend

Earning my degree in history; please don't lump me in with those other liberal arts weirdos. I'm still voting for Trump.

>I'm a proud Berniefag
so much for the revolution eh comrade?


how will Don take down soros?

This right here
a college education no longer means an intellectual education but more of a social education
College is now the dumbing down of society, it makes people no longer try to find their own answers, the seem to just tow party lines so no to be ejected from the "intellectual elite" they seem to think they're apart of now




because he handles it the same way the CIA handles controlled opposition

I call it controlled controversy

He creates the controversy so that he is in charge of the narrative and then he can steer that narrative in any direction he wants

the 5 dimensional chess shit isn't just a meme, he legitimately operates on a whole new level, politically speaking

I love how cosmology is indistinguishable from DUDE WEED LMAO theories, obviously actual science and mathematical models are involved but the conclusions they come to are the same.


49.99% is his ultimate ceiling!

Probably community college diplomas.

how the fuck is that a degree?
hell, is there anything you can learn in 2 years from scratch?

more education = more formatted to what (((they))) want you to be

Just because you have a college degree doesnt mean youre an intelligent individual.
Engineers live to make my life harder.

.t Bachelors in Electrical and Intrumentation Technology.

Physics undergrad and electrical engineering graduate degree holder and I'm voting Trump. Is it the choice I really wanted? Not really no. But I can live with the bluster and narcissism of Trump for the check and balance on the runaway leftism and institutional insider gravy train that's following HRC. Most well educated Hillary supporters I know speak of her in this "lesser of two evils" rhetoric, but I think the reality is she's just the more carefully leashed.

A single computer language perhaps? Simple, very focused topics too, so it wouldn't be a broad education.

It could also have been a typo, maybe he meant 3 year degrees. I'm no Yank to know how messed up their education system is.

a vote is a vote. as long as trump wins IDK who votes for him

Yeah that's what they keep telling me.

One life lesson I took away from Bernie's campaign is that if it seems like a weird amount of people are so loud about insisting someone is inferior, it's probably because that person is blatantly superior.

I loved Bernie. I was convinced that Trump was the devil. When Bernie lost I figured I might as well vote for Stein.

And then I realized that every single anti-Trump talking point was the same as Clinton's anti-Bernie strategy but swapping Socialist out for fascist. Did you know that no true blacksman would vote for Bernie? Did you know that it was really "suspicious" when Bernie didn't have his tax returns ready at a day's notice? Did you know that Bernie rallies totally weren't drawing any crowds at all just trust us?

It takes exactly two days to become a Trump supporter. On the first day, you watch a rally. On the second day, you watch the news report on the rally. That was a sickening weekend.

And I can tell you for a fact that every Western PA Berniefag will vote for a goldfish before Hillary.

Pretty sure Nate is already drafting his "don't worry it will only be a one-term Trump presidency" piece for November.

That's a song...............

I can't imagine counting a single language for a degree
Just like you can't get a degree in folding clothes or arguing with fucking white males...
Forget the latter

>image poorly flipped verticle

did you even try

>Is it because those people simply have no time to inform themselves
>They're addicted to career like fucking drones

I've thought about this a lot. People have no time to read up on these people.And you get called a no life or loser if you state your opinion.

Yeah that doesn't sound like a lot considering how much a member of Congress makes. Sounds more like he saved the extra pennies for the last five years. I gave twenty dollars and in all likelihood that twenty dollars went into a gas tank.

You're a parrot if you honestly believe he bought that with campaign funds. Employ a little critical thinking in the future.

As it should be.

>You're a parrot if you honestly believe he bought that with campaign funds
Where did all that money go? When a campaign is over the Candidate can pocket all the money they collected

"Ivory tower" isn't a meme, these people have no idea what the world outside their university grounds is like.

when you hear scientists talk about multiverses, holographic projections, white fountains, extra dimensions you can't see, how the universe is a computer simulation and so on, you know we live in dark times for the more philosophical side of science

really? why?

That's a good point. Add to it the favt that younger people have had significantly more access to college despite they're constant bitching about it. Less old people have degrees, it doesn't mean they aren't smarter than the cocksure youngbloods.

And aside from that, those who don't do must teach. Conservatives do. I guarantee every volunteer firefighter in your area is conservative and the biggest racist of the bunch has pulled more niggers out of burning buildings than any nu male faggot has.

Liberals major in gender studies so that they can get a job teaching gender studies. Liberals major in Creative Writing so that they can get a job teaching creative writing. Most college professors are liberal and the ones who are conservative have tenure.

Autodidacts are the true geniuses, assuming you don't just become a lazy prick and never read. All school does is indoctrine you into believing that the right answer always comes from somewhere other than yourself. Most math classes in America let you use a calculator on test day.

>I may be an outsider looking in, but does Clinton even like America?

She likes that America has systems set in place for her to have amassed power and wealth.

I though Brexit was going to cause WW3? It's almost as if libtards talk bollocks to try and scare people back into line. Hmmm really makes me think.

>Odds: 3.1
>Stake: $1300

Whatcha gonna spend your winnings on, senpai?

Well I'm sure a good chunk of it was spent as the campaign went on. A chunk was probably taken by the DNC. Some of it had to go to paying off the assassin. And I'm positive the rest of it was funneled into that dumn organization that he started that nobody cares about.

I'm still on his email list. You may not realize that he is agressively campaigning to get a list of potential progressives elected to Congress. For some pants on head reason that list includes Katie McGinty so you can imagine they need all the funding they can get.

If your current senators voted against SOPA, please keep them where they are. We're gonna need people Toomy.

I wonder if there are any college courses that have Thomas Sowell in their syllabus?

>progressives elected to Congress
As if we didn't have enough of those already

>"If you don't speak English and don't contribute, get out!"
>This is insult according to left