Race and psychopathy

I'm think some races are more predisposed to psychopathy and antisocial tendencies than others, for example I'm almost certain there are more neurotics in latino people than in any other race.

I think psychopathy goes something like this:
do you guys now any study that proves, disproves my theory?

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>latino at the bottom.
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It's not like other races have not being violent thorough history, we are just have the most famous current violent group.

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For psychopathy: Highest to Lowest
>Hispanics (Mestizos)

Psychopathy is essentially a lack of morality, and there are a lot more blacks gang banging on the weekends than latinos.

>doesn't cite studies
>has clear bias.
>Might not even fully understand psychopathy

Written by:
>A professor emeritus of Psychology, University of Ulster

>"Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)"
>numerous other surveys
>the APA

...Did you even read it?

Muslim isn't a race, it's just a religion with lots of radicals. Honestly, islam today looks like christianity a few hundred years ago (super violent). The aren't prone to antisocial behavior, it's just that religion is often used to convince stupid people to be violent.


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I think all nonwhites, some azns, anglos are inclined to perversion
Like zoo and pedophilia, did u see that anglo who abused like 100 children?
Basically all nigs are sodomized and animal users


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Mexicans are pretty narcissist

Ethnicity and anthropological genetics are far more accurate catagorizations than race. Linked genetic traits and hormonal "genetic switches" (like a grasshopper turned locust or a gorilla turned silverback) are proven, humans have the same hidden within their DNA. Maybe high density housing and hyperaggressive "aggressive fishtank" communities cause certain changes within the residents.

Maybe a (((ratfaced))) appearence is phrenologically linked to perverted, passive aggressive behavior? Maybe the ratfaces backbite, subvert, undermine and rape society a little more each year until we are all ratfaced? Maybe while phenotypic traits expose themselves only every other generation, the genotype carries similar "switches" that only exhibit their nature under certain environmental conditions?

Most mexicans look pretty kikish...probably because of all the kikes raping all your injun grandmas.

I did read most of it. He never provides links to the studies. He just says multiple studies and throws numbers at you.

Am I supposed to believe those numbers without access to the actual studies?

>University of Ulster
This is an argument? it's a shit school.

Never claimed to be white.
Pretty glad I'm brown, don't really feel a need to get into identity politics. I'm just here because I'm curious and procrastinating.
I'd love to be a smart as ashkenazi jew but without the antisemitism and weird inbred diseases.

Latinos are by far the most psycopathic of all races, followed by Muslims and closely followed by blacks. Nowhere else do you see beheadings on such a massive scale. There are more beheadings and dismemberments in Mexico during the last 6 years of the drug war than the entirety of ISIS's existence.

The Aztecs used to ritualistically slaughter people by the HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS every single day to make sure the sun would rise in the morning. Your people have always been psychopathic. It's pretty much in your DNA.

He was trying to be polite. Shitskin it is then.

that just proves latinos are good at killing.
You want to look at the number of psychopaths

every time I see this pic I get triggered because the Poortuguese guy doesn't have a moustache

im native, am i a psychopath?

Never claimed you claimed to be white.

The trAshkeNazi kike tribe might be quick witted, clever and cunning but when there is nothing left to steal or regurgitate as the new product of the day you can see clearly how incapable of innovation and adaption they truely are.

You said "antisemetism" but you must have meant "latent genocidal antigentilism and constant need to racebait, play the perfidy victim hero and rewrite history".

it also means that people from lower castes cannot rise up the hierchy through hard work.
extremely flawed.

>how incapable of innovation and adaption they truely are.

Don't be an idiot, they've got science Nobels way out of proportion to their population. They're smart, creative, whatever. /Am not a Jew, just don't like self-serving crap ideas.

> white > jew
> in psychopathy
you are soooo out of touch

All indigenous are "psycopathic savages" until they are "civilized" with big schnozes raped into their bloodlines.

Then the claim immediately becomes "they had giant tucan noses the whole time. My cousin schlomo will represent these decent noble indigenous in their claim for the birthright to taxfree casinos and government checks."

>top 3 serial killers with number of victims
>all little children
>"ey ese that means nothing we just good at murder homes"
Bullshit. You're not good at killing. You're good at murdering innocent people, especially people that can't fight back like little girls. That is why you are the worst psychopaths.

>we ain't prone to become psychopaths
>proven psychopaths
>we dindu nuffin you spic, we dindu nuffin

all i know is brown dude.
I have seen like 2 black people in my life.

You are not hearing what I am saying, possibly intentionally. Kikes steal and mimic, they do this very well, they have practiced it for centuries. Kikes do not create however, they consume and destroy. This destructive nature is part of their religious cultural beliefs and part of the ethnic predisposition.

Wtf is a capoid?

Clearly the white race and asians have the most psychopaths.
>t. the same romanian ASPD person that posts on every thread like this getting baited.

Seriously now, asians are by nature without several chemicals in the brain, to the whites it just happens more often than the other races.

Asians could be said they are the most in numbers, but that's just how they are really hard to identify them when their empathy is low.

North African, as opposed to the subsaharan Negroids who did not hybridize with Neanderthals like all other human groups. Negroids have many traits that are lacking versatility due to this failure to evolve. Most Jews have defective negroid blood that has been inbred for many generations.

Asians tend to be more apathetic and selfish than anything else. The thing that makes Asians not psycopaths however is the fact Asians care a lot about rules and laws, as well as family hierarchy. Not much empathy maybe, but tons of respect for authority.

You know what you take when you combine the selfishness and greed of Spanish conquistadors with the savagery and human sacrifice of Amerindians? A race of psychopaths. You are the worst traits of both of your genetic parents.

Whites have iq for mass capping

Muslims go down in allah rageguy try to take as many they can

Mestizos to lazy play streetfighter

Blacks are like muslims but even stupider

they have a lot of things way out of proportion to their population, and out of proportion to their iq. mathematically, unless they are secretly 600 iq supergeniuses they are cheating

Muslim isnt a race you dumb plumber

3 proven psychopats.

I don't think a person who kills 30 people would stop willingly, your police is just better than the colombian's. The colombian police is just shit and corrupt.

Turks do have everything

when a black kills its more like animal instinct than pshycopathy

i should ask you the same thing, you too were pretty greedy and aggressive (and still are to this day, i mean you follow orders blindly given by kikes and then you complain like bitches).

If you want to rank races and psychopathy, use crime rates. Psychopathology is highly correlated to law-breaking.

From most to least: Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Whites (small difference between Asians and Whites.)

Camel jockeys are nigger tier, I can't find statistics in but seeing what clusterfucks mudslime countries are they are de-facto nigger tier.

wait a few generations Ahmed.


That graph didnt say much

Oh but of course I should listen to the opinion of an advanced spacefaring civilization such as yourself, I mean look how civilized you are providing chairs for these lovely people you murdered


Why in every thread is there always a little bitch-crawling chihuahua of a Mexican turd yapping at Americans?

Your country is trash, it isn't even civilized, it is filled with giant gangs, poverty, lead poisoning, and cultural rot.

If every Mexican were to magically disappear the rest of the world would barely bat an eye. Wait, that's not true, the U.S. would have a lot less problems.

Now go cry yourself to sleep over the reality of you living in an impoverished shithole.

>lack of morality

If I torture and murder someone because he did something to deserve it, and enjoy it because I see it as pure justice am I a psychopath?

If I genocide entire villages because I think that in the future these villages might produce warriors that might threaten my people am I a psychopath?

What If I go full on Tepes and start impailing and dismembering the enemy for psychological terror effect?

All this with a clear and defined purpose to protect my own and harm the adversary. Essentially I understand that my actions are evil but I do it for the greater good of my kin. Just curious if people consider this psychopathic.

If you have remorse you're not psychopathic.
It's one of the defining characteristics.

But I wouldn't feel remorse if I think they deserve to be killed or tortured and made an example of.

I'd feel it if I killed someone innocent who I think doesn't deserve it.


It's definitively in the spectrum of psychopathy.
A lot of these personality disorders came to be as adaptations.
Through history and even on modern times psychopaths have survived and thrived, if you analyze a country or a corporation I do believe you would find them to be psychopathic as you suggest.

>checks flag
>disregards opinion

Found this, the connection of race and antisocial tendencies is weak though.
But essentially a low heart rate is correlated with anti-social behavior and there is a difference between races in heart rate.


The article about heart rate and antisocial behavior was picked up by the media.


nice find!
>the connection of race and antisocial tendencies is weak though.
yeah but blacks have slower heartbeat.
Also fitter, taller and bigger boys are more antisocial, kinda seems consistent with bully behavior.
Height and weight don't seem to affect women too much.