Redpilled black celebrities

Is Lil Wayne the most redpilled black celebrity?

In the past year he has stopped his plane from taking off to thank a group of US soldiers, regularly tweeted at thank-yous to police departments after his shows, and now this

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>I don't have an opinion

i think hes a nice guy. i laughed at the samsung commercial he was in

the kang next to him from DEEP IN THE HEART OF GEORGIA fucking pissed me off

you also commented before you watched the video

fuck off slav


Is he a reptile?

Lil Wayne is apolitical.
He doesn't get wrapped up in the bullshit.

good for him tbqh, its better that he doesnt

I watched the first couple of second and turned it off. It's unbearable.

Also using 'slav' as an insult is pretty ironic from someone who reveres a fucking Harambe.

damn I really don't like rappers and their music but some of his opinions are really respectable


He knows who butters his bread (white people who buy his shit) and is at least smart enough to keep his mouth shut about shit he knows he doesn't really understand, which is more than alot of people can claim, pic related.

Hot boyz was the shit bacc in the days

Fuck me I hate this guy's music, but I have a decent amount of respect for him after watching this interview.

2 things

>Slavs are not whites

>The person in the video speaks more intelligible English than you

Lil Wayne is an alright coon tbqh

This person is a nigger.

Had to stop watching as soon as Skip Bayless started talking.

you are a fool

no. and stop spreading the reptilian meme it is uninformed and silly

that kind of language will only divide humanity


>related video
MF:When is white history month?
CW:I'm Jewish.

He hangs out with shite skaters and is adored by white fans

The only people who ever shot him or gave him shit were other nigs

Hes a rich manlet who has no problem doing what he wants and fucking 10's

He grew up in the ghetto too

He isnt a little bitch like colin kaepernick who grew up with upper middle class white parents, had a privileged life and then still cries about nonsense

Lil wayne literally came from the gutter and made it to the mountaintop. I highly doubt he feels any racism, hes living proof racism doesnt truly exist.

He probably thinks all these wealthy blacks crying over this nonsense are bitch niggas.

on a tangential question, why do I like trap and rap so much?
isn't it supposed to be degenerate?

metal, rock, indie, jazz, classical music, etc... just don't bring fat beats like rap does
it's a lot more enjoyable than most of the music out there

I always liked Lil' Wayne.

Maybe because he's a short little nigger but always seemed like a pretty cool guy.

He's not a complete nigger. But he sure does dress like one.

remember-- wiggers go first on day of rope.

>slavs are not white
come the fuck on pablo, atleast try a bit harder

please die. this hideous pavement ape doesn't have "thoughts," he does whatever his kike publicist tells him to keep out of jail and to keep the jews from ruining his shit "Career."
In 3 years or so, will be just another welfare ape saying "we wuz rappers n' sheet."

same here tbqh texas

i only listen to really degenerate trap

it's kind of red-pilled actually because it is like studying pure unflitered nignog dindu chimp sounds over the finest of abstract electronic music, funded by kikes.

other music is pretty gay tbqh

You know his behavior on stage and in music is something I absolutely abhor and its degeneracy at its finest.

That being said. After listening to him speak like that, clearly it is a marketing gimmick on his part and I will not begrudge somebody for doing something that sells.

Much respect Lil Wayne

Never liked his music and he hilariously sounds like a frog (I'm guessing from smoking), but he seems like a top dude, would bro with if chance arose

No Ceilings a classic

i like its lack of emotional pretence. I find it hard to relate to common motifs in pop music as I also struggle to relate to the dumbass emotionality of the public at large and find love songs trite and insincere. Most modern metal is made by male SJWs trying to affect overt masculine traits and lacks melody. Indie music is the anthem of betas by betas.

And now he has skin cancer

>literally a dumb, rich nigger that pays no attention to affairs of the world.
you can only pick one

hes rather smart since he came from the literal bottom and ghetto.

Seems like a nice dude with a good attitude.

He's just playing the capitalism game like a champ.

Mike is straight garbage but he wants to MAGA

>haven't you ever felt something offensive?
>anything at all?
>no? nothing?
>cmon you fucking nigger give me something
Jesus fuck every leftist


didnt he dance on/burn the american flag in one of his music vids?

have you see his deposition? he is not only anti-police but also borderline retarded

Blacks have a habit of doubting their own kind when they achieve success without resorting to identity politics.

>thank a group of US soldiers
>thank-yous to police departments after his shows
Run-of-the-mill cuckservative pandering by a degenerate drug addict is the new red pill?

On the day of rope, not even Cred Forums will be spared.

The flag was to be moved out of the way. It fell on the floor and he stepped on it without knowing. An honest mistake.

if he was truly redpilled he wouldnt have failed at his suicide attempt

>He isnt a little bitch like colin kaepernick who grew up with upper middle class white parents, had a privileged life and then still cries about nonsense

I would to see numbers of how many Black lives protests there are at community colleges or colleges that cater to low income people

Everything i have seen about BLM so seems to indicate its middle/upper middle class already privileged blacks complaining about shit that probably doesnt actually affect them

Institutional discrimination exists though user.

If you're Muslim, you're much more likely to be on the no-fly lusty or other government watchlists. I know more than a few innocent Muslims who have trouble leaving the country because they have the same name as some terrorist or some other bullshit. If you were in their position, it would be a pain in the ass. The government keeps a close eye on Muslims.

Obviously most terrorists are Muslim, but you can't deny that it's discrimination. I'm happy that the government surveys Muslims more, because it's stupid not to, but it can go overboard sometimes. Discrimination does exist.

The rich blacks are fucking cry babies though. Racism my ass. Harder to get hired though because other blacks probably have a bad reputation with employers so they will expect you to be like other blacks. This is mostly for low level jobs though.

Hi lill Wayne.

Thanks for loving us whites, apparently that's rare for a US black to do so thank you

>"race is like a religion to me. its an excuse to not get there"

fucking based Morgan Freeman

haha what the fuck
he's trying to erase the racial divide and not be tribal but they're trying to get him to jump on the fuck whitey train.

a millionaire im a young money millionaire tougher than nigerian hair

>I haven't researched the subject enough to make a reasonable conclusion.
> ugggg I barely understand that ape. huggggg

You sound more like an ape to me, buddy

He's not redpilled, but he seems like an alright guy.

Well, being white didn't help you, you're still retarded

>Has never experienced racism
For fuck sake I hate this race baiting so much. Its so clear CNN wants to paint their own narrative.
I love Wayne's story at the end, you can't but love the white cop.

To be fair to Lil Wayne, if I were an alien who wanted to both experience all the hedonism that human life had to offer without blowing my cover, I too would choose to fool humans by pretending to be a particularly strange and exceptionally stupid negro.

You guys know he is pro Hillary, right?

Mike Tyson supports Trump, but I don't think that's a good enough qualifier for redpilled.

The slav shit is right though

He isn't red pilled, he seems drug fucked and can barely speak straight and dresses like a degenerate

Lil Wang is right for this video but don't be fooled and go around and assume he is ""red pilled"" just because he has the same point of view as you

Black people mingle, white people, buy my single
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You get frantic, New York City, run and panic

What did Mr.Wayne mean by this?

can you prove reptilians arent in our dimension?

No contest.

Yes he rekt the MSM cucks and the BLM kiddos
>hurr hes black so automatically incapable of being good