Trump General- Shills are Scared Edition

>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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Someone should organize a /tg/ sings Le Miserables

Some 9/11 era redpill music

What is going on, trumpgen? Anything new with the bombings?



Will the bombings in NY & NJ and the muslim stabber happening in St. Cloud, MN benefit Trump?

Yes or no?

Hey my fellow bigots, where is the next irl meet up at?


Update the entertainment links, it's been the same shit for a month.
Here's one to get started.

depends who did it

Yes, but not in any great amount.

We need a 9/11 tier attack.

Recycle for later.

this is amazing

Dude i leave for ONE NIGHT to go out with my friends and there are fucking BOMBS in jew york??!?!?!?!?

Please gib tl;dr its late as fuck gotta sleep


I bet you can't even lucid dream yet.

>never summoned a succubus
>hasn't visited the akashic records
>doesn't talk to plaedians
>can't put down wards for shit


Use this one for now. Not trying to split.

Can someone who has insight confirm this for me, are we artificially pumping up our stock market to reduce inflation?

guys im worried...

oh shit i forgot the pasta pls give it to me

Trump Gen has more supernatural influence than any other group in history, Praise KEK.

You know nothing. If you were really an /x/phile, you'd be helping instead of complaining. You would know that Trump needs to win.

There better be a poll from fucking Pennsylvania tomorrow

No, this is reddit tier garbage.

I'm not sure how stock market price affects inflation?

It's the other way around. Inflation affects stock price (high inflation can lead to lower stock price through impacting profit but it's not a direct link).

>bomb left in dumpster on sidewalk explodes
>30 injured, 0 dead because haji bomb-maker underestimated strength of dumpster walls
>2 pressure cooker bombs found in separate sites later
>de Blasio: "Not terrorism, but 'intentional act'"
>comes just after IEDs found planted along Marine 5K route in NJ earlier in day
>MSM whines about Trump calling explosion a bomb before they reported it

It will be swept under the rug, but this was a lucky miss, and it portends ill for the near future.

how did you guys convince people to vote trump? my mom was a #cruzmissile who is hilariously on the trump train but idk how to convince others close to me lol

nice divide and conquer shilling, CTR friend

can't tell if shill or not

watch the extended video. lead car stops for no reason and traps cars behind it in blast area


>I dislike youtube video

He didnt just say he didn't like it. It said it was Reddit-tier garbage. I have no idea who made the video, but seeing a dancing 3d model with Pepe's face taunting Hillary is funny to me.

>mfw Trump wins

Seriously, use this one next. Look at my ID, not trying to thread split. Also, fuck off fake autism /x/phile. Go do your fucking homework. We should be helping.
Recycle this, go to for now.

You're fucking pathetic and should go back to the_donald.

You're cognitive ability is obviously severely limited and you should be embarrassed if everytime someone criticizes anything your first response it to instead of proposing an argument, use what has now become a copout and just scream CTR as loud as you can.

We are not friends. Turn your oven on, and then lock yourself inside of it.

I was just memeing back, my friend. Was that video really from Reddit? I thought it was funny

I thought it was kinda funny too, but Pepe is escaping our grasp harder than ever before.
After the vote has been cast we need to post poo poo pee pee like we have poo poo'd pee pee'd before to prevent Pepe from becoming this decade's guy fawkes mask.

If Trump wins, it would be the best day of my life and I'm not even american.

All medias, all normies in Sweden would be so butthurt it's beyond belief, can't wait to see it

Most definitely. The shit tier quality, not of production but of witt and bantz and use of "centipede" are indicative signs of reddit.

I just can't stand reddit anymore, not even the_donald. Cool that they're on our side and raising Trump awareness, but after this election they all need to be gassed.

On a cold winter of morning,
In the time before the light.

>mfw everything CNN said about Pepe actually describes moonman pretty well

Who created The_Donald? Is it controlled opposition or just Reddit taking credit for Cred Forums memes?

Though I'm pretty sure the centipede thing was on Cred Forums before Reddit. Wasn't it the Can't Stump the Trump guy? Was he Reddit?

>Pepe is escaping our grasp

the_donald is stealing everything from us.
>tfw / mfw

And the video was garbage, imo. It seemed more like a pepe impersonator, he didn't have the pepe smug we all know and love. And the animation was too tryhard.

Queen Hillary gonna surge after... Something we haven't made up a reason yet and the ctr check bounced

>just Reddit taking credit for Cred Forums memes
This 100%.

>Wasn't it the Can't Stump the Trump guy? Was he Reddit?
It was Can't Stump, and he is from here. He was in TrumpGen a few nights ago and said he has officially gassed centipede from the videos from now on because reddit continues to take credit for it.

Good good mexibro. Hopefully you know how important a trump presidency is for the world

I just woke up, apparantly NYC was bombed? Have they found the mudslime yet, and why is the Cred Forums catalog not filled to the brim with this shit?

But user there is one it's just a extreme outlier trying to say he's losing whites isn't even recognized by RCP


Low tier happening, no one even died.

I just got off work too but was trying to follow while at work. Apparently there was a bomb in NJ too (I'm assuming low tier because of no threads on it) and also a stabbing, in which the perpetrator allegedly was shouting about Allah.

i think they knew this but decided they could sell a cartoon frog easier to the public, than a guy with a moon for a head

i always thought the subreddit was our colony for controlling normies?

if you honestly think things will be different with trump you are fucking stupid, the corporations will have on a leash like every fucking president before him

ah at least i see that apathy is truly the path to a better country

Praise Kek!!

>will have [him] on a leash


I Overheard a kid sitting at a table next to who looked to be about 7 explain 9/11 to his friend today. It went something like this
>Have you heard about the twin towers?
>They were these two big buildings in New York
>Some dumb-dumbs flew airplanes into them and killed like 30 people
>Donald Trump was there though
>He saw the planes and called 911 to help the police save people
>People liked him helping the police so much that he got elected President
>Hillary Clinton was there too but no one likes her
I had a hard time not laughing

the_donald was literally Cred Forumss project...

Trump probably saw that shit from Trump tower


Maybe I'm being irrational, but those faggots make me cringe at every corner. Probably just a reddit thing.

turn a blind eye to the normies for now

really? so Cred Forums tried to colonize Reddit but it just turned into a bunch of Reddit normiefags spamming Cred Forums memes, trying to be edgy cause Cred Forums is cool this year?



up ur but with my dik



hey so


>laughing at a kid accurately explaining 9/11
the fuck is wrong with you?

k, t. reddit.

You are what I'm talking about.

Also, why the fuck am I being autocorrected to say thang instead of thing?

The niggerdum is real.

Okay guys we had our fun, but we don't actually support Trump, right?
I know that most of Cred Forums is satire so this has to be satire too. With the elections coming close, couldn't we just stop doing this shit because it might actually have impact on the election?
I'm pretty sure we don't want to have a bigot, antisemite, islamophobe, misogynist, homophobe in the white house.

Sorry man I didn't mean it

Im hammered

For a giant, flashing sign that the Clintons’ influence-peddling will never end, look no further than Bill’s 70th birthday party Friday night at the Rainbow Room — which of course is a Clinton Foundation fundraising bash.

Yup, that’s right; show ’em the money, money, money: Donors must give $250,000 to be a “chair” of the party, six figures to be a co-chair, 50 grand to be a vice chair.

True, buying a ticket will get you some glam — Barbara Streisand, Jon Bon Jovi and Wynton Marsalis are all to perform. But how many others hope their gift will at least get them onto some future White House guest list, and possibly buy even larger favors?

Oh, and the foundation won’t disclose the night’s donors, despite earlier promises to do so. And it will keep taking all “gifts” right up through Nov. 7 (at least).

What’s really remarkable here is the Clintons’ utter shamelessness — or the compulsive need to raise cash. The event, notes Politico, has “induced cringes among some Clinton supporters, who cast it as an unnecessary show of excess at a sensitive time in the presidential race.”

Yeah we all low-key voting for McMullin


I can't even ironically support mcmuffin

Our boy Rick Scott cucked him off the Florida ballot . Rick Wilson massively butthurt

plus, mickey d's would be butthurt

I'm on my way there, having some nice brews, and boy are they hitting the spot.

Cheers lad.

Apathy is death.


10/10 pic

Drumpf is a misogynist, it's about time a female got into the Congress.

Morning lads. Just woke up, i guess i missed some stuff over night - one question, is it happening?

Minnesota mall attacker referenced Allah, asked victim whether they were Muslim, police chief says

Yep that's about the sum of it.

Our tactics are going above and beyond theirs. They never factored in the possibility of the internet.

Good morning.

Good morning


>No! This can't be happening!
>I'm in charge here!

Any african Americans in this thread?

>not posting the original

>wake up
>check USC
>shills btfo
>Trump's birther gambit worked

>There are people who think this is better than Tiffany

She looks so manly like her mom, but I can also see Barack's punk ass facial features in there too. I honestly could not fuck her unless her face was covered.


Everyone, half of Trump gen is in a different thread where OP fucked up the title, let's get it to reach bump limit and we'll migrate back here.

Every terrorist attack helps Trump, because this is exactly the shit he is talking about. Every single one of these are preventable, if we weren't importing hundreds of thousands of medieval savages and our police were allowed to do their jobs without fear of reprecussion for 'racism'.

Can't wait for Trump to wake up and start tweeting about bombs.

>OP fucked up the title

isn't that a little odd?

Do you feel it Cred Forums?



I always lose it when i see these whiny cunts talk about hacking. What do they think it is?

I don't feel anything anymore

do they not realize how fucking retarded antifa makes them look?

the last time they did it they made the neo-nazis STABBING them look sane by comparison

I don't believe you


Does anyone have rare phill collins pepe?

Are these idiots incapable of concluding that there isn't some kind of conspiracy against them, but that several different groups are getting real sick of their shit?

Is that Ben "GAS THE KIKES" Garrison?

Give it to me straight, guys. Are we winning?

>mfw found the lyric translation

>le based black man xddd
Back to R*ddit

Yes, but you ain't seen nothing yet.
Before November we will so much that we will get sick of winning.

While Twitter can be aidsy as fuck, I can't get enough of it. What's better than roasting celebrities in front of their faces?

Hillary does something retarded, I can tell her about it. She won't ever see it of course, but other people will.

....... what?

/r/the_donald is NOT alt right

you can't be alt right without being
A) a White Nationalist
B) aware of the JQ

/r/the_donald is a "look at this black Trump supporter!!!" and Israel loving shithole


and what is 'Terrorism'?

>unironically identfyng oneself as 'alt-right'
Yes, Chaim Leibosteinbergowitz my friend. We will herd these goyim around thinking g-d will allow them any real opposition to the true chosen people


FRIENDLY REMINDER that many of these (((pollsters))) are putting Trump in the lead, so that they can artificially inflate the shit out of Clinton's numbers following the debate whether she does well or not.

It's happened EVERY time Trump closed in on her (like he's doing now, as the debate is just in a few more days)

The narrative will be something like
>Yes, goyim. See this bump? This is because other goyim like you realized how much we need Clinton after that performance.

As long as she doesn't die or have a coughing attack on stage, this will be the result.

>alt right
>existing as anything other than a halfassed attempt to corral everyone the globalists don't like into one pejorative group

People would rather be called deplorable than alt-right, what does that tell you?

>Have about 50 tabs I of interesting threads I wanted to read through I saw over a week
>Power cuts out and computer shuts off
>Was in incognito so no history or restore tabs


First off, do you think the Earth is flat?

Friendly reminder that this is CTR's new demoralization conspiracy theory.

>Even when you're winning
>You're actually losing
>Because the jews control everything
>just give up already goyim
Fuck off faggot.

>Thanks for correcting that record


one of them was the rouge ai thread rite?

Reminder that the moment Clinton has a slow week in her favour, he's ready to unleash both barrels right in her face.

Unlike the media, he's aware of the need to slowly drip these things, rather than giving people time to gloss over it.

I never said "give up" you turbo faggot. You're the one projecting your insecurities on my statement.

Archives my nigger

>bombings in NYC and NJ
>hillary clinton talking about cartoon frogs
>obama planning another golf trip with taxpayer money

By He, I mean Assange


nah, its solely due to the poll agencies realizing that if they lie and misrepresent shit to the bitter end and Trump wins anyway then they have no future

The prospect for the leftist media under a Trump administration is at least as bright as under a HRC adminitsration, because it is MILLIONS OF TIMES EASIER to bash Trump than to cheerlead for Hillary.

The Alt-right as defined by Hillary and the media is r/the_Donald, Milo and Ben Carson. They've change the meaning on you.

If it happens, it happens. No use worrying about something we have no control over. It just seems a lot like classic CTR demoralization tactics to me.

>Alt-right as defined by Hillary and the media is r/the_Donald, Milo and Ben Carson
>we continue in the underground

I can't say it's a bad thing, can you? :)

>, because it is MILLIONS OF TIMES EASIER to bash Trump than to cheerlead for Hillary.
I don't think the media sees it that way. The way they see it, Trump is going to investigate their collusion with the DNC, and they are going to jail.

They're probably right.

>be one of the first anons on the Hugh Mungus case
>see the potential it possess
>download it from Facebook and reupload it JewTube with a attractive title
>turn on all monetization
>even 30 second ads lol
It's just to easy, goyim.

Assange, his book revealed!
The names, how they echo!

>Normies that voluntarily gave up their earthly senses to see the currents of the warp

>Labelled as insane, they're the only reliable means of delivering accurate information from one corner of Mankind to the other

>Cred Forums

Unironically checks out

Anyone else Think that The person who laid this pressure cooker was just warming up?

Pepe dindu nuffin wrong.

No. Link?

>Implying I can even remember some words to find it again

I can't even remember what some of them were. It's for the better I guess. I hoard tabs like crazy. Most of the shit I bookmark for later and then never go back.


>tfw extremely unhappy in my relationship
>tfw I feel like I'm losing my mind because this bitch loves me and I just want her to disappear

Help me guys she's stealing my soul

Fucking glorious m8. Highest he's been since RNC, and there is no DNC or Khantroversy this time, only the debates. Pic related, what Trump/Hillary odds will look like after 1st debate.

Stephanopolous is going down

You think that the media talking about the alt right is talking about you
It's not. You're irrelevant to them.

Hillary and the media were not talking about Cred Forums.
They were talking about the alt right's big presence on twitter. People can't insult Trump on twitter without being harassed by 'nazi frogs', that's the alt right.

The alt right is and and Murdoch Murdoch, etc.
The alt right has existed for 6 years and gained a strong presence both online and in real life, having actual meet ups where activism is done.

They failed at changing the meaning anywhere except on Cred Forums, where people who aren't alt right think they're being defined.
As far as I know, Cred Forums wasn't even mentioned in any of the articles on the alt right.

therightstuff was, both a bunch of times with specific podcasts even being named after Hillary mentioned the alt right, but also with the (((echo))) meme, which TRS invented and the term cuckservative, which gained popularity through TRS

The core stays the same and I think people like PWJ trying to hijack it for their cuckold opinions failed already


Healthy at any size?

DENNIS system

Yeah. The thing about women is they are good for sex but they can be really annoying and half-witted and it's just so much to put up with.

>ywn play golf with Donald and discuss business and politics

Based Rick

I like that guy. Looks like an alien, but is pretty comfy


>You think that the media talking about the alt right is talking about you
No I don't. I think she wants to label EVERYONE she disagrees with and put them in a succinct box called the "alt right".

Same way she attempted to categorize only "some" of Trump's supporters as deplorable. Leftists are obsessed with categorizing people. Trump only sees Americans.


He has an old mans physique. Because he is an old man.

No it's ben "See a nigger pull the trigger" garrison

God damn!

As long as Trump lives, humanity is healthy.

Hilloli where.


get this


The alt right already existed before Hillary mentioned it and she noticed herself because she can't do anything online without coming into contact with it?

I know, can we not start with the moonman everywhere now and let them fuck up with pepe instead?


Used to be able to arrange that a long time ago. My advice now, is go full robot nasty status. Make her want to leave. Your mantra shall be "poo poo pee pee. fuck bitches, she must leave". Good luck recovering from that though. There's always a price to pay.

lmao is that dylan roof?
Who's the guy on top?

I raped a tulpa one time does that count

Hear that friends, Mike Pence has a very good heart, the best kind for love

Or maybe the alt right never exised and was a lame attempt to label people long before Hillary picked it up.

We thought alt right was a faggoty term long before Hillary ever used it.

What is Trump gen jamming to?

>Hillary still hasn't released organ by organ medical reports
>Every single organ in Trump and Pence's bodies is healthy as fuck

hey guys
what if Hillary own campaign actually is booting her health issues for the media?

I mean the press don't care for her.

All she has is bad news. Leaks, fraud, emails... I mean saying that she is dying is the least worse of the alternatives

>killed like 30 people
damn the redpill is too real for me

Will NY go red now?

Just because you're either a non-white or are too cucked to care about your own race being destroyed doesn't mean other people can't be ethno-nationalists.

The alt right existed since 2010 and spawned the term cuckservative, the echoes meme, started real life groups and was relevant enough to be mentioned by the Democratic candidate for POTUS.

fuckin Abby, muh dick

>I mean the press don't care for her.
Not personally, you're right. But they also know that if Trump is elected the entire media/political complex comes crashing down.

>what if Hillary own campaign actually is booting her health issues for the media?
So they don't focus on other things? Yeah, maybe. But this health thing has proven to be more effective persuasion than her corruption ever was. Corruption is intangible, people can't see it, or signs of it. But they can tell when you're terminally ill.

I don't think so. Your disgusting media is doing everything they can to spin this as a negative for Trump.
>no proof it is terror related
>not a big deal anyway
>Trump shouldn't have said the bomb was a bomb

I've really given up on women after this one desu. If there's one thing those mudslimes have right, it's the way they view women. They are just so god damn infuriating

>CNN running with Hillary criticizing Trump for using the word bomb 15 seconds after she said the same thing


Unlikely. They know Trump is free ratings on demand. They know there is a future for them if they don't go down with Hillary.

The political parties are private entities and can be as corrupt as they want. Bribing delegates with fat stacks of cash, 100% legal. Throwing Bernie votes in the trash, 100% legal.

No, I just refer to myself as a nationalist or a patriot rather than some faggy label a bunch of consultants came up with. It would be like national socialists embracing the term "Nazi", it's a pejorative.

>The alt right existed since 2010 and spawned the term cuckservative, the echoes meme
That's called Cred Forums, not the "alt right". gb2reddit

We're not saying Ethno-nationalism is bad. We're saying what Hillary is talking about and what you are talking about are two different things.

well.. so the media doesn't have much options this time they have to focus on corruption to avoid talking about illness or focus on corruption to avoid talking about illness
>If you believe idiots.
>If you believe me.


Wait, it wasn't a bomb?

>A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy.
Sounds like a bomb to me.

We're gonna win folks.

It sounds like you just need to man the fuck up or trade in for another. Don't ever think there's nothing better. Do you think Donald Trump would give a fuck?

I do the same

I refer to myself as an American nationalist and an anti-globalist

Pence has the heart, Trump has the testosterone

>the roof of the bus flew
>literally making nasheeds about flying bus roofs

Don't get cocky.. They can rig it if you don't pay attention.

u tell me

You are not allowed to post that gif

Arnie is our man

This. I don't label myself as anything other than a Nationalist. Alt right my ass. They can label me all they want, I am a NATIONALIST.


Arnie endorsed Aleppo man

There are plenty of people paying attention. More people will be doing exit polls this election than any other in history. Let them try. It will just give Trump more of a mandate.

He needs to find a way to fuck her without pitting up with her whiny bullshit and retardation.

Cred Forums did literally none of that

the only reason any of those things caught on to Cred Forums was because some people from the alt right browse Cred Forums

the echoes meme was literally started on The Daily Shoah, a podcast from therightstuff, you can't fucking deny that
Can you explain why echoes are relevant to jews? No? Cause it didn't start here.

the same goes for cuckservative

just look at their fucking wiki articles

she has a bad grasp on the alt right, but the alt right isn't something her campaign made up

have fun accomplishing nothing whilst claiming everything other people do as something you were a part of

These sites are alt right:

and a bunch of youtube channels and twitter personas

no fagget, bombs are racist, it was intentional fireworks


ben carson has the redpills

Brevik I think

>the echoes meme was literally started on The Daily Shoah, a podcast from therightstuff, you can't fucking deny that
Yes I can fucking deny it, since it's to identify JEWS. And the board who cares about who is and who isn't a jew is fucking Cred Forums

Agree. American Nationalism is best for us. Think the future japs will draw us in badass uniforms?

But how do you tell someone you mean the world to that you just don't want them anymore? Easier said than done

Guys seriously I realize americans are very sexualized

Do you guys watch porn?

You should really stop doing it. If you really have to masturbate because you think you're going insane don't watch anything degenerate or hentai

It's going to be hard to get off this addiction but it's worth it

Kind of disappointed that sam hyde wasn't in there

that's the only honorable thing to do when you have the potential to sway votes from the non-state of california away from the shillary

My friends and family aren't fucking cucks frankly. I've had one friend move to cali and then 'taxes are too fucking high I'm voting trump' and another friend after a terror attack 'I don't want those fucking people in the country in voting trump' and so many 'the government didn't give a shit about me until trump, he has my vote'. In my experience, the edge cases you convert are parents who say 'do I want my kids to grow up in a world of chic coffee shops and priuses or Islamic terror and Chinese coal power, and really black kids make school worse'. But I live in Washington.

Sure but they didn't make any of those things famous since they are a load of autists who lack tact.

Cred Forums made all of that famous

This. He's clearly a Trump supporter.

That pussy has been old my friend. Only so much you can do with the same girl. I'm way past the point of fantasizing about other girls while fucking her - I'm watching porn on my phone beforehand



Drop massive redpills on her, full 1488. Either she's digusted and repelled, or you have an obedient slave for life.

Jesus Christ you fuckers are stupid.

>we are going to have 8 years of President Trump

Crazy, innit

Already did it. She's voting trump and hates degenerates, but is obviously still a human and won't voluntarily become my puppet

Make yourself disgusting to her. Cosplay a neckbeard for a while. Fuck it, go hardcore redpilled on her. If that doesn't turn her away, you might have found a keeper diamond in the rough. Is she fat or something?

Imagine the alternate universe where Jeb won

>not knowing Jeb is surging


feels bad man

Why does trump keep backfiring on all of his promises? He constantly changes his policies and keeps softening on his policies? Like when he went to Mexico

Do you guys actually think he'll make the wall real?


Imagine being Trump and having to endure 30 years of morons governing you when you knew the job was yours for the taking.

Imagine being the most underestimated man in history.

>be one of the first anons on the Hugh Mungus case
>see the potential it possess
>download it from Facebook and reupload it JewTube with a attractive title
>turn on all monetization
>even 30 second ads lol
What do you guys think I should get myself with the cash?

How sad do you guys think Lyin' Ted and Gross Kasich are for 2020 when they have to try going up against a sitting president?

Cruz literally bombed himself at the RNC for a 2020 run, imagine him trying to make the case against a President Trump?

>I bet you're wondering how I got in this in the first place. Well, it's a funny story really. *rewinds*

when will trump take a dump on hillarys face?

> probably at the first debate


>help friend from college move into ghetto ass apartment on my birthday
>So fucking hungry from carrying his heavy ass furniture up 3 flights
>go to ghetto ass popeye's for food
>first time eating at popeye's
>get worms from ghetto ass popeye's

God damnit I'm so mad. and my doctor's aren't open till monday so guess it is just chugging apple cider vinegar for me. Why can't these subhumans wash their damn hands? I'm never eating food I haven't prepared myself again.

>geologists are the only trump supporters with a degree






Already went full 1488. My friends are mostly 1488 as well. Her mom was 1488 before I even showed up. That's definitely not going to work. Doesn't stop her from being a typical annoying woman. And yes, she put on 75 pounds since we started dating 2 years ago

is it true Mexico's president got in trouble because he couldn't stop Trump from looking good when he went to Mexico?

>but is obviously still a human and won't voluntarily become my puppet
She's a woman though. A good dicking is like brainwashing.

why is comp sci so cucked

Serious question: do you think Rafael Cruz will try PM canada in 2018?

looks like we really should have kept the oil

he's probably going to be murdered but if he is it'll only help justify that we need a wall so this is a win win

For about 3 hours and then it's back to default

They're the only smart ones.

Geologist = Oil money.

Everyone else = poor fucks desperately trying to get grant money.

Too bad you're still losing.

Yes actually. The media was literally screaming for days on end about it.

>And yes, she put on 75 pounds since we started dating 2 years ago


Both my mom and brother strongly dislike both, they aren't voting. Nothing I say can make them vote Trump. My whole family was always lower-middle class and both my parents voted democrat their whole life. Brother is a reddit bernout btw.

My dad was never big on politics but since early last year he has spent most of his days watching the news. Since early in the primaries he just couldn't believe how shitty the democratic party is and he's a full blown republican now. He used to be an entrepreneur and always had a lot of respect for Trump, and held his book in high regard. He was initially rooting for Kasich but since the beginning he said Trump would make a great president. I haven't talked to him since before Trump won the primaries so I don't have his thoughts on anything recent.

the places most focused on giving them out are also the ones most inundated with required propaganda

>sports degrees

who /FoxAndFriends/ here?


Explain TPP, Imperialism and Globalist Jewelry to them.

Has Marky Mark endorsed Don yet?

Really makes you think...

One day I will return to /fit/ with the ultimate FPS

>they aren't voting
they can fuck off then
make sure your dad does his duty though

>Ben "i hate niggers" Garrison
>Ben "gas the kikes, nigga stole my bike" Garrison
>Ben "6 million killed? you must be a shill" Garrison



>tfw no degree at all
>tfw tradesman
>tfw making bank and my skills are always in demand
>Will be even more in demand in 5-10 years

automatized in 5 years

>losing with college grads
>winning bigly with high income voters

Further proof that college is a fucking scam.

I will laugh at you when Hillary will win

fuck you

>75 lbs.
Call her out for being fat and gtfo. That's disgusting.
Unless you're fat too. In that case, go get /fit/.

College BTFO.

>automate wielding
>automate electrical work
>automate plumbing
id like to see you do it faggot
ill laugh at you when youre in the gulag

If Hillary won you'd be dead before you could laugh

That's the same person.

Nope. I already work with machines and robots, humans are still required and will be for the foreseeable future. At least until we develop a true general AI.

why is mia khalifa wearing a maga hat?

>The worker party talking about college grads

You're so fucking lost you have no idea whats happening to you

Not necessarily. Don's leading with middle- and high-income voters, so I think that would imply that those with worthless college degrees (liberal arts) are hillbots.


I've tried it all. They don't really care and can't get past the idea that Trump is an unstable egomaniac. I wish they could just look at the two parties and vote from that standpoint, but being dem their whole life brainwashed them. I grew up with her telling me that democrats help the poor and working class while republicans only help the rich get richer.

I know he will. He was really passionate whenever he talked about. He used to be brainwashed too, after paying attention to it all he said it blows his mind that anyone wouldn't vote republican. I'm sure I'll talk to him again before november anyway though.


>>automate wielding
>>automate electrical work
>>automate plumbing

easy peasy

how blue-pilled can you get?

what's the point of being a nationalist if everone in the world is, or could be, a part of your nation?

i keep mentioning this whenever college bullshit is brough up

are the college grads doing it for free?

I'm /fit/ so it's even more disgusting. I've had numerous talks with her already. She's serious about losing weight for a week and then goes right back to her old ways. She acts like she never eats anything but I know that bitch got the Italian place that delivers on speed dial

It's embarrassing because I'm /fit/ and pretty good looking and I gotta drag her around. I'm sure people say things behind my back about it

she's pretty patriotic

wjo the fuck is khanifa?


How can Trump win when Hillary had a good press conference on the plane tonight?

>They don't really care and can't get past the idea that Trump is an unstable egomaniac
Then appeal to their emotion. Logic and facts won't work in this case.

Show them that Trump is actually very methodical and well spoken when he's not on the campaign trail.

Show them he's been talking about the same things for decades.

means fucked/cummed inside in arabic

Robots can't make coffee let alone decide how best to wire or pipe a building.

wtf i hate ground conferences now

for you


Then be an honorable man and be honest with her. Say goodbye. Then move on. Life hurts sometimes. It will for both of you. Let it burn brightly. Sometimes it hurts good at least. Listen to some music that let's you get it out. I am right now.

It's not a press conference to have a bunch of hand picked sycophants asking you pre-screened questions.

Robots are only good for automating manual, repetitive work that doesn't require much thought to it.
Skilled labor is hard to automate.


Geologists are the most highly paid degree field

Also funny how that astrophysicist number is so far dem when Obama has gutted NASA

how cute /x/ has its own meme waifu, might be time for rule 34

Good idea, I just reported her.


post the real one you fucking liar

>bomb goes off injures 29
>its not terrorism
Holy fuck yes it is.


>Or foreign policy is
This is what happens when women are in charge of such things.

There already is. I have all of them. Have a censored lewd /x/-tan.

Thanks user. I know this is what I have to do.

But there's one thing I disagree on - life is great. To have even existed at all is a privilege. It's the world that's fucked up



Exactly the type of people who don't vote in meaningful numbers as one bloc ("everyone is a beautiful special snowflake with an equal opinion")

A.k.a. retards

Man the fuck up and ditch her (after the election. Every vote counts! ;) )

There is no way to lose weight eating Italian or Mexican

Mine only put on 40 lbs, but I know the pain. Literally no effort to do anything about it unless it's whining to me about how she doesn't feel comfortable working out at home when I am.

Not like she spends the price of six beers per month to use a gym or anything.