Why are young women such whores?

Why are young women such whores?

Because they can and because it's encouraged in every facate of their life

Once you find a traditional conservative girl you won't need them anymore. I don't even look at club sloots anymore they've lost their power over me. Trust me the traditional conservative girl meme is real they are out there

because they can, all these guys want them, they know that as long as they look good their currency. also dude all guys want is sex. it goes both ways. biologically we want to grab one girl, but youll get burned and learn, eventually you learn its better to just jerk than deal with their shit


All women are.

Why? Because society allows them to have the freedom to do what they want. They're naturally hedonistic and emotional, only thinking of the now rather than the outcomes and repercussions of their actions. The mindset of a child is not an unfair comparison.

What's worse is there's no returning to a society with prosperous limitations. Democracy eventually commits suicide, devouring itself as those that compose it become weak and stupid. Women and the assorted minorities are a perfect example of this.

Its expected of them

they always were
social pressures kept them in check

The future of this country is grim.

Think how many kids are being raised by single mothers right now.

They want attention.
Social media provides attention.
One nights stands provide attention.

Everything of the last 25 years affords more potential attention than any other generation in the entire history of humanity. Why wouldn't they absolutely and entirely debase themselves?

HA! that was the good old days.

Kids today are raised by Mommy's Tablet.

That's an improvement honestly.

my mom was a single mother, what does that mean for me

just a symptom of the sinking ship, straya

Because nothing is stopping them.

I'm 28 and the 18 year old girl I'm msging thinks I'm a creep. If all young women are whores why isn't she currently suckling my dick?

Jewish media and bad parenting by single whore mothers.

typically because they desire access to resources men create, but without working for it

This. Hard to find though. Club sluts are insecure as fuck. I wonder how many of themselves cry themselves to sleep at night knowing they're huge whores.

Because you're basically a pedo to her.

You need a daddy issue one . If its legal its fair.

my 13 year old brother got nudes from his 12 year old gf, what is life even

Not the ones that have been tempered by tradition and culture, see SE-asian girls from outside the big cities (or the opposite for Thailand). Marriage for low, low incidence of cheating, often virgins until marriage, and they're not even religious, or at the most, buddhist.

Why is america so afraid of sex yet their people are often having the most sex unabashed?

means you'll have to work twice as hard to not be a human turd

thats pretty fucked up actually

11 year olds are sending nudes dude. its fucked up.

bc you ARE a creep!
why are you telling other creeps on a forum about our txts?! omg SHITLORD!

>nudes of a 12 y/o

There's nothing even there to show off

>why is America one person?!

For myanmar it was all fine until facebook ruined it within 2-3 years.

They all go sex maniac now .

Even when i was 12, girls had tits and hair. puberty starts really early now.

Club sluts make me feel insecure as fuck

Not a virgin but never gotten a girlfriend, with the type of women today i just can't find anyone that's interested in me because I don't live the "YOLO" party lifestyle

Because men accommodate them.

You never "needed" the whores in the first place emu bait. See above.

Because they can.
It seems like in modern society even kids that have 10 - 11 years do want sex.
I remember this case when 15 year old fag in our primary school was fucking 10 year old girl.

Not true. Younger women love older men.

Really? Too bad... Vietnam is still pretty good, I married a girl from Vietnam and she was virgin until marriage, the whole package. I'm sure you still have a TON more good girls than us in the west though, so don't despair yet.

Because there is an endless supply of men asking for nudes, it takes little effort to take a pic and send it, and women naturally want to please and serve men they're attracted to.

When they are suave rich cunts.

>biologically we want to grab one girl, but youll get burned and learn, eventually you learn its better to just jerk than deal with their shit

You started off making sense then went full MGTOW.

First of all, your perspective is probably clouded by a think layer of selection bias because you're probably stuck on the internet, and indeed, if you start looking for them there are enough sluts to be found.

Second, i'd wager that 95% of porn you see plastered on the internet was/is uploaded without the slut's permission. So that innocent tit selfie she took was probably meant to be private and obviously got uploaded against her will. Which should lead you to assume she's probably less slutty than it appears and instead is just hopelessly naive in trusting strangers.

And now last but most definitely not least. Sexual "liberation" being propagandized to the youth by the media. From Miley cyrus fucking a blow up doll on a podium in front of a horde of 14 year old girls to MTV having turned into a soft-core porn channel.

BUT, do not fret. In the near future the sluts of the gutter will find themselves vilified and alone when no man worth his salt will want to touch them. Who would want to raise a child with a women who has a video posted online where she receives a load of spunk on her face? What would her unborn daughter think? Or even crazier, her son when he grows up?

Would do it on their own anyway dude.

Imagine being a woman.
Having no goals in life, other than get fucked by anything that walks and marry rich in your mid-30s.

lol no. she was on a live streaming site with over 100 people watching her.

Told them to add her on instagram for more.

You're going to be bunking with Jared from Subway if you don't microwave his phone.


>innocent tit selfie
Still more promiscuous compared to my grandparent generation.

It's normal, the modern age has just brought it to much into public and we long for the days when there was more decency in women. It's an assault to have that much pornographic stuff in public and it tends to wear you out. You want it to go back behind the door of the bedroom not in public...

Because you're not physically attractive to her.

before that most girls are virgin till 22-24. They don't even know how to masturbate.
Now they go very sex curious and they explore what is sex , how to masturbate etc on facebook. Then they date strangers.
Sexting become a trend, just recently a girl from rural area sent me this . (Yes i taught her how to masturbate till orgasm , i am the one to blame if she become sex addict ) .

When I was 12 they had mosquito bites for tits and a floormat for an ass.

> hurr durr i'm so red pill. pussy is cheap.
> hey Cred Forums why is pussy cheap?

It all boils down to attention and being centre stage. Social media has definitely amplified this effect. Instagram in its current stage is borderline soft core porn and many whores can't go to sleep at night before getting enough internet likes on Instagram from a photo showing their tits and ass.

>So that innocent tit selfie she took was probably meant to be private and obviously got uploaded against her will.

The fact she is taking those photos is fucking proof she is stupid and a slut

Wut? Like at least 10% of girls are fully developed by 12. I would say 50% of them have already started to grow breasts, at least to the point that it's noticeable. But in any case, why would a 12 year old boy be attracted to a fully grown woman and not to a girl of his own age?

It's too late, it's already over.

It's promoted in Western Society user.

Just look at the sexual revolution. Women are no longer reliant on a spouse to live.

They also get special treatment while calling it "equality".

They can fuck whoever they want and get free abortions or a fat child support check+welfare.

They are basically children mentally with older bodies

Because you cucks enable them.

Hot. Post pics

>innocent tit selfie

I dunno, but from my experience, at that age, boys are attracted to older women, not milfs, but still older.

Maybe it's different in toothpasteland, but here in 'Murrka, girls tend to start puberty pretty young...

I was trying to generalize.
Like i said, whores and sluts are everywhere. You managed to find one. Now wager hes chances of a healthy relationship with a man after he finds out she whore'd herself out live on a streaming website.

I can assure you even the 'innocent tit selfie' will stop once males, sought-after males, start to reject the slutty behavior.

Because they all want to believe to be Chad-worthy. It often takes late in age to realize that fucking another Chad as the 287th customer doesn't work for the long term.

I tell random whores on snapchat I'm a millionaire and send an edited screenshot of my online banking to them. Literally 70-80% of them send tits and cunt pics and arrange to fuck for money. Women are whores.

how do you tie it off before they figure out the master ruse?

I hate when they are passed out drunk

Because they've been indoctrinated to by the tavistock psyops machine since it is the most effective way to subvert the white race.
And it has worked like a charm, sadly, because whites and especially women are easily misguided and slaves to their hormonal vices.

True, men are to without blame either, perhaps even more so, since they are supposed to know better.

Club sluts are vain, insecure, and a lot less attractive without the copious amounts of makeup and slutty dress sense.

It definitely is hard to find a woman that doesn't want to get fucked up every weekend. I've pretty much quit drinking too.

Any idea where to find them? I just graduated college, where I was chilling with the College Republicans, but all the local political groups have an average age of like 60 and there seem to be no qts at the churches I've visited.

Your grandparents couldn't snap a dozen selfies on their non-existent smartphones could they. I bet if they existed then, they will.

I'm not gay but I would suck some millionaire dick for money. No homo.


>much quit drinking too
Interestingly, I noticed that women, around here, who refuse to drink during parties are the one's who are least likely to sleep around.

>Once you find a traditional conservative girl you won't need them anymore. I don't even look at club sloots anymore they've lost their power over me. Trust me the traditional conservative girl meme is real they are out there
Where do you think one could find such creatue?

thats why im not gonna touch it with a ten ft Cred Forumse

>Who would want to raise a child with a women who has a video posted online where she receives a load of spunk on her face?

Beta cucks, obviously. And there are enough of those around these days to support a lot of dried up sluts.

Well alcohol makes you do a lot of things you wouldn't otherwise do when you are sober. Besides, it's horrible for your health, it's expensive, and I'd prefer to spend my money on other things. God damn I wish it wasn't so prevalent in society. You get weird looks when you tell people you don't want to drink.

Don't think so, older generation women were raised up on catholic morals, they don't really understand extramarital sex, though they probably still were wicked under the sheets.

1. Post pic of edited bank account to story (or directly to mark) with "bored lol" or equivalent.
2. Wait for them to bite. Doesn't take long.
3. If they don't agree to meet for "casino and hotel" on first try, offer money (they resist with "im not a whore lol" for about ten seconds)
4. Ask them to send something "naughty". Tell them you'll wire some money if necessary.
5. If they ask for money im advance, tell them you're mid-wank and will aend afterwards.
6. Suck as much out of them until they a) realise they're being rused or b) (perfect scenario) accept your offer to reschedule.

Doctored amazon vouchers help, just buy one for a fiver, change the value to 200 or whatever and send to them with the code disguised as bait.

get back to >>>/b dipshit

Haha, i'm surrounded by conservative gals, be jealous. bwahaha

This goes off the topic of just women, but I kind of hate how entitled, and spoilt we are in this generation. I'm only 22 and I know how good I have it. People just want more and more and more, without having worked for it.

This may sound absolutely edgy as fuck, but I feel like I may have been a happier person in life if I was in a working class family from the 1920s or some shit.

I'm a lazy entitled cunt with nothing to show for it. This is not how I want to live my life.

I really need to change as a person.

because you are a marokanner

Dude if you have a iphone get phantom so you can save without the timer.

Maybe so, but those times are gone, sadly.

How do I become a well respected citizen in society? I feel so fucking useless. Like my full potential hasn't been reached. I'm just so unhappy, even though I'm a spoiled entitled brat.

Maar ja, dat zijn die nederlandse meisjes he? Poolse en Marokkaanse hebben wel wat vanaf jonge leeftijd


Heb vanaf mn 12e in het buitenland gewoond dus ik zou weinig kunnen zeggen over 16 jarige mocro of wodkasletjes.
Maar in groep 8/brugklas had je toendertijd niks, mn docente was zelfs aantrekkelijker dan mn klasgenoten.

Okay I will reveal the secret. No, you don't have to go to church. You don't pick up girls at churches that's fucking stupid. It can work though.

The secret is to learn to appreciate country music then go places where there are country music events for young people. That way you're still in a fun place but your demographics are skewed towards more conversative country girls rather than club sloots like every other place.

The secret is not to go to a boring church it's to go to a fun place where the demographics are in your favour.

Work for something you feel will be worthwhile, for you, your family, or maybe your nation. Even little jobs count towards common good.

you are crafty user. I don't get the bit about the amazon vouchers but I'll be contributing to the pictures of stupid whores economy soon. They literally deserve it

>Trust me the traditional conservative girl meme is real they are out there
Ohh it remind me the American girl that i met in Japan.
>be in Kyoto
>wandering around some temple alone
>done with temple
>go to bus station
>trying to understand map
>a girl walks around you in bus station
>looks at you time to time
>then she came and talked to me and ask if she can help
>helped me and etc...
>told me that it is on her way and i can take her bus
>i came with her bus, talked more in bus
>then she told me that she has no plan today and it was 19:00 or something
>asked her if i can buy her a coffee (she doesnt drink alcohol at the age 21)
>we talked for hours
>tfw it was my first time talking with a girl alone
>i fucked up really hard, she get bored of me after few hours. I could only talked about poltics and shit while she was talking about her virginity, guys that tease him, bla bla
>tfw if i wouldnt fucked up, i would get her to my room
>she added me on facebook few days later
>saw her that she has bf in USA
So here your conservative girls... Flirting around random strangers and she had fucking confidence. I was beta as fuck back then. If it would have happened now, she would be at least sucking my dick.

Is there an android equivalent? In my defense, the whores literally dont care that i screenshot. Im "rich", so they accept it. I have about 500 nudes from this degenerate technique. May dump one day.

You lack purpose son.
The unhappiness you feel is instinctive dissonance.

Humans are unequivocally bound by the same biological process from which we came.

You secretly hunger for children. But neither can find a mother that's up to standards nor a secure home to raise your family in.

Be patient and wait for evolution.

nice deduction, Sherlock.

(it's iraqi/moroccan btw)

suck my immigrant dick

ach, ja groep acht is niks.

I know. I don't want to be just some yuppy commoner though. I want the lot. The power, the respect, the friendships, the networking. I just don't know how to get there, or what I even want to be in life. I know I'm unhappy though.
I definitely do lack purpose. I don't know what I want to do, where I want to be. I'm just so lost.

Amazon will email you with the voucher. Just edit the value to whatever you want and use that to bait whores into giving you shit i.e. "what will you send me for this £500 voucher hun?". Its my nuclear option if they dont send me shit pro bono

+ she was republican as fuck

>suck my immigrant dick
Did you get refugee status or did you come earlier ?

1. Education
2. Self improvement
3. Quit Cred Forums

I'm close to quitting Cred Forums. This is it man. 2016 is where I'm breaking it. I'm using it less and less. I'm focusing on my little shitty car at the moment. It's not a big deal or anything, but it's a start. Next is actually getting some fucking employment.

Lol yeah right, maybe that works in austrailia but in the Colonies country music attracts the sloots. And its not like young women listen to actual country that would attract the people you are talking about like Willie Nelson or George Strait

Definitely don't join isi...err the adf.

t. Not ASIO.

Mother came for education.
Father was a bad ass veteran who returned after a few years to Iraq. He survives. Hamdullilah.

suuuurrrre she was roach

I totally believe you

>you'll never marry a red pilled conservative girl

and in the end you don't send jack shit. It's almost worth it for the ass madness alone

like you have any experience.

what language is she speaking in?

post us some pics

What should I do.

google "casper snapchat"

She's speaking in tongues, quick get the holy water!

Wow a camo tranny. Never seen that before. Is this the first Stealth Trap?

>2 kids

hey pimp, wassup? how much did you pay for that whore's boob job?

>only 21
What a disaster


Most of them are on my comp in a rar where the wife wont find them. I'll dump later if this thread is alive.

Btw, this whore was 9 months pregnant when she sent this. Show no mercy lads.

Of course family oriented conservative 19-23 year old grills are out there

But for every 1 real one there are 99 faker sloots who just octopus style camoflauge themselves to get a stable bf

I literally don't even have the time or money to vet enough chicks to find the diamond in the rough

If u get a conservative gf while still in school you literally just lucked out

You wo n the lottery plain and simple

Don't become a statistic

>Love going on adventures

The fuck is up with all these hoes saying this shit. And their meaning of adventure ranges from a 2am drive to 7-11 to letting some stranger fuck them. Degenerates.

How much money do you claim to have?

How much money do they think they will receive in exchange for sex?

Are you actually having sex with these women or are you just getting pics?

Or by adventure they mean, they love when someone pays for them to take a vacation someplace.

>tfw mother and father split up officially six years ago
>tfw my sister was told and didn't understand what was happening
>tfw my mum lies about him constantly


You yourself can stop the pain

why did they divorce?

I have no reason to lie, body. Also I have no desire to make myself to be believed by everyone. Believe what you want, who gives a fuck..

>tfw my gf is conservative and hates niggers and muslims
>listens to TRS with me

I guess the slav girl meme is real
Definitely a keeper.

more of her?

I haven't a clue, I didn't ask any questions.

She says it's because he stopped "Loving her", but he says that that's wrong.

She lives in a four bedroom two story house and has to pay for my sister until she's 18 (she's 13), and he lives on someone's sofa in a flat at the moment. He works from 8am to 6pm doing construction jobs every single day.

>mfw going into college soon
>mfw in Toronto
>mfw I'm soon to see the blackened heart of (((corruption))) in Canada
You lucky nigger, I frequently have dreams of finding what you have found

Sounds like you have multicult hell ahead of you, stay strong user

That said, I found her through right wing online circles, so that's how you might find a girl like that too. Irl will be harder, since in this atmosphere, few will dare be open about their views

"Love going on adventures" is code for "My life is really fucking boring and I find everything I do outside of the norm 'adventurous'".
So no creativity, no hobbies other than watching netflix and talking with fake friends, no interesting job, hates her kids.

>Found a PL gf on nazi shitposting forum
Thats one to tell the kids for sure, mom how did u meet dad? Well Jimmy we both shared a passion for hanging niggers off the lamposts.
Good for you tho keep on truckin.

Atheism generally.
Lack of islam in particular

lmao, it'll be how i met your mother: rahowa edition