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How do we improve Cred Forums lads?

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By quitting Cred Forums.

ban canada

ban chile, fucking noleafs

By spamming cut up limbs with extra blood so the CTR shills go away.

bring back xxx at end of post

give us ai gfs and we'll have something else to do

Make me mod pls

Ban all english-speaking countries.


Gas all the fuckin kikes man

Ban Belgium

perfect examples of why canada should be banned

ip range ban finland and canada

Discourage shitposting and encourage effortposting

It's simple: we ban the leafs!

why come leafs be so dumb always

hiro is such a better admin than moot and his faggotry SJW meddling



Thread for anyone curious.
Continuation of thread.
Cred Forums thread full of discussion mostly about Cred Forums

Let chaos do its thing

Wtf is he even saying in that pic

ban anime/porn posters,
>or just redirect to Cred Forums

fucking burgers

He says that he'll allow a single thread (per board) to discuss meta issues. Policies, moderation, shit like that.

Ban leafs, ahmeds, and antisemites
*rubs hands*

he can fuck off and so can this thread

Yes, i agree
We will do that with a very easy simple upvote system. Its perfect

Cred Forums is fine as it is, shitposting is fun in here and we deal with shills.




Add more Reddit/newfag filters and deterrents. The e-activism is cancerous but tolerable, but couple it with Reddit and newfags and it kills the board. Also the fallout from this Channology will need to mitigated as it will destroy the rest of the site if unchecked.

Remove flags and IDs.

allow hilloli

Remove Trump posters and meme worshipers

so you can pretend to be white?

> safe space, also known as jewish echo chamber

feel free to kill yourself when you report this thread

Make it so everybody has a leaf on their flag.

> safe space, also known as stormfag echo chamber
I mean, I was joking, but let's admit, Cred Forums has always been an echo chamber.

Ban the leaf.

Keep flags

Keep IDs





Scrap IDs.

Extend the post timer to 60 seconds.

Do more to actually enforce the rules and get rid of shitposting (such as most 4-5 word posts with an unrelated image).

Do this on November 10th, since a good deal of chaos the day after the Presidential election will be worth it.

Fuck you and your rules, no mods no janitors, let Cred Forums be Cred Forums

Oh, that is a great idea!

I hereby propose: Upvotes and Downvotes.

The downvoted posts will be hiden of course.

Sure I need to pretend. Bring back true anonymity, it's the best for a discussion board as the only thing that you can value is what they're actually saying. If we want flag and ID memes we can go to Cred Forums

That is the worst idea.

I'm getting pretty sick of


everywhere on the front page, along with HOW CAN X EVEN X and variants of such.

Mandatory trips :^)
No IDs
no post time
no mods
no africa
no leafs

> becoming even more of a circlejerk by just hiding what you don't want to face

Who gives a fuck, you just ignore the shills, what you're asking is for our freedom to be taken away and for us to be made into another reddit.




That's how it was before the Cred Forums Harbor if you don't remember. It was introduced to help you make this board go to shit and it was really effective since we had bigger levels of shitposting before its introduction.

>let Cred Forums be Cred Forums

No thanks. This board has become 70% dilution and slide, 20% memes and 10% actual discussion.

No, I'm asking for bans of people who spam big black cocks and Cred Forums BEE TEE EFF OHHH HAHAH DRUMF! LEL!".

This isn't Cred Forums.

> the peak and effective meme-reflection and absorption abilities being not determined by bans (censure of various kinds) is not an echo chamber

If it resonates then you have it tuned.

Ban anyone who makes a shitty "Cred Forums BTFO" thread, if they post it ironically or not.



Don't worry, Estonia, most of Cred Forums don't know that the Estonian stereotype is that you are a bit, very slow, and I won't tell them ;)

This. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

I do remember, but keeping IDs and flags keeps discussion consistent and fun. Part of political discussion is where people are, and tying IDs prevents same-fagging

Want to upvote, post support. Want to downvote, argument it down.

> blaming a vitamin filled flavor grenade of a fruit for the problems of the board
At least Kiwis are tasty, maple just gets stuck in your teeth

Allow Australians to have 1 ban free shitpost a day, the current rules are unfair to us.

>How do we improve Cred Forums lads?

We ban kekposters. All they do is slide threads and derail on topic discussion with their dub posting.

you don't like pancakes?

>keeping IDs and flags keeps discussion consistent and fun

you gotta be joking.

Ban mods that are CTR

Ban people that dont like 1st amendment

Ban mods that prune/delete KEK praise threads

Love them, even with maple occasionaly. Too much kiwi will keep the doctor away, too much maple and you have Diabeetus. Ban leafs.

Why do you dislike them?

>can't handle bantz
>is a swedecuck

We ban this guy right here. That will improve Cred Forums .

Do you want to know, Sven,
why is there internet in your shed?

It is there for the others see your virtual tears.

Because although they make it "fun" for some, they distract people completely and render the sticky impossible to follow/ useless. Cred Forums has become Cred Forums + Cred Forums. If people come here for anonymity, then at least fucking make it so you can disable displaying one's flag. ID's should be kept though imo.

d i d I t r i g g e r y o u

>that video
What the fuck is going on there? Anyone know the story?

Ban religion

Exterminate Czechposters, filter out Australian filth, genocide all CTR shills. This will make Cred Forums great again.

>Anyone know the story?
Once there was a black person who tried to be a father

Just to prove my point:
Just in this thread. I don't know if this makes it funnier. I understand that sometimes are useful but it's killing actual discussion.
This is a really good idea. No flags by default, because if they're by default many people will use them and those who are without them will be answered with shit like:
>Leaf detected

> niggers are joke

Na ids stop shilling from going crazy.

It's still anonymous when your id changes every thread. No Ids is just fucking stupid

> natural selection failed that day
Fucking hell, mate, how stupid can a person be.

this post made me Laugh Out Loud (lolâ„¢)

Remove flags

remove flags honestly
they're good for shit posting but holy shit they kill discussion

IDs are good because it means arguments flow better in each thread

Do leafs ever actually contribute anything usefull to discussions? Fuck's sake, I liked the country till I came to Cred Forums

Fuck off with your responses it's annoying

Ban Canada, that's all there is to it

I know right? We have to do more to fight hate we see all around us everyday and shun those horrible people.

spam anime, gore, or both

> reading comprehension, the post

Ban Leafs, I could use the free time.

Instead of banning Australians whenever they eventually do something ban worthy, change their flag to Canada.

Have every IP from New York and California changed to Israel.

Ban people who respond to obvious bait threads.

no merchant. they are cyber cancer at best. I think there is only like 4 Canadians and they work in shifts, only coming here to complain about their lives.

Do you know how to get rid of those threads? Best is to not have 250 retards who always replies to them.

we can start with getting rid of hiro

Horse shit. ID helps me better to orient in the responses. ID stays.

If you post on McDonalds wifi you get an american flag

Ask Sven about he has "engineers and doctors" filling the population downtick and can evaluate the topic I think. Burgers also seem to have good overall sample to observe.
I live on beautiful island and have little reference sampling at hand.

My observations in the wide world strongly suggest that there is no limit how stupid can a human being be. And yet there are calls (even on Cred Forums) to make world foolproof.

> rare
Thanks for the couscous, though, mate

Ban anti-anime posters like

>Ban people who respond to obvious bait threads.

This I can get behind.

Then again, banning is completely useless.

1. reset router
2. clear cookies

w e w

Eugenics to get rid of stupidity are a must. Aesthetic changes through Eugenics are silly because fashions and tastes change over the centuries, but stupidity is calculable and universal.

You dont have israeli couscous over there?



If you don't like it then fuck off to whatever shill or liberal le social media you slithered from.


1) Work on your English
2) Work on your insecurities
3) Stop obsessing about Sweden

Leave the flags alone - why fix something that is not broken.
Want to fix discussion board - post content.

Of course we do, and we have the Moroccan jews to thank for it. I am Eastern Eurojew, originally, and I love how Israel's clash of cultures created a cuisine that's the best of all North African and Middle Eastern cuisine.

By bringing back W.T. Snacks.

No hiding commie, fuck off, flags stays.

no flags every second day could be interesting but besides that everything seems fine, the board didn't degenerate like other popular boards yet




>tfw Israel is the multi-culti paradise Jews are pushing

ban anime posters

how many slav jews are there? It seems all Israeli posters are from east euro. How many spehardim are there?

Remove flags. You would see a massive decrease in shitposting

Only 90s kids will get this :^)))

Flags stays. They explain a lot, as why somehow who sounds like inbred retard defends muslims - one look at the British flag and many things fall into the place.

Ban all flags that have red in them, maybe except for Burgers and Borscht, gets us rid of:

Tea and crumpets
First aid
Half the ahmeds

How could it go wrong?

>Eternal Anglo wants to hide behind anonymity

Keep IDs remove flags.


Fuck off kike I hope you get nuked soon


get threads and posts go against the rules yet they are the most spread cancer ruining this board

>You will not post any of the following outside of Cred Forums: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

What has happened to Cred Forums culture

Ah India, the only country who has more of a reason to hide their flag than us.

Ban Israel.

You will instantly get rid of all BBC, you really want to deport me user, why is racemixing bad, cuties in army, and pol btfo threads.

This. Absolutely this, and removing flags.

>How do we improve Cred Forums lads?

You can't hide, we can smell you from afar.

I dont know, perhaps by killing yourself?

>bring back xxx at end of post
Someone is salty he never gets dubs

Sven can't handle the banter, so you're a cuck online also?

is this cause u cant handle the bantz


>no racism, flames(bantz), trolls, off topic replies
Global 3 is retarded and should be removed, mods only use it when they personally dislike a post. You realize if that was upheld this board would just become reddit?

Same with rule 6.
>quality of posts

Top kek.

Remove flags. We can always tell who is a Leaf, 'Straylian, or Finncuck based on how they shit post.


Kick out all the fucking underages.

Crack down on Cred Forums tier treads that don't belong here


> Israel in charge of BBC
> Israel in charge of cuties in army
We hate those cuties, because we served with them. It's always you foreigners who fetishize them.

>Cred Forums culture

ban canada and other cuked countries

Never touch my flag. Without her I'm on the grade as shitmericunts.


A petri dish is culture too, pokeball.

More flags.
Last 4 digits of everyone's SS# is shown when they post
Also, box to check what race you are must be completed to post

Protip: before country soecific flags, I would successfully pretend to be an american poster to troll you cunts incessantly

I enjoy shitposting about flags as much as possible you drunk gypsy but I actually enjoy proper political discussion as well.

Also we should bring back xxx at end of posts

Fuck off Chaim, you filthy sodomites fantasize about having huge nigger dicks and every Jew i see tries to act like a nigger around niggers.

Gas yourself for the greater good of mankind and the Aryan Volk.

If people actually take Cred Forums shit seriously, especially le meme magickck, off yourself twice


remove swamp posters

Honestly though, remove flags. Whenever a rare flag pops up discussion is diverted, same with whenever a leaf or Aussie are proud of shit posting.

Flags also make me judge some people, for example if a swede posts, unless they are very articulate and have a valid point I'll trash their opinion even if it's semi reasonable.

Bring back the old flag system where you can choose a bunch of Cred Forums tier flags such as the swastika or the Dixie banner, maybe add in some new ones such as the rhodisian flag and some none political ones. The communist banner, the libertarian snek and the option to remain flagless would be nice too.

Can it evolve?


replace mods and janitors. Keep ID's, and flags. I could risk accidentally reading the work of a hue monkey otherwise.

remove flags
ban kek posting
enforce sticky
don't post meta threads that are ruining the catalog

>ban kek posting




Got out-keked, filthy mongo fin.

Are these guys thge same people?

>actually defending dubs posting disguised as kek posting
you are part of the problem

>Ban people that dont like the 1st amendment

this is the definition of irony right here folks

>banning people for their opinions

>ban people that dont like 1st amendment

ameriga indeed :Dddd

Change nothing right now, we can't risk internal chaos while the election is so close. We can decide after the 10th. We need to crank out more memes to redpill individuals and create more controvert that will drag people to trump.

No, flags stays, it is helpful to realize why such butthurt in threads about US army welfare queens.

And it helps to search for replies.

Dubs have been checked

insta Ban posters that say:
99% of posts wih any of this words are shitposts
Also some active moderation would be nice to delete all the shit threads.
Last but not least, anyone unironically mentioning The_donald should go back to fucking reddit via ban
There you go, Cred Forums is improved while maintaining the essence

>permaban the people making the following threads
>"redpill me on x gais"
>"hmm really makes you think"
>and "Cred Forums BTFO"

everywhere i look on this board theres a bunch of these fuckers wasting space