Get fucked Assad

Get fucked Assad
Where my Ameribros at?

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hahahaha GOTEEEEEE
Go Israel!


Grade A ISIS Airforce your pilots are.

Next time bomb Sydnei yourself too.

right here!!

aussie aussie aussie

oy vey

>australia shitbombing IRL
We must nuke them

Isn't that literal decleration of war?
Minding that Syria has Allies like Russia and Iran?
And Russia with China India a bit etc.?
Is this beggining of WW3?

Declaration of deep condolensces as always.

Feels good knowing we're helping to topple one of the few secular regimes in the middle east which will most likely lead to another 30 years of political instability and empowered Islamic Fundamentalism.

>he doesn't realize Assad is the best possible leader of the savage shithole that is Syria

Oi m8 tell the emu cunts they're next!


If it's really us, it's a bloody disgrace.

Why are we fighting this war? What have the Syrians done to us?

I have no issue being allied with the US but let's not get dragged into all their nonsense in the Middle East. We'll get absolutely no benefit out of it, only problems.

They are liberating those poor oppressed Syrians goy

>be Australian pilot
>haven't executed mission since Battle of Midway in 1940
>Get orders from US
>"oy cunts lez do this"
>drops bomb in wrong place

You people are worthless

They've told you it was emus and you believed it

you do what your globalist masters tell you to do

they say jump you say how high

they say to bomb ISIS's enemies you ask for the coordinates

I wish Canada and Australia could just switch places.

The reason starts with 'H' and ends with 'illary'. There're also americans who honestly think that this person is a good choice for president. Probably they worship some ancient god and want to bring even more destruction to this world.

The thought of some Aussie realizing he bombed the wrong people sounds hilarious. I can't wait until the audio is released.

it was during a cease fire

there's nothing "accidental" about this

Obama is continuing to support terrorists in order to stop Assad

Only now he's getting desperate to end this soon.

Stridently semitic post, nicely done.

Enjoy your (you)s

btw what percent of aussie is kike? nowhere near our horrible 2% i'm guessing.

Good Goyim
Remove Assad so we can go ahead with the Greater Israel Projects

>Probably they worship some ancient god

it's Allah


We're the ones that gave them the coordinates, Aussies just doing their job as always. Why should they be blamed?

uh I'm sure there has to be a better one...

So you would like getting penetrated from both borders by subhumans, eh Tyrone?




Pretty disgusted with America rn.
Love to the Ausbros, sorry our govt dragged you into this. When we ride, we ride together.

You people are literal drooling retards

obediently supporting Obama as he helps fucking ISIS.


'The Russian military earlier said two F-16s and two A-10 jets that flew into Syrian airspace from neighbouring Iraq carried out the actual attack. Neither type is listed as being in operation with the RAAF.'

RAAF jets were involved in the operation, but we didn't frag anyone we were not ordered to. It's just some journalist masturbating furiously over a fucking non-existent story as far as Australia is concerned.


Fuck I hate journalists.

Now we can destroy ISIS from the inside, brilliant plan by our HNIC

I would say nice bait, but Americans are too stupid to bant on that level. Get your fucking heads out of the sand, retards.

America and its slaves are always fighting for the terrorists...


Yeah we have the coordinates. Probably used military time to

>oy cunt, what he fuck is 22:00
>and what the fuck is 34.8N and 38.8E
>I don't know cunt just average the numbers and drop the thing


Why do your journalists hate your country?

Quality aiming Aussiebros. Removing Muslims is never a bad thing.
Like this guy!

Hockey Night In Canada? And why would you destroy something that you created and intend to keep?

good on ya m8

Coz it's the ABC.

It's hard to believe neets who shitpost on this website every day are so disconnected from reality. Who do you think is going to replace Assad's government, jackass?

>>haven't executed mission since Battle of Midway in 1940

>killing pro Assad secular fighters in order to help ISIS
>lol great job guise we saved the day

Russians probably confused F-16 with F/A-18, which the RAAF does use

Fuck Assad. May he burn in hell

>Who do you think is going to replace Assad's government
Democracy will magically spring up from the ashes like in Iraq of course.
Haha, you realize the ensuing anarchy will mean even more people will die right?

They don't know who Assad is or what a Syria is

They certainly don't know who and or what an "Alebbo" is

who cares, couple less sand niggers that can breed.

what a dumb cunt, fuck off to syria and get bombed if you support isis faggot

Putin and Assad are shit

yeah fuck Assad

he's done so many bad things

like.....fight terrorists

and.....not be a member of ISIS

US claims "was an accident"...

>lol sorry we meant to strike isis

Meanwhile Canada is building igloos praying their entire country doesn't lose power because of snow and Trudeau using 1 trillion kilowatts for his internet cuck porn

You leafs rage fucked the Czechs after we BBC'd you earlier this week.

no it doesn't, i want all islamists to die... my tax money is defending them :(

Yeah then ISIS can take over and 10 million more Syrians can come to the US thanks to Obama's "generosity"

great idea genius

Honestly no wonder the west is dying we are full of retards like you as the only opposition to the leftists.

Because they're sensationalistic fuckwads always chasing the next story hoping to spin it into a huge deal, because that sells ads in papers and online. They don't give a flying fuck about what they're actually reporting, only spinning it so they can get clicks or sell papers with the most controversial things possible.

And especially here, for some reason, Ausfag normies believe it first go. You should have seen some of the bullshit that happened when the whole Gun Control issue was up in the air.

Hell, just yesterday the fucking ABC News website had a story about some fucking idiot had a gun explode on him which left him a retard. So now they're calling for the gun to be banned Australia wide. There has been 300+ of the damn shotgun sold in Aus, his was the only one that 'malfunctioned' BUT LETS BAN THE FUCKING THING OUTRIGHT BECAUSE ONE RETARD IS TO STUPID TO USE THE FUCKING THING PROPERLY.

Aussies dropped a shitpost on Assad's head

>getting upset about some shitposting

What happens next?

this. plus not good we're supporting isis

>Australia shitposted irl hard enough that Israel can give them shit over it

You're so edgy

Based ausbros taking the fall for us

>wrong place

yeah i don't think so, it's pretty clear what they were trying to achieve here

better support the """"moderate"""" rebels amirite? :^)

You are trying to be funny but it really isn't working for you ameribro. Not everyone can be a comedian,

Western countries are just showing their true colors. Good, the more people gets redpilled the faster this terrorist cancer called NATO dies.


They'll issue an apology by taking in more refugees, won't they?



>Pro-Assad sand niggers are busy with their own butt.

>Isis sand niggers try to go to Western world to kill us.

Same thing ?

Eh who cares they all look alike anyway, not really USA's fault tbqh

>Haha, you realize the ensuing anarchy will mean even more people will claim refugee status in europe, right?
fixed that for you

But Piotr, the russians will come and rape you

Bomb Western Sydney, you would most likely kill some ISIS supporters because it is full of Lebos.

0.2% officially, but i live in jew neighborhood (im rich bitch) and it seems like a lie to me. pretty sure they are hiding their true power level

very rare merchant spotted

We are with Assad, and we hope Russia nukes you.

Russia is too weak to go to war with USA and wouldn't over some mudslime country.

India is a US Ally, BRICS is a meme.

China would betray Russia for USA. Chinese and American economies are intertwined, a war between them will just bring collapse to both. China realizes the benefits of USA and their power. It sees Russia as a temporary ally and is even barging in Russia's sphere of influence (Central Asia)

>>Haha, you realize the ensuing anarchy will mean even more people will claim refugee status in europe, which means even more people will die right?
FTFY Germanon

Aussie shitposting irl.
>Oi mate i see something
>I'll drop em a package araight.
>Nice hit mate they done for
>We are done here lets RTB
>Commander comes
>You fuckin cunts you hit the wrong target
>No mate they are all targets you cunt
>Proceeds to walk away because commander is a cunt.
End of story.


The problem is when shitstain Americans like your friends in this thread shitpost they're not even being ironic about their stupidity it's almost like the Amurica Fuck Yeah memes are real. What a shame.

>China would betray Russia for USA.
No they wouldn't. A China-Russia alliance is the only thing standing between us and our rightful position globally.
>Chinese and American economies are intertwined, a war between them will just bring collapse to both
Like Britain and Germany in 1914?

"fuck me m8, bombed the wrong poofters "
"ah whateva, they're all cunts"
"*random slang gibberish*"


>he thinks the western world has a choice when it comes to invading other countries with the us

Lol how new are you

I've said this before; fuck America really hard. They gay as fuck.

This asspain coming from a sandnigger


Yeah, Europeans will die you mongoloid. Stop trying to be clever.

they sell out anything if it makes them famous, including their own country

>Literal Israeli sandnigger
>calls others 'sandnigger'

>Europeans will die you mongoloid
I fail to see the problem here.

T.Schmuly Horowitz

>No they wouldn't. A China-Russia alliance is the only thing standing between us and our rightful position globally.
Yes they would,
Chinese and American economies are intertwined, a war between them will just bring collapse to both. China realizes the benefits of USA and their power. It sees Russia as a temporary ally and is even barging in Russia's sphere of influence (Central Asia).

Tl;dr having US and Western Sphere as an ally is more beneficial. US-China Relationship will triumph Russia

You fundamentally misunderstand the burger. Some people believe that Murica fuck yeah stuff, but most of us realize there's nothing we can do to change it so we attempt bantz and usually fail as seen in

Aussies just don't give a fuck I guess

dirty mud slime living in US. go back to shit hole country

the amount of raw autism in this thread is insane



>it's an edgy anarchist "let everything burn" episode

America please nuke me.

>everyone who disagrees with my viewpoint is a jew
The world isn't as black and white as your warped perspective makes it out to be


jews attacked in golan heights at the same time jew boy. your supporting muslim head choppers as well.

Mad as fuck Abdul bin Ahmed Muhammad

wow i hate australia now

Fuck off cunt

>the battle of midway in 1940
The battle that turned the tide of the Pacific war happened before Pearl Harbor?

You're so fucking stupid.

We'll check their Banter level after Putin nukes them.

fuck america tbqh they're not even white

>0.2% officially
Not bad. Still .2% over the limit, but beats the shit out of our situation.

And, yes, it always seems underreported. It's not that it is, it's that jews aren't the type to quietly abide their proportionate slice of society.

oi! oi! goy!

I've probably made a million anti-kike posts in my shitposting career.

>calls someone a sand nigger

>gets called jew and starts whining

Hows the weather in Tel Aviv you hooked nosed freak.

Kys and take your people with you.




wow you're stupid

kek, Barack Hussein is 50% kike 50% mudslime and 0% American.


>He's not a jew goy.
>Siding with Israel's interests in the middle east is
>Pure coincidence

We fight for Zog full time now. No more freedom bullshit.

>being proud of being the airforce for isis
fucking kill yourself you stupid fuck

Australia, shitposting in meatspace now too.

Implying it's not a warm summer 80 in Arizona at this moment Abdul


Excellent post goy. You have earned your shekels today.



I wish you were as quiet, low key, and irrelevant on Cred Forums as you are on the world stage.


" د م ح م "

I'm not muslim nor arab, but whatever fuck made this couldn't join the arabic letters together, or even write in the correct direction.

"durr hurr I don't care, their goat language is all the same"

no. that image has some stray arabic letters pointing at a cartoon of a man.


same as our country tbqh, we could still salvage some white if we act quickly though...

we're white outside the major cities, they've got vermin everywhere


>"Abdul" t. 60% white mutt whose country acts as ISIS' airforce
Okay, subhuman.

Because he knows globalist time is up in november, and ousting assad is 2 years late already.


Just like there were better leaders than Saddam or Gaddafi.

So you agree with your obese friends when they blindly side with their country "accidentally" bombing Syrian troops in a ceasefire zone?

>sand niggers chopping sand niggers
What's not to support?

I'm not even the guy that called you a sand nigger you illiterate retard.


>Playing with fire

Mad as fuck Poosian

1 RUB has been deposited into your account Ivan

Need like a million more for a loaf of bread though

yeah jews literally run the US. it's quite pathetic really. Americans claim they are big and strong and don't take shit from no one, yet they allow themselves to be ruled by foreigners that only make up 2% of the population.

Why does he not pay the bill directly to the Rabbi next to him ?

Go get him Tiger, you have an army and an air force, what's holding you back?

What about Jewtin

I wish we 'accidently' bombed canadians.

>Being against Assad
>Being this fucking jewish

>fighting terrorists
>bombing official government and helping isis by that

Last two digits is how many phone books Jewtin had to stand on to light this

kek, look at breeding rates. we'll be gone soon if something isn't done

Good morning JDIF, working on a Sunday I see?

Getting difficult to hide that the US is helping the criminals. Even normies are understanding that something is wrong on this picture of what just happened.

t. Ivan "Jewtin Jr." Goldstein

Will Assad recover from this bantz

Assad is our boy, long live Assad

I was in the top infantry unit in the idf and even I am not this much of a Zionist stooge

Bowing at the wailing wall, is a public act of humiliation and subservience to our masters. The payments are done away from the camera. The public humiliation is done in front of the camera.

kek, you haven't heard them singing their chants "death to the jews". they still sing it even though they aren't fighting jews. just whose head do you think they're coming to chop off next? they'll make hamas an hezbollah look pathetic in comparison

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull foreshadowed the legal changes in his official statement on national security, delivered in Parliament.

Until now, the ADF's two-year operation in the Middle-East has focused on enemy combatants in observable roles, including those who drive armoured vehicles or 4WDs flying fighting flags.

But military commanders believe legal settings have constrained the ADF's ability to also target IS fighters involved in support and logistics.

Mr Turnbull has announced laws will be changed to "allow the ADF on the frontline of this fight to have the powers they need".

"We must target Daesh at its base and with lethal force — no exceptions," Mr Turnbull told Parliament.

If passed, the legal changes would remove a potential "gap" between international war-fighting laws and Australian laws covering armed conflict.

Domestic law in Australia would be changed to remove "ambiguity" that the ADF fears create a "small risk" of its members being prosecuted in Australian courts for "causing the death of a person not causing hostilities".

Once freed of any threat of court action at home, the defence force predicts RAAF crews will unleash more airstrikes on more targets.

"It opens the targeting aperture ... yes, it means more strikes" an official has told the media.

I wonder if their legal loophole closure works on friendly troops.

>killing the good guys
yeah good goys attack the ebil assad

>Another 14 shekels for Mordechai.

>Another 14 more!! This is literally another Shoah!!

Igloos are muslim snow-domes.

If you're not a zionist then what are you doing in Israel then? You're ancestors never stepped foot in Palestine. Go back to your Russian mountains you Khazar baby.

That "temporary" alliance between Russia and China exists since about 80 years now.

Good luck shilling people around here. Both China and Russia think on long term and neither one panics about stock markets, just you and wall Street for (((some))) reason.

>“While Syria remains a dynamic and complex operating environment, Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support Daesh (also known as ISIL).”



There's that meme again

Russian Israel relations aren't great. you since the russians supported the arabs against israel...
Putin is a smart man and is willing to deal with anyone if its good for russia. that's not the same as being subservient to the jews

>I wonder if their legal loophole closure works on friendly troops.

ISIS are the only friendly troops for NATO forces operating in Syria. Maybe also the Turds, but they are just another ISIS like group fighting to steal Syrian land.


Assad will die by 2017

Yeah. ISIS are stabbing people in our streets while our cops do nothing, and our military supports them.

Really makes u think.

Please lose your funding you fucking shill. You are an embarrassment even to Israelis.

It was an accident.

We're that retarded because our military now appoints commanders based on their oppression points rather than capabilities.

Probably a female pilot too.

kek wills it

this is done by URG,

skip to 0:59

Go home

supporting isis in taking deir ez-zur

Jews doesn't mean zionists

KEK is not yours to summon, you can summon KIKE.KEK is working to take away your funding, if Bibi himself doesn't shut you down for being an embarrassment to shills.

how is the pentagon's proxy war against the cia going?

You think this is bad?

What about what they're asking us to do to China?

China owns our businesses, owns our politicians, owns 10% of our population and is our largest trading partner. And we're pointlessly antagonizing them.

We have fucking NOTHING to do with Syria. The only Muslim problem we have is fucking ISIS sympathizers in this country....and now we're fighting on their side.

Turnbull and Shorten are fucking scum.

>its all according to plan I bet

And we have cucked generals who care more about having women and Muslims in the defence force than, you know, defence.


You're gonna regret this.
t. Vladimir Bloodin

It was just a friendly banter

Is Australia USA's 2nd greatest ally now? Truly the goodest of goys.

Another "accident" from that war.

True. We have no reason to be against China. We need to have defence against them, but let's not mess with what's going on in the South China Sea, that's for China, Russia, Japan, etc. to sort out.

America did it. They're making us take the blame in public.

pls no bully.

We're up there with Britain, always following them in every stupid war they get into.

Nobody is willing to start a war over a bunch of dead Arabs, even if this incident was intentional

Thank God based Zahreddine is safe.

I really don't get why we aren't supporting Assad. Seriously have we learnt nothing from Libya and Iraq?

Sometimes we need someone like Assad in control and getting rid of him will leave Syria a failed state if it isn't already.

The Democrats are fucking idiots supporting these """"Moderate"""" Rebels who are just another form of extreme Islam.

Help Assad get control back over Syria then start the diplomatic process of sorting shit out.

I formally apologize on behalf of Australia to The rest of the world that we have not kicked all the Criminal Kiwi's who pretend to be Australians out of our country.

The Op's post is just another dumb kiwi that wants to make us look bad, please understand we do not endorse the unprovoked attack of sovereign nations.

really makes you think

Just a prank bro

But you're earning lots of good boy points.
It's going to come in handy when WW3 kicks off.

We probably would be too if it wasn't for the whole nuclear thing. Still, i expect us to get dragged into their shit aswell.


pretty much. it's only isis and SAA in the area. there was no "moderate rebels" in the area to make use of the the air strikes. they claim they were targeting isis, however that would make it seem like they were helping the syrian gov, and we all know they weren't helping the syrian gov since the whole reason they are there is to topple the gov.

>I really don't get why we aren't supporting Assad

such a mystery



>happily bombs the good guys

It's only a ceasefire in Aleppo

shit I'm in western sydney

mate nobody gives a fuck about a leopard, tell me what's going on with the cease fire

>jewish federation
Pick uno

Any lebos here?

That "alliance" that almost went to war in 1969?


Lately the West has seemed rather apathetic to him, and mostly just directly support the Kurds

Best ally

that could well be an accident. US doesn't disclose their forces positions in syria. they can't really blame anyone when they get bombed. everyone knew that side of dier ez-zor was gov controlled and that they were planning offensive on isis


Any retard who thinks Obama controls ISIS is a paranoid loser who lives with their parents or in section 8 housing. You idiots are why we are becoming a shithole.



He's got no future, It's only Putin that keeping a bunch of ragheads from sodomising him with a bowie knife, like Gaddafi.

He doesn't directly control ISIS, that's stilly.

But he's helping them survive by bombing Syrian military instead of ISIS.

controls ISIS? no. created ISIS? yes.

Absolute bro tier man that is no longer with us

You are doing god's work for my brothers of the Al-Nusrah front and IS. God bless you, infidel. Allahu Akhbar.

Greetings from a 3 star hotel room, which serves as my acommodation now.

damn... this really corrected my record...

'STRALIA has replaced the UK as USA's bitch.

Enjoy your war crimes Australia. USA isn't in the Anglosphere anymore because they're led by niggers.

>Moscow cited the strikes, which allowed Islamic State fighters to briefly overrun a Syrian army position near Deir al-Zor airport, as evidence that the United States was helping the jihadist militants.

>“We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending Islamic State. Now there can be no doubts about that,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying.

>The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, chastised Russia for the move.

>“Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and the grandstanding and the stunts and focus on what matters, which is implementation of something we negotiated in good faith with them,” Power told reporters.

This might be the single most retarded and incompetent U.S. administration in can they honestly try and promote Hillary as the "expert" against Trump as potentially incompetent after the last 5 years. It's insane.


no it's not. it was a nation wide ceasefire, the previous one was mainly limited to aleppo. only ISIS was still fair game

Helping out our 'moderate muslim rebels' again, I see. Aka Taliban 2.0 and NOT-Daesh-I-swear.

ISIS's base, it's entire center is Raqqa.

So fucking carpet bomb it.

What's the delay?

Oh. That's right, we're fighting for ISIS.

Unless this some advaned Trudeau strategy.

go back to your shit hole you filthy arab. learn how to build your own developed nation

fuck you cunt even if it was a 1 percent chance that there were emus there we have to take it as absolute certainty

Because Assad helped al-Qaeda in Iraq when the US was fighting them there, many times the US planes would fly into Syria and bomb fleeing jihadists.

Some time ago (maybe 2008) US special forces launched a raid into a bordering Syrian village where an al-Qaedas logistical HQ was and found many documents confirming what they suspected that jihadists would travel to Syria or Turkey by plane, get in a truck and be smuggled into Syria where they would travel to Raqqa, Deir Ez Zoir, and then into Iraq. Interestingly enough this smuggling route is also the backbone of ISIS's Syrian territory. This smuggling network was up kept by Assads regime.

It created itself. Another group of jihadi retards are going to gather up after ISIS is BTFO.

With your continueing support, I am sure we will. In Syria and in Europe. It will be the day of our return to our golden islamic days.

Mashallahu, Australia. Thank you.

Is it happening?

>look at news feed

It's happening.

I want to see No Dick Cosgrove explain to us how promoting mentally ill faggots and women to prominent strategic command positions.

pipe down, your country is no better

Because our governments are pro ISIS. Why do you think they keep importing violent Muslims into our country?

then why is america helping ISIS by BTFOing it's enemies?

I know; signing Angel Di Maria was a bloody mistake goy.

Hey now, we're the USA's number one bitch, you two don't get any ideas about taking our title.


ISIS controls Obama.

I'm not so sure bro, your army is filled with transfaggots and otherkin transfat fuccbois nowadays.
And the only thing for which your army exists is to please the jewish overlord. I don't understand why you americans are so proud of that.

We should not be there, we are creating the enemies of tomorrow.

Your president is a Muslim fundamentalist. Even Colonel Gaddafi, a fellow Muslim, acknowledged that fact. How does it feel, my friend, having a Kenyan Muslim who supports ISIS as a President?

Look mothercuckers there's going to be a WW3 at one point or another. Russia and China are both buying alot of gold to make room for a new currency that's backed off a gold standard. The only way to fight China believe it or not is to have the second most populous country do it. Which it you haven't guessed is India. Meanwhile Russia will be fighting against the EU. So yes shit will get worse in the coming decades.

Canada is everyone's bitch. With Trudeau at the helm you bend over for any and everyone.

Assad is the man, you can return to your home too.

Damn rights, we're the best damn bitch in the entire world.

Canada is like a disappointing, slutty, daughter to a dying old United Kingdom; we still love you but you disappoint us.

It was obviously a mistake. We used to accidently bomb our own in Irak sometimes. Get over it.

Why does the UN and Obama hate Assad?

This is what mindless Putinwhores actually believe.

My guess is that the biggest escalating conflicts will be Russia-Ukraine and the Syrian debacle. While the financial warfare takes place in an effort to destabilize the Dollar in the global market. Basically there's 4 teams of Jews. The ones in America, the ones in Europe, the ones in the Middle East, and the ones in Asia believe it or not. They're playing a chess game and the kings and queens are the heads of state example(Putin,Obama,Merkel....etc). To the globalist elite this is some sick twisted fucked up game.

Because Assad is a mass murderer who kills women and children for political gain

Fucking cucks. At least there are some men among you (the ones on those jets).

And everyone in the Russian army gets fucked in the ass by their commanders, what's your point?

This is what happens when you take retards like Trump and Putin seriously.

Don't go full retard bros.

Yeah shits gonna hit the fan in atleast 3decades.

But so do the UN and Obama


They should of thought about the children and women before fucking with a god-tier nation... Oh, that's right. They only care about the virgins in heaven. FOH sympathizer.

This is what Obama actually believes.

>Shilling this hard because he knows his funding is over when Trump takes office.

Thank God for Trump and Vladimir Putin.

yes instead you should vote for Shillary

who helped start the Syrian war in the first place

is there anyone we can report this to ?

ISIL and US strong!!! Takbir!

The only man who can do anything about it....Uncle Vladdy.

Well why don't you unwrap you lips from Putin's cock for a second and actually think about it.

Syria is a ISIS stronghold and Syrian people are spreading all over Europe. So exactly how is Assad doing a good job?

When ISIS completely takes over Syria and every Syrian person is refugee in Europe, will Assad officially be the greatest leader in history?

You wish, faggot.

>Thinks Trump will make us allies with Russia
>Thinks Putin won't use Trump to feed his crippled socialist shithole
>Thanks God for Putin

You really are an asperger autist.

Do you have any common sense?? Putin is Machiavellian thinker though. He doesnt give a fuck about anything, he just acts as if he does to get support from everyone.

Says the guy who has fucking Justing Trudeau as a PM

Assad doesn't take out the trash like Saddam or Gaddafi did. He doesn't do shit. He's not a leader at all, just the son of one.

>Green men appear all over Australia

well, would you.. look what you've done to Saddam and Gaddafi you stupid fuck.

He is clever and realized that if he trusts you (the US) he's gonna hang soon, or get raped by rebels with a stick.

Fuck your country fa.m.

this guy

you mean like when russia and turkey almost went to war? i dont think anyone wants to go nuclear for assads faggot ass.

What did we do to Gaddafi?

They are very polite user.

Sydney will bomb itself dont worry that about mate..


Shuddup Abdullah!

Supported an overthrow of the govermnet by "moderate rebels" and Lybia is now a non country hell on earth?

Laughed about Gaddafi being ass raped by a bayonet while saying "We came, we saw, he died". NVM, that was just Shillary.

We are even shitposting from the skies.

>get fucked assad

Hello achmed, please die

>Syria going up against the combined power of the Saudi/Israeli/US alliance
>holds out for years and is still in fairly good position
>US has to resort to trickery just to get an upper hand for ISIS

Assad has done great, fagboy.

Only kikes and their toadies would say otherwise. Also he is objectively better than the terrorists you implicitly support by saying he should be overthrown.

>What did we do to Gaddafi?

This site is 18+

I don't think a nuke will make a difference to that wasteland.

US didn't support it. It was completely beyond our control.

> Laughed about Gaddafi being ass raped by a bayonet while saying "We came, we saw, he died". NVM, that was just Shillary.
haha, I love how you faggots get all touchy-feely about what mean-old Hillary said about Gaddafi.

So if US was literally Syria right now, you would say that Obama has done a great job?

Team Ameristralia ftw

Wtf i love Australia now

>Oi cunt wanna go bomb Syria?
>Yeah heaps hectic m8

jesus fuck, you can see only by their faces they are aussies.

if their plane got blow up I wouldnt mind.

You're next, cunt.

Shouldn't have removed Saddam, shouldn't have removed Gaddafi, and shouldn't remove Assad either. At least they were fairly effective at keeping the muds under control and out of the west.

Nah M8. Just pointing out that Hillary is a horrible cunt and unfit for office.

But Assad isn't effective at keeping muds in control OR out of the west. Are you really that addicted to the taste of Russian cum? Get Putin's dick out of your mouth.

> Just pointing out that Hillary is a horrible cunt and unfit for office.
Hurr, she said mean things what a meanie.

For people to accept that it was an accident they would also have to accept that the US was bombing ISIS in support of syria. The US has yet to do this and did not do this during the incident. No way in helk the US is bombing ISIS when ISIS has syrian troops encircled.

It was obviously intentional, either to send a message or more likely to aid ISIS with breaking the stalemate of their siege against Syrian troops in the area.