So trump wins, i am a mexican amercan and support him but what will happen with the mass deportations...

so trump wins, i am a mexican amercan and support him but what will happen with the mass deportations, you know the left will try to make it seem as inhumane as possible.

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if you're here legally and you've got your papers you're good you goddamn salsa fuck

no i am, i mean their going to make it seem like the holocaust on t.v

We already do mass deportation. We'll just be bumping the quotas back up to where they should be. I doubt it will be any more noticeable than it is now. Might see a few select sob stories brought onto television.

he's doing Obama +.

If you aren't a criminal he won't get to deporting you and just leave these people as pseudo legalized persons.

dude i can understand spanish, and if you watch the mexican channels, they all fucking brainwashed these people into making trump look like the fucking devil. thier going to have sob story after story

History is written by the winners. Trump is a winner.
I am not worried about media crying shoah.

the thing is the sob stories may influence the next election relegating trump to 1 term,

nothing, in Europe deportations are done at like 4 in the morning without warning on an undisclosed day, so as to avoid the whiny journos etc

Melania is a massive liability.

permanent return to her homeland when?

Hispanics in the USA don't vote, so what does it matter?

what abought the riots on the day of, its going to be like when lbj was elected, people will fucking loose it

They will get a picture of one innocent looking person resisting, and they will plaster it everywhere for sympathy, they will avoid statistics.

All the asshole illegals gets deported. Cool guys are given an amnesty, 2nd chance. Media will yell holocaust. Only the smart, hard working maxi-bros are left. Economy enjoys steady growth. Media still talks about muh cis white male patriarchy. Economy getting on a role. Media gets some retarded muh feels elected. Economy on a booster at this point. Media tells it's all thanks to 'muh fell', we need to have open border to import, and only import the worst gang banging rapist criminal scum cuz tolerance. Economy plummets. Repeat.

No, she's not. If you're married to a citizen, you have a legal right to stay in the country. Now pack your bags, Pedro.

it's a lengthy individual process done one by one for each family, not a set day for everyone

it happens some weeks to months after the person has lost their appeal at the immigration office

watch you guys will see. their going to make the deportations look like cattle cars to auswitz, witch we come later to find out did not have ovens

almost no one actually resists this shit because many are with kids and everyone wants to at least pack some shit before they go, if they have to be dragged out, no one carries their luggage for them

The left will be the laughing stock of the next 8 years, nothing they say will be taken seriously

the thing is here in the states their given a date and they go in to hiding, thus 3o million illegals

>can't vote

This is you

there will be no mass deports, at most he'd freeze for a duration any inbound requests.. he'd nvr be so foolish as to fuck with the most robust econ in the u.s. -- texas

hes right i think hes will just build the wall and stop them but wont deport, it would fuck up the economy with all the lost labor, good in the long haul but horrible at first

Don't worry. It won't happen. We'll hopefully see more enforcement of current laws, but there will not be any mass deportations in today's America.

i want it to happen tho, fuck my race were not even genetically the sam

The most robust economy in the US relies on not paying taxes? wew lad

heres an article showing that no in mexico is genetically the same,

Go back anyway.

Only illigals have to leave and even those illegals get a second chance of becoming legal.

But if these illigalfags after all these years STILL can't speak proper English the have to GTFO.

This is reasonable as fuck

Are you a citizen? if yes then I wouldn't even sweat, the leftists are full of shit.

We already deport people. And it's not like liberals haven't been calling him Hitler this entire election.

i agree 100 percent assimilate or fuck off, also too many of them for me to care

They'll use a little girl as their poster child just like they did here..

WWII Germany repitition
They will make falsehoods of the deportation camps just like the jews did with the conetration camps

Screencap this.

They will double down on the DRUMPF IS HITLER meme

you guys ever hears of "la bestia" its a train that runs day and night with thousand of central amercans coming to meico to come to the u.s heres a pic

And it's only going to push the general population further and further right.

Hispanics are not a single voting block as dems would have you believe. They hate eachother. I'm half puerto Rican and grew up listening to my grandmother complain about Dominicans "taking our jobs."

You aren't going to find empathy for illegals from legal Hispanics.!

Are you a legal citizen?
Then no deportation.
Then can you pass the vetting for immigration?
Then no deportation
>no, I am a criminal with a criminal history/no working prospects
Then deportation.

Trump's not going to win, nice try though. There's two possibilities:

>Trump is a false flag to push Amerifats slightly left towards Hillary


>Hillary has the election fixed well enough to win on that route

pack your bags m8

If Trump wins and he starts deporting people its gonna get violent. Theres gonna be Mexicans dumb enough who think they can take on the US Government. Gonna make for some good TV. i look forward to the tears.

What do you think ab this Op


I'm white so I don't care.