I don't mean to be a dick

But I feel like maybe it would be nice to just stop beating up on the left for a few minutes. I'm far from one of them, I just think maybe we're being a little hard on them. We need to take a deep breath and just chill for a second, and rethink things. They aren't evil. They aren't just meat. They're human beings. I think we should try to remember that a little more before we write stuff here. I know I could follow that. I doubt anyone will see this, I just wanted to get it out there because I feel kind of bad.

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I know, I'm just saying. Now and then maybe we should just take a deep breath between stuff and just have a chill frog and remember that it's OK in the end, and be respectful of other people if possible.

I'm white national but I'm not trying to hurt nobody.

This is literally the bane of the white man, he feels too much empathy for those that WANT TO DESTROY HIS WAY OF LIFE.

Don't get me wrong. I am pro-Europe and I stand for white rights. I am a proud white nationalist and I will stand for the races of Germany and Europe. I am just saying maybe we should try to be more positive.

Can we all agree that anyone far left(MSNBC) or far right(FOX) are sheeple and we all principally meet in the center more or less.

They are promoting the destruction, cuckolding, and the degradation of 1000s of years of history. The destruction of Christianity. The stomp in the streets as trannies with HIV blood on their head, then you say, "Hey lololo lets be chill guys there is nothing to worry about they are gud boys who dindu nuffin..." fuck off, we have momentum, and I dont believe for a second that you are a Nationalist, let alone white.

The time for peace is over.


>hurr be nice guys, one love maaan.

>They aren't evil. They aren't just meat. They're human beings.

your a liberal faggot who thinks he can blend in if you post a frog.jpg

fuck off . this is war. they drew first blood. they are actively hostile towards any white person just because and are doing everything they can to destroy society

stop repeating yourself

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You fuckers better believe it. Just think about it for one sec. Hate is not language which wins. Positive energy is what wins. I'm not saying be weak. I'm saying, with Pepe in the media, I feel like we have a major advantage right now.

Instead of just continuing to be angry internet nerds, I personally feel we should consider taking the high ground.

You can think I'm being a subversive. Just hear me out. I'm saying that positive, good energy is what truly earns hearts and minds. Not just "GAS THEM GAS THEM GAS THEM." There is a time and a place for that, no fucking doubt. I've been here for years. I hate the Jews, or at least some of them.

The thing is, when we just sit around hating and being negative, it's actually quite sapping to our own supply of positive energy and reserves. It isn't building up the new great thing, it's simply attacking something old. I want us to build things, and to make new things. Instead of only tearing things down.

When you actually think about what you want to build, do you want it to be a pissed off, incendiary frog, or do you want it to be the most good being imaginable, which helps all of us to make a better planet?

Don't get me wrong, anti-white bullshit must be stopped. I think we can do it with positivity and we can begin building our own centre of gravity which works for our ends instead of just focusing on what is outside, and what we greatly hate.

Is this the bargaining phase?

They are literally complaining that Jimmy Fallon "humanized" Trump in his interview, fuck off.

They are human beings who support politicians who apply politics which hurt mankind and we should treat them as such.

I completely agree. We shouldn't allow that, and not only that, we should try to keep them on a defensive, and away from us. Yet at the same time, when we're not around them, we should be focusing our positive energy on showing how great we are, and actually making greatness here. If you find that subversive, perhaps that is because you aren't aware of the deeper energy inside of you, which is the positive God energy. This is what creates nations, pyramids, and skyscrapers. Hate does not build, it merely works to clear what must be cleared. It clears away the shit.

Yet when we are on the news, and it seems like we're clearing shit, does that not mean that we can begin to allow for something good?

The second they stop shoving their ideals down people's throats in every way they can we MAY think about that, friendo.

>I'm white national

Do you really think that being even more hateful is going to win the full battles? We have to have something good to fall back into, something which gives us inner energy and power. Not just hating them. I want Trump to be even more humanized. I want all of us to be humanized.

Hate what we must, and love what is good. I see we have the hate part, just we don't have the part where we have something we actually love.

>I think we should stop picking on the left
>I'm not one of them
>they are human
Oh dear, you must be lost friend.


If that's not evil I don't know what is. Stop being a nu-male faggot, OP.

Ohello Cred Forums, my name is Chips Handon

>Let's take it easy on the left

You mean those people who don't like us and demonize everything we like?

Fuck then with a rusty fucking hook and dump them in a ditch to be ripped apart by rabid wolves at a later point in time.

It's the other way around. Anger comes first. The only reason why FN (France) and AfD (Germany) are doing well is because people are sick of this shit. Embrace the anger.

I know what is.

>OP's ID is the color of shit

I agree about 90% with all of you. Read my other posts now:

It should be focused on a mixture, passive aggressively. Thats what they have done to us for decades now. Of vourse we ignore the "hurr durr gas them now." But we should stand strong on deportation, and we should stand strong on more anti islamic ideology. We still don't have a strong enough grip to be utterly positive, that comes after we have a full grip on the United States. Leftists need to be man handled regardless.

No mercy. Kill them all. Even their pets.

>If we fight back, they win
You don't look like you want to save the white race.

>have a chill frog

Fuck off back to tumblr you massive faggot.

People on this board don't need to take a break simultaneously. This is not how Cred Forums recharges.
Each individual will take his own break when he feels overwhelmed with what this board has to offer.
Then another individual, who was previously taking a break, will proceed to take the former guy's place.
This is how this works. It may feel like everyone is running out of their energies by overusing Cred Forums but this is a mere impression.
Don't try to stop this train.

You don't express your rage creatively enough.

Say something like : We should fucking stab them with stilettos covered in the shit of homosexual pedophile protitutes and lock them in a cupboard until they are slowly eaten by a rare combination of gangrene and syphilis.

You're right, I'm being a jackass. Sage.

I'm a leftist and I'll take any of you faggots.

Especially those of you too dumb to realize this thread is satire.

What's not satire is how utterly I would destroy your ass.

>thread theme

The left and its good intentions are the same human emotions that cause the salem witch trials and the pol pots killing fields we must be vigilant in informing people of our ideas

they're human beings who want to kill white men for no reason other than that they're white men, just because they were told to.

White men built the entire world. Every luxury and philosophy and technology that we owe our high quality of life to came directly from white men. We gave the world everything it cherishes. The only reason that the world is liveable and comfortable is because of us, and now the left wants us dead just because the jews told them to want us dead. Just like that. Thanks for the thousands of years of labor and invention and war and protection, but we like nigger dicks better because they're dirtier and dirty is fun, so you die now.

The left needs to be crushed with as much suffering and misery as possible so that they can feel their mistake with a depth that will echo for millenia. We need to put the holocaust to shame with our reprisal.

We must show now mercy. Blood in the streets.

cringy af desu

>But I feel like maybe it would be nice to just stop beating up on the left for a few minutes.
>I just think maybe we're being a little hard on them

I want to see them tangling from streetlamps. I do acknowledge that they're human beings, it just so happens that these human beings are my enemy that hold ideals that would see me and my people dead, so it's only fair to respond in kind.

There is no white upper class professor to save your ass here, how would you want to do it?

First you have to come to America. Since you're Czech, your only option is to become a mail-order bride.

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>They're human beings

This fucking phrase