How do we put an end to Anglo aggression? Killing innocent Syrians left and right? Spilling the blood of Aryan children.

dat flag tho

It's the kikes. We need to shut this war down. Remember they tried to get us to invade Syria. It was too much! We shut down king nigger and we can shut down the whole ZOG. We just have to say NOPE I DON'T CARE I'M ANTISEMITIC WHATEVER, STOP STARTING WARS, KIKES!!


Australia and the US have been competing for most retarded within the Anglo sphere for years, while Canada is the token fag, just ignore them and get on with life as usual

That flag... W-what are you?

Found a new proxy have you Mehmet

I live here

hm. interesting

Oy Vey it was an """""accident"""".

I miss the Eternal Angloposter. I loved waking up and seeing his threads every morning before I went to class.

I hope he's okay ;-;

Aryan scum



Why lol

How are they Aryan?

>Killing sandnegroes is bad

Fuck nu-pol. Kill all sandniggers and take their oil. All of them are subhuman scum who haven't done anything but rape and murder since they first crawled out of the Arabian desert 1400 years ago.

There was a law changed here recently that allowed our airforce to get more involved, looks like our US cousins got us really involved this time.

They are rich as fuck, have pitoresque villages and castles and shit. Why not.


Probably been snackbarred

found the literal nigger

You send more brown people to the U.K.

You aussies ready to die for america?

Would Lichtenstein be a good place to take a vacation? Was actually looking into it rather recently.

We're fighting for Israel though, same as you.

Anglo BLOOD will pay

I'm here but it's become a bit low energy due to lack of new ideas for propaganda

>Anglo BLOOD killing Aryans
Nothing new here

I'm curious, why Mosley? Personally I think Prince Charles would be a great addition

>why Mosley? He dindu nuffin


Yea but you work for us,
Its in the same way the we dont work for shekels, israel works for shekels
we work for israel
you work for us