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evening you mad cunts, how are we all?
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>raaf involved in syrian airstrikes
>abbott needs to be PM again


Tony Abbott has continued his campaign to promote conservative political ideas, with another overseas speech in which he accuses Russia of subverting all former Soviet states, warns the EU against “punishing” Britain for Brexit and calls on Europe to control its borders.

In the anniversary week of his removal as Liberal leader, the former prime minister also warned all politicians of the need to be “honest” with voters and not to deny what they can see for themselves. Speaking to a gathering of centre-right members of the European Parliament in Prague on the weekend, Mr Abbott said Europe should pay heed to Australia’s success in controlling its borders and warned the refugee crisis “can’t be managed, but must be resolved”.

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“For some years, 500 million Europeans probably could absorb current inflows provided the newcomers were joining in, rather than breaking in,’’ Mr Abbott said.

“But a million people coming by boat and almost a million people coming by land last year has the look of a peaceful invasion.

“Some of Turkey’s leaders have even urged Muslims to take back parts of Europe; and among the would-be migrants are soldiers of the caliphate bent on mayhem.

“Many of those taking to boats across the Mediterranean or clamouring at Europe’s gates look set to join an angry underclass. Too many are coming, not with gratitude but with grievance, and with the insistence that Europe should make way for them. Over time, this becomes an existential challenge.

“And if Europe won’t meet it – as Brexit shows, as the reimposition of border controls show – individual countries will insist on dealing with it in their own way.’’

Mr Abbott went on to praise Australia as “an immigrant nation; we well appreciate that people from Africa and the Middle East have every reason to seek a better life – but they have no right to demand that Europe should provide it to them.

“Europe’s navies must do their humanitarian duty and rescue people who might otherwise drown; but taking them onto Italy and Greece just guarantees that more will make this dangerous journey.

“So long as people think that arriving in Europe means staying in Europe… they will keep coming. Sending them to more European countries won’t solve the problem; it will just spread it around. People in no immediate danger have to be turned back at Europe’s borders. People intercepted in the Mediterranean have to be returned to their starting point.

“This crisis can’t be managed; it has to be resolved.’’

As former British prime minister David Cameron quit politics, declaring a former prime minister on the backbench was a distraction, Mr Abbott marked his first full year on the backbench with a dogged and forthright defence of conservative politics and praised the Australian Centre-Right for succeeding in key areas and knowing what it stood for.

Mr Abbott’s speech on the refugee challenge facing Europe, and strong defence of the success of the Howard and Abbott governments in “stopping the boats” and stopping deaths at sea, comes as Malcolm Turnbull arrives in New York for the UN General Assembly and Barack Obama’s special conference on refugees.

“As we meet, Britain is gearing up to exit the formal structures of Europe while, on Europe’s borders, hundreds of thousands of people are demanding admission. In Europe’s cities, Islamist fanatics are bent on carnage,” Mr Abbott told the MPs who had invited him to speak on conservative politics.

“In Europe’s east, Russia is actively subverting all the former Soviet states.

“These are challenging times: for Europe, for democracies, and for Western civilisation.”

But Mr Abbott said it was necessary to remain optimistic and never lose faith in democracy and Western civilisation. “The struggle of democracies everywhere to rein in debt and deficit and to boost productivity could be the beginning of a long economic decline — or it could be what forces political leaders to be more honest with our electorates.

“As conservatives, we are proud of what has been achieved; but we want to build on the past, not to re-create it.”

Mr Abbott said suggestions Britain would be worse off economically or isolated culturally were the sort of “tosh” that prompted Britons to vote to leave the EU. He said the main reason he believed people voted to leave the EU was not that Britons were opposed to immigration but feared losing control. He urged Europeans to pay attention to the people’s wish for border security.

“Why shouldn’t each country have the final say over who can enter?” he asked, citing John Howard’s 2001 election rally cry: “We shall determine who comes to this country and the circumstances under which they come.”

“After all, a country or a continent that can’t control who enters its territory will eventually lose control of its future,” he said. “Too many are coming, not with gratitude in their hearts, but with the conviction that Europe should make way for them.”


Given that comes from the designated shitposting continent was a good read. Possibly too good for real conversation on Cred Forums, fampai

It's fucking Tony Abbott mate he's not THAT intellectual

To be honest this is exceptionally well written for him. And i know for a fact he is one of the few politicians that writes his own speeches.

based tones

> Abbott may become PM again
> Hansen in parliament
> UK may end up in an alliance/union thing with us again with (((Canada)))

Interesting times ahead, yes?

God bless Tones


I would rather have him become president than Trump

>accuses Russia of subverting all former Soviet states
Wtf Australia. Don't you have more pressing matters?Can't subvert anyone these days without you complaining.

It's an obligatory line, put there so appease people after spending most of the time bitching about Europe, the US or China. No one here gives a flying fuck what happens in the ex soviet states and doesn't want to get involved but if Tone's gonna tell them to fix their damn borders he has to throw in something about Russia to avoid being called a complete Nazi. It was a cuckservative move and completely out of place in the speech tbf.

Tony Abbott was an Oxford Rhodes Scholar, you have to be the elite of the elite academically to get in there. He is probably one of the most intelligent PM's we've had

so what did RAAF bomb that military base in syria?

Yes, they dropped Kim beaazley on them.

This cunt Abbott is not a true nationalist.

Why else would he antagonise Russia all the time (shirtfront bullshit in the past) when they have absolutely nothing to do with us?

It was only bants mate.

>Tony Abbott being a better speaker than ever and hitting the nail on the head perfectly
>Already been PM

Fuck you

Lads my tutor is a fucking qt

Post a pic of her.

Topkek, thanks Abbott for speaking on behalf of British people and telling us what we voted for.

Most people voted Leave for BOTH reasons, dickhead.

what is /auspols/ thoughts on the police brutality to the occupy melbourne anti racist demonstrations?


I just did cunt.

Cops R tops

No I mean of the qt not some ugly hog.

Need to bash some sense into Melbourne. Surely there are plenty of patriotic bogan cunts out in the suburbs?

all the ruskis ive met have been pretty based tbqh, your government is a bit shit tho

Which one of you mad cunts made this

maybe he is playing 10D backgammon and the leadership spill was planned by turnbuckle and Abbot so he could come back to lead the helm at some point again in the near future to usher in the new golden age of conservatism within Australia.

>having coffee with hanson

Don't talk about her like that you fucking grub

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anyone else triggered by this shit?

Anyone who buys into the (((anti-russia meme))) is a good goy and should be ashamed of themselves.

Based Tone.

Hope he becomes PM again.

>licking Hillary/Soros's ass by attacking Russia on a matter which has nothing to do with Australia

Pick one

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Should I study political science? Maybe it is a meme degree but I want to make a difference in my countries politics. I see it going to shit and we need conservative millennials who are willing to get into politics to combat the majority of millennials who have liberal views.

>Should I study political science?
No, they will not teach you what you need to know. They will do the opposite. At best you will come out a cuckservative.

The unfortunate truth is that Melbourne is a victim of its own success, plenty of patriots and sensible people around, however strong social welfare (+programs) and consistently being voted the most livable city in the world means a steady stream of both undesirables and foreigners bolstering this shit.

This, anyone against assad is a dead set retard newfag that swallowed the media bullshit

Yeah maybe better off studying economics or something

The rest is alright though. I mean really the most important bit is he straight up called the migrant crisis a 'peaceful invasion' which is straight woke senpai

Based peelers

Melbourne has seen something like a 10% rise in violent crime over the last year alone. People I know talk about no longer feeling safe on the streets. A pregnant woman was bashed with a hammer a couple of days ago.

Melbourne is spiraling into the gutter, and not just demographically.

Under his PMship we had much higher levels of migration.

The chinks and curries will destroy us just as easily as the mussies will destroy Europe.

Tone is a cunt.

Lawyer/Economist with Philosophy in your spare time.
Translates to:
Persuasion or Hypocrisy/Accuracy of Human Action with Actual Truth Seeking in your spare time for the rest of your life.

This. I plan to get out of this shitty state and country ASAP.

>beta bar
>all drinks talk about big black dick
My fucking sides. Did we meme magic this into reality?

if you drive like, 1 hour from Melbourne you get decent cunts

Interesting, hasn't been my experience, but i would believe it i pretty much live and work in the safe zone of melbourne

It doesn't feel real does it? unfortunately i know for a fact it is.

Considering he's for things like TPP, TPIP, SOPA etc, he is not a conservative, he is not based, he is not redpilled and he can fuck right off.

they think shallow conservative marketing points = 'redpilled'

Met the missus at that joint hahaha

he's right about the migrants, but the Russia comments continue his retarded pattern of neocon bullshit

Yup. I know just how much damage he's done to the engineering and science fields, has done nothing to stop the "brain drain", has neglected to reduce youth unemployment and instead focused on bringing in tons of 457s by plane all the while claiming he was "stopping boats".

Pauline isn't that great either as auspol likes to believe.

>Pauline isn't that great either as auspol likes to believe.
compare the IQ of Pauline Hanson to Marine Le Pen and its obvious why

>Interesting, hasn't been my experience, but i would believe it i pretty much live and work in the safe zone of melbourne

Things aren't Johannesburg bad, but they are still markedly worse than 10-15 years ago.

Maybe it is just because I am in my 20s now, and friends are leaving home and moving into the areas they can afford (ie shit areas).

Put on another skivvy gender studies melbfag



Just saw this on fb. Usyd leftist cucks wete arguing whether jews count as people of colour. Amazing to watch the kikes own creation eat them alive.

I live in the place where all the rich people come down and holiday at. I plan to leave because of the way things are heading, not because of how they currently are.


Is that you ENJ?

And go where? i struggle to think of a city that's a straight step up


Abbott is British you imbecile

I actually like Denmark alot, taxes and the EU would be my main concerns

literally me

I'm guessing it's conveniently missing the part where these clowns started messing with the crowds or police?

I don't give a fuck about what happens at the north pole and here's a gay pic to celebrate it

Well memed m8.

cheers grouse cobber


u are just jelly that you can't meme m8

fuck off shill.
Abbott didn't earn his way into Rhodes. He got there because he was a rich cunt. Same with Malcolm Turncoat.

this is true, you have to be around the top 1% academically but that isn't impossible if you have a good work ethic at a top private school. Your family has to be wealthy for you to travel to the UK. And you also have to be good at a sport that the poms play like cricket or rowing.

m8 Abbott's dad was a dentist and Turnbull's dad was a publican who lived in two bedroom flat

They were not richfags. Abbott was upper-middle at best

Alright ya cunt's, hows your evening going?

Why do you people care about politics so much? Talking about it is so snobby.

Im glad the levis are raping and bashing your women

>probably one of the most intelligent PM's we've had
lol. if he was so smart why'd he get knifed? Howard was a much more savvy political operator.

>anyone else triggered by this shit?
why do you let other people control your emotions ?

go join the Exclusive Brethren

alright its going to be raining all week

I could afford going to the UK on minimum wage.