In this landmass even relevant on the world stage anymore?

Everytime there's a world conference involving leaders of some sort, Virtually all the UK does is stand behind America, contribut funds towards it's military efforts and condemn Russia and whatever popular Islamic terrorist group is in.

Think of it this way. The UK is like the niggers in your school or a place where there is a secondary language. Everyone speaks another language but since there's a lot of history with the second language we have to pay special attention to it: eg: why everything has to be French in Canada.

This summarises UK, no longer a world power but imposes special relationships just because it's old. When in reality, everyone's moved on to China Russia and *maybe* Germany

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no u



>He wants us to be ashamed that we support the winning side, that our special relationship with the US isn't worth anything

This is now a "UK are fucking awesome" thread.

>The United States took the top slot as the world’s super power, while Britain took the only Global Power slot, bringing her in second behind America.
>“A country lacking the heft or comprehensive attributes of a superpower, but still with a wide international footprint and [military] means to reach most geopolitical theatres, particularly the Middle East, South-East Asia, East Asia, Africa and South America.”

Why not be the winning side then?


hmmm that's a pretty interesting graph. Too bad USA still btfo's everyone

Overseas territories:
1. Bermuda
2. Cayman Islands
3. Turks and Caicos Islands
4. British Virgin Islands
5. Anguilla
6. Montserrat
7. Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands
8. Falkland Islands
9. British Antarctic Territory
10. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
11. St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (including Gough Island Dependency)
12. British Indian Ocean Territory
13. Gibraltar
14. Sovereign Base Areas, Akrotiri and Dhekelia (on Cyprus)
Crown dependencies:
15. Isle of Man
16. Bailiwick of Guernsey
17. Bailiwick of Jersey

Booo but they all mean jackshit. Maybe except for the Antarctic territory


How does it feel to have the Union Jack on your flag?
How does it feel to know that your politics are entirely influenced by the United Kingdom
And most important
How does it feel to know that the British Queen and her family are your head of state

>he doesn't know the strategic importance of having military bases around the world
>He doesn't know the economic importance of having merchant navy ports around the world
wew lad.

America(Israel) has more influence than UK.

We are a tiny island lad. We already bat well above our size.

Butt hurt Maori upset because we stopped you eating each other.

delet this

Okay I'm not in position since NZ's pretty irrelevant but the US and China impact is now way more directly than you guys have had in decades. The finances are shaped by America and China brings in the investments. You guys are simply just too far away.

Again the heritage thing. Yeah we may be from the British genepool but it's too old, irrelevant and impractical to define ourselves by it now

EU collapsing without us

>implying not the same as gibsmedat niggresses

TIL Kiwi isn't just a fruit

This is true

Maori scum detected.

They seem to be doing fine

You really think Maori have access to computers?

Yes and you're welcome

UK isnt even a fucking regional power without the US. Currently we are a fucking mess and a soon to be Great Pakistan with the way things are going. And UKIP will never win here sadly cuz of joos.

That sure was a lot of words. It doesn't change the fact that you have a
House of Commons
A Governor-General appointed by the government to rule as the queens representative.
The governor-General has the power to suspend parliament in special cases on the authority of your Queen.
Again, I say to you. You have a Queen, she is Queen Elizabeth the second and your leaders all swear an oath to her when they first take their seat.
Your leaders literally swear your allegiance to the UK
All that stuff about China and US, well nobody is stopping you guys from cucking yourself to more than just us. but you're still European of British descent than anyone else
74.0% European
14.9% Māori
11.8% Asian
7.4% Pacific peoples
1.2% Middle Eastern, Latin American, African
1.7% Other

EU is gone without us. We agree with the Americans as they're the only people who can actually do anything. Proved ourselves genetic gods at the olympics.

>Think of it this way. The UK is like the niggers in your school or a place where there is a secondary language. Everyone speaks another language but since there's a lot of history with the second language we have to pay special attention to it: eg: why everything has to be French in Canada.

I think OP just won gold in the paralympics for mental gymnastics.

Don't be retarded. Are you some sort of Paki/turk kebab shop owner?
We are the only country in the world outside of the US that can run a military campaign anywhere in the world completely independently from allies.
This is thanks to our very well equipped Navy, Army and RAF as well as the fore mentioned overseas territories and bases.

you're in denial because you know it's true

Oh no, we're only the 5th largest economy, 5th greatest armed forces, 2nd in soft power, leading member of NATO, hold a security council seat, are a nuclear power.

Totally irrelevant, unlike fucking


Yeah we can beat some poor south american country. Its a actually fucking funny to see how our people killing themselves on drugs sold by pakies and niggers and drinking themselves to dead. Thinking that we can do anything to some sand niggers without any anti air defences is a show of greatness is delusional. Just accept the fact that without the US we would be just an island in Europe known for fish'n'chips and Pakistanis.

You're entire arguement is heavily based on the fact the queen is the head of state. While this undeniably true she has very little real power within this country so she might condemn but it will have very little effect ib our country.

As for the other stuff the only reason we do it is because it was set up for us by you guys and we're too lazy to change it. If we would we could but we won't because we can't be stuffed. Just look at your other colonies like Malaysia, even thought their parliament is based on yours it's nothing like yours and they even have their own sultan

New Zealand is literally the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

New Zealand is literally the runt of litter in the Anglosphere.

>Being in denial this much
I have no beef with you New Zealand, I'm a proud British man and I love history and politics. Your country is also a proud and prosperous nation.
You gained your independence and rightfully so retained your Britishness, you joined the commonwealth which will, after the brexit vote, see renewed influence and importance once again in the coming years.
This is an exciting time for the subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, don't fight it, you couldn't delay it if you tried.

Bit rich coming from a kiwi.

Because the UK is still in it, dingus.


That's pretty funny coming from the land of 60%

>poor south american country

Argentina was the most powerful Latin American country at the time. Beating them so efficiently was no mean feat.

We have more whites than you do.


You also have more muslims,blacks and spics than us

You also have more blacks than we do, there is a reason we use percentages.
Would you rather have a bowl of skittles that 40% were poison or a bowl with only 3%?

>people are skittles

Lets make this simple then
US - Total black population in 2010
UK total Population in 2011
You almost have as many blacks as we do people.
>Total UK blacks is 1,904684

yeah, if you flip the leaderboards upside down.

New Zealand will play an integral part in the Anglo reunion coming soon. Canada, Australia, NZ and GB will cooperate as independent countries for the betterment of the world under the smiling eyes of the Queen.

Thanks for keeping the flag new Zealand, great things await.