Yeah it is, I've played like 100 hours of borderlands 2 over the last couple weeks

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At least you are playing with your friends, right, right?
BL is really blue pilled as well, it's entire build on the craziest auto leveling

There is a time and place for everything.

If you of healthy mind and body and you sinking 100+ hours a week into video games, something else is suffering in your life. There is always far more value to do improve yourself IRL instead of plinking away RPing online.

That being said, there is times where video games are soothing. I was bed ridden and ill for a good year from an illness. I couldn't really do much besides wait for doctors to continue running tests on me and investigating. After my illness was discovered I was put on a treatment plan that had no fixed end date, basically couldn't work or do anything productive. I was under immense stress from the illness, medications and mentally suffering big time. Without video games it was going to be either sleeping or watching TV.

Game can be a good way to keep the mind engaged, agile and give some semblance of achieving goals and seeing progress. Ultimately it hijacks your reward center and disuades you from actually wanting do that IRL.

Don't lie to yourself user's. The game may be comforting in times of stress, but it starts to feel like a void which engulfs every productive hour in a day.

Find a balance or you are going to wake up with a life full of save files and a mind full of regret.

New Vegas redpilled me on fascism with Mr. House.

Literally one of the reasons I am nat soc now is New Vegas.


Look! An Armenia!

i have played 85 days on runescape that's 2040 hours played. I play all a l o n e

The Tenpenny Tower thing in Fallout 3 is pretty redpilled.

OP is right btw


Yes, the only redpilled games are highly realistic war sims such as Age of Empires 3

No, a sense of playfulness and an ability to imagine other realities stops you from sinking into depression when faced with the state of the world

NV redpilled me on degenerates.

Could you state your runescapian name

What is id?
Hello proxy
How is House a Nazi? If anything, it's the legion.

>that video
jesus it looks like an obesity convention

Apeh, yes hye em. steam unes?

No proxy here. I'm just a bro agreeing with you.

holy shit. Guys, I hope you're hungry, these boys are about to start a bbq.

for the first time ever i think the turkroaches should have killed more armenians

>not playing vidyascape from /vg/

Unless you like being alone.

i play osrs my ign is: jiraiya3

i tried vidyascape but there are like 60 people online on a daily so i didn't bother.

OP jan khorovats dnem uzum eeeesss?

>I get my political opinions from a video game

Fallout 1 and 2 are great games.

Fallout 3 is banal, shit, and boring. Fallout 3 lovers should be the first to be hanged, drawn and quartered when the day of the rope comes.

Yes videogames are pretty bluepill.

I only play them seldomly.

One day you wake up and realize you need to be leveling up in REAL LIFE. :)

Also, life is a video game. We're in a simulation.

No seriously, we are.

Ha, bayts add chem ani
Teskits enkanel hamov chi

i know we are stop reminding it to me..

სჰენი დედა კი სევეცი

You might have autism. F3 is a solid game and the only reason to dislike it is if you are blinded by nostalgia.

>but muh lore in a series with shithouse lore

I make mods and put subtle red pills or references in them.

People want to control the narrative in an rpg, f3 doesn't give you that possibility.
Also the story makes no sense.

>gamed used to be aimed a predominantly tech literate white it tech nerd audience
>we get experimental simulation school of thought games with lots of thought put into not only the writing and the technology, but also the level design itself, as most game designers at one point played dnd and that basically made them elder god tier designers who could craft really great experiences

>fast forward to today
>technology is given to the hands of the technologically illiterate
>now games are predominantly made by Hollywood rejects making thoughtless games meant for hedonistic pleasure with little to no substance outside of presentation and the art of level design is all but dead

Seriously, games like planescape torment, morrowind, system shock, thief, deus ex, all these games were the complete opposite of bluepill ed and some could even be considered iron pill or meme magic pilled.

At least historical grand strategy games are still great.

You're blinded by nostalgia
Most of these games were dungeon cleaning simulators.

Nigga I played most of those games for the first time within the last five years. The only one blinded here is you for thinking shit looking prettier = better game design. I'd be hard pressed to call planescape torment a dungeon cleaner when it's basically just an obtuse visual novel, either of the system shock games when they're designed more like metroid, deus ex when it's meant to be a fucking simulation genre game where you can do crazy shit to get around killing enemies, or thief where you're actively encouraged to play like a ghost. Morrowind is the only one that comes close and even then the actual engine in thst game is so full of math shit that the combat is kind of negligible when you can basically break the game and are encouraged by the fucking main story of the game to break it. Seriously, the chim shit? Not too far off from the kek shit people spout here today.

Obsidian has great writers.

The way they took down the Jedis in KOTOR2 was one of the turning points in how I understood moral signalling and the uselessness of a foppish and aloof "elite" intellectual caste.

>is gaming,and specifically role playing games are the ultimate bluepill?
>how is house a nazi?if anything,its the legion.

Those games are still being made, dude. We're in a golden age of gaming, but most of the gold is still in the mine.

O god, how does it smell inside there

Everything in moderation. Except autist shit, dont even touch or have a thought about:

Anything japanese

Anything with cards that isnt a deck of regular cards

Games with fantasy elements, elves and shit for example

Pretty much anything that someone would construe aspergers from

Mr. House is an autocrat.

>the strawman
I hate modern games and don't care about graphics at all.
Yes, I'm a hypocrite

>tfw no more enjoyment from games

The last 200 hours I've spent playing games were VNs which aren't even games.

Maybe something is wrong with me, or maybe I just got tired of playing the same things over and over.

The second. I came to a point where almost all genres feel the same, all fps's feel the same, rpg's, everything, indie crap, everything is so stale to me... I think I'm bored of playing so much.

But have you read Katawa Shoujo

or Grisaia no Kajitsu?

No shit it is. It's just another form of escapism for lonely NEETs. Only people in denial about the huge waste of money+time that is video games, be it RPG or whatever, will disagree.

>It's just another form of escapism for lonely NEETs.

>>>>>>>>it's a "I'm so high minded and redpilled because I think my favorite form of escapism/vice is better than yours" post


I did have however my good share of wasted time
>pic related
I'm completely fucked, right?

Nice, I have around 500 days played on runescape over the past 15 years.

sorry, been awake all night with some friends, forgot pic.

>"I'm so high minded and redpilled because I think my favorite form of escapism/vice is better than yours"

It is, you insecure Cred Forumseddit cunt. I read books as my primary form of escapism and at least I get something valuable out of it instead of rotting my brain away and not blinking for hours straight.

Yes. I don't know about rpg but I wasted 5000 hours between different grand strategies. I could have spent this time having a girlfriend or getting a job or something.

Where were you guys when you realized Caesar was right?

Joining the brotherhood everytime is the ultimate red pill (unless you join them in fallout 3 then you're just a goul dick riding faggot)

Fallout 4 brotherhood is superior. Ad Victoriam

The last couple of weeks I've picked up playing Project Reality, a great game focusing on teamwork, realism and killing dune coons.
I haven't been playing for very long and regularly I'm first to fifth place as medic.
Also the Vietnam maps are pretty awesome.

It's not obsidian it's one guy. Chris avellone, everything he writes is gold but his entire career is basically getting fucked by studios and execs it's pretty tragic. Look him up.

>muh primitive form of tv

yeah, nah, you're pathetic
nothing inherently valuable in books

This video needs more fluoride.

My main has 56 days played

Probably 100+ on all alts combined

I've been playing since Cata

Morrowind is the ultimate redpill
from this game i got idea that the world is liquid, shapeshifting and there are no stark divisions of good and bad

1 month clean

>being this fucking underage

TV and video games shovel a bunch of imagery and other information in your face for the pure purpose of entertainment. Books force you to use your creativity/imagination to understand the author, not to mention many books are meant to be strictly educational and not entertaining.

Fuck off back to your cancer board.

>>>>>memeing this hard about words

jesus christ you sound like some highschooler pretending to be an erudite

get over your pretentious obsession with words, you are objectively wrong

>Books force you to use your creativity/imagination

I assume you're talking about fiction books then. The average fiction book is of no benefit to you if you already have solid english language skills

It's just a time sink as with most forms of entertainment

You also sound like a pretentious teen who decided to take high school english lit

>no argument whatsoever against my point
>starts getting into semantics for no reason
>tops it off with namecalling

Go jerk off about the next trendy JRPG you butthurt loser

wew lad i spent entire weeks on dota since its beta and i've got 3000 hours less.

Welp, some pseudo intellectuals are pissed at eachother.

How did you get clean?
I have 6.8k mmr and i can't get free.
Send help

Well done lad. I don't have Steam installed anymore (deleted all my games).

>muh arguments

i don't craft arguments to waste on superficial trash like you

Reading vooks is 100% passive and barely a step above watching movies. Zero creativity, problem solving, engineering solutions, etc. involved.

Funny how muh only paper book reading scum always try to make themselves look superior to everything else

Kys faggot

>I assume you're talking about fiction books then.
You assume wrong. Fiction isn't the only genre that this kind of thinking applies to. It's just one that requires the most "vivid" use of creating a scene in your mind.

>It's just a time sink as with most forms of entertainment
Books are not solely designed to entertain, but to educate. Good luck having a video game/TV show to explain complex political/philosophical ideas to you

>You also sound like a pretentious teen who decided to take high school english lit
And you sound almost as insecure as


That was our bad. sorry

What's wrong with that? The important thing here is that his thought process was stimulated. What matters, is the end result and not the medium

Gaming is good, as long as you play from time to time. But nobody does this. So, basically, what leaf said

There's a reason why Gaming is in elites' agenda. They are creating a spineless beta-male generation who will spend a lot of money but doing nothing and will never revolt.

That pic is a private server and only one character, not even counting the 3 alts, nor retail (which i recently started playing... and fucked what little social aspect my life had).

you got me
i'm so insecure about my entertainment i go on rants about how books are so much better than heathen tv/movies/games

oh wait

>Reading vooks is 100% passive and barely a step above watching movies.
t. has never read a book more than 100 pages.

>Zero creativity
You're forced to thinking about something by translating pure text, not all the images/graphics/whatever spoonfed to you

>problem solving, engineering solutions
As an argument for vidya? Sure, maybe for grand strategy games and whatnot, but everything else (i.e. most of the market) is a waste.

>muh only paper book reading scum always try to make themselves look superior to everything else
I never said reading books is all I do--just more than anything else

I started off an argument that certain mediums are better to waste time on than others, especially if they're educational.

You're the one who's asshurt because I offended your shitty hobby by saying others are better.

take a step back and look at yourself

unless gazing into a mirror counts as having a 'bunch of imagery shoveled into your face'


>This guy is seriously arguing about the superiority of his time sink

I have a blasé attitude toward reading books, if I'm interested then I read. You just seem like you read because you think it makes you look intelligent

I get the points you're trying to make but you just come across as a faggot

Also you contradicted my point when there was no need to

>Books are not solely designed to entertain, but to educate

Obviously... but my point was based on the assumption that you were talking about fiction which you managed to point out for yourself

>post #2 with still no argument to be found

no need for arguments here when you're objectively wrong

i also don't argue with athiests or leftists

Perhaps rpg's can be considered blue pill because they are ROLE PLAYING, an escape from reality and dealing with your own life and society / people around you.
Any hobby taken to extremes is blue pill unless it involves self improvement/health or a physical social activity

>ITT: people defend their bluepill consumption and argue about the bluepills they like/dislike

>ITT: bluepills try to justify getting their politics from vidya instead of being well-read/informed

bread and circuses yo

so building boats is a bluepill hobby?

>Is gaming, and specifically role playing games the ultimate bluepill?

Yes, because only losers who don't want to change their situation play video games.

It's an achievement simulator because they don't achieve in life and a way of escaping from reality.

Just look at that video. Within the first few seconds, all I saw were balding disgusting beta manchildren.

>You just seem like you read because you think it makes you look intelligent
Just because I recognize that it's a superior medium in every way to video games doesn't mean I don't get pleasure out of it.

>you just come across as a faggot
I think it's because it just hurts your feelings knowing that it's true

>but my point was based on the assumption that you were talking about fiction which you managed to point out for yourself
Educational books i.e. philosophy and history still require a lot of critical and "imaginative" thinking beyond just fiction. You just assumed fiction was white I was talking about right off the bat, not me.

>i also don't argue with athiests or leftists
>I don't argue with people who have different opinions than me
It shows.

>muh bred n circuses
>while posting on Cred Forums


>maybe for grand strategy games and whatnot, but everything else (i.e. most of the market) is a waste
while literally all book best sellers are 50 shades of gray tier shit.

when was the last time any "strictly educational and not entertaining" book was a bestseller

i won't bother responding to ad hominem coming from a 62% nigger

that's like saying everyone who plays any kind of game at all that doesn't require physical exertion is some blue-pilled kool-aid chugging retard.

shit like grand strategy is just as valid as playing chess, and playing an RPG is just like reading a book on fiction, it could be a shit author or a great author. the only tangible link between games and "blue pill" is if it's loaded with SJW writers, like anything by Bioware. a shit hobby is sitting on a mongolian bbq lamb imageboard and arguing all day about game mechanics and immersion.

you know what's truly cancer? arm*nian faggots who try to fit everything into bluepill or redpill.

>implying chess isn't bluepilled as fuck

get off your ass and raise a real army and conquer real territory

>trying to present reasoned arguments to a pretentious child
come on son

Don't know. Never built a boat.
If it consumes all of your free time and does not lead to self improvement, I would say so, but it may be a good exercise of meditation through labour for some.

Religion is the ultimate bluepill.

There's nothing wrong with video games per se. Just because something isn't "productive" doesn't mean it's bad. We don't have to be productive every waking moment of our lives. And you could say the same thing about any piece of consumable media: books, movies, etc

Yeah, it's bad for someone to just lock themselves up and play video games all day like a NEET. But it's also bad for people to lock themselves away in a study and read books all day

All of that said, modern (western) video games are filled with marxist propaganda, as we all know.

>I think it's because it just hurts your feelings knowing that it's true

I don't play video games or watch TV

Fuck. Forgot to link the reply

>There's nothing wrong with video games per se. Just because something isn't "productive" doesn't mean it's bad.
stopped reading right there

Is Jerking off Bluepilled ?? Is watching Animu Bluepilled?? I posting shity posts Bluepilled??

We all do it don't lie about it faggot.
Stop deciding what you don't like is bluepilled.
I spent more than 300 horse playing paradox games and don't regret it. It taught me a lot of think and helped my concentration.
And rpg like fallout,witcher etc. helped me with deciding choices little bit.
Playing vidya is simple as watching tv.
Doesn't mean i have to stop it when some armenian faggot post that it's bluepilled

Fallout New Vegas is the most redpilled game out there.

Story driven video games are almost 100% bluepill.

Yeah, i read it
dunno why folks can't just do what they want.

i'm content with my place in life, for the most part.

Guide to fixing your life:

1. Stop fapping
2. Delete all video games from your hard drive
3. Every time you feel the urge to play a game, do a productive hobby (reading, art, culture)
4. start doing Stronglifts5x5
5. Buy meal prep containers of Amazon and use this as an opportunity to practice cooking off a cookbook
6. Make a list of all your physical but fixable flaws and utilize the necessary tools (minox for beard growth, derma rolling to get rid of scars, braces for bad teeth, etc.)

Sadly gaming went down the shithole when all the normies started flooding in after 2008-2009.

Only games I pretty much play now are flight sims, and Red Orchestra

>reading books and watching movies is bluepill because that shit didn't happen in the real world
>listening to music is bluepill because these sounds are created by non-natural methods
>living in a post Ancient Greek society is bluepill because people shouldn't use any advances in thought and technology

How do you know it's just Chris? Isn't Josh Sawyer heavily involved in NV?


I fcking love it when some Cred Forums neckbeards decide what is and what's not bluepilled.
I can bet 50 euro that this faggot doesn't even do all those thinks and just browses Cred Forums and beats meat on Cred Forums and Cred Forums.
By their standars everything made in 20-21th century is bluepilled.

I like playing games, drinking alcohol and browsing Cred Forums. We all have our vices and nobody is perfect. Just practice moderation and don't be a retard and you'll be fine. Calling everything red pilled or blue pilled is being a retard.

No. RPG's are about character development, builds, optimization, min-maxing, grinding to achieve results/progress, making money efficiently and exploring. Just like life.

Gaming the ultimate bluepill? Are you serious?

The ultimate bluepill is slaving away at your job under a boss who leeches off of your productivity.